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Pieces of Time--A Story

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by ElfFreak, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Prologue--Something is Amist

    My troupe has never been fond of Hoenn. Far too few Psychic types, my father told me. Psychic types are very special for my family. It's the Connection.

    The Connection is eternal and binds a pokemon to us should it see us for who we are, then choose us. Each fraction of the troupe has a type they are fond of. My family has always loved Psychic types. Our Connection found their strange power fascinating and bound them to us. My father's Alakazam was his best friend.

    I, too, built six Connections. Kanto gave me a Ghastly, whom I named Drifter and raised to a Gengar. My father was mildly upset by the Ghost, but once he saw how dearly I treated him and how he protected me, he accepted my strange little things.

    When we traveled to Johto, I built another Connection. Goldenrod City brought a lame Eevee to me, who I called Fairy and trained in the light of day. Right away, she became a beautiful Espeon and my family took her in immediately.

    Later that same trip, I found an injured Natu outside of Violet City. I named him Gibbs and raised him to be a Xatu. My father appointed him to the role of Protector and constantly kept a close eye on my entire troupe.

    Once we found our way to Sinnoh, I met another friend. His name became Ghosty, my little Drifblim, who sassed all of us. He made me laugh all the time and I adored each moment we had. Dad accepted him at once because he knew I was different from our family.

    In Snowpoint City, I found a Snowrunt. She asked me to love her, even if she wasn't a ghost yet. I gave her a dawn stone and Cherilee joined my little family of Ghosts.

    Hoenn brought me my last Connection. A lonely little Shuppet stole my heart and I called her Ophelia. As soon as she evolved, I knew my little family was complete forever.

    My years seemed very fast after that. Each day that passed wasn't long enough, each year too long. My first thousand years with them was a lovely time. Each of my teammates chose me and I loved them. I had no desire to change that.

    Lady Annabelle's decision that it was time for me to give the troupe a new member, however, was too soon.

    Hoenn, as it turned out, was where my other half waited for me.

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