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Pitchn' Ideas

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Munchy, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hiya, it's me, Munchy and I'm here to pitch some RP ideas I got over the years, and never used~! I will remind you right now, that these aren't full story lines with details, but more of basic idea of the RP. I hope you like 'em because I'll make the ones you like into RPs~! Tell me what ya think!

    #1: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heart and Soul!
    A force has been awaken in the world of Pokemon... As many forces of Pokemon Exploration Teams battle to find all the Heart Drops and Soul Dews! With all of them combined, they compete the Yin-Yin circle, allowing you to make one wish... What will you wish for?

    #2: Portal 3
    Ding-Dong! The doorbell chirps. You answer to see two robots, a stubby, short one with a blue core called Atlas, and a tall, thin one with an orange core called P-Body. Atlas gives you a letter, in a golden envelope. You tear it open and slowly read the message.

    Dear <<Insert Subject here>>,
    You have been selected/Forced to join a remote science study area for testing. This is a secret area, so after you read THIS SENTENCE, you will be forced to be escorted by these robots to the enrichment center. Good-bye.​
    GLaDOS, Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System​

    What surprises will happen this time in the enrichment center, as a foe form long ago theatens your breath...

    #3: Pokemon MD: The Power of Legends
    Ho-oh wandered in the sky. It softly land a cloud and peers down on Saffron City. It sees a man running out of a connivance store with a gun, and a bag of money. Ho-oh sadly shakes its head. It flies into the clouds and uncover a temple in the heavens. It lands on the temple and walks past Pokémon, heading into a hallway. The hallway leads to a council, and all the Legends sit in a circle in thrones. Ho-oh enters the room, and tells of the robbery, then it tells all the legends how the human are hurting Pokémon by keeping them confined in Poke Balls. It says it has waited for humans to show that they are friends with Pokémon, but Ho-oh has only seen that the Humans are devious, and cannot be trusted. Ho-ho convinces the Legends to set off to destroy the human race. News travels fast in the Pokémon world. And the Pokémon are not pleased with this decision. They flee from they’re trainers, only to stop the Legends, before it’s too late.

    I can't think of any more right now, but expect edits~!

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