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Private/Closed Planet of the Pokérus Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by rawheight, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Discussion thread for a one on one with @Pokemon Fanfiction Novels

    So I'm not familiar with Halo but I just watched a brief video explaining the SPARTAN-II program. As long as I'm understanding it correctly, it's basically a super-soldier training/experimentation/augmentation program?

    I was considering setting the characters in the 15-16 year old range, right on the verge of transferring into the more 'hardcore' part of their training where they go from simply battling and catching Pokemon to some of that experimentation, ambush/kill tactics, and real-world missions instead of simulations.

    Incentives for being a better trainer than your classmates could also include power-ups for your Pokemon (Rare Candy, Iron, etc.), possibly access to rarer, stronger Pokemon, TMs/HMs and the like?

    Anyway, as long as there's nothing else dire that I'm missing or that you'd like to add, I can get started with the first post in a real thread (:
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  2. This sounds cool already.
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  3. I think we're good to go. At this point, whatever happens, happens, and I'll adapt.
  4. I posted, and took way longer than I meant to. That is not typical of me, but I wanted to establish my setting well. In the future, my posts won't be nearly as lengthy . . . or at least, that's the plan.

    TLDR: Matt's my protagonist. He's on a Floating Academy ship bound for Fortree Settlement, which is under feral pokemon attack. His mission is to reclaim the settlement, and I hinted that Academy 119 would probably assist in a combined endeavor.
  5. Remember that Israel trip I brought up? I'll be gone until the 25th, starting tomorrow. In the meantime, if you would like to forward the plot, I have no problem with letting you borrow any of my characters. In short:

    Matt is quick-thinking, but insecure.
    Haku is competent, but lacks compassion.
    Melvin is intelligent, but physically frail.

    And whatever happens, happens. See you in two weeks!
  6. Heyyyy sorry, I was gone on my trip as well! I hope you had a good time (:

    I'll have a post up by the end of the day!
  7. It's good to see you again. I'm sorry about my own delay; I'll have a post up within an hour. I never know what I'll write until I write it, but it seems that I'll rely heavily on you for plot and twists, while I add enrichment and flavor. That may change at some point, but for now . . .
  8. Hey, I'm SUPER sorry about posting late. Things have been absolutely crazy at work lately. This week we had more projects than we had employees =/

    I'll get a post up ASAP!
  9. It sure sounds like a handful. I hope you take at least one sabbath day of sorts to unwind from that. Thank you for keeping me in the loop; I'll have my own post in tomorrow.
  10. Thank you! I do for sure. When we have to work the weekend, I make sure to put in all my extra time on Saturday so I can keep Sunday as my Sabbath.

    We're finally finishing the project that has been taking up so much time and energy, so hopefully I will be able to post more often in the coming weeks! Thanks so much for your patience. Sorry things have been so crazy =/
  11. It's okay, you're good. I just posted. You may have noticed that I'm not moving forward with the gym discovery, because I'm leaning on your plot twist reveal. To put it in D&D terms, the Melbourne is one of my dungeons, but I consider Fortree Gym one of yours. But hey, for what it's worth, we don't have to pretend not to know each others' characters names anymore.
  12. Gotchya (: I've been kind of floundering with the plot twist because there really aren't any fire-types around Fortree in the games, lol... but I'm just going to go with it (:
  13. Well, I mean, there may not be Fire-types. Melvin simply thought it was more likely that a Fire-type species moved in and targeted the settlement than that a Pokemon version of Prometheus came down and taught the local Linoones how to make fire. Even so, other answers are quite possible.
  14. Sweet, I was really hoping to bring Castform into this one way or another!
  15. I'm going to visit my family and will be out of town for a few days, I probably won't reply until I'm back next week (:
  16. Sorry for the late response, another crazy busy week at work... we finished two of our projects though, so hopefully things will calm down a little now.

    I'm fine with the timeskip & the move to the Melbourne. I'll have to figure out how to get Leon to transfer, but there are a couple options there I can work out.
  17. As always, thank you; I appreciate you letting me know. I also appreciate you remaining with me on this story all this time. We're four months in, and most people would've dropped it by now.
  18. No problem! Thanks for being understanding with my schedule. In general, I don't start something I don't plan on finishing.
  19. The Fortree chapter's pretty much ended. Start thinking about where next objective lies.
  20. Sorry, another crazy week OTL The day I was going to reply, my roommate ended up in the emergency room. She doesn't have any family in-country so I stayed with her until they released her. She's ok now, though.

    What kind of things can happen to a ship on the open seas? Are there pirates? I would assume there are groups of people that aren't interested in being part of the settlements and under the jurisdiction of the TAP. But I suppose something needs to happen other than just fights all the time.
  21. Sure, there can be pirates. Civilized society is a compilation of protocols that prevent deviant behavior in the first place, and when civilization loses hold, those barriers break more easily. I agree that there's more to the story than fights, though the theme hasn't really been about fighting since mid-September (it's been more existential than anything). I've spent the last hour staring at my screen and brainstorming- with little success- so I welcome more suggestions. Here's an image of PokeEarth that may help in planning.


    If you could go anywhere from Hoenn (or in Hoenn), where would you go, and why?

    After thinking it over, my current answer to this question is "anywhere with a tower." Humanity is a social species, and as the pokemon get smarter, they'll realize that weakening humans involves disrupting their communication abilities. Towers, whatever their previous function, would probably be converted to relay stations in these latter days. Even if wild pokemon don't yet understand the complexity of radio waves, they would likely be smart enough to view artificial towers as monuments to humans- a blot on the natural earth. If they (or rogue human factions) were to destroy these, people would become more isolated, scattered, and tribal.

    Again, this is only after a bit of thinking, and I've focused upon towers to the exclusion of other human landmarks, or other situations that would require the assistance of the Melbourne Naval Academy. Before I post again, I'd like to know your thoughts.
  22. Hmm... I guess my question is what would be the motivation for moving to their next stop? The TAP is about protecting human bases, creating superhuman soldiers with super-powerful Pokemon, and trying to discover cures for Pokerus. I like the tower idea, but in Pokemon lore towers are often notorious for being completely overrun with wild Pokemon, or even house legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh or Rayquaza. In order for the humans to control a tower, they must have fought very, very hard to keep it. Which, if it is a primary means of communication that makes a lot of sense. But it's not like there would be a complete lack of communication if the radio station broke down or was taken over... you can always have flying-type Pokemon deliver messages, or Psychic ones that can teleport. But I understand that it's risky to use Pokemon that could be trained for defense simply for sending messages & there's always the chance they'll be killed and eaten or whatever... but it still wouldn't be a complete breakdown in communication.

    I think the "tower" that sticks out to me (not exactly a tower... but a large building) would be the Mossdeep Space Center? It's close by, it's not one that has historically been overrun by Pokemon, and it already has the infrastructure in place for radio communications. And not just that, but satellite imagery as well, if they can get that figured out.

    Anyway, that's just my thoughts. It sounded like you had a plan already though, so let me know what you think (:
  23. It's been quite a while since I've heard from you, Rawheight. Is everything okay?
  24. Hey, I'm so sorry, I'm really failing at holding up my end of the bargain =/ I'm drowning a little in responsibilities. I'll quit something, and then another responsibility will suddenly double. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment and trying to figure out how to get things to slow down lol. It'll be nice to have a bit of a break over Christmas!

    Again, I'm really sorry. I'll do my very best to keep to my once-a-week post promise! Things should calm down a little for me in January, and hopefully then I can sort out my schedule a little better.
  25. Alright, neat. I've just posted, and done a little more world-building. There are no real twists I can think to throw in, so if you've got some, go for it. I'm trying not to take the focus too far off of "dystopian future" with the whole life-on-a-ship thing.
  26. I don't think I've ever read any kind of dystopian future stuff on a ship before, so it's an interesting concept to explore! I don't have any plot twists in mind at the moment, but I'll try to come up with something!
  27. So sorry again for the delay - I hit 4 states over the past 2 weeks visiting family and friends for Christmas & New Year's. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
  28. As always, thank you for the open communication, and the well-wishing. The holiday was great, though I allowed it to atrophy my brain too far. Keep me on my toes.
  29. Question: Is everyone on the Melbourne Pokerus-immune?
  30. I assumed yes, as the Academy program utilizes pokemon.
  31. I know at the beginning we were talking about possible Pokerus immunizations being given as an incentive or reward for soldiers on the field, I wasn't sure where we had landed with that.
  32. If immunization existed, wouldn't it be manufactured and distributed as quickly as possible, though? It wouldn't make sense for just a few people to get it.
  33. I think what we were talking about was potential immunizations - drug trials that may have worked in some Pokemon tests but they need human test subjects to see if it will cross over. If everyone on the Melbourne is immune anyway, it wouldn't make a difference though.

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