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Ask to Join (Poke)Birds in Society

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Chiknluvr, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. The Birds in the Sky PRP. This RP is about any Pokemon that resemble birds. They live in a small city, but they have a complex society, which I will try to explain in a moment. There are more than one Pokemon Cities, but the bird one, which I have not yet named, is the focus of this roleplay.
    Society: Oh, boy. The Pokemon Continent is ruled by a council, so it is an oligarchy. A representative from each city is in that council. From (bird city), the representative is Pidgeot. (bird city) itself is a society in which the classes are whatever organization you're in.
    The organizations, such as the Avian Policing Agency, or APA for short, are headed by a single bird, in this case Braviary. Heads are in charge of making sure everything is working smoothly. The second organization is the (bird city) Resource Agency, which is in charge of keeping track of imports and exports of (bird city). It is headed by Honchkrow. The third organization is the (bird city) Economics Center, and, as you could guess, they dabble in the black magic of economics. This one is headed by Noctowl. The Department of Pokemon Education, is in place throughout the Pokenation, and the head of the branch in (bird city) is Swanna. And the last one is the (bird city) Resource Creation System, basically the factories and stuff. It is headed by Swellow.
    About Schedules: (bird city) follows military time e.g. 13:00 = 1:00. The usual workday begins at 6:00 and ends at 18:00. However, there are holidays, but those don't matter. As this roleplay is probably going to end up having something incredibly schedule breaking, we won't go over this in much detail. In this discussion, we will go over time skips, when we need them, and which day it is, what time it is.
    Holidays: December 25- Winter Day
    About the City: The city is in a forest, as per cliché. But, most of the forest died in a storm that devastated (bird city) quite a while ago. The city has a town hall, police station, school(grade K-12 equivalent), university, multiple banks, factories, etc. All the citizens are birds.
    Economy: The lowest unit is Flowes, which is not worth much, maybe only able to buy a piece of candy, like a jawbreaker or something. Then there are Claks, which are worth five Flowes. After that, there are Flynts, which are worth three Claks. Essentially enough to buy a booster pack of Pokemon cards. After that, there are Crystals, which are worth five Flynts, or fifteen Claks. Glix, or sometimes Flux, are worth five Crystals, or seventy-five Claks. For those of you who live in the U.S, like me, a Clak is worth roughly a dollar.
    The Roleplay:
    Woo! If you are reading this, thanks for sticking with me! Anyways, onto the roleplay itself.
    You are a bird, any age, for the first two pages. After that, you must be newly hatched, in order to avoid plot disturbance. Battles are accepted and you can be a criminal(though Blooey will be after you! :p ). Everyone can choose their profession.
    1. This is a duh, but read the rules of Pokecharms!! I cannot stress this enough!
    2. Your OC must be a bird Pokemon
    3. Make sure you have good spelling and grammar.
    4. No Mary Sues
    5. Fakemon are allowed, but they must comply to Pokecharms rules!
    6. Your bio determines if you get into this roleplay or not!
    7. If you have a Fakemon, I should not be able to Google it and get a million hits.
    8. No swearing.
    9. Nothing overly bloody, gory or graphic.
    If you break these rules, I will not hesitate to report you.

    That just about covers rules. Now, the bio!
    Appearance: (if Fakemon, you must be descriptive!)
    Occupation(or to be):
    Organization: Read the Organization tab

    Here's mine!

    Name: Blooey
    Species: Swablu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Appearance: just a regular ol' Swablu…
    Personality: very outgoing, perceptive, socially awkward, and persistent
    Occupation: Detective
    Organization: Avian Policing Agency

    PLEASE NOTE: I will not accept you if I am not satisfied with your bio!
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  2. Name: Lucky
    Species: Farfetch'd
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Just a normal Farfetch'd
    Personality: No matter how bad life gets, he will keep smiling through, unless you take is leek, in which case PREPARE FOR PAIN
    Occupation(or to be): Factory Worker

    Festival Suggestions: CHRISTMAS!, Flying Festival, Big-Air-Show-Competition-Thingy,
  3. @SMRPG64 Accepted!
    So maybe a gift day?
  4. Maybe there is a festival each month for every type where Pokemon from each city go to the city where the type is most commonly found.
  5. Hmm… not sure about that… XD that would get really complex! (18 months O_O) We'll see though
  6. Wait 18? How many types are there again?

    We have Fire, Water, Grass and Electric

    Flying Poison Bug and steel

    Rock Ground Fairy and Dragon

    Psychic Fighting Ice and Ghost

    Dark and Normal

  7. Yeah… uh… What do you think of the society part? Should I add more?
  8. Name: Chris
    Species: Starly
    Gender: Male
    Age: 1 (this is also my level)
    Appearance: I am small and weak and need my wing repaired and help to learn fly
    Personality: Nice and Friendly also great at interacting and coopperative with others also loves to play around with other bird Pokemon, Loves his Mother and Father Staraptor, Needs education on flying
    Occupation: Wild and Walking and Not yet Flying and great with other birds
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  9. @ChrisWeefee uh… you need more in your bio. Have you read the whole first post? Also, the personality thing is a few adjectives that describe your character
  10. Its good, If i may, i would like to suggest a class which is like Teachers and things like that, or a class including Garbage collection and Cleaning.

    @CrisWeefee, its a city, we are not in the wild, even if you are pretty young and stuff, you should not be starving. I'm pretty sure some people would be kind enough to give you food. JUST DON'T TOUCH LUCKY'S LEEK
  11. alright i will not be starving
  12. @ChrisWeefee your bio is not of enough quality to qualify you for this roleplay. Sorry. :( (you could edit it)
    #13 Chiknluvr, Oct 15, 2016
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  13. ok then i really wanted to be in this (Starts to sob irl)
  14. You could fix it.
    EDIT: @SMRPG64 Alrighty, I added the Department of Education. Cleanup will be volunteer work as part of school.
    #15 Chiknluvr, Oct 15, 2016
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  15. OK! I added a new category in which to ensure close reading! Please edit your bios as such.
  16. I'm using my own Fakemon here, and well... she's starting to come to life, I'm mainly working on her stats and stuff before I get working on the main, final picture.

    Also well, I think I might be part of the few that regularly use Fakemon here. As usual, I included some extra details because I had wanted to, and well I have a Fakemon here, so it does need more.

    Name: Akari
    Species: Pyravi (Phoenix Pokémon)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Has colorful feathers on her wings that represent the rainbow in reversed order; body is orangish and has smooth fur; tiny flames on her wings and body (If angered); has a short, black beak with yellow eyes; head is tiny and has three feathers that represent her home region's flag.
    Type: Fire/Flying
    Personality: Taciturn, short tempered, critical thinker, perserverant
    Occupation: Private Investigator
    Organization: N/A (She might possibly join the Avian Policing Agency later or start her own organization.)
  17. @Charlespark Hm… she should join the APA because it would be fun to have Blooey and Akari work together! But we'll see.
  18. Well that's would be fun for them to work together. Also well... I'm working on coding in Pyravi's ultimate move and her ability in my program since it's a pain to do that....

    Her ability and even her move might seem OP but I did balance it a lot, along with my other Fakemon that have unique moves and abilities.
  19. Alright! Should we start the RP?
  20. You have 3 1/2 RPers (It depends if Chris' new Form is acceptable to you) so yea
  21. Uh… Chris? You need the new part of he bio.
  22. Name: Lucky
    Species: Farfetch'd
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Just a normal Farfetch'd
    Personality: No matter how bad life gets, he will keep smiling through, unless you take is leek, in which case PREPARE FOR PAIN
    Occupation(or to be): Factory Worker
    Organisation: A factory which makes things for the APA (This way I can have a valid excuse for Lucky to meet Blooey and Akari)

    Duck! I forgot that too! I thought you were mentioning the fact that Society and Organisation were two different things on the description thing
  23. Where did your post with the link go?
  24. NVM it was in the other thing and i opened that one :)
  25. I think we should plan a three way meeting between our birds.
  26. Name: Titan
    Species: Skarmory
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Personality: Snarky, blunt and hard-headed. Too persistent.
    Occupation: Enforcer
    Organisation: Works for a group of counterfeiters currently, wherever the money is.
  27. Name: Red
    Species: Fletchling
    Gender: Male
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Normal Spearow, but wears a red bandana around his neck.
    Personality: Shy, can't stand up for himself, not brave.
    Occupation: Student
    Organization: Book Club
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  28. Well I AM going to the APA building anyways so we could all meet there
  29. So am I, but at the desk still... and I'm also trying to fight off my final challenge I made in my game... IT IS SO HARD.
  30. Mario Maker? Its mario maker isn't it?
  31. So… lets plan. Lucky and Blooey is easy.
  32. Charlesmon (Cant be bothered finding the name) will have to go to the APA to get the Disguises for his undercover mission or whatever
  33. just figured it out! Lucky's package could Charlesmon's (Still to lazy) disguises!
  34. And well I'm kinda already disguised since I look like a baby bird still... She isn't even evolved yet!

    Also it ain't mario maker it's actually my own game... and also, how would one play it if it hasn't EVEN been released in alpha stage yet?

    -stares at SMPRG with a stern look as a Reverolf-
  35. Start a private convo. (I am super interested and want to be a play tester :D)
  36. Sorry i'm late to responding, but thanks for accepting me! I'm not sure how this role will turn out...

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