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Pokémon Continuity--Fixes & Add-Ons

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Yami_Angel, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. (Yami topic?! No way. =O)
    The title says it all. I'm interested in hearing stories you've come up with (or concluded using viable evidence) about Pokémon's somewhat instable continuity. Also, things that fix one or more continuity errors. Have fun, be creative! =D

    Mine so far:
    • As implied by Platinum, Pluto lived in the Old Chateau many years ago. His family lost the home due to bankruptcy, which also lead to his current bitterness.
    • Again, on the Old Chateau. The old man and little girl were grandfather and grandaughter, respectively. They came from a tragic-strucken family, which included several deaths, bringing/leaving the two together. With life insurance money, or a lottery's winnings, or something that would seem to improve their luck, they bought the Old Chateau from the bank (who had just repossessed it). But, a final tragedy hit them... thieves, who were armed, broke in while the two were at home. You can put the rest together.
    • Navel Rock was the long-time roost of Ecruteak's Ho-oh and Lugia, due to the 700-year-ago fire. They returned to Johto during the G/S/C timeline, of course. And Ho-oh detoured to Orre.
    • The legendary birds were absent during G/S/C due to: Articuno left because of Blaine's renovations to the Seafoam Islands, plus the overall fright of Cinnabar's volcano erupting. Zapdos, due to the renovations on the Power Plant. And finally, Moltres due to increased traffic in Victory Road. It first fled to Mt. Ember, but again, there was increasing traffic (explorers, and Team Rocket). All three fled to Sinnoh (as they're there in Platinum).

    Ready, go! Can't wait to here more! :3
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  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    This one took much research on my part but I think I finally figured it all out. The origin of Mewtwo.

    July 5th
    Guyana, South America. A new Pokemon was discovered deep in the jungle.
    July 10th
    We christened the newly descovered Pokemon Mew.
    February 6th
    Mew gave birth. We named the newborn Mewtwo.
    September 1st
    Mewtwo is too powerful. We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies.

    The way the entries say it, it sounds like Mewtwo was a live natural birth. This doesn't seem possible as legendaries can't breed, Mew is genderless, and Pokemon come from eggs. Also, all Mewtwo's Pokedex data describe it as being created by scientists as a clone of Mew. What I've come up with is this:

    Mew is for the first time ever descoved on July 5th of some year, for the sake of simplicity we'll call it year 1. Unable to find another Mew, the scientists believe Mew to be an endanged species and decide on cloning it so that there will be more. All the clones fail, so the scientists begin manipulating the DNA to make the Pokemon stronger so that it has a better chance for survival. Still no success. Then one day they decide on artificial insemination. On Feb 6th Mew gives live birth to Mewtwo. Although this date appears that it would be year 2 in the entry's calender, it is actually year 3 or 4. As Mewtwo matures, it gets progressively more violent, until it destroys Cinnabar Mansion and flees to the Unknown Dungeon/Cerulean Cave. Mew is no where to be found.

    This is mostly speculation, but with what we know and the data given in game, it's the best theory around.
  3. To prove something else, Mew's original home might not be in South America. My assumption that it travels around freely, or there is another Mew, on Faraway Island. Only Mew lives there, and from the Pokemon Manga, it seems that Mew the real home of all Pokemon is Faraway Island. It's all part of the Plot in the Emerald Manga series.

    Of course, we all must debate about How Arceus is the God of Pokemon when everyone else (Some facts do as well) says Mew is the Creator of Pokemon. Wouldn't the Creator also be the God of Pokemon?
  4. It may depend on the type of religion Pokemon have and the form of 'god' used to descibe Arceus. Are we talking monotheistic or polytheistic? If poly, Arceus might be like Zeus, the 'king' and Mew is some form older, lesser or parallel with Arceus (I say older because, though my ancient Greecian religious understand is very rusty, there did appear to be a pantheon before Zeus, so Mew might be like that).

    Creator doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be worshipped either. Maybe Mew doesn't want to have a following, but Arceus is fine with it?
  5. On that, I have an interesting theory. Mew might've come from Arceus, like the pixies (hence their incredibly similar appearance). Mew might've given what the pixies did not: actual life to contain the knowledge/will/emotion given by the pixies. Also, if Mew came from Arceus, they'd share DNA (thus, Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Pixies) and with Mew creating the other Pokémon, they share DNA as well.
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  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    You bring up a good poin Fachion. In the original R/B games places like South America, the United States, and China are all mentioned. Not so much any more. Mew could have always originated in SA and moved to Faraway Island after Mewtwo's birth.

    I agree that there are more than one individual of each species of legendary. Personally, I don't think any Pokemon is immortal except maybe Arceus and the other legendaries that played some part in creating reality and the world, so there would be some way to continue to population. The reason they don't breed in-game is because it either takes a really long time, or the conditions aren't right. As seen in the anime, a Lugia had a baby and Ash even said he saw another Lugia in the Orange Islands. Though without a second parent present, there is always the possibility that Legendary Pokemon are asexual which is why they can't produce offspring in the games.

    Yami brings up an interesting point about Arceus and Mew, but I don't think that question will be completely solved until movie 12.

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