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Private/Closed Plan 9 (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. The world of Elementia development was not meant to ever become what it had. Humans were sent to live on a different planet around the year 3000. Over 400 years later, when normal humans began to transform, it was thought to be a blessing from god. Suddenly, people began to be born with an element. There are 9 main people: Earth, Plant, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Water, Metal, Air, and those who are elementless. Rather than living in a mixed world of piece each element segregated into tribes. One's element is the pride of their village, and it became easier to simply say that one's own element is superior to the other elements. Unwilling to bend to each other's arrogance, the tribes began a war for dominance- a war which was said to be in the name of their elements. The battles came hard, with no side holding back. Each tribe targeted the one most vulnerable to it- water attacking fire while fire attacked ice. Resulting in deaths like nobody could've expected. The smallest population at this point was the people who didn't have an element, the wisest group it seemed. This war would go on until the entire world was sunken into despair- the elementless knew that something had to be done. That is when they created Plan 9. Plan 9 was executed almost immediately. One child from each element would be adopted, seeing as orphans ran rampant through every tribe. Once one child of all 8 elements is gathered, they would be secured with the humans until the war was over. And exactly that happened, the children (age ranging between 2 and 5) were taken to a vault with a majority of the nonelemental population. The children were raised together, sheltered from the reality of the hatred and despair of war that raged above their heads. 10 years later, the news came. The war was over. But it was much worse than anyone could have expected. The land was empty, broken and sad. Not a single person roamed the dead valley that was once a center of population. Nobody could understand what happened. There were no records left behind or any trace of a single elemental-human anywhere to be found. Nothing was left of the elemental, except for the 8 children who were spared.

    Ignoring the lack of actually detail or sense that the above passage made, I hope I got the plot through clearly enough. Basically this RP will focus on a group of kids in a society that is rebuilding after a huge war and the mysterious disappearance of all traces of earlier generations. What they do not know if that there are beast lurking in the darkness, a force that was created by the war and ended the war as well. That's all I've got. It's a fairly unfinished concept, but I figured I'd try it anyways. Anyone who wants to can help with the plot as well!

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply
    • If a battle is to occur another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle through private messaging as to not crowd the discussion thread
    • Romance is allowed; don't make it awkward
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's Pokecharms friendly
    • Write proper length paragraphs (5-10 sentences at least) with correct grammar, punctuation, and thorough details. I can't stress this rule enough. I plan on being very strict about this in this RP
    • Only 8 people will be able to serve int his RP (one for each element) it's a first come first serve ordeal
    • Only 1 character per RPer, so we can get as many people as possible to RP. If a few weeks pass and the characters aren't full, anyone can make a second character to take the element that is not taken.
    Character Form-
    Age (12-15):
    Appearance (Detailed please):
    Personality (Detailed please):

    Feel free to ask any questions. I'll try to post my character pretty soon- remember the faster you are the more likely you'll be to get your element of choice. I will not RSVP, unless you actually post an at least partially finished bio that you can get back to. Also, don't even bother applying if you won't comply to the rules of having to type long detailed posts. If your grammar or style is not sufficient in your bio, I will not ask you to change it I simply will not accept your character.

    Fire: Eric Finch
    Water: Levia Tsovinaire
    Plant: Marik Crowell
    Wind: Alex Wispet
    Ground: Noah Rhysen
    Metal: Jackson Turley
    Electricity: Kyla Cole
    Ice: Royal Easton
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  2. okay I just spotted the you won’t reserve spot things xD Screw work I want a place in this xD
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  3. Name: Eric Finch
    Gender: Male
    Age (12-15): 15
    Element: Fire
    Appearance: Eric Finch is of average height for his age, standing at around 5’7 feet. He has curly short brown hair and bright blue eyes. His skin is rather tanned and asides from a few dark freckles on his upper cheeks he had a rather clear complexion. His features are surprisingly soft though by no means does he have a baby face. His build is of a healthy one, though he does lean more towards the skinny side. For clothes Eric is often in a shirt (usually warm colours) and jeans (almost always black)
    Personality: Eric tries to be as polite and as kind as he possibly can be but due to a cruel spell of irony he is rather hot headed. He doesn't necessarily have a short temper but should his patience be tested he can very easily loose it. A few ways to tear his patience is to boss him around, insult him, treat him like a child and many many more. He has a curiosity about the past, the time before the elements, the time of the elements- all of it. With this yearning of knowledge comes a constant annoyance he has of not knowing anything about it. He has confidence in his element but also resentment of the others. Eric views his element as a destructive force, nothing else. Elements like water and plant fascinate Eric whilst also making him jealous. TL;DR: Hot headed boy trying his best to be nice. A curious boy who likes some of the other elements more than his own.
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  4. Name: Marik Crowell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Element: Plant
    Appearance: Marik takes pride in his physique, standing at around 5’8, with clear pale skin, and an athletic build.
    His amber colored eyes carry a bored, unenthusiastic vibe that radiates onto whomever he may be talking with. His chestnut brown hair is messily brushed to the left.
    His clothing is simple, consisting of of a tight fitted white cloth shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow, a pair of baggy paramilitary style pants, and grey combat boots so worn down they also appear black.
    Personality: Marik is...well...an asshole. He views the past generations as moronic and barbaric, and he expects the same to come from future generations.
    He works incredibly hard as to make sure he’s a cut above the rest, training his mind and body day in and day out. He views himself as capable of overcoming the hardships of the past, but has no reason to believe those around him are capable of the same.
    In a sense, his personality could be summed up as someone who’s simply lost faith in humanity, and views looking out for themself as the number one priority.
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  5. @Mystic Zander yup- looks good. Mark is accepted! This is filling up much quicker than expected, I'm excited :D.
  6. Glad to be here. Even though the plot is just a bit past the skeleton stage, it’s already very intriguing.

    Oh-and it’s Marik btw. Lol
  7. Name: Levia Shan Ran Tsovinaire
    Gender: Female
    Age (12-15): 12
    Element: Water

    Appearance (Detailed please): Boasting lengthy and luxurious locks of teal-blue hair and limpid aquamarine eyes rippling like pools of water, Levia prides herself on her physical reflection of her element. Her hair is bundled with a black scrunchie creating a pony-tail the drifts down to the small of her back. She’s 4’5” when standing upright and can often be seen in a variety of blue dresses, which are stylized as a mix between leisure and sport. All of her clothing is emblazoned with a small crest that depicts a water Nymph amidst roiling, tumultuous waves, and shrouded in thunderclouds. Her dresses are usually form-fitting and waterproof, outlining her lithe, toned muscles from untold hours of swimming.

    Personality (Detailed please): Levia can be laid back, lazy and somewhat taciturn, but she's a good listener with an overall mellow personality. She tries to be soft and flexible in her approach, a reflection of water's calming nature but she can be violent and abrasive when pushed to her breaking point, a reflection of water's more destructive side. She dislikes the heat, and her favorite activities are swimming and fishing, which she will usually do to either pass time, or relax when upset.
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  8. @kyuukestu Levia is awesome! A good mellow character to balance the hothead and the lone wolf. ACCEPTED!
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  9. Thank you, thank you ^^

    I'm assuming that since they were all locked in a Vault for 10 years all the characters are very familiar with each other, yes?
  10. @kyuukestu Yep- they are basically siblings. I plan on also making a care taker or parent figure.

    I'm almost done with me character. Also- if anyone had suggestions to help with building the plot- be my guest to offer them up. I may start the Rp when we have less than all 8 characters, depending how long it takes for the RP to fill.
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  11. With regards to the plot...I guess we could break things into smaller arcs/objectives.

    Since we've been locked away from the world for the past 10 years, our stores of food and freshwater might be running low.

    The first major task we could have is to explore the surroundings and create a permanent base. Of course, the shelter could also serve as our permanent base. I think we just need a loose string of objectives as to how we're going to live in this new world.
  12. In the instance I join this I would like to reserve Electricity for myself.
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  13. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I think if we've been locked away from the world for the past 10 years, food and freshwater aren't an issue
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  14. Oh wait no reserving, alright I'll work on a Bio as soon as I can.
  15. It depends on how much food and water they stored.

    If they only stored around 10 years' worth of food and water then we'd be running out just about now.
  16. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    How would they store that? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to have a supply that they can reach no matter how much they use?
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  17. Name: Jackson (Jacks) Turley
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Element: Wind
    Appearance: Jackson is fairly average looking in general, perhaps a bit on the small side. His has rather fair skin, being a creamy pale color and rarely sporting any marking or bruise. Jacks stands at about 5'2 and has a slender build. Though he tends to be a playful spirit, constantly moving and supersizing it's made him more skinny than fit. Rather than having the muscular physique of a well-trained athlete he just looks like a kid who runs more than he eats. Jackson has an angular face, with a short but pronounced jawline and a thin nose. His eyes are a dull grey color reflects his metal element, and they are shadowed by a pair of dirty blonde, thick eyebrows. Jackson's hair is a dark brown color, with varying streaks of lighter, sandy blonde in different areas that makes it look almost fake. His hair is thick, and unruly. While the sides are cut to shorter than an inch, the top of Jackson's head is very full. Falling in sloppy curls to just above his ears and covering his forehead.
    Personality: Jackson is hardheaded and eager to say the least, immature in many ways. Jackson lacks self restraint, which may be his least redeeming quality- but his enthusiasm for just about everything makes it seem like his lack of self control is on purpose. He has no regard for social boundaries and lacks a filter in general, making his well-intended opinions to often cause conflicts. Jackson also tends to have a problem with biting off more than he can chew, the boy loves a good challenge but can get ahead of himself at times.

    There's my bio. Anyhow, if we start the Rp right as the characters are coming out of the vault that could be pretty cool. Then they can start with the mediocre chores of gathering resources or something. Even if they have food and water, they would still scout for things like wood or whatever. While out they could stumble upon a hint about the disappearance of the other elementals.
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  18. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I'd join but I'm absolutely terrible with appearance descriptions and prefer a dynamic personality like a blank slate rather than a definitive basis and comprehension of personality so I'll have to pass. I'll still read this though since it seems interesting.
  19. Wait can't they get water from the water element child?
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  20. It depends on if the store is self-replenishing. For example, unless we have a farm or something inside the vault, we're going to have a limited amount of food, and it'll eventually run out.
    Possibly, but I'm not sure how the Elemental abilities work yet.
  21. I’m with Neb in that my description skills when it comes a Bio isn’t the greatest
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  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Royal Easton
    Gender: Male
    Age (12-15): 12
    Element: Ice
    Appearance (Detailed please): Royal has an under-average musculature for a male of his age. Standing at a 5'0", on the shorter spectrum for his age, Royal has a much more pale body compared to other children, due to his resistance towards the cold. Ice-blue almond shaped eyes and hazel hair, his banks could almost potentially being white, Royal doesn't stand out much with his facial proportions. His limbs are much more slender than average. His attire is usually light, not needing layers to sustain warmth. It considerably consists of a white plain tee with a light blue cardigan that attaches a hood to itself. His lower proportions consist of basic light blue denim and black boots that reaches his ankles, almost looking a bit too loose on the latter as how skinny Royal is. Not much for accessories except for a unique birthmark, the size of his thumb, on his shoulder that resembles oddly a snowflake.
    Personality (Detailed please): Royal isn't much of a socializer. He may give off a vibe that he's cold or uninterested, but mainly he's just shy. With his shy exterior, Royal also tends to eavesdrop on people, not wanting to participate in a conversation, but more so to hear what people have to say. His skinny state shows how inactive and dormant Royal is, always reserved to himself. To people he could potentially be closer with, he may be more warmer, but the cold exterior stays pretty dominant. Royal shows more interest in cold phenomenons and icy desserts. He doesn't hate, but he doesn't particularly find interest in outdoor activities and humidity.

    I've seen there's more males than females, if anything, i can change to a female.
    Hopefully this bio is fine, please feel free to critique if needed.
  23. SHHHHHH, don't outsmart me on the details of my own RP

    Also for those of you who are worried you won't be accepted because you aren't good at making bios- I understand. Just try at the bio if it interests you at all- I'm also looking at your previous RP posts to make my decision.

    @Crimson Sun Royal is accepted as well. Welcome to the team.
  24. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Noah Rhysen
    Gender: Male
    Age (12-15): 12
    Element: Ground
    Appearance: Noah wears a dark grey hooded cloak on top of a brown long sleeve t-shirt. He usually wears gray pants and scarf, not that he is usually cold, but he feels better with more of his skin being covered. His eyes are brownish hazel, usually filled with curiosity or fear, though sometimes happiness. Meanwhile his hair is a messy dirty blonde. He stands at 4'9" and is very skinny. He doesn't like exercise so he doesn't really have muscle and he doesn't eat a lot either.
    Personality: Noah is a very quiet kid that doesn't speak unless he's being talked to and likes to keep his thoughts to himself. He gets uncomfortable around strangers or loud people and although he's been with the other children for a long time so he doesn't get feel unhappy around then unless they invade his personal space. However, despite all that Noah still wants to be good at using his power and doesn't want to fall behind. Though he's not a fan of competitiveness he does compare himself to others internally when it comes to that aspect of his life.
  25. @5DigitNeb Noah is good to go! And wow, we're almost full. I better start working on that RP thread already XD.
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  26. The concept does raise questions.

    Someone like Kyuu’s character could provide water, and my character could provide fresh vegetation as a good source.

    Unless I don’t have the correct idea of elements work.
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  27. @Mystic Zander both of those are plausible uses of the elements. Perhaps the normal people come to really value the young elemental because of their use in creating a new society, and for that reason they do their best to hide their children from the dangers and truths of the world.
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  28. Character Form-
    : Kyla Cole
    Gender: Female
    Age (12-15): 14
    Element: Electricity
    Appearance: Kyla has shoulder length golden blond hair which the bangs covers her right eye, hiding a scar over her right eye. Has a fit build and standing at 5'4, has an above average curvature for her age. Despite her size and body type, Kyla is very physically capable. Her eyes are colored a bright golden yellow. Her usual attire consist of a white tank top under a black hoodie, she wears black shorts, black boots and black knee socks. She usually has an either bored or tired looking expression on her face, eyes barely ever fully opening and instead prefer to remain half open.
    Personality: She doesn't care what others think of her. Kyla is kind of a loner as she is mostly seen alone or occasionally with a very small group, but the truth is she just isn't a social person. Her memories from the outside world also pushes her to refrain from getting too close to anyone. Blunt and doesn't like holding back, Kyla will speak what's on her mind without much thinking about how others may react. With all those factors combined, Kyla appears to be a cold, intimidating jerk to a lot of people, but that is far from the truth. Kyla cares deeply about those she trusts and will help out when problem arises in her own manner. She has a sense of humour and likes to casually play some pranks using her powers. She has become quite adept with her abilities after spending most of the time in the past few years tinkering around with them.
  29. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    If we are questioning this, would it make sense that the children didn’t know how to harness the elementals? Because if I read correctly, the plot states the children are the last of the elementalists? So in that case, they had no one to teach them to harness their abilities, hence they aren’t able to help the people and villages for a source of water or to grow vegetation.
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  30. @Grand Master Koop Kyla is in!

    @Crimson Sun it's fair to say that they don't have very good mastery over their elements at this point. It's kinda hard to train that sort of thing while indoors, but they are somewhat aware (just like how we can fight even if we aren't trained) of their instincts. Some characters will be better at using their elemental abilities than others (older children will likely be more adept), but none of them will be excellent. Once outside, they will have much more room to exercise and practice their skills- and it will likely be encouraged to do so by the other villagers.

    Also- I didn't think about this before. But the older children (14 and 15 year olds) likely still have a bit of memory from the war and life with their tribe while the younger children won't have such vivid memories.
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  31. Self learning is a thing, and Zander’s character was stated to have trained hard in an attempt to be better than the others while my character has been stated to be quite adept at her powers
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  32. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Yes, it’s part of their intuitive after all for them to acknowledge their powers and access them however they can. But only so much can be learned by themselves while being confined within bounds after all. Not that I’m dismissing their training, I’m just saying it could be possible they haven’t been able to harness enough to actually provide for the remaining villages.
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  33. First of all, what Genre is this RP? Is it exploration? Is it’s Slice of Life? Is it action?
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  34. Likely a sci-fi, dystopian what if
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  35. @Grand Master Koop *cough* yeah. I totally thought that through. It's uh...... Exploration/Action. I don't know- it'll be focused on both character development and the slowly revealed mystery of the disappearance of the Elementals. I tend to really enjoy slow character growth. It will also be like 8 kids, who are as close as siblings, who have to make a decision as they realize that maybe they're not even supposed to be friends.
  36. Do you have an idea for the mystery in mind?

    I assume the village will be the element-less who didn't participate in the war, so I figure they'd be more informed... Or did they get wiped out as well?
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  37. There is an entire desolate world to explore, I say that’s a good stage for a lot of mysteries.
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  38. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Can I ask if there’s a villain to this plot? Or are you planning to make it more so a rebuilding and developmental process to this roleplay?
  39. I get the feeling there's a main mystery to be resolved though which would primarily have to do with how the other tribes were wiped out in a short 10 years.
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