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Private/Closed Plan 9 (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Neither of you answered the question completely, and that's because you couldn't.

    Nothing really indicates where exactly we're supposed to be. Jungle, Forest, Grassland, Mountains, Plains, Desert, etc. who knows.

    That's why I wanted some clarification on the environment we're supposed to encounter, it will give me more to work with when I'm writing my descriptions.
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  2. Oh that kind of environment, I think I'll need to reread that post to refresh my memory. I think the post was more describing how the people were feeling and doing rather than the environment now that I think about it.
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  3. Oh yeah that was just me being sarcastic out of habit lmao, I don't think we've got a proper run-down of the landscape yet. Also are we going to be custom-making our rooms Hero-Aca style?
  4. Well, I might do that to reflect my character's personality. Group Leader also said we were going to be used the shelter as a base for a while, so I don't want to leave it non-descript.
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  5. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I just went with what I thought it of to be bc that’s how I usually role play. Isn’t the point to come up with how you envisioned things and post it, as long as it doesn’t derive too much from the plot.

    From how I was feeling from the post, it’s was maybe like we emerged out of a war zone the just ended a few years back? It was mountainous, but like a desert at the same time? Not exactly sandy but it’s like a duststorm could hit the area at any given moment. Perhaps some scrap of metal here and there, but potentially deserted.
  6. True, but that leaves everyone to make their own descriptions and they can end up conflicting. We're supposed to be hunting for food or something like that, right? That'll be particularly difficult if the area around us is too desolate. If it is then one of the characters might point out that they definitely couldn't hunt enough food to feed the entire village.

    We might be able to grow it with a plant manipulator, but the desert-ish environment does hinder that somewhat.

    I want a more precise environment mostly because the environment is really important for this kind of survival type RP.

    I do understand what you were saying though, it sounded like we emerged in an area that was supposed to be populated, but now isn't. You didn't really go in-depth with the environment either though since Royal was more introspective on his past and what he'd heard about the Ice Elementals.
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  7. Judging by some of the elements we’re using, I can only assume we’re capable manipulating and generating our specified element.

    If that’s that case, I could grow vegetation in a snap, and we’d just need a bit of top soil to get a steady farm going.

    Good news is, the farm doesn’t have to be massive, as I could just speed up the growth of our food supply.
  8. We've got plenty of water, but we'd have to assume the land itself could even support that level of growth. In terms of like nutrients for the plants and all. This could feasibly be solved by the earth manipulator though.

    Does give us a 'Survivalist' triad or so who can sustain the group over large periods of time.
  9. Electricity isn’t a problem with my girl around.

    Also damn I missed quite a bit.
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  10. Well I mean with the sort of group we have we can turn basically any small area into a mini-garden
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  11. That would be extremely dope.

    I imagined the land outside to be some sort of a wasteland. Abandoned city of sorts.
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  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    This may be irrelevant at the moment but
    During the introduction, it had stated that each elemental tribes attacked the other tribe they were most favorable against
    For instance, the given examples were water attacked fire, fire attacked ice
    So I was wanting to ask who attacked who during the war?
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  13. Assumed by looking at the element matchups.

    I’d imagine
    water>fire fire>ice ice>ground ground>electricity electricity>water metal>ice fire>metal fire>plant plant>water
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  14. *Evil knowing laughter*

    @Barefoot_Kittens Could we get a vague idea of what the environment is/used to be?

    Edit: And my assumption is, the vault would be located somewhere with low population for privacy, and lush land that would be a hospitable environment for those leaving the vault.
    Like a distant forest, or near mountainous terrain.

    Point is, unless the land is radioactive or something of the sorts (which would then make food the least of our worries), we should have access to soil.
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  15. Throw out Ice and all the other elements exist on the Bagua Circle, that would be the Eight Trigrams. I'd have to look for a chart that carries the right variations of the elements though.
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  16. Could also look at the Chinese elements table. They include half of these elements.

    Near a mountain would be nice.
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  17. Presumably some elements would have multiple weaknesses, maybe we could work that into the plot.
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  18. Name: Alex Wispet
    Gender: M
    Age (12-15): 14
    Element: Wind
    Appearance (Detailed please): Alex stands around average at 5' 10", with a rather lean build. As he rarely bothers brushing his hair, it tends to be a light brown tousled mess, which isn't helped by his powers sending it every which way during training. Eyes are a striking sky blue and has a relatively pale complexion from the time spent in the vault. He dresses lightly, opting for only a t-shirt and shorts in moderate weather and adding on a hoodie if conditions worsen.
    Personality (Detailed please): Alex is relatively laid back and slow to anger. Though he is fiercely protective of those he is close too, he understands their strength and only steps in if he feels they can't handle it themselves. At heart, he's fun loving and loves a joke, a quality that is endearing to some and annoying to others. He has maturity for when he needs it but in general he doesn't bother. To a degree he can be called lazy, avoiding work when it isn't necessary and opting to sit back most of the time. However, his love of fighting means that he enjoys training and spends most of his time doing so if he isn't dozing in the common room.

    Give me a yell if there's something you want changed, odds are I'll probably make a few minor edits to it now and then if they spring to mind
  19. Holy- I mean holy guacamole you all went to town. And the best part is that I don't have an answer XD! I'm more of a be and let be kinda dude, whatever you guys post I'll just roll with it. The land is rather dry and desolate, think more desert or tundra. Now it's the summer, so it's hot and nothing is growing- but that's all I got for you. As for Zander's point, all of the elemental can help with rebuilding- but none should yet be at the level where they can support a whole community.

    @Sky5372 Alex looks good- you're in!
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  20. Hmmm, so what are we looking at with elemental capabilities?

    Take Levia for example, no bending a whole river to her whim or anything like that, but in terms of water spouts from her finger...how big are we talking xD?

    And for that matter, is generating an element form essentially thin air considered an advanced skill? As the youngest, I'm trying to give her a pretty base-line capability with regards to the elements.

    I was leaning more towards super-human aquatic capabilities e.g. She could out-swim most athletes, maybe hold her breathe for really like her gills haven't grown yet, and manipulating existing water.
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  21. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I’m going similarly with Royal, more so human abnormalities based on his element. For instance, extreme tolerance towards cold temperature, freezing or cooling down objects with a touch or waver of his hand, and potentially some frost breathe.

    I want to add some ice manipulation too, but regarding our current circumstances there really isn’t any ice or snow around to do so.

    Speaking of snow, I’ve got a question based off the ice elemental. Would a water elemental have control over ice as well because ice is essentially frozen water after all. And snow properties, would that be more so ice or water elemental characteristic?
    That brings up like magma too. Would a fire or earth elemental have access to that?
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  22. What I currently have in mind for Kyla is more basic electricity generation and manipulation. No advanced techniques yet. A later ability I want to develop is the ability to absorb electricity and energy.
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  23. Fire generation and manipulation to a certain extent. The strength, duration and heat of the flames will increase as he practises more, as will his resistance to them. I’m planning that he can’t get burnt but he does get affected by the temperature, so he can overheat if he uses his fire to much. (Kinda like Todoroki from my hero but without the ice to balance it out) If I need to down play it hmu. Gonna start working on a post after work.
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  24. I assume that in the case of the ice and water elementals that once water freezes over it's under the influence of Ice, who can also do this through their powers. Water has a lot more leeway with the temperature up until it's completely solid, but can't melt ice without outside help
  25. Maybe with certain things elements share control? Slush and snow can be controlled by both water and ice whilst sand and dust can be controlled by both earth and wind (Cuz sandstorms and dust storms). Something like that?
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  26. Ahhh... So many questions. I want you to understand that I am fundamentally bad at making these types of decisions. I guess I'll try to describe it to the best of my abilities (just go with what you think is write for you character):

    The stronger characters, Erik and Marik, can probably generate at least a good flow of their element. Erik, for example would be able to shoot out flames to about the level of a weak flame thrower (but not for long). Marik would be able to grow things, but would have very low levels of controlling the plants. Most of the others would be able to create a palm-full of their element, unless under a stressful situation where their instincts take over. Levia could probably control a small bubble of water, and Jackson would be able to make a small metal rod. Alex could create a gust of wind, but nothing too strong just like Kula could make a spark of electricity. I think you get the gist- at least I hope you do. They are pretty weak at this point, but will grow rapidly once they start actually training/working on their abilities.
  27. I disagree with the latter, since that stuff is all earth. Wind would just be able to blow it around. The former seems more simple though so it should work fine

    Edit: Damn that took a long time to send. Seems good to me barefoot, although I think something more to the size of a football would make sense since you've gotta assume they trained a small bit down in the vault
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  28. Hmmm, so a desert or tundra type setting huh?

    I'll take it that we're more in a desert since that seems more survivable. So we can say sand, cacti, small rodent creatures, etc. Okay, I've got a pretty good image formed.

    So I'm working with bubble huh? Fair enough.

    For one she's not sustaining an entire village off bubbles. She'd be good for small-scale expeditions where she could produce enough clean water to keep a group of people hydrated.

    Speaking of expeditions, we should probably have one of those. The desert isn't the best place to live long-term, and I don't know about our food stores, but the best course of action seems to be scouting and trying to find somewhere more habitable for relocation. With a steady supply of water, a more forgiving terrain, and better soil for agriculture.
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  29. I'm getting forest vibes off Kyuu's description, maybe we could make that the exploration's eventual destination
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  30. I still thinks it’s a wasteland
    I would argue that Kyla can make more than a simple spark, nothing too big but a spark sounds a bit underplayed. She has been tinkering around with her powers a lot.
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  31. @Grand Master Koop a spark was a bad way to describe it. I meant she can produce a charge that would shock someone, but couldn't hurt anyone. With metal as a conductor or other technology, she's more useful.
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  32. I was still imagining something larger than that.
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  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Then enlighten us. How developed is Kyla’s electricity?
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  34. The thing I have in mind with Kyla's ability isn't how much she can manage to generate, its how much she can regulate her output.
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  35. @Grand Master Koop sorry if this answer doesn't satisfy you but all I can say is that I trust you. Give Kyla however much power you see fit- but don't make her outmatch the other children, make sure she isn't stupid strong.

    I plan that once the children get attacked, Zuzu will let them start training because she realizes how valuable they are to the new world.
  36. Think something like Deku and One for All.
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  37. I'll let you take the lead with that. I'd want to see your character utilize their power, and then I'll scale Levia to that.
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  38. I second that. Seems like a pretty good way to scale stuff relative to what Barefoot has planned
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  39. Will somebody please post in the thread? It does not have to be particularly long or detailed, we all know that first posts are rough. I promise I'll take the lead and whatnot, but we need to get all of the characters out first.
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  40. Sorry sorry, I’ll try whip or something tonight. Been a rough week xD
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