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Platinum Hax

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So anyone in chat has heard about how much my Platinum hates me. I get hax'd ALL THE TIME. If the move I get hit with has a chance to cause a status condition, I get status'd. My poor Pokemon have been burned, poisoned, and paralyzed so much. And I get criticaled like crazy D: I was fighting Wake's Floatzel with Torterra and I knew Floatzel had Ice Fang. So I decided to get one good STAB'd grass hit on it, and the thing criticals with Ice Fang--KOing my Torterra. Cyrus's Weavile also critical'd me with Ice Punch.

    But even that couldn't compare to my nightmare battle with Candice. Beating her first three Pokemon was easy, but then I got to Froslass. My first attack missed due to Snow Cloak/Hail and it was all downhill from there. Candice used Double Team and I never hit Frolass again while it was busy killing my whole team. I had to shut the game off and get my Houndoom to level 38 to get Faint Attack. A while back I said I'd never use the Snow Cloak/Hail/Brightpowder strategy competitively ever again and this battle reaffirmed my decision.

    Listening to El's battle with Cynthia has really got me worried about challenging the E4 ^^; But does anyone seemed to get hax'd in Platinum abnormally often like me? XD
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I can't say that Platinum has hax'd me to the extent its hax'd you, not by a long shot. Platinum does seem to have it in for you XD

    I have noticed that if any move/weather like Sandstorm/Hail is in effect, that life becomes very difficult. I disliked the Snowy route in diamond, but traveling that route in Platinum was a nightmare. My moves always missed, without fail, while the trainers and even wild Pokemon beat the crap out of me. They seemed perfectly unaffected by the lowered accuracy
  3. The only really obvious "This is totally haxx0rs" moments for me came when I was battling the E4, unfortunately >>
    Aaron is such a whore.
    Or rather, his Vespiquen is.
    I'm pretty sure she has like, 45t3456234532624gtertgw456245illion pp for Heal Order.
    It took me about an hour to finally kill her, and by then I had run out of ether and full restores and, well, I was using an in-game team so it was understandably crap anyway but ergsdfgwrbsg still.
    Defense Order + Heal Order + Pressure = absolute bitch to kill D:
    It was only then that I realized it might be a good idea to get me one of them O:

    Oh. But then I remembered just how much the entire world might hate me if I did use that set up :'D
    Never agaaaaaaaain
  4. Belle - totally sympathize with you there. Aaron was the guy I had the most problems with, including Cynthia.

    I really wanted to impale his face with a saxophone after every battle... every battle went the same:

    Yanmega used Double Team! :D Yanmega used Double Team! :D

    Repeat the above for a bazillion times.

    Fluke a hit.



    Beat Yanmega.

    Lose to Vespi.

    Repeat all the above a bazillion times.

    Fluke a win.

    Sooooooo painfully annoying :(
  5. Platinum hasn't really done much to me other than when I battled Team Galactic. My Infernape was a full fifteen levels higher then the commanders' zubats, but I could never land a hit. It went like this:

    Infernape used flamethrower
    Flamethrower missed

    Zubat used Aircutter
    It's a critical hit!

    Repeat five more times.
  6. Well, I certainly have been haxed, but for some reason I didn't get the Snow Cloak/Hail hax xD My Houndoom flinch hax'd someone to death once, which was funny because in the process the Pokemon got burned due to Fire Fang xD

    The E4 wasn't really a problem for me xD Houndoom and Garchomp raped Aaron, Empoleon beat Bertha, Garchomp again, Houndoom, then mainly Garchomp and Houndoom for Cynthia because of the evasion hax I had on Garchomp xD

    It went like this:

    Damien(Houndoom) used Embargo!

    Damien uses Flamethrower/Crunch

    *repeat 3 times*

    *Send out Garchomp*

    Garchomp use Sandstorm!

    Use XSpeed!

    ....Then, Cynthia was raped by Dig and Dragon Rush xD That's actually how I beat her, the sandstorm evasion xD
  7. My only hax in Platinum so far (favouring me, not against me :p) that's been memorable, was in the Battle Factory with Shado.

    It was down to my Flareon (Superpower/Fire Fang/Curse/BP) against a Blastoise.

    Somehow, Blastoise managed to miss twice :D So Flareon took it out with a ton of Superpowers. It was lulz, and now every time we're factorying, one of us screams "Haxeon! :D" and picks up Flareon. :p
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Actually, second attempt went smoothly. Her hax Togeplane survived maybe seven rounds, six of which were me Calm Minding.

    Edit: Due to request...

    My first attempt was ridiculous. It was going smoothly until I met Cynthia's Haxplane. Gardevoir could take any hit she dealt out, so I spent 10 or so turns healing up my party and keeping Gardevoir alive. Then, I started buffing Gardevoir. As soon as my HP strayed under 100, she somehow managed to critical Air Slash that knocked Gardevoir out straight away. She managed that at least four times before I decided to go Heal-Calm Mind-Heal-etc. And finally took it out >.>

    The rest of the Elite Four were similarly hax.
  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The most amount of hax I got from mine was my Gyarados Ice Fang missing her Garchomp, conveniently making it the only time in the game where it had missed when I'd used it. Luckily, Garchomp failed to KO Gyarados back and ultimately suffered a 4x Super-effective, triple Dragon Dance boosted Ice Fang on the next turn for its troubles.

    As for you guys, I blame myself for your hax - I transferred Regice onto my Platinum cartridge a while ago. Evidently his pure hax power is spreading to your cartridges, causing adverse effects and whatnot.

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