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Physical Release of Detective Pikachu Coming This March

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    I wasn't sure if this day would ever come to pass, but the quirky Nintendo 3DS title Detective Pikachu has finally been announced and dated for a western release. Originally this "episodic", digital-only, action-adventure Pokémon game was released almost two years ago in Japan (February 3rd, 2016), but a second part was never released and it was never shown off internationally. Since then the incomplete game largely faded into obscurity outside of its connections with the upcoming live action Pokémon movie.

    Now, oddly enough, not only will Detective Pikachu finally be released in North America and Europe on March 23rd, 2018, the 3DS game is receiving a complete physical version that tells the entire story - not just the portion that was previously released. Japan will also be receiving this new version on the same date.

    Here's the English reveal trailer for your viewing pleasure!

    If the game alone wasn't enticing enough, a Detective Pikachu amiibo has also been revealed to be releasing alongside the game. The amiibo is quite a bit larger than your average amiibo and is therefore quite a bit more expensive, too, coming in at $30 USD. It's said that using this amiibo will unlock short videos that may contain helpful tips for solving cases in the game.

    Detective Pikachu amiibo size comparison.jpg

    The Pokémon Company is labeling the Detective Pikachu amiibo as a special, limited-edition release, so if you've got the cash to shell out for the bugger - best grab it as soon as it's available.


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