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Open Poké Camp- OOC- Sign ups.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Hello, and welcome to the newly built Pokémon camp located in Hoenn! This camp is for new trainers who want to become better ones and those who want to learn. Your parents decided that you should come over, it is a fun place to go to learn.

    There are rooms, the main camp building, a pool, Pokémon training center, and much more things over.

    Pokémon: (Since you are new trainers, they should be FIRST STAGE)

    Name: Angela "Douglas" Tropica
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long, beautiful, and clean blonde hair, with a pink bow on it, with a pink skirt that connects with a pink long-sleeved shirt, with a heart pattern with pink, red and white hearts. She has normal tan skin with blue eyes. She also has pink leggings and black boots.
    Personality: Apparently, she did not want to go to camp, but she did without crying. She is shy thought, sometimes friendly, sometimes she wants to sit alone with her Pokémon and her, only. She would cry sometimes, but only when people normally cry.
    Height: 5'9.9
    Pokémon: Eevee, Torchic, Larvitar, Cyndaquil, Elekid, Vulpix
    Other: nope

    When you make your form, you are automatically entered and may post on the role play when I make it.
    Romance is okay, but make sure it is comfortable for young viewers.
    Please follow the rules.
    At least one paragraph with 3 lines is good enough for me and mod, well I think that.
  2. What regions are we allowed to have Pokémon from?
  3. 1-3, since this is in hoenn.
  4. Name: Mattilyn "Maeve" Anna Davis
    Appearance:Maeve hair Blonde,Almost White Colored. She has Large, Round Pale Blue Eyes. Her skin is rather pale white from lack of sunlight. She wears White Sweater Covering Her Hands with a Silver Locket. She Wear Dark Blue Jeans with some Rips in It from Training with her Poochyena, and She wears Simple Black Flats.
    Personality: Maeve Has Two Sides to her, One s Her More Sensitive, Shy Side. When This side is showing she often cries and passes out due to anxiety and stress. Her other side is more outgoing and Happy. She often fakes and shows the latter side so no one can tell she is truly depressed or have issues.
    Pokémon: Shiny Eevee (Are Shinies Okay?), Aron, Onix, Poochyena (All My Pokemon are Grey/Silver)
    Other:Nothing I can think Of
  5. I am posting th role play now, get ready.
  6. Okay.

    Name: Sky Walker
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Short blonde hair, hazel eyes. wears yellow shirt, blue jacket (usually worn unzipped), jeans, and dark blue shoes.
    Personality: Sky is shy, quiet, and smart.
    Height: 5'1
    Pokémon: Pikachu (Joule, Female), Treecko (Sage, Male), Carvanha (Emmet, Male), Eevee (Jade, Female) ,Skitty (Mari, Female), Dusclops (Ramses, Male)
    Other: Nothing I can think of.
  7. Name: Finlay
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Appearance: brown, messy hair, white shirt, red jacket, black jeans black trainers.
    Personality: Sarcastic, funny, good leader
    Height: 6 ft
    Pokémon: Tyrogue (Blake, male),
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  8. Name: Lucina Vernes
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blue dyed long hair, gray cloak, sky blue swing top, black skirt, dark blue tennis shoes.
    Personality: Calm, soft-spoken, mother-like, cleaver.
    Height: 4'5"
    • Mudkip: (Male)
    • Cyndaquil: (Male)
    • Nidoran: (Female)
    • Growlithe (Male)
    • Castform (Male)
    • Murkrow (Male)
    Other: Carries around a medicinal pouch on her side that contains emergency supplies for patching up injured Pokémon if help isn't around yet. (This also has insulin that Mudkip has to take if needed.)
  9. Name: Anatha Yvette Nickels
    Age: 26
    Gender: F
    Appearance: Takimg a breal from her usual attire for a more relaxed pair pf sweatpants, and the green camp hoodie. She has short black hair and tiny gold earrings. She's pale but not the sickly kind and is 5'8" and thin.
    Personality: She's taking as many community service regiments to establish herself as a member of the Battle Frontier near Mauville, so part of her form was helping younger trainers. She's usually energetic but she's trying to treat this like a vacation, deciding to let thee rarer, more relaxed side of her develop.
    Pokémon: I wanted to ask since she's a supervisor, if she could have her aggron, but of course prevent it from battling, seeing as how that would ruin tge experience of the other campers.
  10. @RuthlessGM
    Sure, we can hire staff! Also since she is a worker, she may have a aggron.

    Workers may have evolved pokemon.
  11. Awesome. Thank you!
  12. Name: Christina "Chrissy" Walker
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Christina is on the short side at 5' 1". She has light caramel hair and blue eyes. Usually wears pastel colors.
    Personality: Chrissy is an easygoing person who loves to make new friends. She can get a bit too competitive at times but she isn't a sore loser. She isn't a very adventurous person but open to trying new things.
    Height: 5' 1"
    Larvitar (female)
    Misdreavus (male)
    Swablu (male)
    Shellos - East (female)
    Duskull - (male)
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  13. Name: Kevin Appleseed
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Where's a green suit with a white collar, cuffs and shoes. Has spiky dark brown hair, hazel eyes and slightly tanned skin. Black boots and a dark green scarf to top it off. Moves very stiffly and is very strong despite his more anxious and lazy nature.
    Personality: Overprotective of friends, loves to fight, dense, but is a very caring and likable person. However, he does often become anxious and begins to have anxiety attacks, making him more wild and freaked out, but is a much stronger trainer and strategist. The reason he went to camp? To train his Pokemon, test his skills, make friends and take his mind off...
    Height: 5'4
    Bulbasaur (Male)
    Dratini (Male)
    Magby (Male)

  14. Wow font, wow!

    I'll be posting my next reply when I am back from school.
  15. Hmm, I can tell we both have the same time zone. I just want to ask a little question here:

    Are we allowed to make a second character, and if so, can it be a Pokémon only?
    (I'm wanting to make it since he's not with my trainer character, but a significant wild Pokémon.)
  16. Sure! Sorry, back from school!
  17. Alright, got it thanks! Funny enough, I'm also back from school... what a coincidence.
    (If anything I have mentioned is prohibited, please mention it to me as soon as possible.)

    As usual, my wild Pokémon OCs cannot be captured without my permission, and a high amount of trust from him is required.
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  18. Read the last part of the rules.
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  19. Can I have a Pokemon from Sinnoh since my character comes from there?
  20. Alright here's my Pokémon OC! If there's any issues, please feel free to state them right away.

    Name: Unknown
    Species: Bagon
    Age: ~20 Months old
    Level: Unknown
    Appearance: He's a normal Bagon, nothing unusual.
    Personality: Timid, is a crybaby, often flees from battle.
    Skills: Able to run rather quickly, as he uses it to elude most of his threats, especially mean trainers.
    Ability: Rock Head (Prevents recoil damage from being taken.)
    Other: Wears a blue scarf around his neck.
    Special Notes:
    • Severely weak against ice type attacks and hailing weather.
    • Very susceptible to status problems and flank attacks.
    • Often refuses to battle, usually fleeing or resorting to crying.
    • Excels in medium to long range combat, while weak in close quarters.
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  21. Okay, okay, here's mine:
    Name: Phoenix Katra
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Medium length red hair in a smooth style, freckled face, bright blue eyes, long scarf, Blue T-shirt, Red jeans, turquoise trainers
    Personality: Shy when talking publicly or to strangers, Sympathetic, passionate about battling and about the condition of Pokémon when battling. Becomes competitive when battling and will strive for unity with his Pokémon.
    Height: 1.48m
    1) (Signature) Eevee (Female)
    2) Tyrogue (Male)
    3) Wailmer (Male)
    4) Abra (Female)
    Other: Nope.
  22. Name: Nicky
    Age: 12
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Pink bow-tie, Blue shirt, Black over-shirt (Coller poped, like a cool kid), Green shorts, black hair with blue stripe
    Personality: Funny, Chill, cute
    Height: I dunno...uum...Short...er than the others
    Pokémon: Jigglypuff (Name:Jiggs), Nidoran F (Name: Penny), Lapras (Name:Wave)
    Other: Understands what pokemon are saying when he's toutching them
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  23. Name: Nicole "Nikki" Goldman
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Nikki is of a fairly average build, has emerald green eyes, and long, raven-black hair that goes down to her waist, though she usually has it up in a ponytail. Her clothing consists of a white tank-top and green sweatpants, as well as a green button-up jacket for when it's cold. She has plain white socks and pink and white shoes, as well as a pink hat with a Pokeball on it, except instead of the top part being red, it's green.
    Personality: Nikki's the opposite of quiet and reserved, and cares deeply about people and Pokemon. She almost always has something to say, but she knows when she should keep her mouth zipped up. She usually has eating competitions with her Munchlax, due to her huge appetite, though she never seems to gain weight from it.
    Height: 5'5
    Vernum (Munchlax M) (Partner)
    Typhon (Larvitar M)
    Other: Nothing
  24. I'm sorry if I haven't been replying for a little while, as I was sick before, so I apoligize for the inconvenience while I was gone. I'm getting better now, so I should be able to RP a little more.

    Also, please note that Lucina's Pokémon that are mainly featured are Mudkip and Castform. The Bagon is following her now, though he is technically wild still since she hasn't even struck a friendship with him yet.
  25. Name:ghost




    Personality:is out going but can be cold and mean at times when it comes to people hurting her pokemon or friends she wishes to help anyone she can and injoys being outside most of the time.

    Appearance:where's a white jacket with a pink bow going around it a ranger belt and capter styler where a pair of old worn blue Jeans and black combat boots she has her hood up most of the time.

    Pokémon: female snowrunt: name spirit
    Male riolu:name orin

    Other:able to use aura and can understand ice , ghost, and dragon pokemon
  26. Name:super pikachu
    Appearance:nonal pikachu
    Height:1' 04"
    Pokémon:pikachu(i am pikachu!)
    Other:has a cape
  27. ossawat wut do you want to do? ossawat:i dont no wat do you want to do?
    me:wat is going on in hoenn?to the poch! uh oh thaer are traners in hoenn:o
    we need to go now!:o

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