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DPPt/HGSS please rate my Diamond team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Raktoner, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. My current diamond team
    [btw I have all 8 badges and I already faced the E.L. 4 once and got to lucian. That's...actually pretty damned good considering my pokemon's levels. >_>)
    Luxray [level 47]:
    Thunder Fang

    Staraptor [level 48]:
    Aerial Ace
    Close Combat
    Wing Attack

    Empoleon [level 46]:

    Roserade [level 46]:
    Bullet Seed
    Mega Drain
    Gega Drain

    Dialga [level 47] ["uber" pokemon]:
    Shadow Claw
    Ancient Power
    Dragon Claw
    Roar of Time

    Uxie [level 50] ["uber" pokemon]:
    Future Sight
    Shadow Ball

    So how's my current team? =\
  2. I think you have a good balance of types, but a small suggestion would be try not and teach a pokemon too many attacks that are the same types, because if you have a more diverse selection you're more likely not to get stuck in a bad situation ;)
  3. good team, but as my predecessor has stated, don't use 2 attacks of the same type. also, train up luxray as much as possible; he's your ticket through lucian.for staraptor, replace wing attack with brave bird (double edge flying type); replace uxie with azelf (he's actually easier to catch only took me 6 dusk balls); work on roserade's moves, and you should be ok.

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