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DPPt/HGSS Please evaluate my team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by rinokwedjnfalwa, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I am well aware that I only listed four Pokemon I'm not sure what the other two will be yet.

    Item:Charcoal or Flame Plate(not sure which is better)
    Dragon Pulse
    Air Slash

    Ability:Sand Stream
    Item:Wise Glasses
    Brick Break
    Aerial Ace

    Item:Muscle Band
    Ice Fang
    Thunder Fang
    Fire Fang

    Item:none yet
    Dream Eater
    Ominous Wind
    Dark Pulse
  2. though im not going to tell you what you should add move wise, ill tell you this:

    [glow=red,2,300]charizard[/glow]:take out blastburn, having more than one move of the same type, especially if it is an elemental hyper beam, isnt so good

    [glow=brown,2,300]tyranitar[/glow]:what is surf doing in there? hes a physical attacker, and you might want a rock type move in its place if there are any decent ones

    [move][glow=yellow,2,300]luxray[/glow]:not bad

    [glow=purple,2,300]spiritomb[/glow]:not bad[/move]

    as for wat you should add, try something that would benefit from tyranitar's sand stream, like a pkmn with sand veil ability, or a rock type, and since you need a decent water type, try something like [glow=blue,2,300]empoleon/swampert/wiscash[/glow], preferably wiscash since it has zen headbutt to take out poison and fighting types
  3. a speed/atk ev trained t-tar could take out your entire team, so far. get a fast fighting type in there, maybe a reversal hitmonlee, or a gallade?
  4. Personally i think blast burn is useful due to the fact its use is different from flamethrower.Blast Burn isn't meant for standard damage,more the final blow.If theres a threatening enemy who has to die you can rely more on blast burn to do the finishing blow
  5. Goemon2057 already answered why I have Blast Burn as for Surf Tyranitar is holding Wise Glasses (I updated for the items I forgot to put in) and as for a fighting Pokemon I havent decided yet.
  6. oh, i see your point, i guess that makes sense
  7. Ok I've decided to add

    Ability:Inner Focus
    Item:Scope Lens
    Flash Cannon
    Close Combat
    Blaze Kick
    Stone Edge
  8. ok, for the [glow=silver,2,300]lucario[/glow]:i dont think that he has very high defenses, so you might want to change close combat for something like focus blast, since he has slightly better sp attack, and the same amount of power, unless you're using close combat like a more suicidal version of blastburn, but if you arent, then go with what i said before, and change the item to wide lense, otherwise, use something like aura sphere, which will come in handy against foes who use a lot of moves that raise evasiveness(sp?)

    other than that, they're good

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