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[PoChaNoWriMo] The Shadow Man Cometh

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Chadwyck, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Prologue:

    “AH-CHOO!” The sneeze roared and echoed through the vast corridors, fog spilling down the walls like waterfalls, the man whom the sneeze originated from tapped the thermostat on the wall hoping that the temperature reading would change and the ungodly cold reading was just a mistake, “Why does it always have to be so damn cold in here? It’s not like any of ‘em are just going to walk out.”

    Another man sat in a derelict looking office chair, his feet were propped up on the desk at which he sat, and every small motion of his not so small frame resulted in a squeak of protest from the chair’s screws, as if the chair was just barely holding together. “It’s regulation, just in case any of the systems fail, the cold temperature ensures that they won’t thaw out as fast while we get someone in to fix the cells.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” The first man said looking at the clock on the wall, “Speaking of regulation, Jim, it’s time to start the rounds.” He picked up a flashlight and his blue and black guard cap, the other man, Jim, hardly moved at first. “Come on, it’s not like it’s a hard job.”

    “I know, kid, but sometimes I just don’t think it’s right keeping people frozen solid just because they’re a little bit different.” Jim said with a sigh, a sad look passing over his face momentarily. He was an older man, somewhere in his mid-fifties and dressed in a blue guard uniform. He had a small shock pistol strapped to his hip and a collapsible baton on the opposite side. He fit his cap down over his thinning, salt and pepper colored hair before standing up and following the younger man out of the office door and into the main holding area. “Bobby, sometimes I wonder if it’d be such a bad thing if they went free.”

    “They’re dangerous, Jim, you heard the official report, they’re too risky to be allowed to live in normal society.” Bobby said, he was thirty-five, with his thirty-sixth birthday rapidly approaching, he felt old, but the truth was that he was still a kid at heart. “Just don’t think of ‘em as people, they’re monsters. That should make it easier.” Jim just nodded and walked along, inspecting the power levels on the cells that they passed.

    They were two of the seventy guards in cell block E, where most of the more dangerous prisoners were kept. The cells were a scientific marvel, each one held only one prisoner, and that prisoner was frozen in a stasis field, surrounded by a ball of solid steel, and then frozen in a block of ice. They were completely isolated, surviving in comatose like states of unconsciousness, some of the lesser threats were awakened every three years or so for a month of consciousness, most of them couldn’t even remember how to walk until their final week. But so long as they were alive, “It’s not an execution,” The Secretary of Defense had said, “It’s a prison for their kind, and a way to keep our way of life safe.”

    The more dangerous of them, they were kept in a state of total unconsciousness, never waking from their endless slumber. A built in sensor monitored their brainwaves, and could alter them to trigger dreams, in this way they could feel alive, in this way they weren’t just living corpses.

    The cells were stacked six high, in order of increasing strength and threat level, those weaker on the bottom, and those whose powers were “a danger to themselves and everyone around them” being on the top. That way the guards knew who the most dangerous were, and they knew how serious it was if they got an abnormal reading for one of the cells on the top. Like the one that caught the eye of Jim as he passed by their twentieth column of cells.

    “That’s odd,” Jim said aloud as he looked at the monitor, “The brainwave pattern of this guy is way higher than it should be, almost like he’s aware, it looks like he’s in a state of near consciousness.” He tapped the monitor, but the reading stayed the same.

    “That’s not possible, he’s frozen in time, there’s no way that he could wake up unless we wanted him to.” Bobby said, though he looked much less confident than he sounded, “He’s one of the high threat level guys,” He added looking up at the top cell.

    “You know, there was a time when they would have been called super heroes. Back before politicians got involved.” Jim shook his head, “We better call one of the maintenance guys, and get one of the scientists up here while we’re at it. They’d know what to make of the brainwave patterns.” Jim pulled out a radio and clicked the button in, a small beep sounded letting him know that the radio was ready to send his message along, “Hey, this is Jim Patterson, we’ve got a problem in Cell Block E, one of the prisoner’s brainwave patterns is abnormal. Could you send someone up to check it out?”

    For a minute there was nothing but static on the other end, then a voice answered after what seemed like an eternity, “Hi, Jim, I’ve been waiting ages for someone like you to come along. Could you do us a favor and press the green button on the control panel there?” The voice had a sort of cockiness to it, as if the owner of the voice knew that he was better than anyone and everyone else.

    “What for?” Bobby asked.

    “Who’s that? Is there someone else with you, Jim?”

    “Yeah, that’s Bobby, my partner.” Jim answered, feeling a little unnerved by the voice for reasons he didn’t quite understand.

    There was a long pause on the other end of the radio, almost like whoever it was speaking to them was thinking about something. Then finally it said, “Well, we can’t have that now can we?” Suddenly the radio sparked, shocking Jim’s hand and causing him to drop it. As soon as it hit the ground another shock leapt from the small device into Bobby’s flashlight that hung at his hip, the bulb began to glow a brilliant white and then it exploded, an explosion that was far bigger than anything the flashlight should have been able to produce. When the smoke cleared, Bobby was laying on the floor, with his legs blown about five feet from his torso. Jim stumbled back, gagging from the smell of burnt flesh and fresh blood; he fought to hold onto consciousness. “Jim, stay with me, I kind of need you awake for this bit, push the green button on that control panel.” The radio said, the voice still sounded cocky, only now it sounded more pleasant as well. Like the voice had just done the world a favor.

    “What the hell did you do!?” Jim yelled into the radio, “Bobby, he’s… he’s…”

    “Dead. Yes, ‘fraid so. You see, if he was still alive he would have tried to talk you out of doing this small favor for me, and now, of course, you see that not complying is just an all around bad idea. I’d imagine you’re quite attached to all of your limbs.” The voice laughed a little bit, “No pun intended, though appreciated.”

    “I- who are you?”

    “Now isn’t the time for questions, you waste of flesh, push the green button.” The voice lost its friendly tone, and now it sounded angry.

    It just occurred to Jim to be frightened, whatever had just happened to Bobby could happen to him, he thought about his wife and son, he quivered and then he answered. “Y-yes, I’ll push the button, just don’t hurt me.”

    “Good lad, about time. Now, just press the green one. Can’t miss it, I know I didn’t when they lead me in here… oh, six or seven years back. That’s a long time to be trapped in here and I’m not very happy about it as you can imagine.” Jim pressed the button, an alarm sounded and red lights flashed. The top cell of the column began to steam, the water was siphoned out of the tank and the ball of steel split open. In the cell now there was a man, he stretched and cracked his neck. He stood up, apparently with no trouble at all and hopped down the thirty feet to the floor with even less trouble. His hair was long and black, his eyes were a golden yellow, and he wore a prisoner uniform with the number one hundred twenty one embroidered on the front. He was barefoot and broken shackles still hung from his arms and legs. He didn’t appear to be older than twenty-five “Good man, Jim. I’ve been waiting a long time to make my move. I’m glad that I got you of all people, you hardly needed any persuading.” The man looked over at the now lifeless body of Bobby, “Oh my, I made quite a mess.”

    “Don’t hurt me.” Jim said stupidly, it was all he could think to say.

    “Oh, don’t be silly, Jimmy. You’re my new bestest friend. Not to mention that I don’t need to lift a finger, you see, the penalty for releasing me will unfortunately be death. You could always try running I suppose.” The man stretched again and cracked his back; he then looked at the damp, gray stone wall and extended a hand toward it. The wall imploded before him, moonlight flooded in through the hole in the wall. “See ya around, Jimmy.” He said with a smile before walking toward the hole.

    “You’re a-a s-s-super h-human-“

    “I prefer the term supreme being. Anyway, yes I am. You can call me the Shadow Man. Sorry, but I must be off, they’ll be here soon. Cheers, Jimmy!” The man jumped out of the hole he had created only moments before and disappeared into the night, leaving a shaking old man in his wake. As armed guards surrounded Jim he just kept muttering, “He’s mad, absolutely mad, and he’s going to kill us all. The Shadow Man.” The last sound the man heard was the order to fire, and the crack of a gun.


    The sun was rising, but it was hidden behind a veil of clouds, the morning brightened slightly, but the day was still gray. Lightning flashed in the distance, a light rainfall was beginning, but the man knew that it would soon become a heavy torrent. He also knew that he was very conspicuous in a bright red prison uniform; luckily he had torn the metal shackles off of his wrists and ankles, now he just needed a change of clothes. He wasn’t ready to draw attention to himself, not yet. He would wait for the storm to be in full force, and that was still a few hours away.

    He had managed to make it to the nearest city to the prison, it had been about two hundred miles south, but he had made it in a little over five hours, when one could walk among the clouds distance had little meaning. He stood at the edge of the city centre, looking at the various shops and restaurants. The first thing he needed was to change his appearance, then he could focus on getting a real meal.

    He walked into the nearest store, it wasn’t open yet, it was still too early in the morning, but he walked through the door with no trouble, as if it were smoke. In a few short moments he was out of his prison uniform and dressed in a black t-shirt with the heavy metal band Cradle of Filth on the front, which was covered by a black jumper that was covered with zippers and patches. He had unlaced combat boots on his feet and simple blue jeans. He glanced at himself in one of the store’s mirrors and extended his right index finger toward his long black hair, a small blue flame began to singe off the long locks of hair, before too long it was short and smelled a bit burned. He ran a hand through it, making it look messy and unkempt, then he walked out of the store, as easily as he walked in.

    He had told the guard the night before to call him the Shadow Man, the codename that the government had given him before they had arrested him; causing trouble in Seattle. He was originally from Birmingham, but he had moved to the United States when the super human scare had began in the year 2053, he managed to avoid attention for three years. Then he heard about the arrests, he preferred to call them kidnappings, people proven to have powers that the so called normal people didn’t have were black bagged and taken in to a top secret facility. He got angry and decided to send a message; by snapping the space needle in half.

    The Shadow Man because he appeared like the boogeyman from ghost stories. The Shadow Man because no one knew where he would strike next. The Shadow Man because he had more powers than any other super human on record and they knew he was a threat, like a shadow cast over the continued well being of humanity. He went cross country, sending a message to the government, he made it to Illinois before they finally caught him. When they processed him, they learned his real name was Alexander Millen, a nobody; but everyone knew of The Shadow Man. That name was legendary. That name was power.

    He sat in front of a fountain in the middle of the city, he figured that he was somewhere in North West United States. He bit into a cheeseburger, after seven years of dreaming, it was the most delicious cheeseburger he’d ever tasted. He ate the first and second without stopping for breath, then started in on his French fries and tossed a few every so often to the birds that were gathered in the square. The storm was much closer now, it was almost noon and the rain fell heavily. Despite the rain there were still people crowding about, it was a city after all, always busy. Alex smiled thinking about what he was about to do. He threw the rest of the fries on the ground for the birds and walked into the middle of the street. He stood fearlessly as cars sped toward him, slamming on their brakes, but still about to hit him. With a smirk he extended his arms and held his hands before him, toward the cars. With a twist of his wrists every car in the area, even the parked ones, flipped over, people started screaming and panicking. He yelled above them all, “Quiet down you pathetic normal people!” He spat the words and the people listened, staring at him in fear. “Guess who’s back?” He laughed as he flexed and the flipped cars exploded into bursts of fire, soon the entire city centre was an inferno.

    “Thought that I had gone!?” He slashed his hand through the air, slicing lampposts and signs in half with a burst of air. “Think I’m a monster!?” He stomped the ground and chunks of asphalt erupted and shifted like an earthquake. “Mankind is the monster, I’m the victim! Me and my whole kind! We, the supreme beings!” He rose from the ground, closing his fist and crushing the burning hunks of metal into super dense ball bearings. The small bits of metal drew closer to him and in an instant he sent them raining down like meteors, with enough force to embed themselves five feet into the ground, saw through solid metal, and pierce straight through the flesh of the panicking crowd.

    “The Shadow Man! Tell them! The Shadow Man did this! And he’s not going to stop here.” A bolt of lightning streaked down from the clouds and struck Alex, when the thunder sounded and the flash had faded, he was gone.
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  2. “Gentlemen, we’ve got a situation on our hands.” A suited man spoke from his place around the huge, oval table. Other men in suits sat with him, and they all nodded grimly at his words.

    “That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.” One of the men murmured to another beside him, he wasn’t trying to be funny, just stating a dark fact.

    “At oh-two-hundred hours, Alexander Millen, codename: Shadow Man escaped from our maximum security center for super humankind with the aid of one of the guards: James Russel, now deceased.” There were several utters of agreements and the like, “At twelve-hundred hours, the Shadow Man attacked the city of Elko, Nevada, warning the residents to spread the news of his return before he fled the scene.” The man giving the report sat down, wiping a few beads of sweat off of his brow.

    “Thank you for the update on the situation, Mister Rainey. Gentlemen,” The man at the head of the table began, he exuded importance and power. His name was Levi Adams, the current president of the United States, “I only have one question: why in the hell weren’t we in Elko ready to intercept this bastard?” He slammed his fist on the table.

    “Mister President, there was no way of knowing where he would-“

    “Save your excuses, Elko was the closest place to the prison, we should have been there waiting in full force.” Another man stood up.

    “What would have happened if he decided to strike somewhere like Los Vegas? There are over five hundred thousand people living in that city. He could have easily decided to attack them all.” A third began to argue.

    “He’s toying with us! He’s not going to strike hard or fast, he wants to enjoy watching us try and stop him!” A fourth shouted, becoming a bit frantic as he did so.

    “Enough!” The president shouted, “This isn’t helping us to catch him. I want solutions, not a game of blame throwing.” They all quieted down and returned to their seats. “Now,” The President continued as calmly as possible, “How do you propose we go about getting him back into custody. Keep in mind that we are welcoming the Skavikian Ambassador in five days, we can’t afford to let anything interrupt this visit; our relationship with the colonies needs to stay strong, otherwise our influence in the galactic senate will be worthless.”

    One of the men who had remained mostly silent until this moment cleared his throat, every head turned as he stood up meaningfully. “I’ve got an idea to catch codename: Shadow Man. But it’s a risk.” He wanted to warn them ahead of time that it would be a risky plan, but probably the best that they could do.

    “We’re listening, Mister Edwards. What is it?”

    “We release other super humans to track him down for us.” He said simply. The reaction, however, wasn’t so simple. People shouted, the fear of the super powered prisoners overwhelmed them and everyone in the room began to toss around ideas why it wouldn’t work. Finally order was restored and the man continued. “Promise a small group of E level prisoners freedom for tracking and restraining Alexander Millen.”

    “And how do you propose we keep them from just going off after we release them? Place tracking devices on each of them individually? Who’s to say they’d even work as a team?” One of the men asked, trying to find as many holes as possible.

    “We simply appoint a team leader. We place tracking devices on them so we always know their whereabouts, and appoint someone to lead the team so they work together. After they’ve found Alexander Millen, we either uphold our end of the deal or we don’t. Whatever we decide at a later date. It solves our problem; who better to capture a super human than other super humans?”

    “I’m willing to support this plan, Mister Edwards,” The President responded, much to the displeasure of the other men in the room, “I’ll choose the team leader immediately.” He smiled as he stood up and walked out of the room.


    Fire streaked across the sky, long billows of smoke trailing behind the white hot flames. The flames were being produced by an impossibly large transport vehicle, commercial of course, and on board this intergalactic starship was the answer to the United States government’s prayer. Or so they hoped; they had only his reputation to go off of.

    The ship could be seen entering the atmosphere, glowing as the friction of the air particles heated the hull of the ship creating the visible plasmatic heat. The captain of the ship pulled levers and hit buttons, in the way that captains do, and the massive transport began to slow down. President Adams was smiling a broad smile from his seat within the galactic gateway, which was essentially just an airport for starships, as he watched the behemoth come in for a smooth landing.

    He was nervous, though he’d never let anyone see. He was an expert at keeping calm, cool, and collected at all times; his confidence and charisma are why he won the election. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t on edge, quite the contrary. President Adams wasn’t sure how this Representative would react to the way that they treated super humans; seeing as how this particular individual was a super human. Not that they would, or could, arrest him; he was born on the colonies, not a citizen of Earth, and fell far out of their jurisdiction. He was a ghost on their planet, no record of him would be kept, that’s the way he operated. He came, did his work, received payment for whatever he did, and left again. The only entity he had to answer to was the Galactic Senate, and they all were quite fond of him. His role as a “representative” would be more accurately described as an assassin. He was sent to areas of concern and took care of problems however he could; which usually involved some form of combat with others.

    His name was Chadwyck, and he had been hired on the grounds that he could lead a team of other super humans and capture, contain, or kill codename: Shadow Man.

    The ship landed with a thud, the rush of wind roaring past the window the President was currently looking out. With a hiss the doors opened on the massive, orange ship, and a ramp extended to the opening, allowing the travelers to disembark. The President waited to see if he could make out which one of the passengers was their newfound employee, when he noticed that any civilian on the ramp parted, giving a certain individual a wide berth. Upon closer inspection it was plain to see why.

    Chadwyck, who President Adams knew this person to be without a doubt, was wearing an entirely black suit. On any other person it would have looked formal, on him for whatever reason it just looked intimidating. His tie was the orange-red of a burning fire, and his shirt was a crisp white. The man ran a hand through his shaggy violet-black hair and smiled warmly to anyone who looked him in the eye. However, the reason that people were giving him as much room as he possibly needed was because on his back he carried a sword. Not just any sword, this weapon was six feet long and a little under a foot wide, looked like it weighed a ton, and could probably slice through solid steel. It was silver, with a purple flame engraved into the length of the blade. The most unnerving thing was that the man carried it like it was nothing.

    If the President hadn’t been nervous before, he certainly was now. Still, he smiled warmly as the man entered the building, grabbed his bag, and walked over to the group of body guards surrounding President Adams. Any other passengers were directed to an entirely different terminal, so the entire building that they were meeting in was completely empty. Without even thinking twice Chadwyck dumped his bag into the arms of a man who was clearly not there to carry his belongings, but he didn’t particularly care.

    “Mister Moore, I presume?” The President asked politely.

    “Just Chadwyck is fine, Mister President.” The man replied with a nod of his head. “You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t normally dress like this, but it’s regulation to meet clients in our best.” The man commented as he brushed a bit of dust off his coat.

    “It’s no bother, men in our positions need to dress to impress, after all.” President Adams laughed, including himself in the comment as he was currently wearing a suit as well. Only his colour scheme was more on the Red, White, and Blue scale.

    Chadwyck raised an eyebrow in response to his inclusion of himself in the comment, but decided to drop it. “Care to explain the situation to me in detail, sir?” Chadwyck replied instead, he absolutely abhorred playing the diplomat and would be glad once he began his work. Until then, it was all about appearances. He was good at keeping up appearances; it’s why the Galactic Senate liked him.

    “Of course, I’ll tell you on the way to the facility. From there you’ll liaison with Gordon Rainey, the Secretary of Defense.” President Adams allowed Chadwyck to leave before him. They walked out of the building into the warm, dry air of the Midwest, and entered the limo already waiting for them.

    It was a luxurious vehicle; black leather seating, lights in the ceiling, a fully stocked mini bar with champagne and other frivolities. Chadwyck set his sword down beside him on the seat and grabbed a bottle of water. He didn’t usually drink any alcohol. He also didn’t usually travel by means of ancient, gasoline powered transports; apparently this President Adams had a thing for antiques.

    “I understand that the Galactic Senate has filled you in on most of the details in regards to our current situation?” The President queried.

    “You’ve lost an incredibly dangerous convict, who managed to escape a maximum security penitentiary and you expect me to get him back. That’s about the extent of my mission, yes?”

    “More or less,” President Adams shrugged, “You’ll be working with a small team, however.”

    That caught Chadwyck’s attention, and his look practically shot daggers at the man; he didn’t appreciate being corralled into a team setting, “I work alone.” He said simply.

    “We understand your preferences in doing so, however we need you to lead the team that we’ve assembled, they won’t listen to just anyone.” The President defended, trying to find a reason why Chadwyck needed the team’s help. “Not to mention that this particular target is incredibly powerful, the most dangerous super human we’ve ever encountered.”

    “How so?” Chadwyck asked, interested by this so called, ‘super human.’

    “His abilities are seemingly limitless. Incredible strength, flight, telekinesis, intangibility. The list goes on and on. And we’re positive we haven’t even seen his full list of abilities to date.”

    The Galactic Representative seemed to mull it over. While he had confidence in his abilities and prowess, there would be no doubt that he would need some help. While his own abilities weren’t to be taken lightly, especially when his experience was taken into consideration, he would have his work cut out for him against someone with unlimited potential.

    “Fair enough,” Chadwyck said after a moment of thought which made the man beside him incredibly nervous, “Show me this team you’ve assembled.”

    “We’re on our way to thaw them out right now.” The President said with a smirk, not offering any more explanation than that.


    The stone walls of the penitentiary were hardly welcoming, and that was only the outside. Chadwyck got into the building and noted the steel reinforced walls and concrete floors, the high stacked cells and the security measures in place (which had doubled since the escape of the Shadow Man), and he scoffed. This country was terrified of people with powers they didn’t understand, and while under normal circumstances he would have torn such a place to the ground, he had to adhere to the laws of the Galactic Senate.

    “Ah, you must be Chadwyck, so wonderful to meet you!” A man in a navy suit greeted the young man as he entered the building, “My name is Gordon Rainey and I’ll be introducing you to your team.” He gestured for Chadwyck to follow him and they passed straight through the lesser blocks, straight into the high threat area. Cell block D. They weren’t quite as dangerous as the inmates of the E block, but they were every bit as powerful.

    There were a few people who had been released from their stasis lock, still standing in their cells behind layers of reinforced glass and the like. Unlike the cells in E block, these weren’t stacked one on top of the other, instead being more traditional side-by-side cells. Chadwyck could guess that the ones that had been unfrozen were to be on his team. There were only a handful of them.

    “They’ll be cleaned up and led to the meeting hall, where you’ll be able to meet with them each individually before you embark for your mission. But let me give you a quick introduction. This,” Mister Rainey began stopping by one of the cells, inside was a boy of about eighteen. He had almond eyes and hair as black as ink. He was wearing an orange prisoner garb, as all the inmates would be wearing, “This is codename: Raven. An interesting boy, he has the ability of shapeshifting. Any shape or animal, he’s even able to change his form into a sentient mass, his favourite of which being feathers.”

    Chadwyck nodded, thoroughly aware of the boy’s young age and silently angry at the fact that he’d been locked up for ages without having ever done anything wrong. Still, he continued following the man to the next cell. There was a man with short, white hair, despite the fact that he looked quite young. His eyes were the colour of storm clouds and he looked like an intelligent man in posture and the air of confidence around himself. “This is codename: Merlin,” Chadwyck looked sideways at the man, “As you probably guessed his ability is an enhanced knowledge of the magical arts.”

    “A wizard?” Chadwyck asked, trying to get a shorter answer.

    “Well, more of a mage, really. He’s not Harry Potter, after all.” Mister Rainey shrugged and continued walking to the next cell.

    The next cell contained a girl; she was the youngest one yet, only looking about sixteen. She had long chestnut brown hair and forest green eyes. “Codename: Ivy. A girl with control over plant-life. Her control over plants is so powerful it is estimated that she could very easily move an entire forest with enough time and concentration.”

    They came up to the last of the cells and inside was a man with an unnatural, vibrant green hair colour with golden-brown eyes. “Codename: Rift. He has the ability of instantaneous spatial transfer. More commonly referred to as teleportation. He was ludicrously difficult to track down, so please try to keep him playing for the team.” Mister Rainey smiled, apparently attempting to make a joke.

    “If he can teleport—“ Chadwyck was about to pose a question, but the man was a step ahead of him.

    “The cells are a technological wonder, not only are they locked in time, steel and ice. They’ve also been suppressed by the containment field, their powers won’t return for another twelve hours after stepping foot out of the cell.”

    “And yet, one of your inmates walked out of the prison with complete control over his abilities. Care to explain?”

    “Alexander Millen, also known as the Shadow Man, is a rare case. We had no idea just how powerful and unstable he was and it led us to severely underestimate his level of power. However, not every super human is on par with the Shadow Man, as such we are certain that what happened with him was an isolated incident and we’ve no reason to believe that the same would happen with the less powerful inmates.” Mister Rainey replied. “Now we’ll go meet them, I’ll take you to the interrogation room. Be careful, they aren’t the most approachable people.”

    “You’ve locked them in a prison for being unique and gifted; I don’t see why they should be.” Chadwyck replied coldly, Mister Rainey looked worried for a second before he smiled.

    “We aren’t asking you to agree with our methods, but please understand, we must keep our citizens safe.”

    “You misunderstand me. It’s not my place to interfere with your methods, but don’t agree with them. However, as long as the payment goes through to the Galactic Senate, I have no place to argue. But know this; if you don’t keep your word to these people after what they’re about to do for you, I will not be pleased.”

    “Are you threatening us, sir?” Mister Rainey asked, taken aback.

    “Not at all; just a friendly piece of advice.” Chadwyck straightened his tie and walked down the corridor, leaving Mister Rainey rooted to the spot momentarily. He then shook himself from his daze and led Chadwyck to the room where he’d be meeting the members of his team. Hopefully everything went according to plan; the last thing they wanted was to initiate the Ifrit protocol. But if Chadwyck proved to be a threat, they’d have to take their chances.

    OoC: What? No, of course this fic isn't just some excuse for me to use all of the OCs that I absolutely adore in one story simply because I can. What ever gave you that preposterous hypothesis? :3

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