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Open Plants Versus Zombies, Our secret weapons? Plants!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DetectiveCatTail, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. My First rp, Where you as a kid try to defeat Dr. Zomboss with you're friends and plants! Or will you try to defeat the plants as a zombie?

    Some Quick Rules:
    1. You can be a Human, or Zombie. As a human, you are just a normal human. Who can plant plants! And as a zombie, You are a zombie hero (I'll list em down, And say who is which one)
    2. You are a kid, so you're max age is 18.
    3. Dont use the strongest of plants or zombies. You may have one, and just ONE strong plant or zombie, I'll list em down, And you may only use it once. Zombies are allowed to use ONE gargantuar each, but only if everybody else says its okay to do so.
    4. You also have a bio, heres a template:
    You're plants:

    My bio:
    Name: Katty McCallon
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: A shy girl, But will crack a few jokes when near friends, and has a hard time concentrading, as she has ADHD
    Appearance: A girl with a pink hat, a pink shirt with a heart on it, a pink skirt and pink shoes
    You're Plants: Hypno Shroom, Cattail, and if night time: Sun-Shroom

    Zombie Heroes:
    Super Brainz,
    The Smash,
    Electric Boogaloo,
    Brain Freeze,
    Professor Brainstorm,

    Katty was in her backyard, Relaxing in her pool with her cattails. Until she saw a buckethead zombie walk thru her house into her backyard. ``Oh no!`` She jumped out of her pool, put on her clothes, And went into her garage, Grabbing some seeds for hypno shrooms. She placed them on the ground, like they were cards, and a hypno shroom appeared. She filled all her lanes with them. Then saw how more zombies were walking in ``Oh no... My cattails arent gone cut it`` She sighed, but thought she could spam hypno shrooms, but when she tried to place another row, she saw how she had no more sun. ``Oh dangit.`` She ran into her garage, Grabbed her bags of seeds, Then jumped over her fence. ``I must find that weirdo with a pot on hes head`` she said in a hurry.

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