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POH!KEMON's Pokemon Reigon

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by POH!KEMON, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. I have (over at least 3-5 years) came up with great Pokemon ideas (or Fakemon...)and I thought I would like to show you some of my ideas.

    Okay, so here is my first Pokemon design:
    http://i41.tinypic.com/2d85lsl.jpg(too big to display here I suppose...)
    Monsterous Plant Pokemon
    Ht: 11'07"
    Wt: 225.7lbs
    Type: Grass/Dark
    Des:It consists of eating 40lbs of meat a day. It can swallow a human with a few chomps.
    It is the evolution of Carnivine, which is leveled up with a Fang Leaf ([​IMG]) at lv30 or higher.

    This Pokemon is based on the Audrey Two(form the play/movie Little Shop of Horrors). I was in Little shop of Horrors (HS play as Mushnick) and I was thinking of Carnivine and Audrey Two and thinking 'What would be a great evolution for this guy?' That's when Grunivore poped up on paper.
  2. Hey I'm liking it! Sorry but does this page mean your taking ideas? Because I was thinking of a Toxicroak Evolution or maybe a Scyther Pre-velution
  3. The drawing is very nice and I like the idea, but do you think you could sprite some of your Pokemon? Plus it would be nice to see a region if you could make that.
  4. Thanks for the comments...I was gone for a week, so I really appreciate it.

    Allow me to introduce Onix's newest evolution.
    Ice Snake
    Ht: 32'4"
    Wt: 812.3 lbs.
    Type: Ice/Ground
    Des: Rumors has it that Onix transformed into Icelix due to eating soil in snowy areas. It is able to survive the hottest day by moving while keeping cool.

    Onix evolves in to this Ice beast simply by using an Ice Stone on it

    And for your question Lt., these are just my designs.
  5. What's the typing of Icelex asides the obvious Ice?
  6. Definitely an Ice/Ground

    This one I drew on MS Paint:

    Hand Pokemon
    Ht: 4'03"
    wt: 40.1 lbs
    Type: Ghost/Dark
    Description: It can pull gravity to make an object feel heavier. It only sleeps once every twelve years.

    It has the Ability Leviate and has no evolution.

    This could be known as the best Bug Pokemon on the planet!:
    Swarm Beast Pokemon
    ht: 9'09"
    wt: 194.7 lbs.
    Type: Bug/Dragon
    Des: It freely soars in the skys to hunt prey. It's wings are said to be made up of Dragon scales.

    This guy can learn 3 moves other Bugs can't: Fly, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast (along with Dragon moves of course...)

    One more I wanna add:
    Mp3 Pokemon
    ht: 2'07"
    wt: 9.7 lbs
    Type: Electric/Ghost
    Des: It appeared when a music player was lost or abandoned. The speaker hands can control 4,100 Volts of Electricity.

    Unlike Rotom, iZorn's ability is Soundproof, so the poor things has to struggle with three weak-against types. Also, this little guy is based not on the Mp3 Player, but on the iPod Touch (Apple gets a Pokemon. XD)
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