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PMD: Path To Adventure (Discussion+)

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by ToshiThenAgain, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Path To Adventure discussion thread.

    General Overview:

    That title is a mouth full, so let's just say PTA or something, right? Well besides that, welcome! This is the discussion area for the new series, so come along and talk about anything you want, just make sure to not have full-on conversations or at least short posts, reply's in full length are fine. Also down below here, you can submit your character, so write away!

    Here below you can request for any role, so get creative. Make them funny, make them troubled, make them overly obsessive over the main character, make them completely hate the main character, I don't know, do whatever! Try to be detailed too, please. :D

    Character Sheet:

    Character Sheet: (If I forgot something please feel free to add it to your own Character Sheet)

    Requested Role:
    (Try to put two options)

    Final points:

    As of now, this thread really doesn't have any rules besides the main PokeCharms rules, gotta respect them. Have fun talking about Easter Eggs, Theories, and so much more. I'll edit this entire thing if I ever think of more to add, who knows. Anyway, until later! Bye!
  2. V E E
    Nickname: Don't give her one unless you have a death wish.
    Species: Eevee (*pretends to be shocked*)
    Age: Probably like 16
    Gender: Female
    Requested Role: I'm really fine with anything. Obviously, I'd like her to have a part in the story, but I'd love to see what you do with her. Maybe she could be that one friend that always is getting into trouble.
    Personality: A snarky and sarcastic type, Eve does not give a crap about the "cute" stereotype of her species. She's rebellious and adventurous, with a dry sense of humor. She's incredibly brave - sometimes even too brave - and doesn't do "think before you leap". However, deep down, she cares for her friends, and would defend them with her life.
    Appearance: Fairly normal. She looks more like the female Partner Eevee, with the heart tail markings and the more violet-shaded eyes.
    Though she refuses to tell anyone, Eve actually has a rather unfortunate past. She was once a member of a clan of Eevees. In this group, it was treated as an Eevee's highest calling to evolve. Every year, the group chose eight children to evolve into each Eeveelution and gain authority in their group. Eve was one of the chosen children, slated to evolve into a Glaceon.
    She was incredibly excited as a child. She wore her signature scarf - light blue, with tiny snowflakes embroidered within - every day, and couldn't stop talking about it. She made close friends with the other children. Finally, the day of the evolution ceremony came. Of course, things did not go as planned.
    One by one, the Eevees evolved. Finally, it was Eve's turn. But when she touched the Ice Stone, nothing happened. She touched it again, and a blue energy seemingly zapped her. Pressured by the whispers of the crowd, she touched it one more time, and the stone shattered into pieces.
    She lived in the village for one year more. However, her life had changed. Everyone knew her as the Eevee that couldn't evolve, the mistake in creation, the flaw in their perfect setup. She was a laughingstock, and constantly bullied. Finally, devastated, she fled the village, and vowed to become stronger than any of them. She burned her blue scarf, laughing as she did it.
    Over time, she began to learn... strange techniques. She could summon draining bubbles at will, or create vortexes of Fairy energy. Upon further research, she discovered that these moves were exclusive to Eevees who never evolved. Her heart lifted. Maybe they'd accept her now. Unfortunately, it was not to be.
    When she returned to her former home, older and wiser, she showed off her moves. She thought she'd be accepted now. She was wrong. Now she was even more ostracized. Eevee was not supposed to be an elemental. She was treated like a freak of nature. Full of hatred, Eve lost control and used every move in succession, without controlling them. Several were injured and the village took a lot of damage. Finally, she fled, never to return.
    Since then, Eve has become more cynical. She's adopted a snarky demeanor to hide her past, trying to erase it from her mind. Still, however, when anyone brings up the matter of her evolution, her eyes seem to grow sad...
    Other: She is incapable of evolving.
  3. Time to have a bad time

    Name: Silver
    Nickname: If anyone gives a bad one They are going to have a BAD TIME!!!
    Species: Eevee
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Requested Role:
    Personality: Shady and lazy + not very talkative
    Appearance: Shiny Eevee with brown scarf (Papyrus) and a yellow unzipped jacket ( SANS!!! ) with A left silver glowing eye (sans) other eye is blue
    Background: Nothing is known about him, so he remains Unknown
    Other: When serious both eyes are gone, only his eye sockets (like when sans is serious)
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  4. Two Eevees already... *whistles*
    Okay, here I am.

    Name: Moon
    Nickname: Do so and receive a Dark Pulse
    Species: Absol
    Age: Dunno, what’s the Pokémon equivalent of 16?
    Gender: Female
    Requested Role: Villain’s accomplice, then switches to the right side when she realizes what she’s doing is wrong
    Personality: Troubled and unsure of herself, Moon was taken in by [whoever the villain is] and has never known any other way of life. Moon believes that she was an accident, and that she doesn’t deserve to keep living. Her foster parent [villain] is all she has. She is quiet and withdrawn, and is unsure of where her loyalties truly lie.
    Appearance: Normal Absol, but with yellow eyes. The blue oval in the middle of her head is missing a piece, so it’s in a sickle shape that looks like a crescent moon.
    Background: Again, taken in by the main antagonist. But before that. Moon was abandoned as an egg, and had to learn how to fend for herself. She has no friends, and distances herself from all other Pokémon for fear that she’ll let them down and they’ll abandon her like her parents did. She fights for the villain’s cause, but an encounter with the main character will show her that what she is doing is wrong.
    Other: N/A
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  5. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    How many characters can we apply for? I’m thinking two right now, but it would be no problem to limit to one.
  6. Hope this is okay:p

    Name: Emily
    Nickname: The only ones she tolerates are Cat and Em
    Species: Purrloin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Requested Role: Mischievous Friend(nothing else would really go well with her personality)
    Personality: Emily loves joking and teasing others. Other than being a jokester, she is pretty nice and tries to be friendly with everyone... that she knows. Usually, when she meets someone, she judges them based on appearence, but that's just because she knows nothing else about them. She has a pretty good image of herself, which means that she doesn't really take seriously any insults.
    Appearence: She is a bit bigger than average Purrloin. She also has a small grey medallion around her neck.
    Background: Emily comes from a quiet home, somewhere in the woods, and she lives with her parents and sibling, her father being a Persian, her mother a Liepard and her little annoying brother a Meowth. She lived a pretty boring life, until the age of eight, where she discovered pranks. She first began with spooking her brother at night and continued with paying their friends to make him climb a tree, but not helping him get down. Of course, she got in a ton of trouble. But if she wouldn't have discovered pranking, then she wouldn't be the Pokémon that she is today. But, one day, one of her pranks went wrong and hurt someone she cares about, so she completely stopped doing pranks, so now she only jokes with others.
    Other: She is really athlethic, her legs are very strong, so she can jump long distances. Not very important, but I wanted to mention this.
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  7. mmMmmMm why not?

    Name: Blitz
    Nickname: He just doesn’t care, heck, call him trubbish-face, he won’t mind. Most of the time.
    Species: Ampharos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16-17
    Requested Role: I’d really like a Main role for the most part, but I honestly don’t mind whatever you choose
    Personality: Once Blitz focuses on something, it’s basically impossible to take his mind off of it. He’s adamant and a leader, always wanting to be in charge. This just makes him look like a bossy boss butt. He’s also quite… eager? Blitz rushes into battle first, without thinking about consequences. When he’s not busy, he’s pretty cynical and snarky. Also pretty thick skinned.
    Appearance: Fairly normal, his bandana is black with red stripes, and his tail light is shattered, only half of it working. It flickers weakly.
    Background: He doesn’t like talking about it, all he mentions is that he always aspired to be an explorer, and went on small, playful ones all the time when he was younger. His friend, a Sandslash, typically joined him, and one day they wandered into a cave. Venturing deeper and deeper they didn’t realize that the boulders were a bit loose, and one hit (ok maybe thirty hits) on the wall caused the cave to crumble. As the two frantically ran out, one boulder was just about to hit Blitz, and the Sandslash jumped towards him, shoving him out the way. However, it crushed Blitz’s tail… and the Sandslash. He refuses to talk more about his backstory, but he definitely has more.
    Other: His favorite color is light blue.
  8. Name: Adam
    Nickname: He doesn't mind so long as it's not an insult.
    Species: Kirlia
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male (Will punch your face if you think he's a girl)
    Requested Role: I'm open to suggestions.
    Personality: He is laid back and informal yet kind and friendly, he is never afraid to talk back to anyone and loves finding extreme ways to have fun. When it comes to battling, he can show a serious and cruel side with morbid threats. He can be somewhat flirty toward females, but not so much as to try and woo them; Calling them 'sweetheart' most of the time regardless of their personality, for unknown reasons, he looks up to Dragon types and despises losing.
    Appearance: His 'hair' and 'skirt' are shorter than a usual Kirlia's. He wears a little necklace with an everstone around his neck underneath a brown tattered cloak that could cover his whole body apart from the head.
    Background: Not much is known about who his family used to be, given how he was taken in by a once notorious Blaziken Mercenary who raised Adam as his own, teaching him how to survive in the world and against those who would wish to harm him. One day, Adam's mentor left suspiciously and never came back, the only thing he left behind was a little note which only said. 'Now you're ready.'
    Other: He keeps the everstone with him because he doesn't want to be a Gardevoir.
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  9. Name: Vine
    Nickname: Anything not Mentioning her Deformity.
    Species: Servine
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Requested Role: I would work with Anything, but Preferably a Helper of the Main Character, not necessarily a Love Interest, just a Buddy, or a Villian's helper, who only helps because Everyone else is Terrified of the Deformity in her Colors.
    Personality: She is a Quiet, reserved Servine, but also a bit Shy. She's open to Help in any way she can. A word on her Deformity will change her into a Unhappy bean, continuing her current job more forcefully, and Dissapearing once they Finished, into a Nearby Forest of the sort for awhile, Returning Rejuvinated.
    Appearance: She looks to be a Normal Servine, besides the fact that her Upper Part is a Shiny, and her Bottom is Normal.
    Background: She refuses to talk about it, but This is what is known.
    "Once upon a time, a Lone Snivy was Hatched. The clan Cheered, as it was believed to be a shiny. At least, until she fully escaped the Egg. The green body and the Blue seemed to have been fighting mid-through, unable to decide whether to be Shiny or Not. She stayed for most of her years, and slowly came used to being seen as a Curse to others. Staying at the Glass Village, she eventually grew bored of it. Every day was the same for her, 'Be Insulted for Colors, Rinse, wash, repeat, and thought it was going to stay that way forever. Until a Message came. Everyone had thought the clashing colors were a Curse, while this Pokemon saw Beauty, and promised that others would see it, Too. She jumped at the chance of being Noticed for something more, and joined up.
    ( Person replaced with whoever is Villian if Chose. but Decided to help the main Character if that is Decided. )

    Other: *Menacing*
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  10. Name: Achilles
    Nickname: Hercules
    Species: Heracross
    Age: 5
    Gender: Male
    Requested Role: I want him to be an bad guy who takes from anyone who has berries. How also fight anyone who looks strong unless there on his team. He could also be a rival
    Personality: They love eating and they never want to stop he will also do as he is told with no questions he will fight anyone who looks tough unless they are the ones who tell him what to do he dose not care about money or anything else but fighting and eating.
    Appearance: He is a bit on the chubby side with scares,bumps, and cracks on there exoskeleton mainly on the horn from all the fighting. You can only see the bumps,and scares because there are holes on there exoskeleton with a bracelet made of vines from the berry plants he ate and a fighting gem in the middle all held together by a torn up red scarf on there right arm.
    Background: He was born alone with no one and nothing he had to eat anything he could find witch was not a lot until one day he found a bunch of berries just there he ate one and he was in love with this little sweet juicy thing it was the best thing ever in his mind so ate as many as he could find until the pokemon who put them there attacked him but somehow he won with the help of some wired rock he was going to eat it made him more powerful so then the pokemon ran away and he ate the berries until he could not eat anymore and then he ate some more he could not get enough of the stuff when he woke up he then took the berry stems out of the ground and took what remained of the rock and the took the red scarf and made a bracelet he sale a fight with a bunch of pokemon so he ran in fight them and then he found ether the bad guys or rival team so then he joined them in the fight and was latter added to the group
    Other: He dose not know that he is a bad guy (but if he is on the rival team then he knows just to be better then the other teams) he just thinks everyone likes to fight and eat and that berries are just a way to say fight me and is why if I am on a rival team they would have to watch me closely he also dose not know what a berry is. He calls them sweet water balls also if he is a bad guy then he kidnaps any pokemon in the Bulbasaur line he just thinks that there special plants. Also i din't use my brain on this the first time so pleas reread this. Also i made this hole character sheet by myself because i don't know you could copy. I really need to use my brain. Also the bracelet makes his fighting moves do more knockback no more power then he already has the berries heal him to were he dose not need to go to a healer but not enough to were the cracks and everything heals. And if he did go to a healer and got healed it would only make it to were the cracks are visible.
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  11. Name: Curly
    Nickname: None atm, but can definitely get one.
    Species: Alolan Sandshrew
    Age: 4 1/2
    Gender: Female
    Requested Role: Buddy or possible "cute tool" (basically, a character there to make people awwww...), eventually can become tragic character, but after some time.
    Personality: Curly, while very young, has a very developed sense of justice and wrong and right, thanks to her father. That being said, she doesn't know too much about the world, since she is so young. This makes her a bit naive, but tends to know when she's being manipulated. She's a kindhearted little snowball, and likes doing missions for the greater good, often denying compensation for her work. When she's confused, she tends to hold her head and sits on the ground, trying to comprehend whatever it is she was told. She has to speak in syllables for words longer than 3 syllables.
    Appearance: Curly is a little chubby, even for an Alolan Sandshrew, and wears a red kerchief around her neck. For mobility, she usually puts out a small ice path and slides along it like a curling stone.
    Background: Before coming to the mainland 1 1/2 years ago, Curly lived on the wastes of the Great Glacier with her mother, Sylvia. Her father was nowhere to be seen on Curly's part, but they had to be a Sandslash, since her mother was a Glaceon. On many days, Sylvia became very frustrated, and filled with pain on the inside, so she told Curly to curl up, and proceeded to fling her across the room out of not knowing what was wrong with her. She always apologized the next day, crying to Curly and usually giving her a treat for keeping up with her. Only one day changed that, and that was the day she was told to run as fast as she could to get help. She made the long, long trek to the mainland, and proceeded to enlist the help of the local guildmaster, along with a few others. They quickly traveled back to the Glacier, and what they found inside the home of Sylvia and Curly... was Sylvia's body, laying on the ground with large claw marks all over it. The only one that could've done so much damage without a care was the beast that resided on the Glacier. Curly had her mother buried in the ice, left by their home in honor of what they've done for Curly. They were soon adopted by the guildmaster, an Ampharos, and was cared for by his loving wife, a Goodra. Since then, Curly has grown exceptionally well, and takes on tasks in bulks to make people happy so she can feel comfortable knowing that there is good in the world, not just sorrow. She keeps the past a secret, though, due to trauma.
    Other: Be nice to baby. Baby be nice to you. Don't shake her, she gets dizzy.
  12. Name:Rustin
    Requested Role:Atleast a Side Character or a Buddy
    Personality:Ross Is a happy guy in the mostly of the time,but when someone talks about familiy,he gets sad and shocked
    Appearance:He wears a Choice Band on the Neck
    Background:He Lived with her parents,But they die after a intense fight of their own,Ross its trying to find friends to make after some years being alone
    Other: pls help him
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  13. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    I'm bored. I can try this.
    Name: Egil
    Nickname: Revenge or Grimm
    Species: Bisharp
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Requested Role: A guy who can help the main character out through tough fights. Or just a rival for the main Character who has no choice on either side good or bad.
    Personality: Mostly cold and confident. Doesn't speak much because of his past.
    Appearance: Your average Bisharp except he has a giant scar across his left eye, and wears a red scarf around his neck.
    Background: Egil was always an eager fighter since he was a pawniard. But he would always hang around the wrong people and get influenced by what they would do. One day he decided to break from them and almost lost the battle. He evolved into Bisharp and beat his own villains. His famous line from that battle is "You ask forgiveness I give you sweet revenge." But one of them countered back and used a shadow slash on his eye. Since then He was part of bigger groups of baddies and broke from them. He has always been seeking out revenge but could never do it by himself. This is why he is going to find someone and raise them to be a warrior.
    Other: His theme is either Here comes revenge by Metallica or Grimm's battle theme from Hollow Knight
  14. I don't know if we can do this but whatever. So I added some changes to my character so pleas reread it and if i messed up on something then tell me. This is my first character sheet and the first time I did something like this, an RP so if you have some pointers pleas tell me okay. Okay
  15. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Name: Quetzal
    Nickname: ‘Kets’, by his friends only.
    Species: Natu
    Age: Around the main character’s age
    Gender: Male
    Requested Role: Main character’s friend, maybe there could be a trio of main characters? Idk. Or he could be just the son of those police people. (that is where he comes from after all.)
    Personality: Clever and pessimistic, this Pokémon likes to be practical and mature. He may serve as the ‘conscience’ of the group, though will drop snarky and sarcastic quips every few minutes. Kets knows his place, never interrupting or being rude to anyone. He often gets annoyed by his peer’s antics, though participates in them anyway. He manages to tolerate them enough to form a friendship with them, mostly due to his mellow and relaxed tone. He may lose his temperament on measly little things, such as how to say something a certain way, the difference between a Luvdisc and an Alomonola, those kind of things.
    Appearance: Kets has no distinction between him and the average Natu.
    Background: He was born in the main town/village of the comic, as that is where the Xatu Clan resides. They take great pride to their history and their sculptures (giant tikis, which usually represent the clan). The Xatu Clan are also known for being strict, and that also applied to their parenting methods. Kets was treated no different than the rest of the clan, but his parents were hardcore traditionalists, so that didn’t work out well for him. On a normal day in the clan, the children would usually meet near a bonfire where a small school was set up. Kets had to run from his house, which usually ended up with him being picked up by a responsible parent to fly him to school after his tantrum. Over the years, Kets lost his childlike demeanour, as well as any grain of real emotion. He knew what to expect every day, so why did he need to care about conveying expressions if they all knew what he felt. His parents never needed to punish him after that because he did everything the proper way.
    Other: 78,614.22 is the best number and nobody can prove me wrong.
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  16. Ehh, i'll try...

    Nickname: May
    Species: Alolan Raichu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Requested Role: Perhaps one of the main characters? A close friend/love interest for the key main character, or just a buddy would be fine.
    Personality: Optimistic and outgoing. She always tries to help others, even if they don't need it. She is hyper and excitable, which sometimes causes her to make irrational decisions without thinking, or without knowing it. Can become a bit hot-headed at times.
    Appearance: Slightly smaller than the average Alolan Raichu. Wears a Thunder Stone attached to a string around her neck.
    Background: She used to live in town full of Electric type pokemon. She felt at home there, but her family started putting pressure on her to become a Raichu. She eventually gave in, and before she was about to enter her house to evolve, she noticed a boat going to the Alola Region. She boarded unnoticed, and once she arrived, she felt this place was where she should evolve. She dug on the beach until she found a Thunder stone in the sand and touched it without fear. A blue glow surrounded her and she went to go and look at her reflection in the glossy water. She had evolved, but she didn't look like an ordinary Raichu. She liked this form though. She picked up the Thunder Stone, connected it to a piece of string, and placed over her head. She then returned to her hometown to show everyone her new form, but didn't stay for too long. She then left the village to create a path of her own.
    Other: She smells strongly of pancakes.

    And thats about it ^-^
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  17. Name: Zachariah
    Nickname: Null
    Species: Weavile
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Requested Role: Rival, enemy of main character
    Personality: Harsh, quick to judge, but opens up to those he trusts, which is incredibly rare.
    Appearance: Cold, dark eyes which seem to pierce your very soul.
    Background: Growing up in the cold mountains of Sinnoh has seemed to rub off on Zachariah, making a cold and cruel Weavile. He hunted for Snovers, unafraid of their attacks, no matter how dangerous they were.
    Other: He works better in cold environments
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  18. Sorry to everyone who was waiting on a response to this. Good news! Everyone is accepted! Reminder, these are your characters so if there are specific actions I would need out of your characters, I'll message you about how they may respond, and if I don't get a response I'll just come up with something. I made some changes to some characters, such as Silver (Eeveeon S' character) with the removal of separate colored eyes and Achilles (that guy who exists' character) who I made a few alterations here and there. Thank you all for your support and I hope to hear some gain in followers for this series.

    Since there have been 10+ likes on the project, I'll get started as soon as I can after a little longer with some practice on some of the characters. I don't know when the first post will be, but in the meantime feel free to talk about suggestions for the series and maybe just cool chats and stuff. Thank you again to you all, and have a nice time until then!
  19. Awesome! Looking forward to it! Don't feel rushed, it's not a time-sensitive thing xD
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  21. whoo boy, take your time! for me comic pages take a bit. try not to rush, last time I rushed some art it just looked sloppy and crappy and ew.
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  22. To all, what role do you hope character gets, out of the multiple you chose?
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  23. I hope some of my characters get the main spots, but the others will get a side character role. To be completely honest I will have a lot more side characters than actual characters. How about you @SharpShotInteleon, do you hope to get the enemy/rival role?
  24. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    I feel like my character is better suited to be close to the main character, mostly due to his personality. I don’t really mind if he is a side character, but it would seem a bit out of place.
  25. I'm hoping that Curly gets that main character slot. Only one thing I forgot to mention, she can be very stubborn because she's literally about 5, but it usually isn't an issue.
  26. Obviously, I want Eve to have a decently-sized part in the story, but not everyone can have that, sooooo.... xD
  27. eh, all I want is a nice chunk of story for him
  28. Trust me, there will be a lot of main characters, and I hope that everyone gets a big part in lots of the story. I am planning on doing a panel a day for the pages also, with two or more over weekends or breaks. Hopefully, this means that I'll get a page ready by the end of each week, as most will have 5 to 7 panels each, maybe more. Some characters have some great backstories that I would love to tie into the story, so let's hope to see some great stories out of this. If anyone again has any special requests for things in the story, msg me!
  29. I absolutely hope I get the enemy role
  30. I don't mind what role my guy has, just as long as he's not a bad guy.
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  31. Yeah same here. I want mine to be a main character, but not everyone is going to get that role, so as long as she is not a bad guy/villain, im fine with whatever role she gets.
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  32. A misunderstood villain would probably fit best with the background of my character. Bad guy! Mwahahahahahaha?

    And if SharpShotInteleon gets the enemy role, then my character will have an adopted parent! Yee
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  33. Cool! :)
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  34. Hey there everyone, little midnight post from me. (Because what is school and I've never head of sleep.)

    Progress Update:

    I'm almost done the upcoming post for the official beginning of that series. Small spoiler, but because I had a three day weekend, I get a small prologue page is done which will be coming with the second page as well! Boom, two in one! So here is my first order of business. Since I am almost done the second page, should I upload the premier tomorrow or start it on Saturday/Sunday? If I post at any point this week, then the consistent post date will be always that day of the week. If people want a good old mid-week Wednesday schedule post let me know!

    Characters and Roles:

    The second order of business is about the characters. As of now, I have a list of all the people and how important each person wants them to be. A lot of characters have some great backstories that I would love to incorporate with the main story at a big point in each chapter. For those of you who asked for main character roles, unfortunately, I kinda have rules set in place for them to become a main character. If your character has a good backstory, then that's a point. If I have a good idea for your character, that's another point. If the person who posted is active around here then they get another point. The main character role will most likely be used a lot in the story, so I need a lot of something to go off of. With that being said, everyone pretty much got the roles they wanted with some extra bits added.


    Thank you all for reading through that.. whatever that was. Update? Sure. If you didn't then just note the text about each paragraph. Hope you all are hype for the release! I am super nervous and I'm hating my art, but that's life!

    -Goodnight all!
  35. I'm really looking forward to seeing your art style!

    I think uploading tomorrow is fine! I really don't think you need a set schedule, I've tried that for fanfics and it made me super stressed. Just upload whenever you can!
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  36. I would say upload on Wednesday. If a constant pace is being kept, then you'll have the page done before the date and can start working on the next one, striking while the iron is hot.
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  37. I think I already mentioned this somewhere, but I plan to make one pannel every weekday and two or more every weekend. It's worked so far, although I started Friday so pfft. If I keep that pace and I upload Wednesday or something, then I'll be an extra page ahead at the end of each month. So yeah, if I'm ever going to be gone for a week, hopefully, I'll have an extra page done by then.
    (I'm actually going to sleep now :D)
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  38. I don't really mind when you upload. As long as you don't stress yourself, and you produce the best artwork you can, post whenever you feel like it. ^-^

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