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PMD: Through the Gate

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Satoren, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. RX, an agent of the Charms guild; and his trusty sidekick, Zilla, have received a request from an old friend to visit the humble town of Babel. But all is not as peaceful as it seems in this quiet, rural village. On the eve of the full moon, the town transforms into a twisted labyrinth that inches higher and higher towards the sky. Mysterious beings appear in the dark of the night, and many a Pokemon go missing, only to suddenly turn up days later, without a single memory of the events that transpired since their disappearances. Just what is going on in this strange town? What shocking truths will RX and Zilla uncover in this thrilling prequel to the Green Grimoire?


    Okay so, as mentioned above, this RP is going to be part of the Green Grimoire canon (not that there’s a lot of things in there atm) So you, the players, have the option to use your Pokemon selves for this RP or you can RP as completely original characters. If you choose to play as yourselves, you’ll more than likely be part of the Guild and will be accompanying RX on his investigation. If you’d like to play a different character, than you have the option of not being tied to the Guild at all.

    Le Characters

    A. Played by RX

    RX- a Flareon from the Charms Guild. He receives a letter from a friend to visit the town of Babel regarding a most dire matter.

    Zilla- RX's assistant and trusted friend. Despite being a Buizel, he easily dwarfs a lot of Pokemon, including RX, due to his irregular height. He decides to go with RX in case he might run into trouble.

    Holly- a Gothitelle and an old friend of RX who lives in Babel Town. She is the one who had written a letter to the Flareon to ask for his assistance regarding recent events that have left her troubled.

    B. Played by Rex

    Seth Thompson- an adolescent Buizel who is apparently the leader of a team of assassins. He has an unorthodox manner of battle, using weapons once wielded by humans. He and his comrades appear in Babel Town for unknown reasons.

    Jacob Moore- the second-in-command of Seth's assassin team. He wields a large broadsword.

    Andre Wesson- a young Linoone who is part of Seth's posse. As a mechanic by profession, he is adept with tools.

    Sven Marko- a Sneargle of unusual coloration. (shiny) He serves as a medic for his teammates and also has deadly precision, using firearms to snipe down his targets.

    Hades Bane- a mysterious Dusknoir with ties to the town of Babel, as it is apparently through his coaxing that the team has arrived there. He is the eldest member of the team.

    Claire Delone- a Weavile and also the only female member of the team. Her duty seems to involve passing information to the team from an unknown source.

    Dodger Reinse- a Dewott living in Babel Town with his younger brother, Dylan.

    Dylan Reinse- an Oshawott living in Babel Town with his older brother, Dodger. He notably seems to lack a scalchop or any sort of weapon.

    C.Played by Tailon

    Arthur- A seasoned explorer Samurott, Arthur discovers an abandoned route in one of his older maps that leads to the town of Babel. Planning to retire soon, he sets off for one last expedition.

    Michael- A young Sceptile seeking fame and (more importantly) fortune. Rumors of the mysterious Babel town reach his ears and he decides to travel there in search of riches.

    D. Played by Brendan
    Brendan- A young Machop and talented member of the Charms Guild. He joins RX on his investigation at a request.

    E. Played by Mr. RMA
    Mr. RMA- A Zangoose and relative newcomer to the Charms Guild. He decides to follow RX and Brendan to Babel Town in search of something to do.

    F. Played by Shiny
    Shiny- An Eevee of a peculiar coloration. She secretly follows her 'daddy' to Babel town out of boredom.

    G. Played by Chadwyck
    Chadwyck- An Umbreon and respected member of the Charms Guild. He is a bit quirky, but is a dependable Pokemon. He demands RX to allow him to accompany the Flareon on his trip.

    H. Played by Belle
    Belle- A charming Glaceon and another member of the Charms Guild. She is a dear friend to all, despite what her appearance suggests. She forces herself onto RX's expedition.

    Lachlan- A Luxray and resident of the town of Babel. He was mysteriously whisked away one evening only to return confused days later. He shares concerns with Holly over the mystery surrounding the town.

    The Residents of Babel Town

    Mayor Chromewell - A Klinklang and mayor of Babel Town. He values Tradition and Education above all else, and this is apparent in the contributions he has made to the town. He is always seen with a top hat and bowtie that somehow never fall off his person. Aware of the dangers the town holds, he tries to deter any travelers from staying too long, but sometimes fails due to his meekness. He is less of a Pokemon that leads by charisma and more of a Pokemon one goes to for advice.

    Will - A Mawile of an unusual (shiny) coloration. Will is Mayor Chromewell's trusted assistant, always ready to take note of something with his journal and quill. He sometimes has to encourage the mayor whenever his ideas do not seem to hit their mark. He has a younger sister, Macy, who runs the public library.

    Conner - A Conkeldurr who runs the local pub. Despite his quiet nature and gruff appearance, he is actually a kind-hearted fellow who will lend a hand to anyone who needs it. He is also good friends with Mayor Chromewell and helps him oversee events being held in town. His wife had died sometime ago and he hasn't been the same ever since, though it is said that he was once a more jovial fellow.

    Seamus - A Gurdurr and Conner's son. He is usually called for whenever construction or renovations are required around town. He is a hard worker and loves the town dearly, despite all its quirks. He is often wary of outsiders, and openly admits to it. His father acts as a voice of reason for him most of the time, but the seem to be at odds with each other for some reason.

    Alistair Rothbart IV - A Roserade who owns much of the land being used for the town's orchards, as well as leasing one of his family's buildings to be used as a clinic. He is apparently a very generous man and many of the townsfolk look up to him. Being the richest Pokemon in the town, he owns a mansion on the east side where Molly works as a housekeeper. He hasn't returned to the town since he left for a business trip of some sort a month ago.

    Philomena Rosewood - A Wormadam who came to the town to seek Alistair's hand in marraige, though it is obvious she only wishes to marry him for his wealth. Having discovered that he had left the town sometime ago, she invites herself to stay at Rothbart manor until he returns. Although she doesn't mind forcing her valet to do everything (mostly demeaning) for her, she does mind her manners around other people. Then again, she could just be trying to gain their graces.

    Parker - A Pansear who is the (unfortunate) valet to Philomena. He is often seen carrying her valuables around, and sometimes even Philemena herself. He seems to tihnk that for all the humiliation he's gone through, Philomena is somehow still a kind Pokemon at heart.

    Richard - An Empoleon and Valet of Rothbart Manor. He is a very strict and imposing figure who manages the household in his master's absence with precision and elegance. He has apparently been in service to the family for some time, and has been a guardian of sorts to Mr. Rothbart since he was but a Budew. He seems to be good friends with Holly, though he insists that they maintain a professional relationship with one another.

    Penny - A timid Audino who runs the local clinic. After her parents died, she has been running the clinic all by herself. She seems rather reluctant about taking on such a big responsibility, but with the support of the townsfolk, she manages to get by. Philomena seems to take a particular interest in her, and for some reason the ausino admires her for her confidence. Philomena in turn seems to genuinely respect Penny for her studiousness.

    Grover - An old Sawk farmer who takes care of the town's Orchards. He's a rather odd fellow who appears at the oddest of times, only to vanish just as swiftly. He rarely ever speaks, to the point that none of the townsfolk know whether or not he is capable of talking. Conner comments that Grover is one of the oldest Pokemon living in Babel, and he has a very powerful aura about him. He was said to once have singlehandedly taken down a group of thugs who were stealing fruit from the orchards.

    Mason - An Aggron and the local blacksmith. He often forges tools like shovels and rakes, but has a small collection of rusted swords, blades and other weapons once used by humans. He is fascinated with human weaponry, but does not know for what purpose they served or how to even forge one himself. He doesn't appear to be the brightest Pokemon, but he is very skilled at his job. He is a close friend to Conner.

    Fran and Manny - A Nidorina/Nidorino pair who manage the Babel Inn. They have been happily married for only a few years and are expecting a child. However, with all the strange happenings, they fear for their child's safety once it is born.

    Macy - A bespectacled Mawile and public librarian. She is Will's younger sister and greatly respects his employer, Mayor Chromewell. She shares in the Mayor's fascination with knowledge and history and does her best to maintain the library's priceless collection of books. She dislikes dirt, dust and anything that might dirty her precious tomes, and does not venture outside much.

    The Kecleon Sisters- A pair of Kecleon siblings who occasionally visit the town to sell their wares. Unlike most travelers, they visit the town often enough that they are a welcome sight by the townspeople. Because the town doesn't have a monetary form of currency, the residents often trade fruits and other resources in place of money. The siblings are a quirky pair who sell equally odd objects. They have a habit of finishing each other's sentences and often get excited over seeing a new item, but are otherwise polite and offer their services with a smile. Just don't try to steal anything from them. They do not seem to be aware of the strange events that occur at night, since they only ever travel to the town during the daytime.


    Le Notes

    Town Map

    1- Babel Town Orchards- A large mass of land that once belonged to the Rothbart family. It was Alistair Rothbart II who had suggested using the land to grow crops. Curiously, no plant life can grow inside of Babel Town unless it were potted.
    2- Mason's Forge- The Forge is the place to go to get all the much needed tools, buckles and all things metallic. You can even come see Mason's small exhibit of Ancient tools used by humans.
    3- Public Library- As part of Mayor Chromewell's campaign, he erected a public library to encourage the residents to enrich themselves with knowledge. Unfortunately, hardly any of the books here are up to date. The library welcomes any and all donations for new books and materials.
    4- Connor's Pub- The pub itself is located in the basement, while Connor and Seamus live on the second floor.
    5- Town Hall- A place for the residents to discuss issues regarding their town, as well as hold events and special occasions. Mayor Chromewell's house is not too far from here.
    6- A decrepit Temple that has long since been abandoned. Nevertheless, it is one of the safest placest to go during a Full Moon. Mayor Chromewell wishes to renovate the temple soon, but the town does not seem to have any interest in doing so.
    7- Rothbart Manor- The most luxurious residence in Babel. It has a large garden (full of potted plants) with fountains and assorted statues. It is sometimes open to the public during certain occasions.
    8- Town Clinic- formerly an old factory belonging to the Rothbart family, it was converted into a small hospital with several rooms to admit patients.
    9- Babel Inn A simple inn for the weary traveler. There are 6 rooms total in this quaint lodge. There's also a fireplace in the lobby for colder days when you just want to sit and warm your feet/paws.

    Babel Tower

    Every midnight during a Full Moon, the town transforms into a huge tower-like Mystery Dungeon aptly called Babel Tower. With every full moon, it grows taller and taller, and why this happens is one of the many mysteries surrounding the town. Once the sun rises, the town transforms back into it’s regular form. Inside Babel Tower, many of the town’s landmarks are scattered throughout the ‘floors’, including safehouses and item shops that one might go to for a moment’s reprieve. As long as you remain inside a house in the tower, you are safe for the most part from the mysterious beings known as…

    Shadows (ohgods how original)

    The Shadows are strange beings that appear during the full moon, although there are rare instances when a particularly powerful Shadow may appear during evenings before and after each cycle, but never during a New Moon. They resemble regular Pokemon, but their color tones are decidedly darker, as though a veil was shrouded over them. They seem unable to communicate and are mostly aggressive, attacking any Pokemon on sight. Once they have subdued a Pokemon, they will drag their prey deeper into the dungeon. Why they do this is unknown. For some reason, they cannot enter houses, and that is how the townspeople have remained safe all this time. They do not appear to be regular Pokemon, as when they are slain, they simply disintegrate. Conveniently, weaker Shadows seem to frequent the lower tiers of the tower, while stronger ones will appear the higher up you go.

  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    I'm joining this. YOU CANNOT DISSUADE ME.

    I'm thinking of using the Assassin Team, which means I'd have outsiders. Otherwise, I may design a Persona for myself. Or maybe I'll do both, if that's alright.
  3. no prob. Like I said, OCs can optionally have ties to the guild. They might be friends of PMD~Rex for example.
  4. I'm in!

    Expect holes in my posting times, but I'll be on when possible.

    I'll be RPing as myself, a Combusken.

    Hope that's alright.

    I'll also make a Townsperson Character if need be.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I'd definitely like to join, and I hope it gets off the ground successfully :D
  6. I haven't done a Mystery Dungeon RP in years! I need to be in shape. Count me in. Though I have no clue what pokemon to make myself <<.
  7. Well, ths sounds fun! I was a real fan of the PMD games, so an RP sounds great. I'd be RPing as my Pokemon-self, a Charizard.

    I've just had the thought of being a mercenary, a freelancer, if you will. I can be hired for certain jobs that require my Zardy assets.
  8. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, after a bit of thought, I'd definitely like to give this RP a try, providing when you say maximum of six, you mean six other than yourself of course. If not, then, well, go ahead and disregard this, or put me on the waiting list.

    I'll also be willing to make a townsfolk character, along with my Pokemon self, which I'll hopefully decide on sooner than later.
    also I have been playing Persona 3 for like a week now omg I missed it we should do that Persona RP soon
  10. RX noooooooooooooo I didn't see this thread until it was too late D:< there are just too many people and I was all like "GREEN GRIMOIRE MUST HAVE MORE" and now it's all sad and boohoohoo.

    I'm interested, in case space is freed up anytime soon. D:
  11. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    ... Chad said it all. XD

    But yeah, put me on the waiting list in case anyone drops oouuuuut~ ♥
    I was out all day and I come home and see this and I'm excited until I realize that all the spaces are fullll D:
  12. I’d like everyone to post here the Pokemon they’ll be RPing as. Also if possible, please give a brief description of who they are and how they came to Babel Town. In particular, I’d like to know just how many players are playing as ‘mercenaries/hired hands who came to the town because they were employed to deal with the mystery surrounding Babel Tower and how many are Guild members who are tagging along with/ happen to be exploring in the same place as RX and Zilla. I’d like to point out that under normal circumstances, outsiders to the village are not aware/made aware of the events surrounding the village, nor do the townspeople bother to explain the condition of the village.

    Babel Town is a small village hidden away in the mountains. It is not an easily accessible town, though the route is in fact there, but was more than likely abandoned over the years due to the town’s weirdness. In fact, prior to RX receiving his letter, no one outside the village should be aware of its existence, or about the incident occurs at night. (outside perhaps of whispers and rumors spread by travellers who pass through the town) In this case, I want you guys to come up with valid reasons as to why your OCs would be appearing there. Needless to say, being hired by the townsfolk is not one of them. Also don't forget that RPing as townsfolk is more than okay; but don't feel obliged to make a townsperson just because you don't have enough characters. Having too many characters will just get really complicated (I trust Rex with eight since his characters are related to the plot.) So don't go making more characters than you think you can handle.

    If your character/s is/are approved, I'll ad em to the title thread as part of the cast.
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    As I've said in chat, I'll be using eight characters. Six mercenaries and two townspeople. They are as follows:

    Seth Thompson: The head of the Assassin Team, a group of six mercenaries. He is a male teenage Buizel, about seventeen years old. He's different from other Buizel, two inches taller and slightly leaner. Instead of a normal forepaw, Seth's hand has two fingers and a thumb. He wears a black bandanna around his neck, which covers scars left behind from when he lost his flotation sac. He also wears a pair of black goggles, a gift from a friend long since dead, and a pair of black jeans. His primary weapon is a stiletto switchblade.

    Jacob Moore: A male Lucario, the Assassin Team's Second-in-Command. A Lucario, about twenty-three years old, male. Jake is blind in his left eye, a scar stretching part of the way across his face. Physically, Jake is very similar to a normal Lucario, the only difference being fingers. He wears a open white jacket, and black pants. He primarily uses a broadsword in combat.

    Andre Wesson: A male Linoone, fairly young. He is fifteen years old, making him the youngest member of the team, as well as its mechanic. While he runs on all fours like a normal Linoone, Andre stands and walks on his hind legs. His hands show development of thumbs, allowing him to hold and use tools. He wears a pair of black pants and a gray jacket, using a pair of trench knives in combat.

    Sven Marko A male Shiny Smeargle, nineteen years old. He is the medic of the Assassin Team, as well as its sniper. He wears blue jeans and a black trench coat and fedora. He uses a flintlock rifle as his primary weapon, along with a bayonet for close encounters.

    Hades Bane: A Dusknoir, male. He is thirty-five, the oldest and strongest of the Assassin Team. He primarily acts as Seth's personal guard, though he's never asked to do so. His antenna is fractured, and the mouth on his stomach is stabled shut. Bandages are wrapped around the eyes on his chest as well. It was Hades who lead the Assassin Team to Babel Town. He is a physical brawler.

    Claire Delone: A female Weavile, twenty-one years old. She is a contact in the Assassin Team, giving them orders on occasion from a superior. She has bandages over her right eye. She wears a black trench coat, a gray shirt, and gray pants. She uses a short sword in combat.


    Dodger Reinse: A male Dewott, fifteen years old. Dodger is the older brother of Dylan. He is a towns person, who makes a living any way he can. He wears a white hooded jacket, normally worn closed, and black jeans. The two shells his Species has are clipped to a belt around his pants. He's very different from a normal Dewott. He is taller, due to longer legs. His tail is also slightly longer then a normal Dewott’s, and thicker at the base, tapering to a point at the end. He also has a longer muzzle then normal Dewott, with his whiskers on either side of his nose. He has boat lights, a version of Complete Heterochromia Iridis, a green right eye and red left eye. Finally, the crop of fur on the back of most Dewott’s heads lies almost flat on Dodger’s. He usually carries around a dagger.

    Dylan Reinse: A thirteen year old male Oshawott, Dodger's little brother. Dylan is a towns person as well, supported by his older brother. He wears blue pants and has a black bandanna around his head. There is a pair of ski goggles around his neck as well. He doesn't have a weapon himself.
  14. I plan on just working with one character, and that's my Charms Guild Persona.

    Edit: Modified into a more detailed and organized biography

    Name: Brendan
    Species: Machop
    Age: 17
    Rank: Silver Rank Explorer
    Personality: Brendan is infamous for being rather dense, making people often see him as arrogant. He shows himself to be gentle, friendly, and helpful when people manage to see through his first appearance.
    Skills: Brendan is a fairly experienced dungeoneer, knowing the tricks of the survival trade. He is also an agile brawler, with an affinity for using anything around him as a weapon, mostly his fists though.
    Gear: He wears a detect band that aids in his evasiveness, preferring to avoid attacks while wearing his foe down with a volley of various attacks. He also also keeps a pair of x-ray specs in his pack, which he sometimes uses while in dungeons to scout. The pack he uses is usually slung over his shoulder, with the strap running across his chest. He keeps various survival items, including food and berries. He only carries a few orbs at a time. He also keeps a rope amongst this gear, having used it many times to get out of some tough scrapes, it's almost a good-luck charm as much as it is a tool for his missions.
    Story: As one of the Guild Member, he is one of the allies that tagged along with RX and Zilla for his mission. Brendan respects RX, especially since his recent promotion, but he never really had the chance to see RX eye to eye, so he's unsure about how well they'll work together. However, Brendan is more concerned about what could possibly be dangerous about a peaceful village like Babel? Even if they live alone in the mountains and have all sorts of rumors floating around. He's been to similar villages before, and they were always either nice and cheerful or simply don't like visitors, so what's different about this one? Brendan will get his answer soon enough, when the next full moon rises...
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I'm also going to stick with developing my Charms Guild Persona specifically.

    An eccentric teenage Zangoose at 17 years of age, Mr.RMA is still a fairly new member of the guild, and though he is observant and cunning at times, his inexperience usually plays a heavy factor when it comes to partaking in journeys, expeditions, or any kind of work-related activity he's not used to for that matter. That aside, his persistence is usually enough for him to keep going forward, even when his follies end up getting him in trouble. Due to his somewhat quaint behavior, he isn't exactly a pro when it comes to social skills. He is far from being shy however, willing to talk with almost anyone who passes him by, even if the Pokemon in question isn't so willing for a conversation. He most often stands on two feet, usually only resorting to all fours when observing something small or difficult to see without being up close. His clothing consists of a green shirt underneath a black jacket, along with black cargo pants. He also wears a silk scarf to help enhance his primarily normal-based attacks. He doesn't carry any weapons, preferring to master the use of his own claws, considering them to be the most convenient weapon he could have, and thus, the one he should be the most adept at using.

    Being a rookie guild member, RMA had almost immediately found himself unaware of what to do, and was doing very little more than roaming around the location of the guild building, wandering about the parts of the abode where he was actually permitted with very little purpose except to occupy himself. Finally deducing that enough was enough, he decided to take action. Realizing that one of the more revered members of the guild, RX, was going somewhere, possibly a journey of some kind, RMA decided to follow behind and see if by any chance he could finally come across something exciting, an experience he had been craving for before he had even joined the guild.
  16. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I'll be running two characters for this, neither of them my Farfetch'd self this time ^^;

    Arthur: An experienced explorer, he has carried many maps in his time and slowly noticed the disappearance of Babel Town as most modern maps began excluding it. Deciding to have one final Exploration, Arthur set out to find the mysterious Babel Town. his only article of clothing is a black vest that fits over his large arms.

    Michael: A gruff, young Sceptile, Michael had heard tale of the mystery of Babel Town, and upon discovering Arthur's plans to journey there, followed him in hopes of acquiring some loot. He wears a long, black scarf, a similarly black jacket, and a pair of bracers with slots open for his blades.
  17. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Right, I’mma gonna RP as just one character, since I’m going to be busy and any more than that will just cause me to be a hindrance to the RP.

    Shiny is a veteran guild member who’s been exploring and dungeoning around for years. She joined the guild when she was relatively young, and has been the cause of some trouble due to her childish and obsessive personality. True to her name, the Eevee wears a shiny black velvet vest over her white blouse, and completes her look with matching velvet pants. The only non black-and-white piece of clothing she wears is the green bow on her right ear to show her support for the guild. Her main forte isn’t her fighting, but rather how quickly she can spot danger and her abilities to avoid attacks from enemies.

    Although she isn’t officially on RX’s team, she still snuck out of the guild base to follow the Flareon in hopes of relieving her boredom. She knows that there will be dangers ahead, despite Babel’s seemingly quaint appearance, and even though moving around without the rest of the guild knowing where she is could heighten her chances of getting grievously injured, the Eevee never was one for listening to orders or staying safe. Where’s the fun in that?

    (tl;dr is that Shiny is a risk-taking veteran guild member who follows RX out because she loves stalking her “parents”)
  18. I'll be playing as just one character. I have'nt too much spare time on my hands, and it means I can elaborate on his personality.

    Christopher is an adult Charizard, although he has only recently evolved, so he still has traces of Charmeleon in him. He is 28 years old. His skin is a darker shade of orange than most Charizard, as years of living in caves as a Charmander has drained it of moisture, giving it a murky tint. He wears 3 golden rings on his right hand fingers, and a navy bandana across his forehead, tied at the back just underneath his horns. He can often be seen wearing a black apron, as he enjoys cooking. He prefers to use Physical moves as opposed to Special ones, but he does still have moves like Flamethrower and Air Slash in is arsenal.

    Christopher lives in a small, clay, shell-shaped house, just about 200 yards away from Babel Town, overseeing the centre of the town from an indentation in the mountainside, where his house resides. He often goes into the town to do his shopping, although he very rarely interacts with the residents. Most of the time he likes to relax by the fire in his cosy home. He is very knowledgeable, as he spend a lot of his time reading while in his house.

    Christopher has become aware of the coming exploration team, and assumes that it's about the tower. He decides to offer to help, knowing just what they are getting themselves into.
  19. I'm sorry to say this, but Christopher's profile doesn't seem very fitting with what I envisioned for the town. Being a hermit would be fine, I suppose, but it bothers me that he acts as a gun-for-hire in a town that has pretty much resigned itself to its fate. More over, RX and Zilla have never heard of the town, and are going there without preparing for anything specific. How would they know that a mercenary was living there and why would they hire him in the first place if they aren't aware of the possible dangers?
  20. *Totally flies in to snatch up one of those last two spots*

    I'll just RP myself, I guess~

    Chadwyck is a twenty-year-old Umbreon and a member of the Charms Guild who accompanies RX on his trip to Babel Town. A long standing member of the guild, he still feels that he has to prove himself to his friends, which is why he asked RX if he could tag along. He's a bit hotheaded at times, but for the most part he is calm and has a bit of a random side. He's humble, even to the point of being a bit uncomfortable when complimented. He likes to think he has it all together, but he's just as lost as he ever was. The Charms Guild has been like a second home to him and he would run to the ends of the earth to defend it and its honor.

    Chadwyck is devastatingly loyal to his friends, which plays a heavy role in why he wanted to follow RX to Babel Town.

    Blah, I hope this bio is good enough, I'm drawing a blank on the character description D:
  21. Ok, RX, thats fine! I've edited the profile, so he seems less like a bloodthirsty killer, he's not a mercenary now. Hope this one is ok!
    I had some exams
    and papers
    and creying tew dew

    Belle: A veteran member of the Charms Guild, this hard-headed, enigmatic, and driven glaceon has taken it upon herself to accompany her dear friend into the wide, wild yonder to escape the immense boredom of training new recruits keep him safe, of course. Very tall for her species, she has the tendency to strike an intimidating figure among strangers - up until the point where she works them over with charm and a mellow attitude.

    Lachlan: A citizen of Babel, the luxray was one of the first victims to disappear in the night, only to be found stumbling through the town in a stupor days later. Determined to find the truth behind the tower and the secrets it may hold, he not only shares Holly's concerns, but has resolved to become an active participant in the excavation process.
  23. The Cast is now complete, and the RP will be starting soon.

    I apologize to all those who didn't make it, despite showing their interest in this RP, but the voices from the heavens (the people who helped me conceptualize the RP) have looked over the profiles carefully and have already chosen.

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