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POH!KEMON's Spriting Zone

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by POH!KEMON, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I have made a sprite and would die if I didn't share it, so here it is...:
    Electirc Wave Pokemon
    Ht: 4'09"
    Wt: 678.6 lbs.
    Type: Electric/Fighting

    It has a really high Attack stat, a not as high as attack Speed and Defense stat, really poor Sp.Attack and an average Sp.defense.

    It's best moves are Close Combat, ThunderPunch, Zap Cannon , and Endure.

    It's ability is Solid Endurance, which fully restores it's HP if it has 1 HP remaining.

    I hope you like it...I worked hard on it!
  2. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I spy... gallade, Metang, Porygon and at least one other I can't put my finger on - might be two though.

    I like the sprite quite a lot myself, very kickass looking mech.. The porygon head seems a tad off, but there's not much else to work with :/
  3. Solid Endurance, how does that work? as it strikes me as being able to have good synergy with the Focus Sash, but possibly to the detriment of your opponent's sanity.

    Also - now I am no spriter - it seems that the critter you have there is... a colourful mish-mash that could work, but might require a bit more time as none of really seems to mesh all that well, in particular the Metang head-body.

    Also, are those Scizors arms I see there?
  4. As a matter of fact, you do! Along with Spoink's spring tail/thingy, to answer your question Ruko.

    Another one shall be presented (created Today):\
    Living Shadow Pokemon
    Ht: 3'07"
    wt: 67.4 lbs
    Type: Dark

    It's best moves are Payback, Memento, Psycho Boost, and Embargo

    High Attack, average Defense and Sp.Deffense, average, but high, Sp.Attack, and Speed that is as high as it's Attack.

    It's ability is Dark Absorb, which restores it's HP if it is hit by a Dark-type move.

    Does anyone remember PalkiBlake's Trikiza? Well I decided to a sprite of it.
    Unfortunately, it did not look as good as I thought it would...but it looks fine.
    It was basicly Sneasel's body, but I gave it my artwork (spriting skills) to make, hopefully, like Palki's artwork.

    What do ya think?
  5. Um, for Orazon, the sprite is pretty good, but a little sloppy. The problem, however, is that Solid Endurance coupled with it knowing Endure makes for a very annoying, overly powerful Pokemon, one of them should not be there.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion/comment; I really needed it! Also, Endure + the ability, yes it's annoying, but it turns out to be a good combo.

    Last week, I made two trainer sprites. I already put them in the Custom Trainer Submission Topic, but since this is my spriting station, I figured I should put them here.

    Here is numero uno:
    A Princes Peach cross player. Very cruddy, I know.

    and #2:
    Kanye West, the first celebrity sprite I've done.
  7. Hrm...

    I think the Peach one has a lot of potential. It just doesn't show xP

    The Kanye West one, unfortunately, is great. I respect you and hate you at the same time.
  8. And who among us has not? (Darn it! I blame my friend, Ashley Frisbee for this!)

    I have a really important announcement! I am holding a spriting contest!

    I need five participants to make sprite of the following Pokemon I made up:

    1. Auitgoose
    2. Terrgoose
    3. Secobra
    4. Severgon
    5. Grunivore
    6. Icelix

    These can either be scratched sprited or sprited from other sprites. Present the sprite, once you participated, by September 20. The winner will have their sprites shown on my future sprite topic (I have not came up with a name yet...). So if you want your shot at spriting POH!KEMON fame, sign up! If you need to see artwork of the (my) Pokemon, please click on here (new topic) and the older one.
  9. I'll try to make Terrgoose and Autigoose :D I'll start ASAP.
  10. Good going, participant #1! You need to do all of the six pokemon listed. Once you're done, PM me all of them.

    4 spots remaining! Who else wants to join?
  11. All six.... this'll be fun :D What do you think of Autigoose?

    EDIT: Finished Secobra just now :)
  12. Very cute! I still need 4 competitors, so sign up. In the mean time, I will continue showing my sprites. Today, I did a sprite of my Centini:

  13. Can I post the Secobra sprite here? I finished last night.
  14. You know what, just PM me the sprite; since I am gonna make a new topic.

    And why the hell aren't there any other competeiors?
  15. I'll join!
    This could be fun!
    I'll start with the Secobra because that's the coolest...
  16. I want to join, like totally! No one's really heard of me, but I'm quite good at MS paint (not photoshop ^^) and proud of my work, just too bad I can't really figure out what most of the pokemon are...
  17. Alright, Competitor #2, Toastie! And Naanny, this is a spriting competition, not a drawing one. So unless you can sprite really well, don't bother joining.

    2 more positions. Who else?
  18. I can, and I knew they were a mix of two pokemon names, I just didn't know which two pokemon they were. Sorry for misinterpretation(sp?).
  19. No prob, and Congrats! You are contestent #3!

    Anyone else? getting lonely here...hm?
  20. I've finished Severegon and PMed it to you.
    However, when I checked my sent messages it said there weren't any so tell me if you don't get it...
    On to Icelix now!
  21. Thanks, Toastie!

    Sorry for a long absence of not being here; an obvbious breakdown here in the US (perhaps in California), and I'm glad to be back cause i tried to get back on like what? Around 67 times?

    While that occured, I made some more sprites. Didn't name them, two however got some, and this just poped in my head.


    I also took time to sprite some of my Pokemon Designs:

    My sprite version of Secobra
    And a new Edition:
    Chitee, it's Chatot's Prevo!

    Also, since I was not here on Sep.20, I will move the date to October 17th, for the slow people. Please Leave comments and sorry for the long wait... :-\

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