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Private/Closed Pikmin RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tamazarokon, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. For One: Here is a link to Wikipedia of Pikmin --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pikmin_(series) (Pikmin (series) - Wikipedia)
    So, I'm addicted to Pikmin. Time to create and RP! Here are the captains:
    Olimar- @*that* guy
    Alph- @StevenUniverseDiamond
    Brittany- @Gardevoirlillies
    (Captain) Charlie- @Mr Fishykarp
    Here is the Plot:
    Koppai's food supply has been depleted by "Insects". Explorers, Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie set off back to PNF-404 to get more food, and something that can stop the creatures. Hocatate was having the same problem, So Explorers Olimar and Louie set off to PNF-404 as well. Each group brought two explorers along too. The two ships crashed into each other, sending them plumeting to PNF-404. Now, The explorers must find a way back to their homes, by working together. First, they must meet up.
    Everyone can have a partner. This means they fall to PNF-404 with one other explorer. Explorers CAN NOT have Pikmin right when they fall down. Red Pikmin can only be obtained in the Tropical Wilds. Rock Pikmin and Blue Pikmin can only be obtained in the Garden of Hope. Yellow Pikmin can only be obtained in the Distant Tundra. Winged Pikmin can only be obtained in the Twilight River.
    Here are the Pikmin:
    Red Pikmin are resistant to fire, and are good fighters.
    Rock Pikmin are sturdy, and can break diamonds. They can't attach to enemies, but deal great damage if they land on top of an area.
    Yellow Pikmin can be thrown high. They are also resistant to electricity. They are good diggers.
    Winged Pikmin can fly (This means they can fly above water, but they cannot be thrown during that time). They are lacking in attack strength though...
    Blue Pikmin can go underwater, as all other Pikmin will perish in water. They are good diggers.
    Hope you all enjoy this!
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  2. Okay, choose a captain or create one.
  3. I need a Bio if i'm going to create a Captain
  4. I think he means Olimar

    Can I be charlie?
  5. ...
    I was thinking about which pikmin to have Charlie land near and now all I can think about is a group of winged pikmin struggling to lift him up
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  6. lol. In Pikmin 3 he lands near yellow Pikmin (Distant Tundra)
  7. I know that, i don't want it to be exactly the same though

    In thinking either Rock (cos he's heavy like one), Flying (already explained) or Yellow (He met them first)

    What happened to Black and White Pikmin?
  8. Black Pikmin: Don't exist. White Pikmin: They can only be used in the minigame thing, same with Purple Pikmin.

    Here is the OC form:

    Planet (Koppai, or Hocatate):
    Favorite Fruit/Vegetable:
    Entry Activeness (How much they will right in a journal when blasting into space, put a one to ten):
  9. Here ma OC
    Name: Rachael
    Planet: Koppai
    Appearance: Rachael has Brown Hair with a Gray Hoodie the top of Hoodie has a Leaf looking like the Rock Pikmin's Leaf,She has Gray Glasses and White Tights,She has Black Slip ons
    Favorite Fruit/Vegetable: Watermelon
    Entry Activeness: 10
  10. Here, let me tell you something. Can you delete Sweet potato? Koppaits only eat fruit and Hocotaitions only eat Vegetables. Sorry for the misuderstanding! Other than that, accepted. Yes, you can be Brittany.

    Characters we need:

    Koppait OC
    Hocotation OC
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  11. And yes, Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin will not be in this RP.
  12. I don't know that much about Pikmin XD
  13. Did you see the wikipedia page i linked to on the first post?

    Alph will land in Twilight River (Near the Winged Pikmin)
  14. I only look at Wikis and i have the Pikmin Wiki in my tabs
  15. Ah, okay. WE NEED THESE OCS!

    Name: Star
    Planet (Koppai, or Hocatate): Koppai
    Appearance: Round face, round eyes. The space suit is peach. It is outlined with yellow. The light is yellow.
    Favorite Fruit/Vegetable: Apple
    Entry Activeness (How much they will right in a journal when blasting into space, put a one to ten): 8
  16. Name: Samuel
    Planet (Koppai, or Hocatate): Hocatate
    Appearance: Big, Round Head, Olimar Style Eyes, Green Outline On His Suit, White Otherwise, Peachy Skin, Large Nose, Short, Skinny.
    Favorite Fruit/Vegetable: Broccoli
    Entry Activeness (How much they will right in a journal when blasting into space, put a one to ten): 5
  17. Wait a minute, the Koppaites do eat vegetables

    Hocotate Freights debt was due to Louie being unable to deliver Golden Carrots to the Koppatites, which was also the cause of their food crisis
  19. Louie Ate The Golden Carrots On The Way.
  20. Dam it Louie why did you have to *spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler*
  21. Olimar- The Guy Who is the best.
    Louie- The Loser Who Messes EVERYTHING UP!
    Alph- Mechanic
    Brittany- Girl
    Charlie- Overconfident guy.
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  23. I'm taking Louie. He'll land with Alph.

  24. @*that* guy Samuel Is Landing with Olimar, that Ok?
  25. No we need two more charters so I'll grab one
  26. Same
    Name: Drakona
    Planet (Koppai, or Hocatate): Koppai
    Appearance: Purple Suit, white Outline, A Square Head, Red hair Covering his eyes, Peachy Skin, he Is very Tall And Fat.
    Favourite Fruit/Vegetable: Peach
    Entry Activeness (How much they will right in a journal when blasting into space, put a one to ten): 5

    He will Land Near Brittany, If That is okay with @Gardevoirlillies
  27. Name: Kate
    Planet (Koppai, or Hocatate): hocatate
    Appearance: Average sized, round head, space suit has a lime green outline every thing else is aqua blue she is skinny and averagely tall
    Favorite Fruit/Vegetable: Bananana
    Entry Activeness (How much they will right in a journal when blasting into space, put a one to ten):3
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