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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by giantbrother, May 1, 2007.

  1. No matter who they are, everyone desires something, be it power, peace, love or the well being of another. Several will go through whatever it takes to get their goals, but several more prefer it handed to them on a silver platter. One young man explores this concept. Having the power to get pretty much anything he wants, yet choosing not to use it, Glenn tries to investigate people's goals, and how far they might go to realise them.

    Spreading rumours aplenty, Glenn lures many different sorts to him, promising glory, riches, the power to acheive one's goals, anything with no strings attached. 'Course, since when has someone held up that bargain? Now trapped together on an unknown world where Glenn's power is almost at maximum, those that were brought together must now work to earn what they sought, even if it means help someone whose goals conflict with theirs.

    This is pretty much your average RP. I'll accept characters of any timeline or genre. I'll be using Glenn. By the way, since I know that this is going to be raised, Glenn is in no way invincible. He is as beatable as any other character. His powers are much like... oh, Q's from Star Trek or the Genie's from Alladin, just not as powerful. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if no one made an opening post yet, just describe your character and explain whatever it is that they desire most. After some people express interest, if they do, I'll continue on the briefing for this RP.

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