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DPPt/HGSS Plapti's Post for Trading

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Plapti, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Hey, Trainers!

    I'm looking for:

    Looking for:
    Articuno (Trading with Baratron)
    Mewtwo (Trading with twinky)
    Entei (Trading with Legendry_Master)
    Raikou (Trading with Legendry_Master)

    Lugia (Trading with twinky)
    Ho-oh (Trading with twinky)
    Celebi (Trading with twinky)
    Latias (Trading with twinky)

    Groudon (Trading with Belle)
    Kyogre (Trading with Meagboom)
    Rayquaza (Trading with twinky)
    Deoxys (Trading with twinky)
    Jirachi (Trading with twinky)
    Darkrai (Trading with twinky)

    Manaphy (Trading with twinky)

    This will help me complete the Dex.

    Items/TMs Wanted:

    TM 06 (Toxic)
    TM 26 (Earthquake)
    TM 42 (Facade)
    TM 59 (Dragon Pulse)
    TM 65 (Shadow Claw)
    TM 79 (Dark Pulse)
    TM 84 (Poison Jab)
    DP Evolution Stones (I know you may not part with these)
    Light Ball

    What I've got to offer:


    Any starter from any Gen
    Any Eevee evolution
    Elekid W/Electrizier
    All Fossil Pokemon
    Diamond Exclusives
    Ask, I'm just lazy to list what I've got


    Fire Stones x26
    Thunder Stones x32
    Sun Stones x14
    TM 15 (Hyper Beam)
    TM 14 (Blizzard)
    TM 25 (Thunder)
    TM 28 (Dig)
    TM 29 (Psychic)
    TM 31 (Brick Break)
    TM 35 (Fire Blast)
    TM 89 (U-Turn)
    Most Plates (Ask if Interested)
    Black/Expert Belt
    Focus Sash
    Hard Stones x24
    Any other items, just ask, I'll see what I can do

    If you just want to trade for the sake of trading, make a reasonable offer.
    I'll take shinnies off your hands too.
    Natures and Egg Moves may be requested (but may take a bit of time so please be patient)
  2. Hey plapti, i can get you Slopoke, Misdreavus, Stantler, Pinser, Lapras, Tangela and Phione.

    Im Intrested in, Tm 15 (Hyper beam), Tm 25 (Thunder), Elekid w/ Electerizer, Flareon (if you have one), and i also need a few water and leaf stones! thanks
  3. I can get you a Glameow for a Bulbasaur, if possible?
  4. Can I get an umbreon? I'll trade you a Shelgon if you're willing. PM me if you are interested.
  5. Andy: Yeah, I can all of the items. How many Leaf/Water Stones do you need? I can get you one of TM 15 and 1 TM 25.
    My Flareon isn't for trade and i was hoping to trade the Elekid w/Electrizer for a Magby with a Magmarizer. I'll think about it though.

    [quote author:prodiguy link=topic=2672.msg33042#msg33042 date=1186945389]
    I can get you a Glameow for a Bulbasaur, if possible?
    Prodiguy: Yeah I can get you a Bulbasaur for the Glameow.

    [quote author=ShadoPikachu link=topic=2672.msg33062#msg33062 date=1186951864]
    Can I get an umbreon? I'll trade you a Shelgon if you're willing. PM me if you are interested.
    ShadooPikachu: It'll take me some time, but yes I should be able to. I'll PM you when I've got it.
  6. ok how about, 1 tm 15, 1 tm 25, 2 water stones and 1 leaf stone? if you want to trade those then you can choose the pokes you want and i'll get them ready!
  7. hey is our deal still on? you know the one about me trading you my electrike for your tm 25
  8. Andy: I'll take the Phione, Slopoke, Misdreavus, Pinsir and Lapras. I'll even through in another TM 15 for my Nosepass back if you want. What Pokemon do you want back?
  9. ok sounds good apart from i just realised i need 2 leaf stones not one. so do you want to pick another poke? dont bother about any certain pokemon just bring some you dont want, and sure ill get your nosepass aswell
  10. How about the Stantler?
    Yeah, I'll have the items ready for you.
  11. ok this'll have to be done in two trades so ill give you six, and then come back with stantler if thats ok. and im good to go when you are!
  12. Yeah that sounds good. Give me a sec to get the items. I'll PM you when I'm done. It'll be about 10 minutes.
  13. Ok thanks, ill get them ready then
  14. hey thanks for the trade! ;)
  15. Thanks for the trades Andy. If you need anything else, look in my thread or PM me. :)
  16. Bump.
    List of wants updated.
  17. hey plapti, i can get a sandshrew and smeargle for you. just wondering if you have any pokes on my new list :)
  18. How about the Luvdisc and Octillary/Remoraid for the two?
  19. sorry i forgot to update it i now have luvdisc sorry!
  20. How about a Crawdaunt then?
  21. sounds good to me! ill be on wi-fi in maybe 10 mins? thanks
  22. Yep no problem
  23. Hey, I can get you Wynaut, Grimer, Mawile and Sentret, either as eggs or hatched, for Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Treecko. If you want them hatched, it may take a little while, but if you can take 'em as eggs, I can give them to you today.
  24. Hatched. How about the Pokemon you want? Hatched okay?
  25. Sure... I just don't know how long it'll take to hatch 'em all. >_>
  26. I've got to do the same. How's this. I'll PM you when my eggs are hatched, and you do the same when you're done. That okay?
  27. Okeydokey, sure thing. I'll inform you when they are released upon the world. ^__^
  28. hey again, i think your in the middle of a trade so i can wait till you finish but i just wanted to let you know that im ready when you are!
  29. Omg!! some one finally has an elekid for trade!! :o :o :o :o I'll give You my primeape!!! ;D ;D(add an electrizer if u can)
    Rash,Naive, or Naughty nature plz
    (egg move)ice punch
  30. I was actually going to trade the Elekid for a Magby with a Magmarizer. I only have Lv. 9 Elekids caught. If you want one with those natures and Ice Punch, You're going to have to wait a while
  31. thanks for the trade's again!
  32. Yeah yeah, No Problem.
    Just look at the updated list every week.
  33. Want my Corsola for a Mudkip? PM me if you are interested.
  34. Yep, that's fine. Give me some time to breed it. I'll PM you when I'm ready.

    Edit: I've got the Corsola already, any other Pokes you have on my list?
  35. Okay. Then can I trade you my Kabuto for a Treecko?
  36. Yeah, that's possible. If you could, could you send the Kabuto as a Fossil, not as a Pokemon?

    BTW: Expect an update later tonight on the lists.
  37. That could mean more digging underground. It's already the pokemon. Oh, I'm not going to be on tomorrow. Maybe early in the morning though.
  38. I'm actually out of town, so I may not be able to trade.
    Take your time if you have to.

    Edit: Updated List of Wants
  39. Hi Plapti, Here we go with another list...I have, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Seedot, Gulpin, Snorunt, Slugma, Beldum and Spheal. Oh and your mankey :) I'll go update my want list for you to have a look at, if you want to.
  40. K, I'm back and Sorry Andy, but I found my own Mankey, Spheal, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Seedot, Gulpin, Snorunt, and Beldum. I'll still take the Slugma. I looked at your post and don't have any of the Pokemon you want. Any Items you want in particular?

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