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POH!KEMON's New Pokemon design page (comments highly needed)!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by POH!KEMON, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I did have another topic, but unfortunately, it didn't get a lot of replies. So I decided to do a new one. These are done on paper or on MS Paint.

    I will now introduce the Evolution lines of Zangoose and Seviper, starting wuth the babies (or pre-evolution):

    Kitten Ferret Pokemon
    HT: 2'04"
    WT: 24.4 lbs
    Type: Normal
    Des: It sometime ignore other Pokemon to train alone. If this happens, it is known as "the autistic fighter".
    This is Zangoose's pre-evolution.

    Fang Snake Pokemon
    Ht: 6'07"
    wt: 85.9 lbs
    Type: Poison
    Des: It sharpens it's teeth on sharp rocks. It flees more than it battles larger opponents.
    Seviper's pre-Evolution. Both evolve into their next Pokemon on a high friendship.

    Now then, I get to introduce their final Evolutions (Zangoose and Seviper). First off, Zangoose's:
    Close Combat Pokemon
    Ht: 5'07''
    Wt: 159.7 lbs
    Type: Normal/Fighting
    Des: It gains more power by cutting down large trees and rocks. It has battle fiercely with Severgon.

    And now, Seviper's:
    Jaw Breaker Pokemon
    Ht: 13'07"
    wt: 233.3 lbs
    Type: Poison/Dragon
    Des: It's claw-like tail is so sharp, it can cut open a sumo wrestler. It fiercely fought Terrgoose many times.

    Each of them are evoloed by a certain stone at lv40 or higher. Zangoose uses a Power Stone, and Seviper needs a Draco Stone (I have not drawn them yet...).

    I hope you like them; also, I will accept evolutions and pre-evolutions of previous generation Pokemon (generations 1 through 4 only), but not right now. I will let you know when.

    Enjoy (and please comment if you can)!
  2. Autigoose looks so cute, and Severgon looks beast. Your art is pretty good, amke sure to keep most of the colours inside.
  3. OH MAI GAH. Severgon is so epic I can't believe it's not official art (I almost typed butter)! I agree with QE. Autigoose is so adorable
  4. These are great!
    The Severagon is epic!
    You are great at evos and pre-evos!
    I can't wait to see the stones!
  5. Thanks for the comments so far, and also Jirachan, feel free to draw the stones. Just PM me them when you are finished.

    I had these done on MS Paint for many weeks/months now. I waited untill there was a comment on the old design topic, but fate is cruel sometimes. So, I'll share them here:

    Centipede Pokemon
    Ht: 1'03"
    wt: 7.9 lbs
    Type: Bug
    Des:It's tiny legs help it crawl upsidedown. Getting bitten can cause an unown disease.

    At lv23, it evoloves into an extrememly dangerous Pokemon:
    Dredful Blade Pokemon
    Ht: 3'05"
    wt: 60.3 lbs
    Type: Bug/Dark
    Des: It's blade arms are used to signal each other. They do this by cutting odd patterns on dead trees.

    Both of these are based on centipedes. Now feel free to comment/critisize. ;)
  6. Ooh, loving the centipedes :) It reminds me of when I nearly picked up a centipede while playing in the dirt in my front yard~ And suddenly, my leg feels weird. O_o Anyway, keep up the good work ^ ^
  7. Awesome job there ^^

    However, is it just me, or does Severgon look sorta Giratina-ish? O_o;
    Oh well, keep up the good work ^^
  8. I love the Zangoose evolutions! A lot! Your style is neat, and Autigoose is adorable!
  9. The Centroach is wonderful.
    It reminds me of Giratina's Origin Forme a bit.
  10. Thanks. I had these for a long time as well, only drawn on paper, not MS:

    Nightmare Pokemon
    Ht: 7'02"
    Wt: 263.4 lbs
    Type: Psychic
    Des: The swirls on it's hands can put 15 Pokemon to sleep at the same time. The coin on it's tail are ususally played with by Meowth.
    This is Hypno's evolution, which requires him to level up with the move Nightmare (taught my Move Tutor)

    Gyro Pokemon
    Ht: 5'11"
    Wt: 470.8 lbs
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Des: It has been rumored that it can controll atoms in another organism. Surviving an atomic explosin is quite easy for this pokemon.
    This is Electrode's evolution, and it evolves int this power atom controller by leveling it up in Mt.Coronet.

    *breathes* How do you like them?
  11. Whoa, loving the Hypno evo ^ ^ The colors are nice and I could tell it was the Hypno evo just by looking at the head. Keep up the good work :D
  12. Glad you like it. I had this drawn and stuck in my computer for a long time:

    Dark Cloak Pokemon
    ht: 4'03"
    Wt: 141.1 lbs
    Type: Dark/Fighting
    Des: It can cloak in well with dark objects. It's body helps it support it's ability to jump and walk on walls.

    Commenting(/critisizing) Time! How do you like it?
  13. That looks cool :D But why the edited-on pink stubs at the end?
  14. The scanner didn't get the entire image, so I had to use MS Paint to rework it, unfortunately.

    Anyways, I'm back!!! Sorry for not being here, weeks of not being able to go on here, then suddenly. I'm back. Hope it never happens again!

    Anyways, I worked on some new art and even made a mashing-video on YouTube, you gotta check it out, click here if you want to see it.

    A few of them are new, I will post two for now.

    Winged Snake Pokemon
    ht: 7'03
    Wt: 196.8 lbs
    Type: Normal/Dragon
    This is the evolution of Dunsparce and requires AncientPower (lv41) to get to the Beast.

    Blast Pokemon
    Ht: 4'05"
    Wt: 234.8 lbs
    Type: Bug/Rock
    Shuckles evo; unfortunately, I have not come up with the Evolution requirement yet.

    The rest is on the video, and I will have info on the new creations. And again, sorry for a long time of not showing up. ;)
  15. Whoa, Shucannon looks epic. I think I should run (and maybe make a sprite).

    Dunscarp kinda looks like a mid-evo, something with a prevo and an evo. Try to make it a bit more ferocious?
  16. Dunscarp? It's the best I could do. :p. I have a few more to share, Starting with this:
    Oryx Pokemon
    Ht: 4'03"
    Wt: 158.7 lbs
    Type: Normal:
    Des: It's horns make a great sheild and weapon for battle. It can roam in sandstorms for it's eyes are never attacked.

    This one was not in the video:
    Tiny Parrot Pokemon
    Ht: 1'00"
    Wt: 5.7 lbs
    Type: Normal/Flying
    This is the prevo of Chatot, and requires love and friendship to get there.

    HummingBird Pokemon
    Ht: 1'02"
    Wt: 3.1 lbs
    Type: Flying
    Des: It sucks on nectar and honey in order to absorb nutrients. The wings flap at 235 wing beats a minute.
    This is the first non-Legendary pure Flying type, plus it's the only one to learn Absorb, Mega Drain, and Giga Drain.

    EDIT: IMPORTANT, Please Read: I will now except requests for Pokemon designs!!! I may also do your already made Fakemon as well! Here is the request form:

    Evo: (choose either Final, Prevo, or 0 [none])
    Evo. From: Any pokemon from Gen.1-4
    Design Form: (choose Paper or MS Paint)

    I will do the height and weight myself.

    Now go ahead and start sending me requests! Can't wait. ;)
  17. cool i like them all
  18. I'm really liking severgon.

    If you want any help with the naming portion, give me a PM and I'd be happy to help.
  19. I'm pretty fond of Hummilia here. I have been waiting for an interesting, cute, or cool pure-flying for a while, and this bird here fits the 'cute' criteria.

    POH!, I'll give you a little challenge with the requests, a Fakemon to be specific. I hope you like it.

    Name: Muridafi
    Type: Fire/Normal
    Evo: Final Evolution of Raticate
    Design Form: Paper

    I bet you can guess what it's based off. ;)

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