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Pokémon RP Frontier! (The Newbie RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MoonStruckDragonLass, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. PLEASE New Members! This RP is all about you. ^^

    . . .Sadly, it has nothing to do with Pokemon Battle Frontier, however. BUT WAIT!

    So, There have been a lot of new RPer's to the site, some of which aren't well. . .as advanced as say, Katie or FireFox.  The idea of this RP is to get those people who are new to RolePlaying, and who would like to improve, a chance to do so. It's a way to hone your skills as an RP'r. ^^ Feel free to post your best in your honest style, and me and a few of my cohorts (all of whom have vague writing background) will honestly tell you what we think, via PM. So theres no embarrassment.

    One of the Admins is prolly going to slay me for this ^^' But I believe that good writers just need to be set in the right direction before they can truely shine. And there have been grumbles about some posts. . .

    So, if you really think you could use some work on your RP skills and don't mind some constructive critique, feel free to join. ^^ This isn't a flame fest, it's about having fun and realizing your true potential.  And I know an awesome RP will come from this. ^^

    So please, whether you consider yourself good or bad or in-between, Never Rp'd before or old hat, if you want a new adventure and a chance to try out a new character or an old one, if you'd like to get a feel for what RPing is really about, post!! ^^

    I'm especally interested in people how've never RP'd before getting a shot at this, so they can see where they really stand. Please, don't be afraid to post!

    But be forewarned, by posting you agree to consider my opinions, good and bad, of your writing. I don't pretend to be good by any stretch of the imagination, that's why I have a few pals to back me up on this. (I do have SOME cred, however. 2 years of college level english before I even got into college, been writing since I was 11, and I've won a short story contest or two. Think that counts for something. . . And my 'cohorts' range anywhere from "I speak English and read sometimes" to just as qualified as I am). But I promise, I'll never say "You suck. >=O" (Not even to you, Tipple.) And I promise I'll emphasize the good as well as the bad. ^^

    And feel more then free to crit. my posts, I'd appreciate it, as I'm still growing as a writer myself. ^^

    However, Normal board rules apply, I'm afraid. No double posts, no spam, no claiming ledgendaries, no posting "trainer sheets" ect. ect.

    The RP is set in Hoenn.

    Okay, enough of this! To the RP! Enjoy! ^^

    [size=5pt][sub]. . .hopefully people actually post. . . >> *crosses fingers*[/sub][/size]

    It was a clear, fresh morning. The sun hadn't begun to rise yet, and the world was bathed in the grey of pre-dawn. Dew glittered on the grass as Greg made his way across the front yard.

    Gregory Andrew Mitchels, he thought. It's a good name for a trainer. He smiled as he went about his chorses one last time, sweeping the front step and opening the garage door, bringing the paper into the house.

    Greg was 15 and more then ready to leave on his pokemon adventure. He had every intent of leaving on his 10th birthday, as was proper. But he was taken ill suddenly, and didn't recover enough strength to even leave the house until he was well into his 12th year. After that, his parents had been reluctant to let him leave, and something had always come up.

    But no more! Today was the day Greg was finally free. His fifteenth birthday had convieniently been only the week before, and today was the traditional day new trainers everywhere would be gathering to recieve new pokemon. He leaned against the side of the garage for a moment, looking up at the lightening sky. He flipped a clump of hair out of his face. He had very dark colouration, nearly black hair, which he had taken upon himself to streak with red, dark brown eyes that were almost black, and heavily tanned skin. He had spent a lot of time outside, practicing his skating and building up his strength, so he was ready for his adventure.

    He heard his mother and father waking up, and went inside to grab a piece of toast and all of the gear he had acumulated over the years for this day. He was ready. Without wating for either of them to come in, he hastily scrawled a note on a piece of paper and taped it to the fridge.

    [size=12pt]Finally leaving today! No worries. Will miss you both. Love, Greg.[/size]

    His slice of toast in his mouth, he clipped his pokegear to his belt, shouldered his back, picked up his skateboard and helmet, and set off. Out the door, down the short driveway and into the dusty street, and he was on his way across the small village to Professor Birch's lab.

    Now if only he knew what pokemon to expect! Would he have a giant, flame shooting Charizard? A terrible Tyranitar, tearing everything appart? A graceful Flygon, a sleek Persian. . . So many choices!

    Greg stopped. He was already in front of the professors lab. The sun was well up, and the world was golden. He timidly went in. Several researchers were already hard at work. One didn't look too busy, so Greg approached him.

    "Could you tell me where to find professor Birch?" The researcher looked up and smiled. "Over there!" He said jovially, pointing. Greg looked, and indeed, the Professor was busy readying things for the busy day ahead. Greg approached him cautiously, and he turned, saw Greg, and laughed.

    "Why hello my boy! Getting started early, are we! Come, come see." The professor indicated the pen behind him, where several small pokemon were playing together.

    No Tyranitar? No Dragonite? Greg was dissapointed at the, frankly, cuddly pokemon in the pen. He could identify them all.

    A squirtle was playing with a small cyndaquil. A Treeko and. . .Greg's eye widened. . . it was a gold spearow. Well, not gold, but shiney. Gregs eyes flickered. . . There were TWO shiney pokemon in the pen. The other was a pale green Tediursa, sleeping in the corner. A Torchic hopped happily while a Poochyena chased it's own tail. A small Azuril was eating something. It looked like a carrot.

    Greg sat for a while and gazed at the pokemon. Other trainers came by. One picked up the shiney Tediursa. He couldn't seem to draw his gaze away from the yawning cyndaquil. It was black with firey red. . . His colours. Was it wrong to pick a pokemon because of it's colours? But the more Greg looked, the more attached he felt to the little thing. eventually, a few of the pokemon came up to him, but left. The cyndaquil came and stayed.

    "Quil, Cyndaquil!" It quiped, in a small squeak of a voice. Greg smiled. It wasn't much, but it was cute and energetic, and he couldn't imagine any of the other pokemon as his partner.

    "Professor Birch," He said. "I'd like to take that Cyndaquil as my partner."

    Greg had to sign some paperwork first, stating his name, his pokemons species, gender, weight, and other specifics. Last on the sheet was pokemon's nickname. Greg thought a moment, before deciding.
    "Samui," Greg said.

    "Quil?" Samui replided, and then they both smiled, as the Professor handed Greg Samui's pokeball.

    "Good luck!" He said.

    Just then, the door opened, and a new trainer came in.

    You've got your pokemon to choose from. ^^ I think I gave you a good mix. Who took the Tediursa? Feel free to claim it. ^^ And who comes in the door? SOMEONE COME IN THE DOOR!

  2. Xander Galanas had waited for this day for a very long time. Much too long, he thought. Already sixteen years old, he felt he should have become a trainer a long time ago. Overprotective parents and an accident with a trainer a few years earlier kept Xander at home, however. Now, Xander had finally convinced his parents that he was ready to take on the yoke of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

    His mind was spinning with possible futures as he readied himself for his adventure. Would he become a famous trainer? A gym leader, perhaps? Maybe the Pokemon League Champion? Xander combed his blue hair with glee as the thoughts kept coming. His hair was long and fell to his jawline. It was jagged at the tips, creating an uneven look. His eyes were grey and sparkled with delight. As he left the bathroom to finish dressing, he had decided: he would be the Pokemon Champion and would catch one of every single Pokemon in his spare time.

    He put on his favorite outfit, which he had dubbed as his "trainer uniform." It consisted of a yellow t-shirt with a black jacket over it. Black pants with a yellow stripe on the outside of each leg and black tennis shoes completed the outfit. He dashed down the stairs, nearly tripping and killing himself in the process. His parents were already awake when he got downstairs, much to his chagrin. He had hoped he could have slipped out while they were still asleep.

    His mother was already in tears and his father was stoic as always. They both hugged and kissed him multiple times, and Xander reluctantly accepted the gestures of affection. I might as well, he thought. I probably won't be seeing either of my parents for a very long time. Not 'til I'm the Champion, that is! With the farewells over, Xander departed his house.

    He reached Professor Birch's lab in what seemed like seconds. To his delight, he found that he was one of the first trainers there, meaning he got the pick of the litter! He said hello to the Professor, who directed Xander to the Pokemon pen, where various Pokemon were at play. Another trainer was already there, a boy with red streaks in his black hair. Xander barely noticed him, however, as he was already entranced in the various Pokemon. He tried to point out each one. Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Poochyena, a shining Spearow, and... Xander's mouth dropped as he saw it. A shiny Teddiursa! It was a pale green color, and it looked up at him while sucking one of its claws. It was absolutely adorable! Xander beckoned it over, and it did so hesitantly. It removed the claw from its mouth, stared him right in the eye, and opened its mouth.

    "Ted...di?" it squeaked. Xander broke out into a beaming smile. The Teddiursa did the same. "Teddiursa Teddi!" it said, bouncing up and down. Xander knew that this was the Pokemon for him. He gently lifted it out of the pen.

    "Professor Birch, this is the Pokemon I want!" Xander said excitedly. Professor Birch looked the Pokemon up and down before nodding in agreement.

    "Very well, Xander," Prof. Birch said. "Before you take off, you will need to fill out some forms about your Pokemon." Xander groaned. Forms? A Pokemon Champion had no need for forms! Finally, he sat down and began to work on them. It was a basic form, asking about the Pokemon's species (Teddiursa), gender (male), height (0.6 m), and so forth. The last space was for a nickname for the Pokemon. Xander looked over at his new Teddiursa. The pale green made it unique, so Xander thought its nickname should reflect that.

    "Vertours!" Xander suddenly exclaimed. The Teddiursa looked at him quizzically. "In French, vert is green, and ours is bear. So Vertours is green bear!" The Pokemon stared at him for a couple seconds, then smiled. "Teddiursa!" it exclaimed with glee. It was settled then. Xander handed in his form. It was time for this Champion's adventure to begin!
  3. Sam sat up in her bed, the sun light bursting through her window as she yawned. It was a long night last night for Sam. She had turned fourteen a couple of weeks ago and was celebrating for today, the day she would start her life as a Pokemon trainer. At the thought of becoming a Pokemon trainer, Sam turned to look at the alarm clock on her bed side table. Sam had to take two looks at the clock to make sure it was correct. " Oh shit! Its almost noon!" Sam shouted scrambling to get out of her bed and into her clothes.

    She had laid some clothes out on her dresser last night, a purple tank-top, a black hoodie with a pokeball logo on it, and some denim jeans. Putting her clothes on, while looping her belt through, she was praising herself for packing everything in her sling over bag last night. Please still let me have a Pokemon, please! I'm so late! She thought taking one glance around her bedroom before rushing out.

    Downstairs was empty except for a note on the wooden table, that was separating her from the door. She grabbed it and ran out of the house, reading it as she walked down the path to Prof. Birch's lab. It read: Sam. We are so proud of you for taking charge of your life and doing something you wanted to do! We love you and make sure you keep in touch! Love, Mom and Dad. Sam smiled at the note and looked up, she was almost there. Putting the note into her bag, she stepped up the pace and started to run. Her long hair blowing behind her.

    When she finally made it to the to door, opening it and stepping through it were people who were holding pokeballs, her heart beated faster and she gulped once. Her nerves always got the best of her usually, but this time she wasn't going to let them. This was her dream. She held the door open for everyone leaving, when no one else came through she sighed and took in a deep breath, " Its now or never," Sam said to herself stepping into the building.

    Scanning it for a minute, she saw a couple of trainers over in a pen picking out their first Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon were gone, but there were a few left. " Ahh. Sam I thought you wouldn't make or chickened out or something." Someone called from in front of her. She turned her glance to Prof. Birch. He had been a family friend for a while and Sam. had spent many days playing with the Pokemon at his lab. " I don't think I would miss this!" She smiled and walked over to him, reaching her hand out. He took it and said, " Well, you know where the pen is, go find your partner."

    Sam gave him a smile and turned towards the pen. She walked over and stood a little away from it. Other trainers were picking their Pokemon so she wanted to give them space. This was a big decision and they deserved the time. When a spot opened, Sam to a seat on a little bench, watching the Pokemon look at everyone around them, going up to the trainers they were interested in. She scanned the Pokemon, until one caught her eye. A silly poochyena was chasing its own tail. She loved a playful Pokemon and thought it would be very good partner for the rest of her journey and life.

    Sam's eyes followed him laughing at every silly thing the poochyena would do. When the poochyena realized Sam was watching him, he sat and looked at her. They met their gaze and just sat there for a moment, when Sam noticed his tail was wagging. She smiled, "Come here!" The poochyena ran over and jumped on her lap, " Feisty aren't you," Sam said stroking his back. " Pooooch," Is what he responded to her. "Do you want to come with me?" Sam asked, she had already told her self she would ask the Pokemon that she wanted that just to make sure they wanted to. The poochyena's tail seemed to wag more.

    Shrugging, Sam walked over to Prof. Birch who turned to look at her. " Yes, I thought you would like him, he is very fiesty." He said picking up the poochyena's pokeball and handing it to Sam. She looked at it for a moment before deciding to leave him out of it. " Thank you so VERY much!" Sam said giving him a hand shake and a big smile. Happiness was over flowing inside of her as she was now starting her journey. She started to walk to the door when she saw another trainer with a cyndaquil. " Hello, I'm Sam. Wow, cute Cyndaquil," Sam said bending down and looking at it. She was always very outgoing when it came to people and could walk up to anyone.
  4. As Jackson awoke, he could feel something vibrating on his head. Puzzled, he shook and the purring Skitty came leaping off his Ginger hair.
    I wonder who let the cat in? Jackson thought. But he had bigger things to worry about, for today was the day that he left home. Being 12 years old, 5" 11', he was bored of basic home life of learning how to cook, clean and look after himself.

    Once he was washed, dressed and clothed, he bid his family goodbye to leave for the lab.
    I'll miss everyone... Jackson thought to himself. Except for that annoying cat! He laughed to himself on the way, as he was the only one he knew going. Lonely and cold, Jackson though ahead to the cool types of Pokemon he would find at the lab. He was very fond of Pokemon, apart from Skitty of course!

    Reaching the door of the lab, Jackson shuddered.
    What would the Proffessor be like? What kind of Pokemon would be left? He couldn't help but wonder.
    Pushing the door very gently, he peered through. He saw a friendly looking man and three older kids. He slipped inside nervously...

    "Hello there, young man! Have you come to choose your Pokemon?"
    "Um... Yes please... My name is Jackson," He replied. He glanced over to the pen and saw a green lizard Pokemon. Jackson looked in his eyes... It stared back... This continued for several minutes until finally...
    "Are you still with us?" The proffessor laughed. Jackson snapped right out of it.
    "Um... Yes..." Jackson mumbled. "Can I have the green lizard Pokemon please?" He asked nervously.
    Proffessor Birch looked from Jackson to the Treecko. There was something about the pair... But he didn't dig any deeper. The Treecko seemed happy enough, so Proffessor Birch was happy too!
    "He's yours!" The Proffessor said. "Of course, you'll have to think of a name for him!"
    Jackson thought long and hard... then he finally broke the silence.
    "Geckz... He's Geckz," Jackson replied. Then he went back to staring into Geckz's eyes again.

    After the signing of some official documents, Proffessor Birch handed Jackson a Pokeball for Geckz. He tried to use it... But it just didn't work!
    "It's okay... Geckz can travel with me..." Jackson said, putting Proffessor Birch's mind at rest. Only now
    did Jackson speak to the other people there.
    "Hi there... This is Geckz... You wanna be my friend?"

    [Hey there, MoonStruckDragonLass! It's me again! I thought I might try my hand at this, see how good I am! I looked at JesterOfInsanity's profile... He hasn't been on since May 7th or something like that! But this sounds really good! I'm excited... This is a good idea for new RP'rs... I like it!]
  5. Michael picked himself up, groaning as he leaned his head back, grey bags under his eyes obvious as he placed a tissue over his nose, applying pressure to it to quell the blood flow.

    He had woken up at around three A.M., and had been unable to sleep since that time. He WAS getting his first real Pokemon, after all! He was hoping for something like the Ninetails his father had. According to his dad, the Ninetails had been the first Pokemon he had captured, originally an injured Vulpix. Michael thought that would explain why it trusted him so much in the few battles he had seen between his father and his father's friends. It seemed as though a bond had taken place, and he so wished for the same thing with the his own Pokemon.

    Arriving at the Pokemon Lab, he hesitated. What if he was late? He'd walk in, all happy and bouncy... Then be laughed at and ridiculed. Or, what if he was too early? He runs in, so eager... Then wakes up a sleeping scientist, maybe a baby Pokemon or two, causes MORE ruckus, maybe even angering Professor Birch so much that he wouldn't give him a Pokemon!

    "...Get it out of your head, idiot," he said to himself, sighing, "You're not THAT stupid. You're on time, not late, not early, on time. There will be at least a few Pokemon left, heck, perhaps even one I want? A fire type? Just be more confident... All I have to do..."

    After prepping himself for a few more seconds, he entered the building. Just as his more positive side had said, he was on time. There were Pokemon, there were trainers, there were scientists. He approached the pen, glanced at the creatures, the Torchic catching his eye.

    Nah, too cute. he thought to himself, glancing at the shiny Spearow... Then back at the Torchic. ...But it IS a fire-type, right? And, I mean, according to Dad, it evolves into a Blaziken! That awesome Fighter-Fire type? ...Okay.

    The boy glanced around, spotting Professor Birch, and approaching him. "Sir? Is the Torchic available?"

    Professor Birch turned back, smiling. "It sure is? Just need to fill out the papers, and you have yourself a Torchic!" the Professor responded, turning and handing said files to Michael.

    Michael sat down, removing the pen from the top of the clip board.

    Name: Well THAT'S hard... Michael Stanton.
    Age: Fourteen.
    Place of Residence: Littleroot Town, Hoenn.

    The form went rather quickly, but a single part caught him unprepared.


    "How am I supposed to name him without even knowing him for a minute?" he asked himself, looking to the Torchic, only to find it looking back. They stared at each other for a minute, before something clicked in his mind.

    Nickname: Pyro-Feather.

    He shuffled the forms together, handing them to Birch, and receiving a Pokeball in return. He faced the Torchic, who jumped into the air as the red beam struck it. It dematerialized, entering the ball quickly, and it minimized as he placed it on his belt. "Welcome home, Pyro." he muttered quietly. He sat down near the pen, watching the other Pokemon with interest. He wasn't much the social type, so he didn't begin any conversations, but his blue eyes and blond hair were nevertheless a false image of invitation.

    From a distance now, he looked approachable. Heck, he could look handsome if he wanted to, if not for the aforementioned grey bags, the slightly messy hair, the wrinkled clothes. The only things that truly looked pristine were his backpack, his belt, and his eyes. To him, everything a real trainer would need other than his brain and his courage.
  6. OOC: Well i will probably stink at this but I should give it a go right?


    Sebastian woke up, much to his dismay, at the sound of his alarm clock early in the morning. "Man this alarm clock has got to go!" He then glanced up at the calander and saw that today he could finally get his first Pokemon. "Sweet, I finally can pursue my dream to become The best Pokemon trainer!" He quickly got up to get showered and then rushed downstairs to eat breakfast of eggs and bacon alone.

    "Too bad Mum and Pop won't be able to see my first Pokemon for a while," he walked out the door and thought "i wonder what kind of pokemonthey will have for me, I hope they will have a water type there i always loved them. He casually walked down the street until he saw the sign over the Lab saying "Claim your first Pokemon today!" "This must be the place," Sebastian said to himself, "I hope I get what I want." He then entered the Lab

    "Why hello there!" said Birch "You must be Sebastian, when your ready you can go into the pen and decide your new pokemon." "Thanks," said Sebastian. He stepped inside to observe the Pokemon along with several other trainers.

    Once he stepped in the Squirtle came rushing up to him and stared up at Sebastian. "Hello there little guy, I like how affectionate and curious you are. All the others just seem to do there own thing. I want a Pokemon who is independent but will love their trainer and I think you might be the one." Sebastian stepped up to Birch and told him he wanted the Squirtle. Birch ok'ed him and had him fill out the papers.

    Sebastian looked at the last question and thought "Hmmm a nickname?" After deep thought he decided, "Shell Shock is a practicle name." He gave the Papers to Birch and Sebastian recieved it's Pokeball. After several attempts to get Shell Shock into his ball Sebastian said "Mabey i'll just keep you out as my 'Partner in crime' what do you say?" Squirtle replied with a happy "Squirt Squirtle!"

    Sebastian then Yelled as he got out of the Lab "Look out PokemonLeauge Here comes me and Shell Shock!"

    OCC: Well i don't think it was TOO bad but you guys decide. Be honest.
  7. Maxwell Powes slowly opened his dark blue eyes. He yawned heavily. Suddenly he heard his mom, Martha bound up stairs. "Maxy! hurry get up!" she screamed "Your late!" she threw his blue jeans, Black shirt and jacket at him. "Hurry get dressed! Professor Birch will be waiting!"

    Maxy quickly dressed he had no idea today he'd be getting his first pokemon. He was hoping to get something cute, grass type and mega cute. Maxwell - Maxy for short- admired Erika the Gym leader in Johto, He had blonde hair to just below his shoulders and wasn't really looking forward to pokemon battles, he'd prefer to show of his pokemon.

    Maxy left home, he kissed his mom goodbye on the cheek. She cried loudly. She brought him some running shoes as a goodbye present. He stepped into Professor Birch's lab and was astounded at all the pokemon there.
    "Hello Maxwell! I do hope your ready for the journey you're about to go on. Hmm..." he said dragging Maxwell by the arm. "well since you're mother Martha is a gardener I assume you want a grass pokemon"
    "Yes Please Professor!" Maxy jumped up and down in excitement.
    "Sorry we have none left!"
    "Noooo!" yelled Maxy. He looked at the pokemon left. One caught his eye it was and Azurill. It smiled at Maxy. He picked it up. It was soft and felt furry.
    "Azu!" it giggled as Maxy hugged it.
    "Well Maxwell it seems little Azurill Likes you." Professor Birch smiled "Would you like to keep Azurill?"
    "Yes please Professor. I'll name her... Azure" Maxy filled out some forms.

    Name: Maxwell Terrence Powes
    Age: 13
    Place of residence: Littleroot Town, Hoenn
    Nickname: Azure

    Professor Birch handed Maxy some pokeballs and a Pokedex. Maxy got ready to leave.
    "Okay Azure" Maxy held out Azure's Pokeball "Ret-" Maxy couldn't bring himself to put Azure in a pokeball. He sighed and picked up Azure "I don't mind carrying you" He kissed Azure on the forehead.
    "Let's go!" Maxy and Azure set of on their journey together.
  8. Isn't Erika the gym leader in Kanto?

    Also, I picked Treecko!

    Oh well, does it really matter?

    Skoo is a cool name! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  9. djax. . . that post was so superfluous. Please don't do things like that.

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this, but I admit, I've been dragging my heals a bit, in addition to being really busy. The past week has been a whirlwind, and I've got 3 other RP's to watch as well ^^;;;; This is kindof a huge time commitment. . . XD I promise, First thing tomorrow.

    But I admit, I asked for Newbies, and I expected to get n00bs, and you guys. . . you blew me out of the water. I have to write up your feedback and send it to you still. ^^ I'll get on that first thing tomorrow. . . I'm exhausted as is. I'm sorry, it was a long day. ^^;;;; But it was all fantastic! Except for djax and skoo. . . >> *beats both of them with a rubber hose* djax, i'm angry at you for that last post, and skoo. . . .I. . . just. . . argh. argh. I'll PM you. >
  10. Maxy wandered around Littleroot for a while he was nervous about leaving. Azure walked next to him. Carrying Azure all the time tired Maxy out. He wasn't really used to hard work. When he told his Mom he wanted to go on a pokemon journey her reaction was an over the top cackle. While he wandered he looked for people to go with on his journey. He looked at the other new trainers, and judged them by their pokemon.
    "Hmm... Huh! That's the pokemon I wanted!" He muttered under his breath, Maxy was used to getting what he wanted.
    "Azu?" Azure looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
    "Not that- I mean- You're even better then a Treecko!!!" Maxy laughed nervously patting Azure on the head.
    Alot of people thought of Maxy as kind of spoilt his mother always gave him what he wanted. She did have quite alot of money, when she was younger, a long time ago, she worked with the previous owner of the Celadon City gym in Kanto.

    Suddenly something caught Azure's eye "Azu! Azurill rill!" she pointed her large tail at a boy and girl with their pokemon, a Cyndaquil and Poochyena.
    "You wanna go with them?" Maxy said looking at Azure, she nodded her head- which seemed to consist of her whole body. "Okay you go ask if we can go!" said Maxy stepping back, he had a problem with talking to complete strangers. "Go!"
    "Azu!" ordered Azure.
    "No you go!" Commanded Maxy.
    "Rill!" said Azure literally pushing Maxy with full force at the boy and girl.
    Maxy turned to shout at Azure but noticed he was standing right next to the girl. "... meh..." he whispered, around new people he lost all confidence. He took a deep breath and blurted out "Maxy!" hoping they would get it was his name and not just a noise he could make. He then realised Azure was rolling around on the floor laughing at him. He noticed the sound of evil in her laugh.
  11. Greg looked up at the boy who was standing infront of them. His face was bright red and he seemed embarrassed. A small Azurill was behind him, having a fit of some kind. Greg glanced at the pokemon.

    "Erm. . . Hi." He dropped his hand. "Is your pokemon allright?"
  12. [not new to rp just new to pokemon rp]
    Snow walked along a stone path with Rachel prancing around beside him.
    "what do you think we should do today Rachel?" Said snow
    Walking along this road Snow and Rachel both noticed some people
    "maybe we should go talk to them yeah?"
  13. Jackson left the lab, kind of sluggishly. He was dismal... he had no one to talk to, as usual! He was kind of a billy-no-mates.

    After trudging around Littleroot town for quite some time, Jackson kicked away an empty drink can and sat down. The patch of grass he rested on was damp, but he was so bereaved that he didn't care. He heard a clang, which alerted him, and looked towards the destination of the can.

    "Oi! What do you fink you're doin?!" Yelled a men, reeking of alchohol. Jackson sat there, unsure of what to do as the man neared.
    "Um... I'm s-sorry... It w-was an accident..." He stammered nervously. The man was getting closer... Only now, Jackson noticed a shattered beer bottle in his hand! Treecko stared at the man.
    What is he doing? Treecko wondered. He was very inquisitive. And why is that boy so scared?It all became evident soon enough, when the man lunged at Jackson.
    "Help! Someone help!" He yelled at the top of his voice. He glimpsed three people across the field. "Hey! Help, please!"

    [Hi, guys! Sorry, MoonStruckDragonLass... I just wanted to make sure you knew I was still here for the RP... I promise I waon't do anything like that again! Am I forgiven? Is this post okay?]
  14. Peaceful snoozing shattered to pieces as a certain sound blared through Kiro Kenkuro's ears... BRRIIIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!! " Woah!" Kiro shouted, and he fell from his bed, crashing to the ground with a resounding thud.

    "Ohhh..." he moaned, picking himself up off the wooden floor. " Gotta remember to turn the sound down on the darn thing..." Kiro's eyes opened wide as he realized," Oh man! I forgot I was supposed to start today! Shoot!" He hastily dressed himself in his usual black T-shirt and jeans, and stapped his goggles to his messy snow-white hair. he impatiently tapped his foot as he waited for toast to spring up from the toaster. he grabbed teh toast, not even bothering to butter it or anything, and simply devoured his meager morning meal.

    " I wish my parents would have woken me up..." Kiro said, remembering the conversation they had had. His parents had told him they would not be waking him from his "hibernation" as they called it. " I should have set the clock earlier..." he mumbled to himeslf as he entered Prof. Birch's lab.

    " Ah, I see you finally woke up. A little late, aren't you?" Prof. Birch said as Kiro close the door behind him. " A little late?" Kiro replied. " Anyways, Please don't tell me there aren't any pokemon left...."
    "You're in luck-" Birch started. Kiro looked up hopefully, thinking he would say there were plenty still left. "-there's only one left."
    "WHAT?!!!"Kiro yelled, shocked that such a thing would happen.

    " Now, now, calm down. You should be happy-" Birch was stating, but Kiro quickly interrupted with " happy?! What's there to be happy about? I've got no choice!"
    " Kiro.. please control yourself." Kiro realized he had just snapped at the professor." Sorry." he said meekly.
    " Now then, As I was saying, this pokemon is very special. I'm quite suprised nobody took it yet."
    " What is it?" Kiro asked
    " It just so happens to be a shiny Spearow."

    " Interesting.." was Kiro's only reply. Kiro wasn't too fond of Spearow, but Shiny pokemon were supposed to be rare... " I'd like to see it, Professor."
    " Right this way." Birch replied.

    Outside was a pen, which looked kind of ridiculous, since, like Birch said, there was only one pokemon left.however, tis was no ordinary pokemon, it was a shiny spearow. Not only that, but It was a Gold Spearow. Or at least it looked that way.
    " I'll take it." Kiro said quickly, knowing he had no choice in teh matter if he wanted to begin his journey today.
    " Now, now, you have to fill out paperwork first."
    " Ugh. great. I HATE paperwork."

    it looked more like a survey instead of paperwork, but whatever. The first few pages were easy.
    Name: Kiro Kenkuro
    Age: fourteen
    Place Of residence: Littleroot
    and so on. But suddenly he got to a question that stumped him.
    Pokemon's nickname:

    " Nickname?" Kiro said, puzzled. " I haven't even really known Spearow yet...." Spearow flew up to Kiro's head, and started pecking him. " owowow! Quit it, you little trickster!" Kiro said, shooing off the bird until it just perched quietly on his shoulder. " hmm.. trickster..." Kiro said, and idea forming within his brain.

    Pokemon's Nickname: Loki

    "heh. I'm a genius." Kiro said, handing Prof. Birch the paperwork. " Alright, you're all set." Birch said. Loki perched on his head, and started pecking at him again. Kiro had already gotten used to it, so it didn't bother him as much.
    " See you later, professor!" Kiro called, and he prepared to start his journey.

    OOC: Wow... that's the longest post I've ever written.
  15. "Zzzz......zzz..." Tidududuuuu its eleven o'clock and the weather is fi. DANG "That stupid thing could never stop...." Sara begin to think. "there was something important today....but what? she stand up and giong to her clothes. A little red with white robe and a red hearband. Meanwhile while apply her clothes she was thinking. "A birthday? No. shopping? No. Food for houndo!?" Sara running to the trap downstairs.

    Downstairs was downstairs. she run to the clock and look. "AAAAAAAAH!!!! ELEVEN O'CLOCK! TO LATE!" She take her pokegear give a hug to Houndoor and write on a paper:

    Hi Mom and Dad,

    Because i was forgotten to set the alarm.
    So I'm now giong now,

    Goodbye ~Sara

    She trows the ballpoint away and running to the lab. She trows the door open and run the prof. Brioche.
    "A.. Sara i have expect you a little earlier" Sara looks around. "Are there pokemon's left?" "I'm sorry but the least one is just gone" Sara sighs and sit. "I wish that i that damn alarm was forgotten" Brich looks at Sara. " Don't look sad Sara, I have maybe something for you" Sara looks up. "A PokeBall?.....I get it! i most capture my own pokemon!" Brich smiles and gives the Pokeball. " go and find a good one" Sara stands up and take's the Pokeball and run outside. "I will catch a good one!" And Sara runs into the grass...

    1 [​IMG]

    A little rear story XD
  16. Chase had spent one day out on his own and he, Pichu, and Riolu were already in a heap of trouble. Out training to face the Gym Leader in Rustboro City, Riolu had knocked down a few trees with its Karate Chop attack. Unexpectedly, a swarm of Beedrill and Ninjask were now chasing him and his two Pokemon. Maybe taking both eggs from his father's nursery was a bad idea.

    Flashback:Chase remembered that day as if it were yesterday. 2 months earlier, an old man entered the room, offering two eggs to his father, who was an egg expert of some sort. His father knew the eggs were rare, and didn't want the man to miss out on a wonderful oppurtunity to have two rare pokemon. But the man insisted that he take them. So, his fater did.

    When Chase recieved whiff of the new addition to the nursery, he was thrilled. He had never had a Pokemon of his own. He usually trained with his father's Clefable, his mother's Blissey, or his sister's Wigglytuff. He begged and pleaded his father to let him have the eggs. His father wasn't sure that Chase was ready, but he took a chance. So, he gave his son the two eggs

    After about 2 weeks, the eggs hatched into a Riolu and a Pichu. A Pikachu's Egg isn't too rare in te Hoenn Countryside, but a Riolu's egg was. Where did this man get it from? And who would be dumb enough to give it away? But Chase didn't care. He just went along with it and claimed the two for his own.:Flashback

    Chase knew that if he continued to run, it would get him nowhere. So, he knew that this was his chance to see what Riolu and Pichu could really do. He stopped himself and allowed for the swarm of Bug Pokemon to catch up. "Ready, you two!" Riolu, the more solemn of the two, nodded his head in approval. Pichu, the raspy pokemon, stood on it's small black tail giggling merrily.

    Chase saw the swarm come closer. He tried to remember what his father and mother taught him about his Pokemon in their practice battles.

    Flashback:"Clefable, use Metrenome!" "Blissey, use Egg Bomb!" Chase's mother and father attacked the two baby Pokemon. Clefable's Metrenome attack came out to be Blizzard. The Blizzard froze the eggs from Blissey's Eggbomb attack, giving them a more substansial effect. "Lesson One, my boy. Always know your pokemon's Limits!" "And I would suggest you use an attack soon, son. Mommy doesn't want to hurt her baby boy!" Chase felt ready, so he gave the command. "Riolu, dodge and use Shadow Ball. Pichu use Double Team!" The two baby Pokemon obeyed. Pichu's double team was performed perfectly. Riolu's dodge was successful. As Riolu began to conjure his Shadow Ball attack, Blissey and Clefable stood unshaken. "Don't move you two!" Chase's parents said. "This one's in the bag!" Chase said. As Riolu's attack zoomed towards the two pink Pokemon, it hit it's target. A cloud of dust surrounded the two. But as the dust cleared, Blissey and Clefable stood as healthy and as strong as before. "Ghost type attacks work as well on Normal Types as Normal attacks work on Ghost Pokemon! We taught you that!" The bladently clear fact shot into Chase's head. He knew that! "Blissey, Use Hyper Beam!" "Clefable, Use Solar Beam" As the two charged for their deadly attacks, Chase thought. That's It! Chase thought to himself. "Riolu, use Shadow Ball. Pichu, use Thundershock!" The two Pokemon obeyed and shot forward their attacks. The sped towards their opponents, as the Solar Beam and Hyper Beam did towards them. "You two also taught me that a good defense is the same as a strong offense!" The two attacks collided in midair, and once again, an explosion covered the field in dust.
    As the dust cleared, Riolu and Pichu laid on the ground, unconsious. "You did good Chase. Overlooking the fact you forgot most of the things we told you." Chase was relieved. He felt good that he had come so close to defeating his parents. "Chase, I have a feeling that you're gonna be one heck of a trainer someday! Now let's get those two inside and heal them." :Flashback

    Chase had his Pokemon in their ready positions. "A Combination Technique would be good!" he thought. "Riolu, use Shadow Ball! Pichu, Use Thunder Wave!" The two baby pokemon obeyed. The Shadow Ball and the Thunder Wave met about halfway towards the swarm, and combined.
    As the Combination shot foward, it hit the direct center of the swarm, and caused an wave of electricity and explosion. All of the swarm fell, unconsious and paralyzed. "Now let's get to Rustboro City's gym before the regain consiousness!"
  17. The buzzer of the alarm clock went off, half pulling the skinny little girl out of her sleep. She groaned and pulled the pillow over her head. Now was not a good time to get up. She didn't want to get up, so it made it not a good time to get up. She rolled over and right on top of her sister's Sandslash. She remained in the fuzz of sleep for about half a second more, before she realised what had happened.

    YEOWCH! That hurt. She pushed the creature out of her bed. "When I tell my sister that she's not welcome in my room it extended to her pokemon." The creature moved out of the room, muttering and chattering. "O-U-T I said." The girl repeated. "And I meant every word of it. So scoot." She pushed it out of her room with her foot.

    After today she would no longer have to deal with her sister, or that mangy thing she dragged home with her. She would have her own pokemon, and she would be away from home. Sure she was a bit old to be starting her journey. However she was small and had wanted to get a slightly better education before going off into the wide world. She grabbed her bag, which she had packed the day before, and ran downstairs.

    "Hey mum." She said as she grabbed a fresh cheese bun off the tray that her mother had just taken out of the oven. She bit into it and grabbed another two. "I'm off to the lab to get my pokemon." She said with her mouth full.

    "In your Pyjamas Kippo?" her mother asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "Of course not." Kippo said putting two of the buns on her bag and taking the third, bitten, one with her as she ran up the stairs. She grabbed her only non packed outfit off the floor and sniffed it. It didn't smell too funky so she pulled it on, leaving her PJs on the floor. She then ran to brush her hair. After that it was back down the stairs, grab another two buns and after putting them in her bag out the door.

    She skittered around the corner of the block and ran down the street. By the time she got to the lab the eighteen year old was puffing and panting. "Hi professor." She said as she walked into the lab. "I brought you some of my mum's cheese buns. They're still warm." She handed him two of the buns as she walked up to look at the pokemon for the taking. She looked at them. "Hmmmm." She said. "Clampearl no..." She kept on walking. "Skitty." The thing hissed at her.
    "No." She said leaping back. Then something caught her eye. A flash of red. "Vulpix." She said. She looked at the little Vulpix, she noticed that only its little top notch of hair was the classic Vuplix red, the rest was a deeper red, almost a black. One paw looked as if it had been stepped in with milk.

    "I'll take that one." She said, pointing the the oddly coloured Vulpix.

    The professor nodded and shoved some paperwork in her face. "Fill these out." He said.

    She looked at it and began to fill it out in her general illegible scrawl.

    Then she looked at her new partner. "Nickname." She said. "Well what do you think little girl?" The vulpix tilted her head. "Pix?"

    "Portia." She finally said, naming the new pokemon after her favourite Shakespearian character.

    "Come on Portia, let's go." she added and walked out of the lab. She decide that she would not make the Pokemon always stay in a pokeball, at least not until the bonding was done. She wanted her Vulpix to trust her.

    "So Portia, were to first?" She said as she stood on the edge of town.
  18. Dwayna DragonFire

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    Dwayna ran towards the lab, toast in mouth. She wasn't late, but she wanted to see what kinds of Pokemon were available.

    It didn't help that she wasn't exactly the most graceful person in the world. She tripped over the stairs and fell flat of her back. She took this as an opportunity to stuff the rest of the toast into her mouth and gobbled it down as quick as she could.

    She burst through the doors of the lab and her eyes immediately went to the pen. She smiled at all the Pokemon in front of her. She spotted a Chimchar and pointed to it.

    "I'd like that one, please."

    She watched as the Chimchar was brought over towards her, along with some forms. She filled them out quickly and once they were approved, she took the Chimchar in her arms.

    "I'm going to call you Ferny, because you're going to grow up to be an Infernape one day."

    The small monkey-like Pokemon smiled at her and she smiled back. She then placed Ferny on the ground and pulled out his corresponding Pokeball, which had been given to her just seconds before.

    "Ferny, Return!"

    Ferny disappeared obligingly into the red light and Dwayna quickly put the Pokeball onto her belt. She then looked around at the other trainers warily. Which ones would she fight? Would she have a rival? Most importantly, would she make friends? Travel with them? The world of Pokemon was so new and confusing.
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    Kumiko woke up and looked at the time. IT was her 10th birthday.
    "I'm late! It's already 11 o'clock!" She shoved down her breakfast and tossed a few clothes on, but soon she was to realise she was the first one at Prof. Oak's lab.
    "Hello, young trainer. Are you here to get your Pok
  20. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Dwayna thought that she was missing something, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She watched as some people left with their new Pokemon, some of which she didn't know the names of.

    Then it hit her. She had not been given a Pokedex yet. She walked up to Professor Birch and cleared her throat.

    "Excuse me, Professor, but I haven't recieved a Pokedex."

    The professor looked surprised.

    "I'm sorry. It must have slipped my mind."

    Professor Birch handed Dwayna her Pokedex. Afterwards, she went to the counter and registered it. All the while she looked around at the other trainers, to see who else had remained behind even though they had recieved their Pokemon and a Pokedex. The thoughts from before kept running through her head.
  21. Isn't this a Hoenn region RP? Why are there mentions of Sinnoh region Pokemon?

    OOC: Haven't RPed properly in a while, excuse me if my post isn't up to standard.

    The sun highlighted the roof of Professor Birch's Pokemon laboratory. An impressive sight, even to the 18 year old man that was walking towards it. Kevin had traveled a long way, all the way from Fuchsia city in Kanto, to meet with the good professor. In his backpack there was a package from his father... what it contained was a mystery to Kevin. Apparently it was something that the professor would have to explain to him.

    Kevin paused to wipe the sweat from his brow, leaning on a tree for support. He should have foregone his usual fashion requirements and worn something that would reflect the sun, rather than the heat absorbing black clothes he wore today. The sweat would make his eyeliner smudge, and the last thing he wanted was to look bad on such an important meeting. From where he was standing, he could see youthful Pokemon trainers picking their very first Pokemon. Kevin wished he was that young, so he could start a trip much like his mother's had been.

    There was no time to reminisce, he needed to hand the package to Birch and get something to cool his throat. A few of the trainers looked at the Goth as he passed them, but said nothing. A man who could be none other than the professor himself was handing a Pokedex to a girl, who rushed over and to get it registered. Kevin took the package from his backpack, walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.

    "Professor Birch?"

    The man turned swiftly and appeared unsurprised by Kevin's appearance. His eyes darted to the package in Kevin's hand, and a wide grin spread across his face.

    "Ah, you must be Kevin!" he said cheerfully. "Your father said you would be arriving here, I wasn't expecting you to be so... late."

    "The boat got delayed. Something about a Tentacruel attack," Kevin replied shyly.

    "I see. Well, don't just stand there... open that package! It's actually for you!"

    Kevin's eyes widened. He was filled with mixed emotions; curiosity as to what was within, surprise that the professor recognised him so quickly, and anger that his father had sent him all the way to Hoenn to simply open a package. He tore open the box, and inside was what appeared to be an old and battered Pokedex.

    "It was your mother's..." Professor Birch explained. "Your father and I go way back. We knew you wanted to be a trainer, but couldn't leave because your father was sick. That Pokedex will be upgraded to display data on all of the Hoenn region's Pokemon, and you will be given a Pokemon of your own."

    "I-I get to be a trainer?" Kevin gasped. "But what about my father? Who will care for him?"

    "We found an old friend who was more than happy to care for your poor father," replied Birch. "Now, let's get you your first Pokemon. I had a Mudkip set aside for you... but someone else came early and took it. I only have one left, but I think you'd rather catch a fresh one than have this one."

    "What's wrong with that Pokemon?"

    "It has a strange way of attaching itself to people. Here, let me show you."

    Professor Birch threw a Pokeball, and a Zubat emerged. Immediately Kevin could feel a strange presence in his mind, as if the Pokemon was trying to read it. But that wasn't possible, Zubat wasn't a Psychic type Pokemon! The Zubat flew over and perched on Kevin's shoulder calmly, as if it was his best friend.

    "For some reason, this Zubat has developed a form of Psychic bonding. It can't use any attacks outside the ordinary, but we can tell it is trying to form a Psychic bond with a trainer. And I'm guessing it succeeded in its attempt with you."

    "In that case, I'll take it." Kevin said calmly.

    Kevin could sense contentment and relief from the bond with Zubat, clearly it had been searching for someone to bond with for quite some time. Kevin himself was overjoyed, he was finally going to be a Pokemon trainer!

    The psychic thing doesn't make Zubat powerful or anything, it just makes the relationship between Zubat and Kevin more powerful and interesting.
  22. A Young Teenage Girl Of Only 17 Ran Up To Professor Birch, Slamming Into Kevin And Knocking Him Down.
    "Oh, Sorry." She Said Sarcastically, Not Even Offering To Help Him Up, "Birchy, Can I Have My Pokemon Now?"

    Professor Birch Looked At Kahma With A Slight Smirk. "Ahh, You Must Be Dawn's Daughter... Kahma I Believe?"

    Kahma Nodded, Flicking Her Long Black Hair Back Over Her Shoulder, "Yeah, That Is Me.. Can I Have A Pokemon Now?"

    "Yeah, Yeah." The Professor Smiled, Handing Her A Black And Purple Pokeball. "This Is Your First Pokemon, Befriend It And Treat It Well."

    Kahma Snatched The Ball And Turned Away, "I Know How To Care For A Dumb Pokemon."

    "Careful..." Birch Warned Before Walking Back Into His Laboratory Leaving Kevin And Kahma Outside.

    Kahma Looked Down At Kevin And Shook Her Head, Then Turned And Threw Her Pokeball.

    There Was A Flash Of Light Then A Small Houndour Appeared, Growling And Snapping.

    "So.. It Was A Duskball.. And I Have A Houndour..." Kahma Marvelled, "And Your Pathetic Zubat Can Do No Damage On Us."

    She Walked Off, Clicking Her Fingers At The Houndour, Which Followed Her Eagerly, Careful Not To Trip Over Kahma's Long, Black Trench Coat.
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    I also want to remind you guys that MSDL hasn't visited the forums in ages, so I wouldn't expect her to pop up to reply anytime soon =/
  24. "Ah, it's great to be back in the city again!" Chase thought as he inhaled the fresh, city air. Riolu was a little mad to be out of the wilderness, but Pichu was accustomed to, and also preferred the city. Rustboro was a quaint little town that everyone had a good idea of where they wanted to go. Shops weren't crowded, the people weren't loud, and it was, for the most part, a very enjoyable place.

    Riolu sat on Chase's shoulder, obviously disgusted by the city. Pichu, on the other hand, rushed from atop Chase's head, and began to run around. "Pichu! Come back!" Chase ran after the small Pokemon in an attempt to prevent any commotion. Running through an obstacle course that his small companion had created, Chase realized that he couldn't prevent commotion.

    Pichu finally stopped, but Chase was too tired to see where he was. "Is this you Pokemon?" A sweet voice called down to a kneeling Chase. "Yes... I'm... Sorry... If... he... bothered you." Chase found speaking in unbroken sentences to be quite difficult. "It's okay. I guess it smelled my poffin." Chase stood up to see a girl, probably the same age as him, if not younger, standing. She was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with a Pokemon Contest ribbon design on it. "Hi, I'm Aurora. What's your name?" She extended her hand in friendship. "Chase... I'm from New Bark Town... That's my Pichu. Sorry." "It's okay. I'm used to Pokemon running up to me. My poffin is one of the best in the city. It just so happens that this was a batch I was making for my Meowth." Chase then realized that at Aurora's foot was a Meowth, with a pink bow wrapped around it's neck. "Why don't you come by my house. Then I can give your Pichu and your Riolu some of my poffin. And you look a little hungry yourself, Chase." "You have no idea!" Chase replied. A smile and a warm laugh followed this remark as she led him to her home.

    Aurora opened the door to her home. As Chase entered, he saw that a number of Pokemon were in the sitting room. There was a Cherrim and a Marill bouncing on the sofa, a Chimchar running all over the room, and a beautifly sleeping on the banister. Chase knew this would be quite interesting.
  25. OOC: I've done a lot of Rping, but none like this. Here I go... *takes a deep breath*

    Rino grabbed her backpack and walked out the door. "Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" she yelled. She looked at her messy get-up, black shirt with a skull on it, black jeans and a belly-botten high leather jacket. She smiled and ran all the way to Professer Birch's lab.

    Rino knocked a few times. "Hello?" she called rather harshly. No answer. Rino sighed and knocked louder. "Hello?!?" she yelled.

    "Coming!" A man's voice said from inside. Rino heard the scurry of boots across a hard wood floor. She slouched her body and waited for the man to hurry up. After a few, bored minutes, Professer Birch opened the door. "Finally!" Rino explained, her eyes bright.

    "I'm thinking your here for a pokemon, right?" Prof. Birch asked.

    Rino smiled and nodded. "That's right!"

    Prof. Birch smiled. "Well then, I'm Professer Birch!" he said, holding out his hand.

    Rino shook his hand. "Nice to meet you! I'm Rino Kawazi," she said, trying to be poitle. Gross!!! I touched his hand! she thought to herself.

    "So, Miss Kawazi. Who do you want for your first pokemon?" Prof. Birch asked.

    "Charamander." Rino said. She had planned this out for weeks.

    "You seem sure." Prof. Birch said, looking around his house for Charmander's pokeball. "Ah! Here it is," he said, bringing a red and white ball over to Rino. "This is Charamnder." A flash of red light welcomed Charmander out of his pokeball.

    "Charmander!" the lizard pokemon hissed. Rino smiled happily and bent down to pet it. "He's fesity!" she commented.

    "You have no idea..." Prof. Birch said, grinning. "So you want him?"

    "Yes please!" Rino said, rubbing the Charmander's neck. Prof. Birch nodded.

    "Alright, now here is your pokeball and pokedex." Prof. Birch said as he handed Rino the itemes.

    Rino quickly took it and ran out of the lab. "Thanks!" she yelled.

    Prof. Birch sighed. "She's headstrong..."
  26. I haven't RPed here before... Well... Here it goes.

    He woke up to messy room as always. He got up and got dressed. (Consult trainer card for appearence.) He ate breakfast and exited his house. He was still tired from studying all night, but he was to exited to even care. He aproached professor birches lab.

    He knocked on the door, Knowing today was the day he would finally get a pokemon of his own. Professor Birch answered the door and looked at Ryan with a smile.

    "I came to get my first pokemon..." Ryan said, streching. Proffesor Birch invited Ryan in.

    Birch was digging in a yellow bag and finally took out an item. "Here you go, Ryan." He said with a red and white pokeball in his hand.

    Ryan glanced at the pokeball and picked it up, anxious to see what was inside. Ryan tossed the pokeball in front of him and a mudkip poped out and looked at Ryan. Ryan hesitated at first, but finally scratched mudkip's head. Mudkip sneezed, accidentally unleashing a water gun, spraying Ryan in his face. Ryan recoiled, then looked back at mudkip and laughed.

    Mudkip looked around and aproached a lab machine. "He's quite curious." Ryan said smiling.

    "Yes... He is." Birch said, digging in his bag again as he pulled out more pokeballs. "Your going to need these." He said handing them to Ryan.

    "For what?" Ryan asked.

    Birch smiled. "Use those to catch more pokemon." He told Ryan.

    Ryan withdrew mudkip and thanked professor birch. Ryan ran out the door, and knew his mother would want to see his knew friend.
  27. ((Im not sure if this Thread is totally dead or not. The rules say no reviving dead threads, but this hasn't been dead that long. Plus, I dont know where else to RP, since I am a noob, and I've never Rp'd in this place before. Sorry if I broke the rules...))

    A Dotrio crows out its morning call, announcing the arrival of a new day as dawn broke out in Blackthorn city. Everyone wakes up, getting prepared to do their morning rituals.

    Well, almost everyone.

    Nina, was still in bed, in a deep sleep, dreaming about the battles to come after she gets her first pokemon. Even after the alarm clock started ringing, she didn't even stir. She continued to snooze, well past a few hours.

    The bouncing, ringing alarm refused to be defeated. It bounced to the edge of the cabinet, then stumbled over, falling right on top of Nina's head.

    " OW!" she exclaimed, rubbing her head and glaring at the alarm clock. She picked it up and pulls it to her face, looking grumpy and intiminating. " Stupid clock. YOU DIE NOW!"

    She was about to throw it at her wall, which was filled with dents and cracks from the other clocks that faced her morning wrath, but then she noticed the time. She pulled the clock back close to her face, her expression now in total shock. " WHAT?!"

    9:30 AM. She was supposed to see Nurse Joy of the Blackthorn City Pokemon Center to get her first pokemon about three hours ago.

    She tossed the clock aside and quicky started to change, hopping about her room, stumbling over all the books, pokemon plushies, and dirty clothes that completly covered the floor.

    Bursting through her door, she dashed down the stairs and ran out of the house without even explaining to her mom, who was standing in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal for Nina's breakfast, dumbfounded, where she was off too.

    She ran down the street, a cloud of dirt and dust trailing behind her. She almost ran over a few pedestrians, but she either didn't notice or didn't care enough to stop and apologize.

    Finaly, she staggers through the entrance of the pokemon center. Nurse Joy looks at the sweaty, messy girl leaning against the frame of the door with an astonished and confused expression.

    " Pokemon...! My first...! Woke up late...! Stupid alarm...!" Nina managed to gasp out, still trying to catch her breath from the marathon she just ran in under 3.5 minutes. She took in a deep breath, trying to recollect herself. There was a small pause, then she stumbled over, collapsing on the ground, Swirly eyed, and twitching.

    " Oh right!" Nurse joy chirped cheeringly. " your here to register as a pokemon trainer! I was expecting you hours ago!"

    Two Chanseys help Nina up and Nurse Joy walked up to her. " Please follow me, and I will help you fill out the proper paperwork."

    2 very loooong and boooring hours later, Nina was now a registered trainer. Nurse Joy also handed her some pokeballs, and basic materials she will need on her jouney. " And now time for the most important part!"

    " Oh! I can finally choose my pokemon?" Nina asked eagerly.

    " Correct!" Nurse Joy smiled, " But I got a special request from your grandmother about that."

    " huh? What did grandma want?"

    Nurse Joy walked over to a cabinet and opened up a box. Inside, there was a Luxury ball, nestled ontop of a silk cushion. She handed it to Nina. " She said its family tradition to start with a dragon type." she explained, " So she took the liberty in choosing a pokemon for you."

    Nina frowned. Well, THATS unfair... she though. Sighing, she accepted the Luxury ball. All in all, a dragon type is still a very powerfull kind of pokemon, and to have one as a starter can give her a head up above the other rookie trainers. But what pokemon did grandma choose for me...?

    " Only one way to find out." She said, throwing the Luxury ball, " COME ON OUT!"

    There was a bright red flash that blinded Nina for a second. When her sight returned she laid her eyes on her new pokemon.

    " Draaaaaaaa?" Squeaked the small little Dratini, her large black eyes examining her surroundings.

    " Oh!" Nina gasps, " A Dratini!"

    YES YES YES YES!!! she mentaly cheered, THANK YOU, GRANDMA!

    She was so relieved. Her cousin, who started a year before her, also had his pokemon chosen for him by grandma, and he unfortunetly got a Magikarp. Her parents said it was because he needed to learn about patience or something, but it scared the bejeezus out of her, knowing that she might fall with the same fate as her unfortunet cousin. Well, not anymore!

    " Congratulations!" Nurse Joy said, " Are you going to give your pokemon a nickname?"

    " Hmm....." Nina thinks, petting the Dratini, which recoiled back in timid fear, but then sorta purred as Nina stroaked the pokemons smooth head. She remembered the pokemons evolution, dragonair, which always fasicanted her. Expecially the mystic ability to controll the weather.

    Mystic ability to...

    " I got it!" She smiled, picking up the dratini. " Your name will be Mystic!"

    The Dratini tilted her head curiosly at the strange girl. " Dra?"

    " Do you like the name?" Nina asked.

    " dra! dra!" Mystic squealed happily.

    " Haha! I knew you would!" she said, hugging her new friend. " I think we're going to be a great team and best friends!"

    'kay guys, Yeah this died like ,the week after I posted it. Like most of the RP's we've attempted. No one who initially replied ever replied back :/ And then stuff happened. RPs aren't random strings of intro posts. And this is what this turned into. It had no story or character interaction. :C I mean, I was going to take it places. But it just never happened.

    LittleMissSunnshine, I'd be glad to take this elsewhere with you. I'm itching for a good RP to join. . . *grmbl* They all end up dying! Grr.

    Anyhow. Shoo, Rp. You're so done like dinner.
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