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Private/Closed PKMN Super Mystery Dungeon Rp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PokePal., Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Im using my phone to do this so there may be a few typos. I'll try to catch as many of those as possible.


    I had an idea for a Mystery Dungeon type rp but i'm absolutely terrible with large rp forums. I'm the person that gets lost really fast and eventually fades away because I've been gone for two days and i'm behind 40 posts. This gave me an idea.

    I know i'm not the only one this happens to, so I'm looking for a small group of people to rp with. I would like at least 4-5 people. I don't want anyone to fall behind or anything. Does that make sense?

    Now on to the rp itself will be on a private forums

    General story/plot:
    This is a world where there's no humans and is only inhabited by Pokemon. In Lively Town, there's an exploration Society, where Pokemon can form exploration teams and travel the undiscovered lands, claim endless riches, arrest the most immoral outlaws, and help out fellow pokemon. However, there is an evil emerging in the land of Pokemon and the guild has got quite a lot on their hands in order to keep peace within the world of Pokemon. Large evil group of pokemon have started causing trouble and attacking anyone they come across. Their like bandits. They steal and put pokemon in harm's way. They must be stopped.

    -Make sure to have read the Pokecharms rules before applying
    -No controlling other characters without premission
    -Don't be overpowered
    -No legendaries, no megas, and no z moves
    -Romance is allowed
    -Only fainting, no death please unless you're leaving the rp or wish to have a different OC
    -3 characters maximum per exploration team
    -You allowed introducing your subplots in the Rp

    If you'd like to join the small group or have any questions please don't be afraid to ask here or pm me. I swear I dont bite or anything. Just a little shy ^_^

    Here is the rp forum: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon.19604/
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  2. This Mystery Dungeon thing sounds interesting, I'm game. :)
    1: What kind of Pokémon can we be? Example: Pre, mid or final evolution (Yes I'm aware that ultra beasts, megas and legendaries are forbidden)
    2: If a pre/mid evolution, are the Pokémon allowed to evolve? (of course within a fair amount of time or a good reason)
    3: Is your Pokémon allowed to look 'unique' to it's brethren or have any accessories to help it stand out? Example: Slightly bigger/smaller.

    My Pokémon
    Name: Damian (Gallade)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Very friendly and supportive to his team, Always tries to make sure everyone has fun, even if some are extreme. Always looks out for other before himself, especially Rhonda who has been friends with her since childhood.
    Appearance: Just your everyday Gallade
    Accessories: Wears a brown cape that reaches the back of his knees and is torn at the bottom.

    Name: Rhonda (Lopunny)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Happy-go-lucky and fun loving, rarely leaves Damian's side and has a secret crush on.
    Appearance: Just your everyday Lopunny
    Accessories: Wears a long black and white striped scarf
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  3. 1. For now anything goes. Though I'd prefer if no one was a shiny pokemon, however I don't mind which evolution stage your pokemon is.

    2. Evolution wise., I was thinking since Mystery Dungeons are in fact Mysteries that if your a pre or mid evo that after a certain about of wins against enemy pokemon you can evolve while in the mystery dungeon however you devole back to your normal form after you leave the dungeon. Each time you enter a new dungeon or leave a dungeon the evolution counter, if you will resets.

    3. You can have accessories and such to make your character look unique. I think it'll be a nice thing to have. You're pokemon can be slightly bigger/smaller than its species or even have a darker or lighter tone of color as long as it's not a shiny.

    4. Sure, I was thinking about posting mine actually, but I wasn't sure if anyone was gonna join me so I wanted to wait.

    Also I like your questions. For some of them I can't believe I forgot to clarify in my first post. I feel embarrassed I didn't think of some of them myself.

    My Pokemon:
    Name: Tiny (Vulpix)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Team player, shy at first, mostly quiet but speaks up when she needs to
    Appearance: She is a bit smaller than the other vulpix but no less feisty when it comes to battling. Other than that she is just a normal everyday Vulpix.
    Accessories: Has a purple flower tucked next to her right ear
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  4. Can you RP as two pokemon at once?
  5. I like your idea, and i'm interested in participating in this rp if you would have me.

    Name: Novel
    Age: Young Adult
    Gender: Male
    Species: Linoone
    Personality: Novel loves to read, write, draw, eat and sleep. He has some difficulty in experiencing and expressing emotional responses, and is a bit self-destructive emotionally, but always tries his best for others. Rudely honest, but somewhat modest.
    Appearance: Novel is mostly your usual Linoone, thought he is a bit chubby; doing more exercise wouldn't hurt. His height is just under average, and his eyes are more turquoise.
    Accessories: Wears a royal blue ivy cap.

    4-5 people only would be great. I don't want anyone falling behind either.
  6. Yes you can
  7. We would love to have you!! ^_^
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  8. I would love to participate in this RP with your permission.
    I plan on playing a male Cubone FYI.
  9. C65


    I’m interested in this I might have two ocs for this one being a bandit as my main oc and another just for fun that I may use later

    Name: Lux
    Species: Luxio
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Street smart and acts just like a bad boy and is a little quiet. Mainly looking out for himself and not very interested in joining a team. Hates stealing from pokemon who are hard workers. Enjoys shocking different Pokémon who cross him.
    Appearance: His mane is straight and a little spiky on the end with a slight curl at the top. His paws are a little darker than his skin.
    Accessory: A silk silver scarf
  10. Name: Collins
    Species: Inkay
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A two faced liar. Collins works under the exploration team not out of good intention, but to get rid of competition and have easy access to the guild treasures. While not all that strong, Collins will do anything that will give him more power.
    Appearance: A regular Inkay
    Accessories: none

    Name: Carrie on like the wings of beautifly ( or just Carrie, either is fine.)
    Species: Spinda
    Gender: female
    Personality: Carrie is only interested in things that are fun. If it is something evil like sowing chaos or lighthearted such as throwing a surprise birthday party, she only wants to take part in things interesting. while surprisingly powerful, Carrie does not try to get into fights unless told to. She is a loyal "servant" of Collins, mostly because she thinks he's an adorable hat.
    Appearance: she has a spot on her right ear that is bright pink.
    Accessory: She has a dirty best friends ribbon tied to her left arm.
  11. I really need to stop joining rp`s so commonly, well who cares

    Name: Lucas
    Species: Riolu
    Gender: Male
    Personality: An ambitious but childish young fighter, he commonly loses focus and messes up
    Appearance: Nothing Special
    Accessories: A blue scarth with a pattern like that of a honedge

    Speaking of Honedge

    Name: Slash
    Species: Honedge
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Can`t talk but loves to have fun, he and Lucas are best friends and allies and have been since they where very young
    Appearance: Nothing Special
    Accessories: Nothing special
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  12. Because I have problems with telling people no or sorry we're full I'm letting everyone join!! We can started the rp now!! I can't wait to see how this turns out!! ^_^
  13. If there's the option on being multiple (or just 2) chars, I feel like editing one in, or should I stick to my Gallade?
  14. You should probably edit the first post in the rp to include actual rp content, we don't have many specifics to go off to actually start writing
  15. yes, there is. You can totally add another character if you wish ^_^
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  16. I feel so bad for this, but I won't be on for a few weeks. My dog has gotten sick and won't be able to do much so I want to keep an eye on him. I soooo sorry for leaving you guys at the beginning of our rp. you all can carry on without me. Ill find some way to join back in once my dog is well and moving on his own again.
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  17. No worries man, I hope your dog gets better soon.
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  18. It's okay, I think we all understand, I also hope your dog gets better.
    But now there's the problem that my character was talking with yours...
  19. you could always write around it. you could have your character lose interest or something catches their attention that cause them to suddenly leave.
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  20. welp, i tried; i edited my second post so my character could leave

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