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Pixel Kingdom of Zamcio

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Zamcio, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. Last chance - give me details or begone.
  2. Ok so here it is a PSS-Style icon

    Gender: Male
    Skin Color: Dark
    Hair Color and style: Black and in a big afro
    Eyes Color: Red
    Showed emotion: Happy
    Headwear: a Black shades and a red fedora
    Clothes: White Jacket with a Blue shirt
  3. Ummm... Hi! I saw your PSS Icons and I've decided to ask, can you make a PSS icon of a character from another game? Pretty Pleeeeeeease? Jk but if you will do one for me then... Thanks?...
  4. Now we can talk... Booking :up:
    Jeez, guys... What character? What game? I need details... :@
  5. Ephraim from Fire Emblem
  6. Ok so what time do you have in mind
  7. Same here @Zamcio when time do you have in mind for me
  8. I can try, booked :up:
    Well depends when the compilation is filled with other icons.
  9. That's ok
  10. If you got people waiting then i can wait
  11. Thanks For booking me ! i was tired and forgot about the edit button XD .
  12. Question: Am I allowed to request a PSS icon of a character from a t.v. show? If so, I'd love to request one of Rick from Rick and Morty... just tell me if this is not allowed, okay? Thank you!
  13. Rick and morty rules
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  14. A jolteon Gijinka? if you're able.
  15. You can request anything. If I don't feel like doing it or I know it won't be well enough to be shown then I'll decline. Someone requested Freddy Krueger and it turned out pretty well in my opinion ;)
    To be honest I've never seen any episode of it. I don't watch TV, maybe that's it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I don't do Gijinka. Also you didn't specified what you want to get.


    During to all stuff happening in my life I am forced to make some crucial decisions.
    NEWS 1
    All requests are now parted into weeks. I will choose one day during the week to make all requests and post them when ready. It is pretty hard to catch up with daily stuff so I'd like to spend even one full afternoon (usually day off from work which I'll hopefully get soon) than to sit for an hour every evening and click.
    NEWS 2
    There are some corrections in my policy (look at the first post to see The Rules). One of them is really important:
    To be perfectly honest I've got tired of requests where I had to ask for further details when the full form with specified list of them is posted in first post. I spend some time on making them I'd love you people to use them. Thank you.
    NEWS 3
    As I mentioned before I'm looking for job and that's the main reason of my absence here. I am terribly sorry for everyone waiting, I changed dates like three times already and it getting delayed and delayed all over again. I cannot exactly help it. I hope you are not tired of waiting that long. The week system is needed for me and you - for me not to feel bad for delaying stuff and to easily deal with my laziness - and for you not to be disappointed.

    Thank you for your attention!
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  16. Oh, no. It's no problem (for me, at least). I'm quite patient with stuff like this. ^^
  17. Spiked hair, yellow headphones, yellow hoodie, blue eyes, smiling. Enough for you? Blonde hair by the way.
  18. Cool! Are you very busy at the moment, or could I make that request...?
  19. Sure, you don't have request submitted at the moment.
    Also you didn't mention if it is sprite, icon or any other form of art.
  20. Nice! Thanks so much! :D
  21. Just post proper form of request under this reply (look to first post for templates)
  22. Shoot, yeah, I'll go do that real quick! Sorry! :S
  23. Gender: Female
    Skin color: Mixed
    Hair color and style: Blonde, spiky, going down to her back.
    Eyes color: Grey-like Bluish.
    Showed emotion: Side-smile, cool.
    Headwear: Yellow headphones.
    Clothes: Yellow hoodie with a lightning bolt on it. Pants don't need to be shown.
  24. Gender: male
    Skin color: pale
    Hair color and style: bright baby-ish blue, spiked across his head
    Eyes color: black
    Showed emotion: bored, with a :3 face (like the one in the gif below)
    Headwear: none
    Clothes: white lab coat, light blue long-sleeve shirt underneath
    Might as well add this, too, for reference:
  25. Hey there, my broski my man my McNuggets dipping sauce! I have no clue where that came from, I'm just running on caffeine right now. Anyway, can you do a PSS icon for me?

    Gender: Male
    Skin color: Light

    Hair color and style: Brown hair in a short, uncombed style
    Eyes color: Grey? Gray? Same thing.
    Showed emotion: Mainly just relaxed.

    Headwear: White glasses
    Clothes: A dark green shirt, plain and simple.

    BTW, I really like your Golem+Reuniclus fusion.
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  26. Can I request a fusion of Tyranitar, Deoxys (attack form) and Reuniclus? This is a challenge.
  27. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Gender: Male
    Skin color: Pale
    Hair color and style: Dark Brown, Short Spiky
    Eyes color: Dark Brown
    Showed emotion: Happy
    Headwear: None
    Clothes: Purple T-Shirt With Pokeball Logo and white sleeves and Dark Blue Jeans
    You can do it whenever you want, I'm a patient person. You can take your time
    #348 _Ziruminous, Apr 29, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017

  28. Thnx dude! Sry for late reply.
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  29. Oh, I actually scrolled through this entire thread because I absolutely love your fusions and pss icons! May I request a PSS icon of Niko from One Shot? I'll give you reference images, and then the template, in the spoilers below! This might be really tough to do, and I'm alright if you reject it! Thank you!

    Gender: Unknown / Female (This isn't confirmed by canon or by anyone who created the game, but I'm filling it out for simplicity's sake.)
    Skin Colour: See reference image and/or icon. Actual colour would be #c18a85
    Hair Colour: See reference image and/or icon. Bangs would be #474994. Back would be, according to the icon, #4e3062.
    Eye Colour: See reference image, placed here for accessibility.
    Headwear: See reference image, placed here for accessibility.
    Clothes: See reference image, placed here for accessibility.
    Showed Emotion: Surprised, shocked? Much like the icon, if you can.
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  30. Added :up: I will ask you about some details later though
    I will try ;)
    Thanks mate :) booked :up:
    Indeed it is. I hope I will manage :o
    Booked :up: Although t-shirt and jeans won't be showed on icons so no need for it :p
    That is one detailed request! :o Taking it! Booked :up:

    Now icons for this week. I'M WARNING YOU - I am not pleased with outcome and it is possibly the fault of lack of sleep in last days, I am sorry:
    @AZ Spirit - I had so much trouble with this hair deco, sorry for messing it @.@
    @FancyPikachu - you changed your profile picture mate... And you weren't online when I had time so... I improvised
    @*that* guy

    I sent a job application and it was considered as acceptable so hopefully in a week or two I'm starting to work! :D That's why I can't take much requests for a week... But I will try to do more (maybe even requests from two weeks at once). I hope you guys understand.
    I will post fusions for this week later, maybe today, maybe tomorrow... As I said I slept very little this weekend, sorry :'|
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  31. Awesome! I love it!
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  32. Hey, @Zamcio , how is my request doing? (Sorry, if this annoys you, it's just I want to know, and it's been like 3 weeks)
  33. All requests booked are listed in the first post. I don't see any request from you so either you didn't specify the details or I stated you should've send me details later.
  34. @Zamcio I requested for an icon on page 8, for some reason I didn't get any alerts from this anymore, so yeah.
    I requested for a Pokecharms icon thing that almost everyone has.
    If you want details, here you go:
    • The character is gender-neutral
    • The character has black hair with a blonde highlight
    • The character has brown eyes
    • The character is pretty pale
    • The character is wearing a hoodie, or at least a t-shirt
    (Sorry if I sound rude, I just didn't know why my request hadn't came yet. Now I know it's because I'm stupid)
  35. Congratulations on your job application, @Zamcio! I hope it goes well, and you get the job! And thank you for accepting my request!
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  36. I have a request, for a PSS avatar.

    Gender: Female

    Skin color: Mixed

    Eye color: Baby Blue

    Showed emotion: Lazy grin

    Headwear: None

    Clothes: (I will show an example)

    Attached Files:

  37. Dude this is freakin' amazing:o I actually like the orange jacket more than the original outcome of what it would've been! I swear this is friggin awesome.
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  38. Pokemon 1(base): Pikachu
    Pokemon(s) to fuse: Mudkip
    Sprites generation:
    (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6) Gen 4
    Type: (optional) Water/Electric

    I forgot to make a form, so here it is! My fusion request X3
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