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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Well, I thought I'd try posting some of my poems, XD. They'll be in the order of composition, and were written over an extended period of time. The first four are a bit personal, though ...

    Missing You

    How Can I?


    Blue Eyes




    LoZ: Warrior of Shadows

    Missing You

    As I watch the sakura blossoms fall,
    I cannot help but think of it all.

    The evening breeze is slight,
    As if it knows my plight.

    Staring at the moon,
    I think of you.

    Of one so true,
    With eyes so blue,
    Now I'm missing you.

    How Can I?

    Standing in the rain I sigh,
    And ask why?

    Why am I afraid of my affection,
    Do I fear rejection?

    As the days go by,
    My confadince remains nigh.

    Your departure draws near,
    Yet I'm bound by fear.

    My heart says yes,
    But I can only guess.

    How can I speak,
    For who do you seek?


    Staring up at the sky,
    I watch the doves fly.

    A calming sight,
    Framed by evening light.

    One lands near,
    Beckoning for me to banish fear.

    A ray of hope appears,
    For me to tell the one I hold dear.

    Warmth washes over me,
    Like a flaming sea.

    The dove coos it's song,
    Lifting into flight to where it belongs.

    A white dove,
    Soaring on the wings of love.

    Blue Eyes

    Though cool as ice,
    They bear little strife.

    Two of the palest blue,
    Clear as the morning dew.

    Powerful as fire,
    Blue flames that keep jumping higher.

    Pale blue eyes,
    Reflecting the endless sky.

    They are the key to my heart,
    And right from the start,
    I knew I couldn't part.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Gentle caress of the moonlight, harsh brand of the sunlight.

    By the star's light, plight of the solar system ignites.

    People of the sun, people of the moon.

    War and strife, or peace and light?

    Stand and fight, or leave from sight?

    Stars and planets unite, but for what right?

    To defend the universe, a common enemy born.

    Rest not, or risk the fate of the torn.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    LoZ: Warrior of Shadows

    I am but a whisper in the night,
    Soon vanishing in a flash of light.

    After providing a song of sight,
    Lifting you into flight.

    Yet there is blue beneath red,
    And more than what was said.

    Sadly I go,
    To continue the flow.

    I am but a shadow in your life,
    Seemingly causing my own strife.

    Such is a warrior's way,
    Forever unable to stay ...
  2. Very nice poetry here, Moon-Z. I find all of them to be relaxing, as any good poetry does to me. You shall not yet find any negative criticism from me for this.

    I myself have a poetry thread on the second or third page. Try giving that a read if you want some inspiration.

    Besides that, keep it up!
  3. Hey, thanks for visiting, Shocari.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed them; and I'll check yours out too, tomorrow.

    I'll try. ^_^
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    There's were really good Moon. I may not know be the best poetry critic, but I can tell you that I sure liked them.

    The first four were really good. The progression of your feelings from one to another were written beautifully. They were really sweet, and I'm glad you left them up. XP

    The other two were good as well, but less personal. I hope you write more, although you do have a heavy writing schedule as is. XD
  5. Well, better than my shitty poem. I really like these. Keep up the great work. :3
  6. *huggles*

    Morning, Red. ^_^

    Yeah ... I thought about taking those down after I posted them, XD. I'm glad that you liked all six of them, though. (And, yes, I'm up to my eyes in writing projects, XD.)

    [quote author=Jirachan link=topic=6442.msg110982#msg110982 date=1246424464]
    Well, better than my shitty poem. I really like these. Keep up the great work. :3

    Thanks, Jirachan. I'll try. ^_^

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