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DPPt/HGSS Platinum team: Rate it...

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by POH!KEMON, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Okay, so here is my Platinum team (this is the same team from "Need Help with my Platinum Team", but it beat the camp!):

    Jolly @ Scope Lens
    Magnet Rise
    Thunder Fang

    Flash Fire
    Calm @ Charcoal
    Dark Pulse
    Heat Wave

    Inner Focous
    Sassy @ Razor claw
    Cross Poison
    Confuse Ray

    Inner Focous
    Bashful @ Black Belt
    Rock Climb
    Iron Tail
    Aura Sphere

    Bashful @ Quick Claw
    Flash Cannon
    Ice Beam

    Gitatina (Orgin Forme)
    Careful @ Griseous Orb
    Ominous Wind
    Draco Meteor
    Shadow Force
    Shadow Claw

    How does it look?
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Is this for in-game or competitive purposes? In-game, this would likely work absolutely fine, but competitively, some fine-tuning and changes would need to be made.
  3. If it was for competitive purposes, what would the changes be?
  4. Xatu

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    I'm going to quote you somewhere else,
    This concept also applies to a number of your other team mates, such as Houndoom, Emploeon, and Giratina.

    Separately, Fly isn't a very good competitive move, as it allows others to easily switch out to a good counter.

    Lastly, (correct me if I'm wrong, but) I don't think Giratina can compete in his origin form. I'm prety sure he reverts back to normal as soon as he goes online. So, you would just want to keep in mind the stat shifts and the ability change.

    (Disclaimer: I put in my two cents when I think I know what I'm talking about, but I am a little new to this and may just be wrong.)
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Competitive, OK...

    ...first things first, your Natures are poor on everyone except Luxray, so some rebreeding would likely be necessary to make the most of this team. Secondly, Giratina is banned 9 times out of 10 for being Uber, so he probably will need to be replaced. As for specifics, here's a looooooong list:

    Here's a basic set for Luxray:

    Luxray @ Choice Scarf

    - Spark/Thunderbolt
    - Ice Fang/Return
    - SuperPower
    - Crunch

    Standard Choice Scarf set, to bypass Luxray's horrible Speed and make the most of its great Attack stat. Spark beats Thunder Fang by a seemingly insignificant 5% accuracy, but 5% better is still better, so Spark is the best physical STAB for Luxray. You can use Thunderbolt to punish stuff like Skarmory, but losing your most powerful STAB attack is quite a cost (and no, don't run both.) Ice Fang is breeding only, but Luxray really, really needs it - if you really don't want to rebreed, Return is the only other option really. SuperPower gives great coverage especially with Crunch, and since Choice sets switch in and out a lot, Intimidate will be spread across the opponent's team and SuperPower's stat drops will be removed. Adamant/Jolly for Spark, Lonely/Hasty for Thunderbolt.

    - Houndoom will likely need a re-breed. Counter + Nasty Plot (Egg Moves) instead of Heat Wave and Embargo with a Focus Sash held works very nicely, and can usually guarantee one KO from Houndoom. Either Modest or Timid Nature works best.

    - Crobat's Nature is horrid, and Fly is not good competitively. A rebreed will get you a STAB'd Brave Bird to use on opponents, which works wonders for Crobat. Cross Poison is fine, and X-Scissor works well to take out Psychic-types who may try their hand at taking you out. Pursuit is also viable, as is Hypnosis/Substitute, but you'll lose out on Brave Bird should you go with either of these - your choice.

    - Lucario...hoo boy, I'll try to make this short. Iron Tail, even with STAB, is poor thanks to its terrible 75% accuracy, and its coverage is rendered obsolete by Aura Sphere. Lucario can go either physical, special, or mixed here and perform well in all three of those areas - you'll need to tell me which area you want to lean towards for me to go into any real detail with this one. Detect and Rock Climb, I will say though, are of no use on Lucario and really need to go.

    - Empoleon can drop Waterfall for something like Grass Knot. Agility is a great Egg Move for Empoleon to have (rebreeding only, once again.)

    - I've already mentioned Giratina being banned most of the time, so I'd try and find someone else to replace him for competitive purposes.

    That's all for now, hope that helped.
  6. Well, Lucario has more physical stat than special, so I was kind of hoping for some really good physical moves. And about Giratina, what would be the best replacement?
  7. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Physical, a good choice...well, here's my set:

    Lucario @ Focus Sash
    Inner Focus/Steadfast

    - Close Combat
    - Crunch/Shadow Claw
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Swords Dance

    If there was ever any doubt before about Lucario being restricted in 'Charms standard rules...this set officially takes that doubt and kills it dead, because this set, when used correctly, is one of the most brutal I've ever seen. STAB'd Close Combat is devastating, inflicting massive damage on anything that doesn't resist it unless the target has a huge (and I mean HUGE) Defense stat. Crunch mops up the Ghost issue, as does Shadow Claw - Crunch is the better option, but Shadow Claw is easier to obtain (Egg Move vs TM.) ExtremeSpeed makes up for Lucario's somewhat average Base 90 Speed by giving him an attack that always goes first, and packs 80 Power to boot. Finally, Swords Dance combined with the above will result in some severe pain for the opponent.

    Muscle Band can work over the Sash, since Houndoom with Counter would likely need a Sash, although Lucario uses it much, much more effectively than Houndoom does, so he may need to drop Counter for something else. Also, send Lucario out first in every competitive battle with this set - the carnage will be quite entertaining to behold.

    As for Giratina's replacement, there isn't really anything of note I can think of that you absolutely need here. What I will say is, make his replacement a Ghost as well, preferably one with Levitate like Origin Giratina, since you're currently carrying quite a heavy Ground and Fighting weakness throughout your team.
  8. I do like the set, but I was hoping to keep Aura sphere, since it is a never miss move.

    Also on the replacement of giratina, would gengar work or Mismagius?
  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Trust me, no Aura Sphere is no cost to pay, especially since Close Combat's accuracy sits at 100% itself.

    As for Giratina, although Gengar is commonly considered superior, Mismagius is still very good, and both of them are equally viable here. It's up to you.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Gotta start digging more Heart Scales and Hope my AR works again...

    Do you have an example set for Empoleon or Houndoom? Just in case I get confused on what moves are extremely good.
  11. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Houndoom lacks a diverse movepool, but something like this can do:

    Houndoom @ Salac Berry
    Flash Fire

    - Flamethrower/Fire Blast
    - Dark Pulse
    - Nasty Plot
    - Substitute

    Basic "stat-up and sweep" set since Lucario is carrying the Sash now. Double-STAB is the best coverage Houndoom is likely to get outside of Hidden Power, which frees up slots for Nasty Plot and Substitute, allowing you to boost your Sp.Attack and Speed and start wrecking stuff. Timid is there to try and make sure your Subs come up before your opponent nails you with an attack and murders you. You can swap some moves around if you want, but something with this sort of theme is the best option.

    As for Empoleon:

    Empoleon @ Leftovers

    - Surf/Hydro Pump
    - Ice Beam/Grass Knot
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk

    A more tanky option for Empoleon, to add some balance to your team. Hydro Pump's poor PP is covered by Sleep Talk, which won't take PP from Hydro Pump if it selects it. Ice Beam/Grass Knot grants you extra coverage and Rest keeps you alive, making the most of your tanky stats.

    There's just two examples, although you can re-arrange moves and stuff to your preference if you want - this is the sort of theme you want to be going with for these two Pokemon I'd say.
  12. Houndoom sounds pretty easy to redo (except the berry), and unsure about Empoleon.

    Do happen to have an example of Crobat that could be improved?
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've gone over Crobat in my initial response - stick the moves together that I mentioned and that should essentially be your set.
  14. Thanks. Asking this one last time, do you have any good examples for gengar and/or Mismagius?
  15. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mismagius not off the top of my head, however, I do have a Gengar:

    Gengar @ Petaya Berry

    - Shadow Ball
    - Thunderbolt
    - Destiny Bond/Focus Blast/Hypnosis
    - Substitute

    Gengar using Substitute is a menace if used correctly. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt are the best options for attacking - Focus Blast rounds it off nicely but the 70% accuracy is a major problem considering Gengar's frailty. Destiny Bond and Hypnosis work well with Substitute - repeated Substitute use will drop your health to near-zero, making Destiny Bond a very nice choice, and Hypnosis is a good move to use whilst protected by your Substitute, although the nerfed accuracy (60%) is very bad news as far as its effectiveness is concerned - take your pick with the third slot.

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