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Pirates of the sevii... orange... dekorara...? (WIP title)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Dinova, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Isolas Island, little more than a pitiful spit of land in the middle of the sprawling ocean. With no humans and a seemingly endless jungle, it would seem useless. But a pirate would see otherwise. Samuel Morgan, the unseen man, A pirate who could steal anything without being seen. He felt the deserted island would be the perfect resting place for his treasure. However after hiding his treasure on Isolas, he was never heard from again.

    Many sought to claim Morgan's treasure for their own, but come with entire crews of man and pokemon or simply alone, all who attempted to claim the treasure disappeared. Morgan seemingly protecting his booty from beyond.

    Since then, the island has become infamous among pirates and treasure hunters. The "sane" believe it only a legend, a children's tale with the promise of adventure. To the brave, adventrous and crazy it is a promise of untold riches. You who seek adventure and treasure! Can you brave Morgan's curse,or will you be yet another of it's victims? The curse will not be your only challenge however. Others seek the trasure as well and they will not hesitate to end your life!

    Pirates of the... ok, first job of anyone who wants to join is suggest a title that doesn't suck. Anyway, here is the result of playing battle subway with "He's a pirate" blaring over my headphones. The plot would be the standard "Pirates race for the treasure" storyline while avoiding the booby traps and your fellow pirates. Everything from ship battles, swashbuckling, gunfights, battles and treachery is fair-game.

    There are a few rules to keep the story fair, though.

    This would take place in the time of wind powered ships and whatnot, so this precedes pokeballs! Each person would be limited to 2 human-size or smaller pokemon or one larger pokemon.

    In regards to flying pokemon, any pokemon capable of carrying a human is not allowed in the rp. If a pokemon can fly but could not cxarry a human, it is allowed.

    Similarly, swimming pokemon cannot be capable of carrying more then one human through the water. If a pokemon is large enough/strong enough to carry multiple humans it is not allowed.

    Any pokemon capable of single handedly sinking a ship is not recommended. This is less of a rule and more of a general guidline. If you can roleplay without abusing it, then by all means, go ahead.

    Human characters are allowed to carry swords and pistols. When used on pokemon, these are treated as the attacks, Metal claw and Flash Cannon respectively. Also, pistols are single shot weapons. To be used again they must be reloaded.

    Love to see who's interested in giving this a shot. It would also would be good to hear recommendations or opinions on the above rules. Lastly, would it be easier to qeue up a list of which pokemon are not allowed?
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Re: Pirates of the sevii... orange... dekorara...? (WIP titl

    Yo ho ho matie! I hearrrd about an arrrrP adventarrre where I might be able to lay me hands on some treasarrre *shot!*

    My attempt at internet piracy aside, this sounds pretty fun. Hopefully we can get this ship sailing and keep it afloat. :)

    I don't think we need to create a list of banned Pokemon, I'm sure people can use their better judgement to decide which Pokemon are suitable. I'm sure anyone interested would realize that Gyarados is not a good option no matter how cool it is.

    As for a title suggestion, "One Piece" "The Search for Captain Morgan's Lost Treasure" since that's what the whole premise is about. Also, another suggestion I have about the plot is since this is before Pokeballs were invented, we shouldn't refer to Pokemon by that name since they aren't Pocket Monsters yet. I say we just call them Monsters.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Pirates of the sevii... orange... dekorara...? (WIP titl

    You cannot even begin to understand my levels of inness.

    I like the idea of not using the term "Pocket Monster" but I feel like the individual Pokemon's names should already be established, makes it easier to refer to them without having to describe them every single time.
  4. Re: Pirates of the sevii... orange... dekorara...? (WIP titl

    I like the idea of calling pokemon something else like monsters or magical creatures etc. I agree that keeping their individual names would be much easier though.
  5. Re: Pirates of the sevii... orange... dekorara...? (WIP titl

    Name: Nicholas Lanes

    Aliases(if any): Nick the sneak

    Gender: Male

    Heght: 6' 2"

    Hair: Black

    Clothes: A white, long sleeve shirt. The shirt is old, dirty and torn. He also wears a leather belt with a knife on it and brown pants with leather boots. If he feels the situation calls for it, he also wears a large straw hat. He carries a pair of pistols and a pair of cutlasses, but he normally keeps these hidden.

    Personality: Nicholas seems sarcastic and playful. A jokester with a sharp wit and nothing more, but it is a facade. He makes himself look like a fool in order to make others drop their guard, while he is counting the steps it would take to slit their throat. In reality, he is calculating and brutal, everyone is just a chess piece to further his goals. He will not hesitate to betray an ally if it will help him. He often pretends to be meek or pathetic, then turns and stabs anyone who helps him in the back.

    Skills: Other than intelligence, he doesn't have many. Though he is a skilled fisherman.

    Weapons: 2 cutlasses and two pistols. He also keeps a knife on him at all times.

    Mode of transport: A small dihngy, proppelled from underneath. He usually hides his weapons under fishing nets to give the impression of a lost fisherman.


    Species: Galvantula

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Compound eyes

    Personality: Galvantula is of a kind with Nicholas. The pokemon is just as cold and treacherous as the human. He has no loyalty to Nicholas and will willingly betray him if the need arises.

    Species: Samurott

    Nickname: Glaive

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Torrent

    Personality: As much loyalty as his master lacks, Glaive has towards Nicholas. For some reason, Glaive is fiercley loyal and protective towards him. This prompted Nicholas to give him a nickname, despite the pointless sentiment of the gesture.

    Alright, here's my character bio. Feel free to put yours up as well.

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