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Ask to Join PKMN Mystery Dungeon: The Explorer's Guild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Oct 22, 2017.

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    It was another day in the Explorer's Guild which was based on a hill that overlooked Ivan Town. it is a well-built building from mahogany wood and cobblestone. There are bedrooms for each team, a lunch hall, storage/treasure room, the Guild leader's office and the main community area, where all the missions get put up on a board and where the members socialize.

    Llubemir, the Guild Leader and Alayna his right-hand-woman were discussing in his office. "Leader it seems that we're getting more and more missing reports of our own members. That counts up to around 15 members and around 5 teams. This is getting extremely bad, we found two members dead not far off from Ivan Town, it seemed they didn't survive the trip back wherever they came from. I propose we send out an advertisement to the nearby villages and towns, looking for new members and make the training even more challenging and vigorous than before so then we'll only have the best of the best joining our ranks here. I've already got the flyers made to be put across the land." Alayna explained as she pulled out the flyer from her bag and handed it to Llubemir. Llubemir took a large gulp of beer before grabbing the flyer and reading it. As he read it he let out a burp. "Excuse you," Alayna responded.

    The Exploration Guild needs you!
    The Exploration Guild are looking for new members to join their ranks in Ivan Town.
    If you have a dream of adventure, the correct sense of justice, the fuel to make the world a better place, and the intuition to find the most ancient of treasures.
    Then you are cut out to be apart of the Exploration.
    In order to join you need to have at least one other person in order to make a team. Maximum of three per team.
    We hope to see you soon!
    Llubemir handed the flyer back to Alayna and downed the rest of his pint. He burped once more before giving his thoughts. "That can work, I'll greet every team myself," Llubemir said as he scratched his belly. Alayna sighed as she thought how wrong that could get. "Fine..."

    Later that week...
    Bango sat on the stairs in front of the Explorer's Guild, holding the flyer in his hand. He was resting his elbow on his knee and had his head rested on his palm. He held up the flyer and read it once more. "In order to join you need to have at least one other person in order to make a team." Bango sighed. "Damn it! None of my mates wanted to join, apart from me, so I don't have a team I can form. That's annoying. When I finally find a good enough reason to join the guild, I can't even do that by myself," Bango whined.
  2. Hiro was coming up the hill. he was coming to hopefully join the guild. Since he didn't have many friends, he was hoping he would meet someone there who he could team up with. he was right, sitting on the steps, he saw a Chimchar. who appeared to have no one with him, he said to the Chimchar
    "Hey, um, are you here to join the Exploration Guild as well?"
  3. Trouble was happily skipped around when he caught his eye on a flyer stuck to the side of a building. He had scampered through a small crowd of Pokemon, receiving vulgar responses as a result. Trouble ripped the flyer down and read it aloud. "Wow! I could be an Explorer? That sounds so fun!" Trouble jumps up in excitement and accidentally runs into a Rhydon. "You think a squirt like you would cut it as an Explorer? Even if you were miraculously accepted, you'd be dead within a week. and I'm being generous." He, along with surrounding Pokemon laugh. All except for Trouble, who is clearly displeased at the belittling. "You just watch! I'll be the greatest Explorer ever! I'll be known as an amazing hero!" he said as he poses. Everyone continued to laugh as they left. Trouble took one more look at the flyer in his paw before dashing off Ivan Town. Before long Trouble is at the steps of the Exploration Guild, exhausted from his break-less trip. He is lying on his back gasping for air with his tongue sticking out from the side of his mouth.
  4. Oliver was looking around Ivan town for the explorers guild as his dream was to lead a famous exploration team"where in the world is this guild"Oliver said,he looked some more until he noticed a flyer pinned on a board"oh now your just mocking me"he said irritated ,after a while of searching he saw the steps to the guild"finnaly I can join the guild"Oliver hurried into the guild ignoring the Pokemon by the steps as he was anxious to join


    Inside the guild Luna was busy bandaging up a mankey's arm"that should be enough,your arm should be better in a few weeks since it's not too bad of an injury but be more careful next time please"Luna said in a soft voice,the make smiled and walked off"phew that's the fourth one today,at this rate I'll be out of medical supplies in a week,maybe I can ask guild master Llubemir to send a team to the nearby town to get more medical supplies"Luna said wondering to herself,Luna was about to see the guild master when a oshawott sped past her and bursted into the guild leader office"aah you can't go in there without permission!! What is that kid doing"she thought to herself forgetting about what she was going to ask
  5. Bango noticed someone talking to him as others passed him into the Guild. He looked at the Pokemon and it was a Honedge. "Umm...yeah. I was thinking about it but I don't have a team so I don't think I can," Bango replied.
  6. “I don’t think you need a team,” A large Krokorok mumbled sitting to the left of the Chimchar and Honedge. “I heard there was this guy who was planning on just joining solo, with his team being just him.” His eyes scanned the two Pokemon before adding, “My name is Axel. I’ve spent a few years working for he force. But then I quit to become an explorer. More adventure and all of that jazz. It’s a pleasure.”
  7. Bango scanned the Krokorok that also approached. "I never knew I looked so approachable," Bango thought. "Umm...I'm Bango. It was one of the requirements on the flyer that you have to be in a team in order to join. Perhaps he's that good that he got accepted anyway," Bango said. "I have no experience with any of this, so I doubt I'll be accepted by myself. I don't think I want to be by myself to be honest," Bango added.
  8. Trouble finally regained his energy and stared deeply at the Guild in front of him. "I'm gonna be the greatest explorer this world has ever seen. Look out Mystery Dungeons, here I come!" Trouble jumped with glee, vigorously waving the flyer in his paw. He ran in circles before charging up the stairs and through anyone who got in his way. "I wanna be, the very best, that no one ever waaaaaaaaas!" he sang as he entered the Guild.
  9. Luna was caught off guard by another pokemon yelling and heading to the guild leader office"not another one, excuse me Mr.helioptile but could you be a little quieter,your distracting the guild work"she asked kindly, immediately after she said it she heard a crash behind her"just what I needed today"she sighed before leaving the helioptile and going to fix the mess a Butterfree caused
  10. Gail looked at the Meowstic in confusion before the flyer in the air in excitement. "I'm here to become an Explorer. That's right! You're looking at your next hero. Look out world, Gail is here to save the day!" he yelled with glee, completely ignoring the Meowstic.
  11. Oliver was in the guild leaders office but he couldn't find the guild leader,he looked around a bit admiring the guildmasters treasures and fascinating items until he heard a loud yell"huh what could that be"Oliver peeked his head out of the office and saw a helioptile who was acting prideful"ah,he must want to join the guild too,maybe we can be team members together,even though I haven't even met him yet"Oliver came out of the office acting nervous as he wasn't sure of what the electric types answer would be"hey,are you here to join the guild too"he asked reluctantly


    Luna was almost finished with cleaning up the mess when the helioptile yelled again"gah,I wish that kid would have some respect for pokemon,phew well there's nothing I can do about it that will get him to quiet down"Luna finished cleaning up and made her way back to the medical room and tried arranging herbs and flasks,she reached for a glass bottle on a shelf but knocked it over on accident causing it to shatter on the ground and cut Luna's paw"ah! oh this just isn't my day,why didn't I just use psycic"Luna preferred to not use her psycic to work or clean as she can't concentrate very well which makes her psychic abilities unstable, thankfully she was in the medical room so she could patch up the small cut herself
  12. Gail looked at the Oshawott and flashed a grin. "Why of course! Wow, are you one of my fans? I haven't even joined yet but I somehow already have fans!" Gail said as he jumped with glee. "Hey tell me, how did you hear about me? I haven't done anything. Is it because of my fantastic physique?" Gail flexed his not-so-big muscles. "Ooh, or my amazing charisma?" Gail said as he winked awkwardly.
  13. Oliver looked confused at Gail from what he said"uh..no,wait so you are going to join the guild"Oliver said happily"do you maybe want to join my team even though I haven't made one yet "
    Oliver said nervously as he was still worried Gail would say no,Oliver smiled awkwardly at the helioptile


    Luna finished wrapping her cut up and finished cleaning the medical room,she sat down exausted and still in a little pain from her cut"phew,now I can relax for another,I wish that head nurse Chloe was here to help,that audino is always calling sick days to go on vacation,when I was hired here I was excited to be working non-stop for explorers and working alongside a professional healer,but I've only been working here for a few months and I've been here more than her by alot"Luna sighed and tried to take a nap on the medical bed since there was nothing to do
  14. Gail stared at him for a moment before breaking out in a nervous laughter. "Sorry. Now that I think about it, what you say makes much more sense than what I said. And to answer your question; yeah, that's sounds like an awesome idea! Every hero needs a sidekick after all!"
  15. Oliver smiled happily but than looked confused again
    "Wait,is referring to me as the sidekick"
    Oliver shrugged and smiled again as he hugged Gail"thank you!! We're going to become heros yah!!!"Oliver yelled excited,he let go of Gail as he realized something"wait,the guild master doesn't seem to be here,but maybe we can ask another guild member to make us into a team...like her"Oliver pointed at Luna who was half asleep on the medical bed,Oliver walked over to her and poked her trying to wake her up"um excuse me Mrs are you awake"


    Luna was annoyingly woken up by an oshawott who was poking her nose"*yawn* huh,oh your those kids who rushed passed me earlier,what do you need,did you hurt yourself"Luna said calmly


    Oliver was surprised at her remark "ah,I'm sorry i didn't mean to do that"Oliver remembered what he wanted to ask her"oh,we want to join the guild but I can't find the guildmaster,so could you make us a exploration team"Oliver begged


    Luna giggled a bit as she couldn't officially make them a exploration team,but maybe she could get them to complete a mission"well,I can't make you an explanation team but i bet guild master Llubemir would make you a team if you can complete a mission worthy of exploration teams,you see,I am the assistant nurse of the guild and I am running very low on medical supplies,I need you and your partner here to go to the next town and get them to send more supplies" Luna asked


    "We can do that it doesn't seem to hard"Oliver replied happily


    "Ok,I'll give you a bag, a temporary badge,and a few berries as a thank you"Luna grabbed the items and handed them to Oliver"good luck"


    Oliver put the items in the bag and handed one temporary badge to Gail"let's do this Gail,this is our gateway to becoming famous explorers"Oliver said as he put the bag around his shoulder and grinned at the helioptile

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