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Private/Closed Plates and Fates, a Worldwide Journey (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ~Patriot~, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If one should wield the Plates seventeen,
    the power they'd gain beyond wildest dream,
    if used for good could make all pristine,
    but if used for ill,
    raze all, reign supreme.
    (Traditional Celestic Town Prophetic Poem)
    Long ago, near immediately after Arceus first created the Universe and our world, a new dilemma was realized. The power that radiated off of Arceus was simply too much, and it's mere presence threatened to obliterate our newly created world. To solve this issue, Arceus saw fit to divide it's power into eighteen equal parts. One part remained with Arceus, while the other seventeen were transformed into Plates of incredible power. Each Plate corresponded with an element or force that existed in our world, such as the element of Fire and the Fairy force, and each one was scattered across the world.

    Although most regard the legend of the Plates as just that, a legend, there are some groups that have dedicated themselves to locating and retrieving them. It is one of these groups that has contacted you, and offered to personally fund your journey throughout the Pokemon world. Whether it be because of your parents' connections, your own aptitude for Pokemon battling, or some other reason, a group known to you only as "The Wheel" has taken great interest in your career. They have offered to fund your journey through each of the seven regions, paying for food, room and board, and supplies. Nothing in life is free, however, and the Wheel is not doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. They will fund your journey, on one condition: as you journey through the regions, challenging gyms and contest halls or simply finding yourself, you must find and retrieve the seventeen Plates.
    1) All Pokecharms rules apply, whether they be Global or specific to Pokemon.
    2) Everything in moderation - Violence, romance, and *ahem* TV-14 language are allowed but don't test the limits.
    3) If you have two characters, you don't have to include something from both perspectives in each post, but please make sure to keep on top of their interactions.
    4) Hey bud, add the word "velvet" anywhere in your bio. You can even put it off to the bottom beneath the bio.
    5) Treat each other with some basic respect, it's a commodity that'll never run dry.​
    Name (include any desired Nickname):
    Age (13-16):
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.):
    Personality (Optional):
    Backstory (Optional):
    Goals (Optional):

    Starter Pokemon:
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon):
    Moves (Up to 6):
    Ability (Hidden Allowed):
    Personality (Optional):
    Name: Montagne "Monty" Khastil
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Monty is tall with an athletic build, standing at 6'3" and weighing 190 pounds. His light brown skin is drawn tight over toned muscles, and his large brown eyes are complimented by short dreadlocks that are half-blue and half-black in color.
    Clothing: Monty's favorite outfit consists of brown cargo pants and black hiking boots on his bottom half, with a black muscle shirt and a grey parka (with detachable insulated lining) adorning his top half. Monty also frequently wears elbow and knee pads, as well as a pair of "tactical" gloves. Monty carries a grey single-strap backpack, which carries all of his gear.
    Personality (Outside of Battle): Monty is, in a word, aloof. He doesn't pay much attention to other people and what they are doing, though this is not because he is self-centered. Monty simply prefers the silence of the wilderness and the crackle of a fire, as opposed to the sheer loudness and over-stimulation that comes with being in large groups of people or spending time in cities. When Monty does find himself having to interact with the civilized world, he often comes across as cold and blunt. Monty isn't one to tell a rambling story, meandering through each and every long and drawn out sentence; he is straightforward and to-the-point. Because of his aloof nature, Monty often gets frustrated when he has to interact with people that don't think the same way as him or people who are overly extroverted.
    Personality (In Battle): During the heat of battle, Monty's aloof nature begins to fade away, being replaced by an intense and instinctive battle mindset. He often chooses battle partners based on whether or not they share this battle mindset, and his commands are often in complete sync with what his Pokemon is already doing. Monty's extensive time spent in the wilderness, observing wild Pokemon as they battle, has trained his mind to anticipate what any given Pokemon's next move may be, and often he shouts out a command coinciding with this anticipation. Although this battle style may be imperfect from a tactician's standpoint, it has led to many victories for Monty and his partners.
    Backstory: (Will be Revealed in RP)
    Goals: Monty is in training to become a Pokemon Ranger. While he is interested in the League Challenges, he mostly focuses on honing the skills of the Pokemon Rangers.

    Species: Alolan Sandshrew
    Nickname: Borealis
    Appearance: Just a regular old Alolan Sandshrew.
    Moves: Icicle Spear, Metal Claw, Defense Curl, Hone Claws,
    Ability: Slush Rush
    Personality: Borealis is a very hyper-active Pokemon, and it is constantly moving. Whether it is "ice-skating" around by freezing the ground beneath it or chasing leaves around the campsite, Borealis is constantly on the move.
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  2. Name (include any desired Nickname): Hyōga Sato
    Age (13-16): 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.): thin and extremely pale, his Snow White hair is always pulled back in a single braid streaked with cyan. His eyes were always a piercing ice-blue, a Colour he has recently taken to painting his nails as well.
    Clothing: Hyōga is more often then not seen in a sparkling blue mantle with white hexagonal features. Hyoga also wears black pants and azure shoes.
    Personality (Optional): Overly flamboyant and performative, Hyōga is prone to annoying his opponents with his overt actions and way of speaking
    Sexuality: Pan-sexual
    Goals (Optional): To become the greatest Ice Type Master in History.

    Starter Pokemon: Please let me know if this is ok but I’d really like the idea of Hyōga raising a pair of young Twin Pokemon.

    Species: Snorunt
    Nickname: Whisper
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): Small Slender and Agile, Whisper is even in her youth a graceful and agile young female. She always wears a pale purple velvet scarf
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Ice-Body

    Species: Snorunt
    Nickname: Titan
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): Big Bulky and tough, Titan is the polar opposite of his twin sister. Choosing to rush toward opponents, get in close and take hits rather than try to dodge them.
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Ice-Body
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  3. Which region is this starting in and would that mean we can only find Pokémon from the region we’re in?
  4. It would start in Kanto, but Johto Pokemon could also be found given the close proximity. If you can give a good reason for a Pokemon from a different region being there, that's fine.

    Accepted, and the Snorunts are a-okay
  5. Name: Beatrice "Bea" Brown
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: Bea is small, with short, messy, chestnut brown hair. She's short with light skin and light brown eyes.
    Clothing: She prefers a plain white shirt with blue overalls and pants. She owned and wore a lot of fancy dresses back before her adventure, but decided that those would be too suffocating in a long journey.
    Personality: Bea has a somewhat over-the-top need to 'prove' herself, in her own eyes. This can sometimes lead to rash, unnecessary decisions, all-in-all it results in a determined and good-natured person and trainer. She often deals with tunnel vision, focusing on whatever goal she has in mind and allowing her to get tripped up on the way there. She's somewhat aware of this, but especially in the middle of battle, can't really help it. Even so, she won't let anything stop her on her way to her dreams.
    Backstory: Bea was born in Unova as the child of two movie stars, who both did many movies in Pokestar studios. Neither celebrity was really known publicly for intelligence, a stereotype that carried on to their daughter. Bea wasn't able to fully shake the reputation as a spoilt air-headed brat back home, no matter how hard she tried to avoid it, so she sees this journey as a fresh start for her. To be something based on her own achievements, as opposed to "the kid of that one guy in Brycen Man 3." Though she's somewhat suspicious of this 'The Wheel' organisation, and absolutely would want to journey more independently, accepting their help was only way that her parents, who knew many members personally (i'm not sure how public The Wheel is but I assume from your saying that parents' connections can get get the wheel to take interest, they're at least not some shady unknown group that keeps to the shadows)
    Goals: Like said above, she wants to prove herself as a competent trainer, both to other people and herself. If trying to find some probably-not-real-anyways plates is the price to do that, then she sees that as just another challenge to overcome. After she's proved herself, she doesn't exactly know what to do next.

    Starter Pokemon: (Not sure if she can have multiple Starter Pokemon or if Frontier Master's character was a special case. If I can only have one, I'll change this.)

    Nickname: Kon
    Appearance: Pretty much always bandaged from battles that he got himself into. Bea makes sure to always carry extra bandages on her specifically for Kon
    Moves: Fury Cutter, Peck, Headbutt
    Ability: Swarm
    Personality: Incredibly aggressive and competitive, almost to a fault, especially towards Temp.

    Nickname: Temp
    Appearance: A completely average Shelmet l
    Moves: Bide, Acid, Absorb
    Ability: Shell Armour
    Personality: Very shy and reserved, never the one to begin a confrontation. The one exception is an incredibly intense rivalry towards Kon.
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  6. Name: Christopher "Chris" Fitzgerald
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: He stands at 5'6" with Fair skin thanks to being outdoors often, his eyes are a Velvet shade while his hair is near tidy and short with only a few spikes here and there with a Violet shade.
    Clothing: His main choice of clothing is a white t shirt underneath a dark Brown closed zip up hoodie and a sleeveless Black overcoat, dark Blue denim jeans and simple Black slip on shoes.
    Personality: Chris is calm, yet confident in how he interacts, sometimes coming off as a bit blunt but means well nonetheless. He cares about Pokemon to a huge degree and has a strong passion for battling. Despite his friendly demeanor, he isn't afraid to talk back to anyone who is mean to him.
    Goals: To be a strong trainer just like his father who was one of the most honorable trainers of the Battle Royale Arena in Alola.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Nickname: Greta
    Appearance: Just your everyday Stufful.
    Moves: Bide, Brutal Swing, Flail, Force Palm (breeding).
    Ability: Fluffy
    Personality: Despite her cute appearance, Greta has a rather tomboyish personality and easily gets angered if anyone mistakes her for a boy. Despite this, she cares deeply for her trainer who she sees as an older brother and would (almost) always calm down if her trainer told her to. She is aware of her strength as is still learning to control it.
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  7. I like the idea of counter-part pokemon being available as starters. You're accepted!

    For future reference, the Wheel is similar to the Aether Foundation but without the whole "secretly evil" thing.

  8. I assume we'll be finding out much MUCH later in the RP why they want these plates?
  9. For now the only thing our characters know is that the Wheel is giving them a free journey just to look for Plates that aren't even proven to exist. That won't change for a long while.
  10. Name (include any desired Nickname): Alison "Allie" Silverstone
    Age (13-16): 13
    Gender: Straight Female
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.): Standing at a height of 5'6, Allie has electric-blue hair with purple highlights, brown eyes, and a slim stature. She is of caucasian descent.
    Clothing: TBD
    Personality (Optional): Bubbly, bright, and bold, Allie is filled to the brim with charisma and charm. She's incredibly kind and sweet, albeit a bit overeager. She has a fiery passion for what she does, and an unmatchable level of determination - although her rashness often gets her into bad situations (emphasis on often). She's also quite clumsy.
    Backstory (Optional): Allie's had a fairly normal childhood, but with one exception: her sister, the famed Talia Silverstone, is a celebrity-status performer and music artist - who also happens to be a spectacular trainer. Allie, being Talia's only sibling, is recognized everywhere she goes - which sounds great on the surface, but she's tired of it. She still loves her sister and is incredibly proud of her - but seeks to make a name for herself one day.
    Goals (Optional): To be the very best, and to be recognized for who she is rather than the sibling of a celebrity.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Eve (Allie thought about calling her Velvet, which Eve did not take kindly to)
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): Eve is a rather typical Partner Eevee, with the heart-pattern tail and dark violet-tinted eyes. She is ever so slightly smaller than the average Eevee.
    Moves (Up to 6): Veevee Volley (Special, requires bond), Tackle, Baby-Doll Eyes, Wish
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Adaptability
    Personality (Optional): Eve, surprisingly, has a similar personality to Allie - with every little bit of sass cranked up to the maximum. She's filled with vigor and fire, and never takes no for an answer. She takes the lead in any situation.
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  11. Accepted! Also, I'm very curious as to how Veeveee Volley works.
  12. Quoted from Bulbapedia:
    "Veevee Volley (Japanese: ブイブイブレイク Vuivui Break) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move introduced in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. It is one of the signature moves and the partner power of the partner Eevee.
    Veevee Volley deals damage and bypasses accuracy checks to always hit. The base power of Veevee Volley is dependent on the friendship of the user. The greater the user's friendship, the greater the base power."

    Base Power = Friendship / 2.5

    "The base power of Veevee Volley varies between 1 (at the minimum friendship value of 0) and 102 (at the maximum friendship value of 255). The base power of Veevee Volley is set to 1 if the formula outputs 0."

    So, basically just Return. It's depicted as having a lot more power than Return though, because STAB and all, but it won't be the most powerful thing on the face of the earth at maximum or anything. Just enough power to raise some eyebrows. And it won't do much at the beginning.
  13. Ah, I see. I haven't played the Let's Go games, and given that I don't have a switch I doubt I ever will.
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  14. Name: Alex "Blue" Queens
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Not too tall, not too short - a regular, medium sized teenager. He has medium-length golden hair let loose, with one blue curl.
    What differs him from most of his brethren are his sky-blue eyes, glistering in the sun like two sparkling ponds teeming with life.
    Clothing: His clothing usually consists of his beloved, bright-blue hoodie with white pokeball on it and comfy trousers in a bit darker shade of blue colour with white stripes. In an addition to his duochromatic garb, he wears blue-and-white striped sports shoes.
    Personality: An opposite of his nickname, our dear Alex is very open to others, joyful and innocent for his age. He doesn't like making tough decisions and tries to keep himself away from any sort of trouble. He finds friends where no one would expect him to, he turns his enemies into friends if he can, and he keeps his friends as happy and as close to him as he is able to keep them.
    Sometimes, but only for a brief moment, a shadow may cross his radiant face. Why? Ask him. Or read the backstory.
    Backstory: Alex's parents ran a bakery - work simple and modest, producing funds enough to provide most of the neccesary things for the family. But then everything fell apart when it turned out that his dad is suffering from a mortal sickness. They couldn't afford the treatment from their savings, nor could they earn or borrow that much. Everything seemed to be lost.
    But then, desperated, Alex's mother contacted her old friend working in the Wheel. They offered covering the cost of the treatment, under one condition - Alex's participation in the search for "the plates". Of course Alex agreed, and so his journey began.
    Goals: His current goal is to repay the debt his family incured from the Wheel - and to assure that the Wheel will not stop funding his father's treatment. As for a long-term goal... it can wait. Life is long. For some people at least.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Nickname: Alex loves calling things the way they are - so he just calls his Heracross "Beetle" (or Żuk in Polish)
    Appearance: Beetle has a white stripe painted across it's back.
    Moves: Bullet Seed, Horn Attack, Endure
    Ability: Swarm
    Personality: Beetle is obedient and loyal. Although it doesn't belong to the smartest or brightest of pokemon, it knows how to make Alex smile when it is needed most.

  15. Accepted! I especially like the backstory, I could probably work it into some specific plot points involving your character and the Wheel.

    With Microwave's acceptance, we have 6 out of 9 RPers. Once we have the other three (or a couple more days pass), we will begin the actual RP.
  16. Is there a reason you chose 9? Because I’d say 6-7 is going to get crowded and chaotic enough as is
  17. I suppose now is as good a time as any. The first region we are journeying through will be Kanto, and it just so happens that the Wheel has come across intel that suggests there are three Plates currently in the Kanto region. Assuming there are 9 RPers, we will be randomly split into groups of 3 and will each journey through the region from different starting points. There will be overlap between the groups for different segments of the story, but other than that there will more or less be three self-contained stories going on at once.
  18. Name (include any desired Nickname): Ceres Aeons
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.): Ceres is a beautiful and endearing young girl with high-ish cheek bones, a slightly pointed chin, and slightly thinner lips that curl ever faintly upwards at the end giving her a gentle appearance that makes her seem like she’s faintly smiling, along with other very attractive feminine features. She has feathery layered silver hair that hand down between her shoulder-blades. It’s shorter up top, gently flaring outwards backwards in numerous layers, almost like a white cockatoo (think Final Fantasy hair). She has pointed bangs the cover just a bit of her eyebrows down the front and two long locks that frame her face that goes slightly past her shoulders. She has a slender and fragile looking build.
    Occasionally seen in a 2 piece white strapless shoulder-less dress that goes to down her knees, the upper portion of the dress is intricately decorated and embroidered with glistening gold resembling wings, vines, and waves. The designs continue down the tail of the upper dress as well. She completes this ensemble with a necklace that has the symbol of Arceus as a pendant and a pair of matching white Mary Jane Shoes that also have similar gold trim and deigns on them.

    Alternatively she can also be seen wearing a similar outfit but instead of a white dress with gold, it's blue with silver patterns, and black and silver shoes, it also has shoulder straps more akin to a regular more casual dress and a white short sleeved undershirt. The silver patterns are nowhere near as complex as her white dress attire. This is more casual wear for her.
    Personality: Soft-spoken and kind, she loves and has a strong connection to nature and above all Pokémon. She has a fun sense of humor, always has good intentions, and is willing to help out others in any way she can. She enjoys to sing and can often be heard singing and humming to her Pokémon, calming them and any nearby who hears it. Despite her gentle and serene disposition, she is an extremely fierce Pokémon battler, her strong connections to them makes her a very competent and formidable trainer.
    Backstory: Hailing from the Unova region. She and her family belongs to a small but ancient sect of Arceus worshipers known as the Birds of Passage. They hold every Pokémon precious and as equals. Ceres has always had a very strong affinity with nature and with Pokémon, ever since she was little, often she sings to them and through her song, they seem to understand and connect with her. It's customary in the Bird of Passage for new trainers to receive an egg as a "first" Pokémon, taking care of it from egg, to hatching, to newborn, to evolution. The eggs given to the new trainers usually belong to difficult to train, but very powerful Pokémon, it is seen as a right of passage for the trainer to go on their journey with their first Pokémon, and bond with them. Ceres's egg hatched into a Larvesta, she named Haru.
    Goals: To complete her Pokémon journey (possibly more TBD during the RP)


    Starter Pokemon:
    Larvesta (F)
    Nickname: Haru
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): Typical looking Larvesta, though it's rather larger than normal
    Moves (Up to 6): Bug Buzz, Morning Sun (Breeding), Flamethrower, Heat Wave
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Flame Body
    Personality (Optional): Timid, and shy, but when under the command of Ceres, is extremely fierce and protective.
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  19. I'm afraid that all the people who have already signed up may lose interest soon if we don't start.
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  20. Personally I'm cool with waiting. We've got 7 in two days so we'll probably have the numbers by this time tomorrow

    Edit from "this time tomorrow": Whoops
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  21. I'm all good with waiting. I like taking things slow. ^.^
  22. With how busy I get, slow and steady always work for me.
  23. Great then! If you are fine with waiting, then so am I
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  24. Accepted! Now we only need two more people before we can get into the actual RP. Alternatively, if we get no other takers, I will start the RP in two days. I suggest everyone use that time to really flesh out their characters; why would they accept the Wheel's offer? Everyone's get flaws, what are their's? Stuff like that.
  25. Name (include any desired Nickname): Leander “Leo” Norwood
    Age (13-16): 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.): Leo stands at 6’2, with a tawny beige complexion, the beginnings of a sunburn scorched upon the tops of his cheeks. Despite appearing rather wiry from afar, he’s surprisingly strong, with a bit of muscle clinging to his otherwise gangly frame. His mid-length undercut black hair has been (rather sloppily) bleached and dyed a vibrant shade of blue. A pair of piercing grey eyes sit hidden behind square-framed glasses.
    Clothing: His clothing consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt worn with a pair of black jeans and hiking boots of the same shade. Slung across his shoulder is a small satchel full of notebooks, one of which has already been filled out.
    Personality (Optional): Leo generally presents himself as calm and collected, almost to a concerning degree. Nothing seems to faze him, much less actively make him turn tail and run. He’s rather carefree, preferring to see things as they are as opposed to obsessing over the minor details. Despite his friendly demeanour, he's extraordinarily irresponsible. His enthusiasm for certain subjects knows no bounds which, coupled with his tenancy to shoot before thinking can lead to destructive behaviour.
    Backstory (Optional): Born to a pair of paleontologists in Kalos’s Ambrette Town, Leo has spent his entire life surrounded by ancient history—his parents often travelling around in hopes of unearthing new evidence in relation to the behavior of ancient Pokémon. Oftentimes, he was invited on these endeavors (given the promise that he wouldn’t touch anything important), and such ignited his own love for the past. However, his focus began to drift away from that of his parents; as interesting as he found ancient Pokémon to be, the stories he heard surrounding the locations they explored to be far more enticing. It was this that began his interest in writing—he’d often find himself scribbling down notes about expeditions, or aimlessly scribbling down diagrams of the ruins that his parents were stationed near. It was on a dig in Alola where he unintentionally aided in an important discovery during an unfortunate cave in. As the area was further excavated, the skeleton of a tyrantrum preserved along with an imprint in the limestone that seemed to suggest that the creature may have been covered in soft, velvety down as opposed to just scales was unearthed. Luckily, he escaped the incident with nothing more than a broken leg and five minutes of fame to his name. To the scientific community, however, this find was invaluable information. Evidentially, this combined with his parents’ following discoveries in the field (along with a couple of his own) was enough to attract The Wheel’s attention, promising to fund his journey in exchange for the recovery of the seventeen plates.
    Goals (Optional): He wishes to become a journalist, documenting the mythos and legends of various regions. In addition, Leo hopes to step out of his parents’ shadow and find his own story.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Nickname: Tiberius
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): Tiberius is your standard Tyrunt; a bit on the small side, perhaps, but otherwise normal. On occasion, he can be seen wearing little outfits, which he takes great care not to damage.
    Moves (Up to 6): Tackle, Bite, Ice Fang, Stomping Tantrum, Tail Whip
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Strong Jaw
    Personality (Optional): By tyrunt standards, Tiberius is rather shy, often taking to hovering around his trainer as opposed to venturing off on his own accord. That isn’t to say that his temperament is completely stable, however—he often glares at those he isn’t well aquatinted with and complains when he doesn’t get his way. Thankfully, he gets along very well with Leo, so his bratty temperament isn’t too much of an issue.
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  26. Are we still waiting for the last person?
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  27. Dunno, it's been 2 days and we even got another applicant so that's nice
  28. Accepted!

    As for the question of starting, we can start tomorrow and let one more person join late.
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  29. sounds good, very excited about this
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  30. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Name: Justin Hardin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: Pinkish white skin, thick medium length dirty blonde hair, and deep brown eyes. He’s almost twig like, however he as a small amount of visible muscle on his upper arms and lower legs.
    Clothing: A light grey jacket with his initials on a small patch-like stitched area that looks like a Pokeball, almost never taken off, as well as a hoodie on the back and a zipper down the middle. Under that is a light grey t-shirt. You’ll either see him wearing long light grey sweatpants, or shorts with black thin under armor under it, stretching down to his shoes, which are also light grey. An X-Transceiver is visible on his wrist, and a big black backpack on his back.
    Personality: Justin is rather quiet, but he talks a lot when you start a conversation. Seems to be slightly more intelligent than an average person, but that is mostly in his vast knowledge of technology and electronics. Doesn’t seem to react to temperature no matter what he’s wearing. Very neutral, wishes to keep peace between all sides of people/arguments. Rather friendly when he’s fully opened up, as well as optimistic.
    Backstory (Optional): Justin was always able to create various things with electronics. His parents somewhat adored this, and recruited him to fix many mechanisms that were broken around the house. He always likes Pokemon, and had a special affinity for the Pokédex, but he rather stayed home and studied his electronics, making various devices from metal detectors, to tracking devices, and even upgrading his Xtransciever. His success was talked about a bit in the papers and on the news, and one day, he received a letter inviting him to be part of a journey, from an organization known as “The Wheel.” They described that they wanted to sponsor his journey based on his success with his inventions, and wanted to recruit him as a technical expert. Seeing as Justin has always wanted to go on a Pokémon journey, he happily obliged.
    Goals (Optional): Wishes to study these myths about the plates, and see if they yield anything useful in the ways of new technologies for betterment of society and the Pokemon-Human bond. He also wishes to become stronger for all that he knows, including him, his Pokemon, his Family, and even “The Wheel”

    Oshawott(Will evolve along the way)
    Nickname: Buddy
    Appearance: Noticeably larger than most Oshawotts. A small chip in his shell will affect his later appearances
    Current moves are Tackle, Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Fury Cutter, and Razor Shell. The final moveset will be Surf, Razorshell, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Mega Horn.
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Shell Armor
    Personality (Optional): Playful and curious as an Oshawott, A little mischievous as a Dewott, and very Serious and Proctective as a Samurott

    Alright, if I need to change anything, tell me. Also, I just wanna make sure, @~Patriot~ if you plan to have legendaries in this RP, do you have admin premission? (I didn't know if you wanted to have legendaries in this or not)
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  31. Please add a reason for the Wheel wanting to sponsor Justin's journey. Also, there will be no legendaries in the RP (as of now).
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  32. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    @~Patriot~ is that better? (It's under Backstory)
  33. Better, but why would the Wheel accept the offer? What would motivate them to accept Justin's parents plea over the plea of someone like Leo or Ceres?
  34. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Umm... hmm... anything you would suggest? The only thing he's really got super going for him is that he has technological prowess... maybe there could be information on the flyer of some of his technological successes, such as tracking devices or Pokemon research tools? Or should I rework it? I'm not really sure...
  35. Ultimately it is your OC and your decision, but I would recommend against reworking your OC. If Justin does have technical prowess, I would shift the focus of the backstory specifically to that. The Wheel is trying to form something of a team out of our OCs, so having someone with technical prowess would certainly help with the team composition.
  36. don’t know if your accepting but I have one bio.

    Name (include any desired Nickname): Luna Soxter
    Age (13-16): 14
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description (Hair, Build, etc.): Skinny body with blue pigtailed hair, accompanied with pale peach skin and blue eyes.
    Clothing: Wears either a red hoodie or teal wind jacket with shorts. He carries around a sketchbook and 7 pencils.
    Personality (Optional): Luna is way too childish. He has reasonable answers to things and likes to draw.
    Backstory (Optional): Luna was born in a tiny town that was unnamed. He never went outside much, only to bike around and collect flowers. When he’s inside he is always drawing which lead to his interesting art skills. His younger sister encountered the Wheel while walking around and bragged about her big brother. She said one thing that probably caught there eye, “He has a Totodile who’s so sweet!” This is what gave the Wheel the idea to invite Luna. Although Luna almost rejected this idea, his parents said he should go out more and his sister bribed him to go.
    Goals (Optional): Luna wants to be an artist and Elite 4 member.

    Starter Pokemon: Totodile
    Species: Totodile
    Nickname: Toty
    Appearance (No Shiny Pokemon): A regular Totodile with a tiny bracelet on its arm.
    Moves (Up to 6): Water Gun, Crunch, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail
    Ability (Hidden Allowed): Torrent
    Personality (Optional): A feisty little one who likes to play around.

    Velvet lol
  37. I'm sorry, but we are now closed.

    As for everyone else, the RP will be starting. We will separate into two different groups of 5 and 4 people respectively. The groups are as follows:
    Group 1 will be exploring the Kanto region along red route pictured, while Group 2 will be exploring along the blue route. The purple route represents points in the story where the two will be together.
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  38. Where do the routes start/end?
  39. What do you mean? Like how will we mark the beginning/end of a route in the RP?
  40. I mean, in which location do our characters physically begin in the RP

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