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DPPt/HGSS Platinum team could use improving.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by PokemonDP, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. I've arlready beaten the Elite four, but I still think my team could use improving on their movesets.

    Empoleon @Shuca berry/ Mystic water
    Brave Nature

    -Drill Peck
    -Surf (STAB and amplified by Mystic water)
    -Ice beam (Used to be Giga Impact. Willing to change)

    Togekiss @Leftovers
    Mild Nature

    -Aura Sphere
    -Fly (STAB and gets one free heal from Leftovers)
    -Heat Wave (Used to be Ominous Wind. Willing to change.)

    Houndoom @Dread Plate
    Quirky Nature

    -Flamethrower (STAB)
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Fire Fang (STAB)
    -Dark Pulse (STAB and amplified by Dread Plate)

    Cherrim @Rose Incense
    Timid Nature

    -Energy Ball (STAB)
    -Sunny day (Takes advantage of ability and lets me execute SolarBeam without charging)
    -SolarBeam (STAB)
    -Giga Drain (STAB and useful in tight situations)

    Ryperior @Earth Plate
    Brave Nature

    -Stone Edge (STAB)
    -Mega Horn
    -Hammer Arm (Since it's already slow, I can use it without worrying.)
    -Earthquake (STAB and amplified by Earth Plate)

    Magnezone @Magnet
    Hasty Nature

    -Hyper Beam
    -Zap Cannon (STAB and always hits with Lock-on)
    -Mirror Shot (STAB)

    I know with Magnezone and Empoleon I have two part-steel types on my team. I'm training up an Electabuzz, so don't rush me. :p

    Electabuzz @ Shuca Berry
    Lonely Nature

    -ThunderPunch (Stab)
    -Light Sceen (??)
    -Nothing at the moment
  2. Since Houndoom's Fire Fang is a bit of a weak fire move; it could be changed to something else. But, that's all I can see. But, I'm not much of a competive trainer so, don't rely to much on me.
  3. if it where me i would teach your rhyperior surf so you can have an advantage over your own type ^_^
  4. First thing is to ask if you are willing to re-breed. If yes, than tons of options open up, otherwise, we'll stick with Level Up moves and TMs.


    Some of the natures help, while some hinder the Pokémon.

    Brave isn't that useful on Empoleon, though using a specially tailored Mixed Sweeper would make it an ideal nature.

    Mild is an okay nature for Togekiss, but which ability does Togekiss have. If it's Serene Grace, then Air Slash will be a real pain to the opponent.

    Houndoom could use a Modest nature instead of Quirky. And Nasty Plot is an amazing move. Who would complain about a +2 boost to its two most powerful STAB attacks.

    Timid is okay for Cherrim, though Modest could work too. Having so many Grass attacks isn't that great though. So,

    Cherrim @ Something generic
    Modest/Timid Nature

    -Sunny Day
    -Energy Ball / Grass Knot / Leech Seed
    -Solarbeam / Energy Ball / Grass Knot / Leech Seed
    -Hidden Power

    Cherrim doesn't have much of a movepool outside of Hidden Power.

    Rhyperior looks fine, though there are other options out there, like Aqua Tail and Avalanche.


    I'll leave the last one up in the air. Others will post, I'm sure of it. I've only covered some basic things and nature suggestions. Answering the question if yo're willing to re-breed is quite important though.
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  5. I am willing to re-breed everything except Empoleon. (Though it could be a real pain in the neck... I'll try.)

    Togekiss has Serene Grace, and I'm kind of willing to get rid of Fly for Air Slash. (Here comes the lv. 5 Starly...)

    Cherrim does have a pretty horrid move selection, but I'd rather not go with a Roserade again, because Cherrim and Roserade are pretty much my only two choices for a grass type. (Besides Venusaur.) And I kind of have a thing against having two starters on one team...
  6. ...Yeah.
    I lied. ;D

    Cacturne @Miracle Seed
    Lonely Nature
    -Seed Bomb/ Needle Arm (STAB and amplified by Miracle Seed)
    -Dark Pulse (Also STAB)
    -Sandstorm (Takes advantage of ability)
    -Brick Break
  7. Sucker Punch would be more powerful than Dark Pulse.

    It also gives Cacturne a priority move to use, especially with its low speed.

    Then I would recommend the Muscle Band to boost your physical attacks' power.

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