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Poe's Corner

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Poe, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Poe


    I'm not sure if I should re-upload the old stuff I had in this thread or not... (it was only one short comic and one picture).
    So, untill I know what to do, I'm gonna start with something new. :D (Actually, the comic is rather old. I just recently translated it into English.)

    Anyway. For those who don't know, I have a big interest of drawing stuff (mostly pictures or comics) and some of these tend to be related to Pokemon. So, I'm intending to share some of them in this topic, in case someone would like them or find them enyojable. ;)

    A comic. And pretty much the only one I got that's colored. I'm too lazy and the colors are mean to me...
    (I'm terribly sorry all Bidoof fans out there, don't take it personal... ^^;)
    Title: Bidding Bidoof Goodbye

    A simple picture of a Skitty. A friend wanted me to draw one, so...
    This one, I really feel that I should color some day. 0-o
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  2. Bidoof is actually cute and has really intresting abilities. Hes more useful then pokes like Igglybuff. But enough rambling about my pro-bidoof movement. On to the art. Your comic is quite cute and I like the expressions on the female character. The only little thing I would try to work on would be making the outlines a little more defined on some frames (particularly the bidoof) whatever marker you used to color gobbled up alot of the details.

    The skitty on the other hand is perfect :D Adorable pose and good proportions.
  3. Better Bidoof than a rabid chipmunk, yah?

    *cough8 Anyway, not a bad comic there. I'd recommend using brighter shades so the details are more apparent. But other than that, well done. That Skitty thar is also quite adorable, and is true to the official artwork's style. Good Job~
  4. xD

    As a rabid hater of Bidoof (sorry Jey D: ) I love your comic xD It's a great concept, and the art's really good, too!

    Also, that Skitty is just win. xD It's adorable, and I really, really, like the pose. Good work!
  5. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    [me=Sir Red]remembers you and your epically hilarious comic from pre-crash 'Charms :3[/me]

    I really must say, I adore your art style. It's so clean and crisp, yet playful and silly. It's just a wicked combination for artwork. I also love your sense of humor in your comics, they crack me up like no other. And you do a great job of drawing Pokemon to the style of their official art work, so kudos for that.

    And that Skitty is just so frellin' adorable. :3 *adds your thread to my art thread stalking list*
  6. Poe


    Thanks for the constructive comments. :D I'm not really happy with the outlines in the comic either... (I'm a pencil-artist, so inking and coloring isn't my strong side. ^^; I'm still learning though. ♥)

    And Sir Red actually made me blush. XD I didn't expect anyone to remember my old thread (only had like 2 or 3 pieces of work) so your post made me really happy! =D

    I think I'm gonna put up the old comic too... Though, it feels less accurate now when we got yet another generation of Pokemon, with Black and White coming up. xD
    This was my very first one, and I've neer been able to ink it, because I'm afraid that I would mess it up... (sorry fot the quality and spelling)

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  7. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    I really liked your Bidoof comic - even though you have to feel sorry for the amount of hatred that little guy gets XD
    It's something I've thought about before - like when I have a Charizard out and a Caterpie appears. Cruel? I think so :V

    Skitty is ♥ You have great pencil skills, especially with subtle shading, and you're line art is lovely and smooth on her~

    I love your second comic! Fighting professors for the win! And I love how she just ignores them and takes Pikachu. I'd have totally ran off with the Treecko, but that's just me. Your comic skills are amazing - especially with expression. Some of those frames are quite packed and busy, but your artwork still remains clean and pretty.

    Great work~
  8. *gangster accent* Why you harmin' mah rodents?

    Poor Bidoof. I don't think that's a Pokemon battle, I think it's a slaughter.
  9. Haha the Bidoof comic is hilarious, I absolutley love it (: I think the way you've drawn it really fits with the comical genre of it also which is really good,
    The Skitty drawing, well theres nothing else to say, it's adorable, I wanna make it real and take it home with me, it's so cute ♥ The different tones in the linings are really good, I like the darker lines in it's face and outlines with the contrast of the lighter lines on the grass and flower, so that's really good.
    And the second comic of the fighting professors is just an epic win, its funny and totally predictable, the personalities of the individual professors matches them in the animie/games which makes it more funnier, in my opinion I would have taken Cyndaquil because its cute as, and it evolves into the kick ass Typhlosion, so yeah ;)

    I really hope I see some more hilarious comics from you because I just love them,
    Don't stop :D
  10. xD

    Your second comic had me laughing the whole way through. I really hope you show us more work soon ^^
  11. Poe


    I did not expect this much positive feedback. Thank you! All of you. :D
    And here I thought that it would be a waste of time to put up the "fighting professors"... XD I'm so glad that everyone seem to like it. :)
    (Feel like I should make a sequel with Professor Araragi... ^^;)

    Third comic. This one did not take much time to translate...
    Title: Poe Pop Puff


    (I hope that I'm not upsetting Jigglypuff fans this time... I'm not a horrible person, I just have a kind of screwed up sense of humour. ;) And seriously, why describe a Pokemon as a balloon pokemon? This made me very confused as a kid...)
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  12. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    That one was terrifically hilarious. I really adore your art style; you take the traditional Pokemon look and put your own little spin on it to give each Pokemon more personality and a terrific uniqueness. It just really makes your works oh so funny and original to read.

    And also, don't worry, I totally have a similar sense of humor. :3

    Also, translate? Does that mean that English is not your first language?
  13. Poe


    Thank you!! You're so kind. :D And it's always nice to hear that someone else shares your kind of humour. XD

    And yeah, english is sadly not my first language. Which is painfully obvious in the second comic with the fighting professors... (That one, I actually did write originally in english. But it was some time ago now, and my grammar wasn't that good back then...)
    I'm swedish, and most of my comics were made for a friend's Pokemon site. ^^ So, I'm currently working on translating the swedish lines and jokes into understandable english. ;D
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  14. Huh, I never would have guessed that English wasn't your first language ^^

    Regardless, I really like the art from the newest comic. I think the action lines might be my favorite part.

    And plus, it's a great concept! I really can't wait to see more of your work!
  15. Poe


    Ha ha. XD Thank you Cody. ;)

    I just found this one, an old comic that I had completely forgot about. 0_o And for once, I didn't have to translate anything at all! ♥ I think I made it for Valentines day...
    Title: Love is in the air...

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  16. Poe


    Ok... This one took me a while to finnish... Have I mentioned that I hate coloring?

    The story behind this is that I once was a member on a Pokemon roleplay site. The main plot was that Team Rocket had achieved world domination, and all the pokemon and trainers are fighting for their lives and freedom. Anyway, one of the mods wanted me to make a picture that they could use on the homepage, with a Suicune and a dark Lugia representing the Good guys and the Bad guys.
    And this is the result.


    All done with a pencil, and some very long hours with photoshop. T_T
  17. OMG awseomeness!! That is good picture, and it looks like coloring was worth it. Looking forward to more.
  18. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Wow...the detail in that picture is amazing. The shading on the buildings and mountains and everything just looks incredible. The colors are very nice and give the picture a very gloom and dark feel to it. The Shadow Lugia and Suicune look terrific and so clean and crisp. Just brilliant. Love that piece. Great job. ^^
  19. Wow! That is really good! You put so much life into the picture, like I can feel their power just by looking at it. Keep it up!
  20. i think that every single comic is hilarious

    amd the skitty is top notch and so is the suicune lugia thing. :)

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