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Ask to Join PKMN: Applewood Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by arally, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    This roleplay is generally going to be about Pokemon, meaning there are little to no trainers or people featuring in it. Applewood is basically going to be about some Pokemon getting dropped off at a new boarding school for Pokemon by their trainers for various reasons, and their adventures within it. This is my third time trying to make a roleplay, so I'm taking suggestions to make it as enjoyable as I can. This will be taking place a decade after the events of USUM.

    -Applewood Academy-

    Welcome to Applewood Academy! This is the newest boarding school for Pokemon in the region of Kalos! Or rather, the only. We hope you enjoy your time here, and have an exciting year! Since this is a boarding school, you will each have your own room. To help you get settled, there will be a Pokemon at the front desk in the school to hand out your schedules and room keys. The first day will be a free day, so feel free to socialize and make some friends! For any extra information you might need, feel free to ask.

    The roleplay will start when the students just arrive at the school and are dropped off by their trainers. I will close the sign-ups once I think we have enough people to begin.

    Before I get into anything else, you'll need to go over the rules.


    1. There will be NO power-playing, god-modding, bunnying, autoing, or anything of the sort. It takes the fun out of the roleplay. While we're on the subject, please refrain from submitting mary-sue characters. (op characters)

    2. No legendaries, please. Preferably no mega evolution, either. Trainers aren't present.

    3. You may have up to 3 characters, as long as you can keep up with them. Also, you may only have ONE fully-evolved Pokemon. They can know up to 6 moves. ALL Pokemon from every region are allowed, so long as they aren't legendaries or mythicals.

    4. Please follow all of the general rules of Pokecharms!

    5. Write AT LEAST a paragraph. It's hard to reply to one-liners, and it's in the rules of Pokecharms anyways.

    6. Please be nice to each other. I shouldn't have to say that. This means no OOC fighting. As long as you're in-character, you may fight. Even so, you should not let the fight escalate way too high.

    7. Keep this PG-13. Keep swearing to a minimum. I'll allow romance, but it has to be kept to kisses, hugs, light flirting, etc.

    8. Try to include everyone in the roleplay! :)

    9. Have fun! Not really a rule, but it'd be great if you did!

    If I missed anything, let me know!


    Any nicknames?:
    Sexual orientation:
    History (optional):
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    Ability (only one):
    Crush? (you don't have to have one yet):

    -My character-

    Name: Annabelle
    Any nicknames?: Anne
    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual
    Species: Staravia (will likely evolve into Staraptor)
    Personality: Annabelle is typically laid-back and tries not to involve herself in much of anything. She's easy-going and likes relaxing. Her time can also be spent socializing, as she does this to keep from being bored to death. She's usually awkward at starting conversations. She gets work done fast, when she feels like doing it. Anne tries to be friendly and humorous, but ultimately ends up making a fool of herself.
    Appearance: She is a shiny Staravia, with an unusual brown tint to her feathers, as well as having a more yellow beak and talons, rather than orange. If/when she evolves into Staraptor, she'll have a blue tip at the end of her "hair." She wears a golden anklet around her right foot.
    History: maybe i'll come up with one later, when i find some creativity for one
    -Quick Attack
    -Wing Attack
    -Double Team
    -Aerial Ace
    Ability: Intimidate
    Crush?: boi
    Other: no
  2. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Welp Imma be nice and join, lemme add though: I am a bit bad at writing right now because its been a while. Point out nistakes if I make any.

    Name: Kyle
    Any nicknames?: 1 Punch
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    Species: Monferno
    Personality: Sarcastic, straight forward type of guy who is quite easy to talk to if he will. Though this dude does look at the world by facts or with his senses.
    Appearance: Just a green/orange bandana around his neck.
    History (optional):
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    Mach Punch
    Fire Punch
    Thunder punch
    Fake out
    Swords Dance
    Ability (only one): Iron Fist
    Crush? (you don't have to have one yet): None
    Other: I go solo .-.
  3. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

  4. Hey, this looks like fun.

    Name: Quinn
    Any nicknames?: Nope.
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Species: Meowstic
    Personality: A typical bookworm. Rather social and loves to try to make friends, but is slow when it comes to jokes and sarcasm.
    Appearance: A normal Male Meowstic with a necklace that has a pendant with a Yin-Yang symbol on it.
    History (optional): Not feeling creative atm lol. Might fill this out later.
    Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Fake Out, Miracle Eye, Reflect, Helping Hand
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Crush: None
    Other: His birthday is October 3rd.
  5. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

  6. I don't usually join school roleplays, but this one stuck out to me.

    Name: Aspectu
    Any nicknames?: Specter
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Hetroromantic Repulsed Asexual (I'm a bit biased towards this one.)
    Species: Riolu
    Personality: Aspectu is relatively serious regarding most subjects. He rarely allows his mind to wander from his training, and he sees socialization as nothing more than a distraction. He often attempts difficult tasks on his own, simply to further himself, but often isn't up to the challenge, but instead of realizing his mistake, he blames himself for not being strong enough. Almost all of his actions are made with the intention to strengthen himself, bu he never considers how valuable assistance from others can be.
    Appearance: Aspectu looks like any other average riolu, aside from the fact that he seemingly always wears a pair of sunglasses, which were custom made to be able to fit him. Underneath the glasses, his have a grey tint, and seem almost lifeless. There is, however, a perfectly rational reason behind it.
    History: Aspectu was born completely blind. His trainer tried everything they could to at help at all, but nothing worked. Accepting defeat, Aspect's trainer had a pair of sunglasses built for the young riolu, to protect his fragile eyes, and alert others of his disability. However, there was a glimmer of hope for Aspectu. After years of training, he was able to use his aura-based abilities to work as a second pair of eyes. of course, he can only see a general outline of the objects around him, but he trained himself to be able to act as if his sight was as good as any other's. Wishing to perfect his skills even further, Aspectu was able to get his trainer to enroll him to Applewood Academy.
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    -Force Palm
    -Mind Reader
    -High Jump Kick
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Crush?: None yet.
    Other: His mother was a mienshao, which is why he is able to use high jump kick.
  7. Hmm, before I sign up for the RP, I was wondering if I could use my fan made Pokémon for the RP. (Just note that very detailed descriptions will be provided instead of images because it is highly frowned upon to use pictures in place of words for descriptions here and I am not exactly the greatest artist.)
  8. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    @Nintenduck accepted!
    @Kiraru sure! that'll be fine.

    We can start after one or two more people join.
    #8 arally, Aug 29, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  9. Added some additional information since I am using a fan made Pokémon of mine after getting permission from the RP creator.

    His name is Diego.
    Any nicknames?: He does not have any nicknames.
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: He is as straight as the XP bar located under the green HP bar.
    Species: Slitoling / Twigslinger Pokémon
    Type: Grass Flying
    Personality: Slitoling is described from his trainer to have a modest outlook, though he seems to be outgoing when with his trainer. He is usually quiet if his trainer is not around, or if faced with a large group having anarchy rule the area. He is often quick with almost every action he does, which usually leads to his trainer stepping in most ofthe time if it gets out of control.
    Appearance: Slitoling is a small, bipedal, lizard-like Pokémon that is primarily in a moderate shade of spring green. He has modest red eyes and his nose is composed of two nostrils. There is only one narrow-edged tooth that can be seen when he opens his mouth, as it is in the middle of the upper row. He has a cloud white underside and chartuese collar marking that encircles his neck. He has dark green, winglike flaps connected to his arms. Two gun-shaped twigs are comfortably holstered on the flaps to allow for easy access if combat becomes an unexpected experience. He has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, both of which lack any type of claws or even nails. His tapered tail has its end in a shade of chartuese like his collar marking does.
    History: [To be revealed in the RP.]
    • Bashing Blow: Diego strikes the target with a swift blow, which may inflict the flinch status at the target.
    • Trueshot Aura: Diego takes a deep breath and forms a light aura of concentration to slightly increase the power and accuracy of the next move used.
    • Salvo Seed: Diego fires a barrage of seeds in rapid succession at random targets. The seeds are capable of ricocheting off of most surfaces.
    • Valkyrie Waltz: Diego attacks the target with a combination of close quarter attacks. The target's defense stat may harshly fall if the target is hit midair.
    • Neutralize: Diego emits a powerful shock wave, which immediately clears all attacks within the battlefield. All Pokémon near Diego are projected away, as Pokémon affected by the projection are unable to use attacking moves for a few seconds. This move may fail if used in succession, and has a brief cooldown to prevent excessive strain before it can be used again.
    Ability: Quick Draw (Reduces the PP penalty for executing multi-strike moves, increases Slitoling's speed and allows Slitoling to execute moves at a quicker rate when acting first in combat.)
    Crush?: He does not have one at the moment.
    Fakemon Creator: Me
    Poké Browser Entry A: "Slitoling are often found near a combination of older trees and saplings while attempting to find the perfect berry to strengthen their gun-shaped twigs. The gun-shaped twigs are comfortably holstered on their winglike flaps to allow for easy access in times of sudden combat."
    Poké Browser Entry B: "The gun-shaped twigs of Slitoling's are not just used for combat, they are sometimes used for gently prying open berries or even for friendly swordplay if a decisive argument arises."
    Other: He wears a small, modest gray fedora with a white feather on its left side along with having on dove gray mittens and socks for comfort. He also has on a nightly black, left half eye mask with the thin string being almost invisible from somewhat short distances.
  10. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    @Kiraru accepted, and i like Stitoling's concept!
  11. Thanks, the twig guns were inspired from when me and my cousin would play with the sticks as if they were guns. (So I decided to use that idea for lil’ Slitoling, since it would be perfect for a little gunslinger.)
  12. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    no problem c:, and that's creative.
  13. So, I was perhaps wondering when the RP is going to be made, as I am attempting to think of my first post right now.
  14. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    probably tomorrow, since i'm waiting for one more person, and i'm thinking of a starter.
  15. Alright, got it. I shall wait until then.
  16. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    #16 arally, Aug 30, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  17. Quick question, is the Wigglytuff an NPC character? (I would like to ask, as this would impact how my post would go if I am allowed to control them also or not.)

    Edit: If everyone is able to control the Wigglytuff, I might probably instead interact with someone first before going to the Wigglytuff.
    #17 Le Marsouin, Aug 30, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  18. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    wigglytuff is an npc, and everyone can control them as long as they kind of stick to the personality i've started them with
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bellamy
    Any nicknames?: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    Species: Umbreon
    Personality: Kind, Protective of those he cares about, likes to make friends. He takes pride in his attire.
    Appearance: Like a normal Umbreon, but wears a custom made grey suit, a black bowtie and a Top Hat.
    History (optional): Bellamy's trainer is a very wealthy fashion model, she left him at the school while she went on tour.
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Throat Chop
    - Payback
    - Switcheroo
    - Double Team
    - Giga Impact
    Ability (only one): Inner Focus
    Crush? (you don't have to have one yet): none as of yet
    Other: N/A
  20. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    accepted ^^
  21. Name: Liege
    Any nicknames?: None
    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    Species: Shuckle
    Personality: Kind, caring, wants to make friends
    Appearance: Has a green shell instead of a red one.
    History (optional): Arceus found that he wasn't the god pokemon. It was shuckle. As a blessing after the humans saved him he made Shuckles appear all over world. A trainer decided to keep one of them and enroll it into this school.
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    -Power Trick
    -Shell Smash
    -Stone Edge
    Ability (only one): Sturdy
    Crush? (you don't have to have one yet): None

    Name: Legion
    Any nicknames?: None
    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation:
    Species: Shuckle
    Personality: Only friend is Liege, likes chaos and enjoys seeing others fall to his traps.
    Appearance: Looks like a normal Shuckle
    History (optional): Arceus found that he wasn't the god pokemon. It was shuckle. As a blessing after the humans saved him he made Shuckles appear all over world. A trainer decided to keep one of them and enroll it into this school.
    Moves (at least ONE must be a non-damaging move):
    -Power Trick
    -Shell Smash
    -Stone Edge
    Ability (only one): Gluttony
    Crush? (you don't have to have one yet): None
    Other: Question, is magic okay? I was wondering because I planned to have the Shuckles know magic after being created by a god, since somehow when Arceus was giving humans the ability to communicate and live with Pokemon he created too much energy and when he formed the Shuckles magic was in them.

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