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Open PKMN Mystery Dungeon: The Explorer's Guild - Sign ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Gpig5, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. In a world where there's no humans and is only inhabited by Pokemon. In the town, there's an exploration guild, where Pokemon can form exploration teams and travel the undiscovered lands, claim endless riches and arrest the most immoral outlaws. However, there is an evil emerging in the land of Pokemon and the guild has got quite a lot on their hands in order to keep peace within the world of Pokemon.

    -Make sure to have read the Pokecharms rules before applying
    -Make sure you post at least 3 lines per post
    -No controlling other oc's, without their permission
    -No one can be overpowered
    -No one can play as legendaries, no megas, and no z moves
    -Don't get too graphic
    -Romance is allowed
    -Death is allowed
    -3 characters per person
    -3 characters maximum per exploration team
    -You allowed introducing your subplots in the RP,
    Character Profile-
    Name: Bango
    Species: Chimchar
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has a black and white bandana around his neck that can also be used as a mask, he also wears steampunk goggles, that rest on his forehead most of the time.
    Personality: He is a rather light-hearted and relaxed character. He likes to have a good time and can be sarcastic at times. However, when he gets into a serious situation he can keep a cool, leveled head and can take charge if he needs to.
    Team: N/A
    Strengths: He is athletic, well balanced, quick when it comes to fighting, and is rather knowledgeable and is composed in serious situations
    Weaknesses: He isn't that tactical so he can be outwitted at times and he doesn't have the brute force to match certain foes... obviously water, rock, ground types as well.

    Name: Llubemir
    Species: Slowking
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has a bracelet on his left wrist that has a red gem attached to it
    Personality: He is a wise and prideful Pokemon. However, you rarely see that side as the majority of the time he's drunk and always has a pint of beer in his hand
    Team: Guild Leader
    Strengths: He is powerful and wise
    Weaknesses: He's an alcoholic and doesn't really bother to do any important things himself

    Name: Alayna
    Species: Herider
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wears a pouch that wraps around her shoulder and sits on her side
    Personality: She is rather hot-headed, and can get frustrated easily. She's stern and serious, she gets the job done no matter the consequence
    Team: Llubemir's assistant
    Strengths: She is a great leader and can lead an army if she needs to
    Weaknesses: she can get hot-headed and her emotions can get the better of her

    Link to RP:https://pokecharms.com/threads/pkmn-mystery-dungeon-the-explorers-guild.18044/
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  2. I love pkmd RP's

    Name: Oliver
    Species: oshawott
    Gender: male
    Appearance:Oliver has green eyes and a light green body,he wears red white goggles,he is skinnier than a average oshawott and looks more otter like
    Personality: he is generally cheerful but has a angry side as well,he is brave and over confident in himself and in others,he is a good fighter but mainly uses his scalchop to fight,he never gives up which often makes him get more hurt than normal
    Team: Team Star
    Strengths: his scalchop and his bravery
    Weaknesses: able to be deceived and his self-esteem can easily be broken
    Other:he lives alone and is an orphan

    I normally don't put more than one but I'll put two this time

    Name: Luna
    Gender: female
    Appearance: she has a pink headband and wears a pink bag with medical supplies in it
    Personality: Luna is a kind and sweet girl who wants to be a guild nurse and she does help at the guild as an assistant nurse( if that is okay with gpig)she can get her feelings hu
    Strengths: her medical skills,her psycic abilities
    Weaknesses: she is gullible and can get her feelings hurt meaning she is a bit of a crybaby
  3. When you want to use your character, but someone has a Pokémon with the same name XD.

    Can I use Fakemon? @Gpig5 it’s been awhile.
  4. Name: Gail (Trouble)
    Species: Helioptide
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a (fake) gold crown on his head and black sunglasses. Missing his two front teeth
    Personality: Extremely friendly to any and all Pokemon. Trouble is hyper 24/7 and hardly gets any sleep, however, his excessively storage of energy more than makes up for it
    Team: N/A
    Strengths: Gail is really tough, which comes really handy for being a distraction or stalling. His positivity makes him a living, walking morale boost. Lastly, he has enough will to where failing a task is not an option. He'll never back down to anyone or anything
    Weaknesses: Gail is a scatterbrain who often losses or misplaces things, forgets tasks, etc. He is extremely impulsive which causes him to misjudge situations and get into trouble (hence his nickname). Lastly, he is naive so taking advantage of him, gaining his trust, and getting forgiveness from him is a simple task
    Other: TBA

    Name: Estelle
    Species: Furfrou
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wears a (real) diamond locket around her neck. Often sports her Dandy Trim but may switch to Depuntante or Matron from time to time.
    Personality: Estelle grew up in a rich family that is associated with a Guild from a far away land. She gives off a boojee attitude, couldn't be any more condescending, and is often selfish.
    Team: Valence (Only member currently)
    Strengths: Estelle has a wide knowledge of the Mystery Dungeons. Accessing situations and planning are her strongest traits. Despite her less than desired personality, Estelle is a strong leader. Rallying members and organizing everyone's roles is something she excels at. Also, coming up with strategies in tackling missions is another one of her strong points.
    Weaknesses: Estelle tends to brush off those she deems "irrelevant." This includes 'mon that are small, poor, lacking in intelligence, and more. Also, when any of her plans or strategies fail, or an unexpected obstacle occurs, she tends to fold and panic.
    Other: TBA
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  5. Ps, I'll tell ya who I am if you forgot hehe.

    Well, I was going to ask the same question as @Sun and Moon since they beated me to it first haha.

    If we are allowed to use Fakemon, I suppose I'll be using one of my lovely Fakemon that I've been working on for quite some time.

    *??? can be seen attempting to chain together some of his last HP draining moves on a target dummy to stack with his ability in order to attempt to counteract his dangerously fast HP loss he has from his state of extreme exhaustion*
  6. sorry everyone, no fakemons in this RP. Sorry for not putting it in the rules
  7. Well, thanks for telling us. I'll get right to my character bios then since I got some already set up. Thank you.

    *Cylan hugs your leg*
    • Name: Jet
    • Species: Treecko
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: He has white bandages wrapped tightly around his forearms, and a faint light green scar over his left eye crossing it diagonally. He wears a black bandana around his neck, and has a simple dark brown satchel to keep his gear in.
    • Personality: He is very independent and harsh. He seems himself as someone who is smarter and stronger than others. He is cocky, critical, and can come off as rude. He’s stubborn and he likes to start fights. He will do whatever needed to accomplish his goals.
    • Team: Team Solo (Just him)
    • Strengths: He relies on his speed and power to carry him through. He works hard, and believes his power is ultimate. He is strong and crafty.
    • Weaknesses: However his social skills do need work. He comes off as a jerk a lot of the time. He is stubbornness can get him into trouble too.
    • Other: He is a lot like a rival. His personal favorite and primary moves (currently) are Bullet Seed, Quick Attack, Pursuit, and Double Team

    • Name: Axel
    • Species: Krokorok
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: He wears a blue denim sleeves jacket, and has a dark red bandana wrapped around his left bicep. He is muscular and one of his front left tooth is chipped.
    • Personality: While he looks tough, he is actually a nice guy. He often can be over protective of his friends and will try to fight for them. He refuses to never leave anyone behind, and he is incredibly loyal. There are times where he comes off as a goofball. He has a moral compass and will follow it. He is humble a bout his strength, and doesn’t brag about it or try to boost his ego.
    • Team: N/A
    • Strengths: He is loyal and has a good deal of power. He is a good detective and can connect dots quite well.
    • Weaknesses: He thinks out of the box, and often makes foolish mistakes while adventuring. He’s better at missions that involve catching criminals.
    • Other: He is new to the guild, and spent a few years in the past as a part of a police internship. However he later decided it wasn’t for him. His primary moves are Iron Tail, Crunch, Mud Slap, and Protect
  8. Sweet! Can't wait to get started
  9. accepted
  10. Name: Hiro
    Species: Honedge
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Normal Honedge
    Personality: Hot headed, But helpful. Kind to most. yet gets ticked off easily. very competitive.
    Team: N/A
    Strengths: Fast and Strong.
    Weaknesses: Short temper and can be easily be tricked
    Other; Nothing.
  11. eaccpted
  12. [QUOTE="Gpig5, post: 535382, member: 212320" @Gpig5 [USER]

    Character Profile-
    Name: Cod
    Species: Riolu
    Gender: male
    Appearance: like a riolu with a blue jacket.
    Personality: lazy, carefree.
    Team: ???
    Strengths: ridiculously fast
    Weaknesses: only has one hp. Pretty self explanatory .
    Friendly, but has some secrets behind that smile.​
  13. Name:william
    Species: eevee
    Appearance:i am an eevee that's it
    Personality:kind, brave,
    Strengths:i have this thing with my eye that it sometimes turns red
    Weaknesses:only has one hp.
  14. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    When you want to be an Oshawott, but someone steals it from under you...
    (Meh fav animal is the Otter!)

    Name: James
    Species: Butterfree
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A lot smaller than normal, wears a small black scarf
    Personality: Shy, hides a lot, doesn't like to be in huge crowds.
    Team: None Yet
    Strengths: Butterfrees can fly.
    Weaknesses: Can't fight at all, is very easy to hurt, gets tired often.
    Other: Not really.

    I don't like controlling more than one character at a time, so I'm not going to put anything else in.
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  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I don't care that much, butterfree is still cute, and I haven't ever played a butterfree. You actually gave me an opportunity to be unique. xD
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  16. Character Profile-
    Name: Heather
    Species: Fletchling
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: fletching
    Personality: Hyperactive
    Team: N/A
    Strengths: Small, really fast, can shout really, REALLY loud.
    Weaknesses: Young so can't attack too strong, not good at being sneaky
    Other; Are levels a thing here? If so, she's level 5. - She's really young, about six. If that's too young, she is the youngest age possible. - I DO NOT use the word "Hyperactive" lightly. You have been warned. - She is smaller than most fletchlings, about an inch (about 2.5 centimeters) smaller than a Dedenne.
  17. Name: Ember
    Species: Fennekin
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Fennekin with a twig sack
    Personality: Impish (Using Pokemon natures) Fire*
    Team: N/A (Yet)
    Strengths: Has battle trained (on Caterpies)
    Weaknesses: Reckless
    Other: My usual Pokemon roleplay character

    Name: Azira
    Species: Mudkip
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Average Mudkip
    Personality: Lonely (Female+Lonely=Mudkip) Air*
    Team: N/A (Yet)
    Strengths: Very thorough
    Weaknesses: A bit cowardly
    Other: Based off my Sky character

    Which should I RP as?
    *Elemental Personalities here
  18. @Red Gallade 98 I don't mean to sound rude but this rp has been dead for half a year( it hasn't been posted on for a long time) if your looking to join an RP go to pokemon role-play discussion board and try to join some of the more recent ones that are open, and make sure you've read the global and pokecharms rules first
  19. I did not realise and I apologise for any confusion I may have caused.
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  20. Hehe, no problem, it happened to me when I first joined
  21. Gah! Looks like both Eevee and Fennekin have been picked...
    Time to use a certain tricky fox! I'm using a shiny pokemon, Is that allowed in this Rp? If not please tell me so I can change her info.

    Species: Shiny Zorua
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Basically a Zorua whose red colors had become blue and eyes that yellow instead of red. She wears a white scarf with yellow stars as a pattern that has been tied in a ribbon at the back. She also carries an explorer bag at her side.
    Personality: She rather friendly and energetic. She likes to transform mostly just for fun instead of doing it for important purposes.
    Team: Not in a team yet but she wishes to have a team named 'Team Harmony'.
    Strengths: She has a lot of stamina and because of that she can go for hours without rest. She is also strong and quick at attacking but her defense is terrible so she can get defeated even if she only got hit once.
    Weaknesses: She is impatient, she can only wait for a few minutes before rushing into things. She's afraid of ghost even though she's a dark type.
    Other: Fun Fact! Her name is actually Chrysanthemum in Japanese. Team Harmony is actually the name for my team every time i play 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon'.
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  22. Aww your pfp is adorable!

    And I hate to break it to you but the RP is kinda dead...it's been like that for a while, which is dissapointing to me, so nobody has posted on the road in months, sorry
  23. Thank you!
    And it's a bit sad that it is no longer going, but it's alright. Although the character form was still fun to make.
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  24. lol, it is a shame, but I'm glad you still had fun, hopefully a new rp like this pops up soon

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