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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Tunolipede, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. This is different to the "Ridiculous Phobias" thread in Random Chatter, mkay? No listing random phobias >:I

    I've always found it quite interesting; thinking about what scares you and talking to other people about what they're scared of. Some people have obvious ones, but other people have more complicated ones and often have ... well, backstories, I guess.

    Scared of anything? Do tell. ♥

    Personally, I'm scared of heights. I always have been; and I have no idea what triggered it. It's always been like that and it freaks me out. An example is; we went to this museum once (actually, we've been there more than once, but y'know >>) and there's this huuuuge hall. There's a second floor that has ledges so you can see an aerial-view of the hall. When we went there, my brother's like "Oh, come see this! It's so cool~" but because it was really high up I wouldn't even step a metre away from it. Some other people my age were climbing all over it; I wouldn't even touch it. It was terrifying. xD

    I probably have more phobias that I can't think of just now. One of my friends is scared of clowns, which I think is reasonable. Clowns can be scary. xD
  2. I've got trypaniphobia. (or something like that...), which is the "fear of medical injections", pretty much. I discovered this 8 weeks ago when a doctor told me I needed to get blood work done. Just the very thought of it nearly brought me to tears. Then, yesterday, I had to go and get it done....we had put it off to the last minute. It took me about 20 minutes to get myself together so I could actually sit in the chair, and when they actually begun, I couldn't even get close to looking....it was awful.

    And then I remembered that one of the worst dreams I've ever had was one in which I needed surgery, and therefore, an IV. I woke up in a panic thinking I actually needed the IV....

    It's not a very good phobia to have, considering things like blood work and IV's will probably happen a few more times in my life. God forbid I ever get diabetes. I'd never be able to do the shots. And I'll probably never be able to donate blood...
  3. I'm not afraid of heights.....just afraid of falling from them. So, that leads to my fear of flying. I know a car crash is more likely to happen then some freak accident with the plane, but, still.

    I'm also deathly afriad of going blind. If I lost my sight, I don't know what I'd do. Not being able to anything really makes me shudder.

    Then, my last fear......I'm afraid of loniless. By that I mean I'm afraid I might lose all my loved ones in some accident. Leaving no one alive. When I think of this, I always need to hug someone I love....but I'm home alone right now. :(
  4. I've watched to many episodes of Air Crash Investigation to be able to fully enjoy flights. Also, like Cody, I hate injections.

    I used to suffer from fear of heights, but I grew over that. I do, however, suffer from a fear of crashing; I'm sometimes afraid to go into a wild rollercoaster, because I keep thinking what would happen of something went wrong.
  5. I get the basic Phobia of Bees, Wasp, Hornets (Shudders) I have never been stung by one, but I heard it was painful and I'm just so scared of it.

    Another one I have is Alarms. Every 2nd Wednesday before the last of the month, there is this one siren called The Ft. Hood Texas Emergency Warning System and I just get so scared! I get the exact same thing with Fire Alarms, Tornado Alarms, etc.

    Now there is one Phobia I know my Older sister has that makes be LOL: The Phobia of BUTTERFLIES! I don't know why she's afraid it's just so funny!
    Phobia my Younger sister has is Basic Swimming. We used to go to swimming lessons and she was scared of about everything there except getting in the water.

    So me: Stinging by Painful insects and Alarms.
  6. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    well I have the fear of heights and wasps, and my friend ash has one of weirdest phobias ever, she has anitadaephobia which is the fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you (no joke)!
  7. I suffer from extreme Ophidiophobia, which is the fear of snakes, when I was younger I was bitten by a garden snake and ever since, I seriously don't LIKE anything snake like, AT ALL. My fear of snakes is so powerful over me that I can't watch Snakes on a Plane without being held down because srs biznus, its fucking scary to me. I hate how they slither around and look creepy and scaly klnfsadnkfglandgfl *shivers*

    In all seriousness, I make sure I KILL any snake I see, I don't care if its the incredibly rare Hydro Rainbow Life-Saving Cobra with its venom that shimmers in rainbows and can cure all poisons, I don't give a damn, I'll scream and cry and kill it with anything near me...

    I fucking HATE snakes V_____________V

    I've gotten over my fear of needles and such after getting so many shots for bloodwork to make sure I'm not dying or anything >_> I don't feel a thing anymore.
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I am rather scared of planes. Not heights or flying (I've hand-glided and bungee-jumped), but the plane itself. Planes do not make sense. They should not fly. Why would I ever feel happy leaving my fate in the hands of a man who flies a giant metal can? Does that sound sane to you? No? Good. Obviously I do still go on flights, although not often, and I throughly hate every second of it.

    Planes are evil.

    Spiders and I have a funny relationship. I used to be fine with them - I'd pick up really big ones and be fine. Then I became uber scared of them and couldn't even stand to be in the same room. Now I'm somewhere in the middle. I can catch them myself now, with a cup, but that's about it. I'm mildly scared of them, shall we say.
  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The only "phobia" I suffer with is a slight blood phobia I've had since I was a child. Seeing either myself or someone I care about bleeding, especially if it's quite severe, causes me to feel light-headed and ill very quickly - oddly, it isn't the blood I really fear as opposed to the effect it inflicts on me, which has managed to leave me unconscious when I was younger. Although I've learned to resist the psychological effect now a fair bit, it still occasionally causes me to feel dizzy and sick when I see bleeding - thankfully, I've learned the most effective methods to avoid losing consciousness now, and it's become a very minor phobia now that I've learned to deal with it.

    Unlike most people's more tolerant reaction to phobias, I considered this one a personal disgrace, and ultimately did everything in my power to negate it when it really started to get on my nerves.
  10. Similar to Mystic Suicune, I don't have a fear of heights--I have a fear of falling from high places. What's different is that I have no problems with, say, looking over a (structurally sound) bridge or flying in a plane and being at the top of the Empire State Building was totally win. I actually have to be in danger of falling or think I'm in danger of falling. For example, I take extra care when going down a long flight of stairs and it makes high-ropes courses out of the question. I can tolerate most roller coasters--it just depends on the design. I'm really trying to conquer this fear and I almost did once when I walked on a across a log that was over a creek, but it's not totally gone.
  11. A lot of people have said that they're afraid of heights, and I'm glad to say I'm not, because if you are, you are missing out in the best experience of your life: skydiving. It is amazing. ♥

    As weird as this sounds, I'm afraid of being seperated from people in a crowd, as well as being trapped (for example, if I'm in an elevator for more than a minute, I freak out). But that is really it.
  12. Mystic_Suicune and I share a lot of phobias o_0.

    I'm afraid of falling, but flying is just fine. It's kind of funny, I would really love to be a bird and know how to fly really high and not fall XD.

    I use my eyes for waaaay too much, so I'm afraid of loosing my sight. Fog really wigs me out. I had a night light for the longest time so I could wake up and be able to see...

    The fear of loneliness is a big one. I get kind of nervous when it takes people too long to get home and stuff. Also, I always think my personal Hell would be lonely blackness, with nothing to do, and you're trapped.

    It's not that weird Blarg, I get really nervous in crowds cuz you can't move as fast as you want/need. I almost start to hyperventilate. Gimmeoutgimmeougimmeout! But regular, small, enclosed spaces are fine XD.

  13. Same here man ladders freak the shit out of me. My current job requires me to go on a ladder from time to time and I won't do it. My boss called me a pussy for it, but I don't care. Once I'm on the roof or whatever I'm fine. I don't have a fear of flying though
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  14. Well I'm afraid of lots of things but these are the ones that really scare the shit out of me:

    I reeeeeeally don't like the ocean. Or lakes/ponds/rivers where I am swimming and I can't see what's underneath me. There are so many animals that live in the ocean and we haven't eve explored all of it and gaaaaah I always just get afraid that some giant shark or sea monster or something is going to swim up underneath me and kill me. I'm fine with pools, I can spend hours in a pool, it's just open water that scares me.

    Another fear I have is being robbed/mugged. This was a lot worse when I was younger and more vulnerable, but it's still something I get worried about.

    I'm sooooooo scared of ghosts it's not even funny. I know you can say they don't exist or whatever, and I'm not even sure if I believe in ghosts 100% myself, but just the idea of a ghost appearing to me and even just looking at me ias slakfdjolkas. I don't even care if it's a friendly ghost, or the ghost of someone I knew and loved, I DON'T CARE. IF YOU ARE A GHOST STAY AWAY FROM ME PLEASE. asldfkjlkas

    And lastly, I don't like getting novacaine injections. I guess regular shots don't bother me too much, but I had this bad experience once where I had to get like 6 fillings so I kept going to the dentist like every day and every day I would need more novacaine and they would have to stick this disgusting needle in the back of my mouth and I could feel them hit this weird nerve that hurt really bad laksdflkjlasdfkj. Ever since they hit that nerve I've been afraid they will do it again AND THEY DID. And I was having this panic attack when my new dentist (who is an asshole and i hate him) was going in with the novacaine so he was like "I CAN SEE YOU'RE NERVOUS SO I'LL GO SLOW." which DID NOT HELP AT ALL YOU RETARD. He just made me even more freaked out because it took him like ten hours to finally put the goddamn needle into my skin and he still HIT THE FUCKING NERVELAKSDJVKLASKLDF I really hate novacaine a lottttttttttt. But I had to get blood drawn recently, so the needle was on my arm and that didn't really scare me. It's just needles in my mouth that make me scurred.
  15. -I'm afraid of bees, wasps, mosquitoes, or any large/unknown bug that can fly (been that way since I was a kid).
    -I'm terrified of spiders. ;_; They're creepy and scary-looking.
    -Blood & gore: the sight of large open cuts, massive blood, dis-embodied limbs, etc., or extended anatomic discussions make me feel dizzy, light-headed, and nauscious.
  16. Well, I don't know whether to call it a phobia. But it's downright creepy when a mosquito gets to me at night. I'm not really scared of them, but many a time, I have heard their buzzing around my ears. They seriously do it on purpose.

    I haven't really seen any real open cuts and gory sights, God preserve my innocence. But judging from how I react to gore in movies, I don't think I would take to it very well.

    The only true and confirmed phobia I could actually say is a phobia would be socialphobia. I am downright scared of talking to people, especially one on one, even with members of my own family, but that's mainly because of the *cough* focused *cough* subjects *cough*. Autism isn't helping much either. Basically, I suck at talking, I'll always be the funny-looking guy in the corner over there.
  17. For some odd reason, I hate lice, I fear them. It's called pediculaphobia. However, I can manage spiders just fine. The larger the better! XD
  18. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    When I was younger I was horribly afraid of darkness. I always had to have one speck of light so that if I woke up I'd have something to see. Strangely enough nowadays I love darkness (help I'm transforming into Anseeemmm!!). I love waking up in the middle of the night and not seeing a thing, strange as that may sound.

    The one phobia I have today is, strangely enough, of sailing. Or rather being on a sailboat that's leaning to the side. You see, about five years ago I was in the sea scouts. We used to sail pretty much, I liked it and enjoyed the leaning. But one day we capsized, and I never got over it. Sometimes my parents force me to go sailing and it is hell. If I go outside I'll have a panic attack, start sweating and hyperventilating, and if I stay inside I'll get seasick. So sailboats are a no-go.
  19. I'm afraid of about 3 things to be honest...
    1. Hights: I've always seriously been afraid of heights. I've always thought that like bridges would fall wile im on them, treehouses to break, ladders to fall, planes to crash, ect.
    2. Of being entoxinated: I'm afraid I'd been poisoned, always thought of that. Sometimes out of nowhere i get sudden pains that are unexplainable (That's a reason Zangoose rules, it kicks poison ass)
    3. Spirits: When i was really little i had a dream of a strange sillouette coming out of the distance chasing me into a dark word of shadows. when i got a closer look at it i could tell wat it was. Death (Grim Reaper). I had that dream 2 weeks straight until I couldn't sleep. now i have very nice reflexes in the dark. That's how scared I was.
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  20. Heights make me queasy. I always think I'm gonna fall. All my life I thought I had a phobia of high places. But since I only get queasy in an area that has something similar to a rail and nothing else holding you back, and not in an upstairs room. I've always thought I was afraid of heights, period. But then I'd be scared of my room. Which is upstairs. :|

    I also have a mild blood phobia whenever I see a large quantity of blood.
  21. Like a lot of you guys, I'm terrified of heights- and it's not necessarily from being up high, it's from the possibility of falling from that far up. I'm also extremely afraid of large bodies of water; I love swimming pools, but oceans and non-sectioned beaches make me queasy. I don't like the idea of fish and other more dangerous sea life making me a fool and/or giving me a heart attack. Now, that's not to say that, if the water was really clear, I wouldn't enjoy watching the critters- but watching is something entirely different from interacting.
    Another thing that I really dislike and, am not necessarily scared of, but freak out when I see them, are bugs. Bugs are the most terrible creatures that could have ever existed. Of course I do let the spiders go, even if they might be the most creepy-crawly.. but they eat the WORSE insects, which I commend them for. Ironically, I really like bug Poke'mon. :>
    I suppose this is something I'm quite phobic about: eating food off of the bone. I just CAN'T do it. Eating chicken, fish, or anything else that comes on a bone I cannot eat unless someone picks it off for me. I don't know what's so terrible to me about it, but I just DON'T like it.
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  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The sad part is that I can tolerate my phobia, but I do consider it a personal disgrace. It makes me look like an idiot, but I guess it's my own damn fault. I've just been far too resistant (or lazy) to actually do something about it, and as a result the phobia has only gotten worse.

    As numerous people have mentioned above, I have a fear of bees. Bees to me encompass anything that flies and has a stringer. Even if it's a harmless creature like a bumblebee that'll very rarely attack, I'm subconsciously terrified of it. First I'll just go rigid. Then I'll find the quickest exit and dart out of the way, even if I'm in the company of others and doing so looks ridiculous (which is usually the case). If the situation is worse, I'll start shaking and my heart/breathing rate will rev up. Finally, if it's so bad that I'm trapped in a space with a bee, I'll start crying and freaking out. The result is not pretty. =/

    This phobia is honestly starting to interrupt my life (late spring and summer are nightmares), so it probably has reached the point where I need to do something about it. I'm just not sure who to talk to or what to do. I've tried "willing" myself to stop being phobic and explaining to myself that it's utterly silly, but it doesn't help. I guess I'm not mentality strong enough to do it on my own. >_<

    But eh. I'm afraid of a few other things, but they're just regular fears... at least I'd hope so re: one of 'em. I've been worried that I'm developing a height phobia but I think it's just my overactive imagination. I don't like feeling helpless in general and my imagination plays it up to silly levels, so anything that leaves me in such a situation unnerves me. Still, that's not a phobia, and here's hoping it stays that way. I don't need two.
  23. Luckily my phobia isn't such a big problem, I mean it would be nice to be able to sail like normal people, but I'm so scared I don't think it's worth it to get rid of it. Here in Finland we (at least used to) have a radio program that once a week helped people become rid of their phobias and stuff. That would've been a good way to get rid of that trouble, but like I said before I never considered my phobia that much of a problem. I'm not sure if they still do that though.
  24. I wonder what mine is. Mine are when I go out at night, like 10 O' Clock. I get so scared. Someone could just come up and kill me. I'm so scared when I'm in an airplane to. I'm scared something might go wrong. We could get highjacked by air pirates, or crash into birds! Another phobia, is I'm scared of losing my parents. I don't know what I would do without them! Everyday, when I do something bad, I get so scared. She gets mad, and she's always says, I'm going to die soon you know. I then get sad.
  25. My favourite teacher had a pop up book of phobias in class. How nice.
    Anyway, I have a moderate arachnaphobia. Its more tarantulas than spiders. I'm fine if its like, an itty bitty spider. But if I see a picture of a tarantula, I get the effects of the phobia. Jitteryness, area checks and whatnot. After indulging on aircraft investigation, myself and a friend became nervous fliers. Im much better now, but the seconds where you're just off the ground and the engines become less noisy is hell for me.
  26. I'm afraid of the dark. Yes, 16 years old and still afraid. I don't sleep with a night light, but I do with a tv on. I don't know why but this has always scared me ever since I could remember. Thats why I freak out when the power goes out at my house at around 8:00 p.m..

    I'm also afraid of Wasp (stung by them 2 times in my life and they burn like hell), Hornets, Yellowjackets, any stinging animal in general.

    I also hate the sight of a large amount of blood loss. Mainly mine, cuz when I see that I've lost alot (I.e. sorta a small puddle) I faint. But I also hate gore. I just hate looking at the sight of such pain. However, things like cartoony gore (like if you've seen Kung Pow, where The Chosen One punches a fricken cylender out of the bad guy's stomach, which didn't have blood) I'm okay with.

    I'm also afraid of being alone for too long. Granted I can entertain myself by turning my brain into a t.v. (a.k.a. talking out scenes of my own fan fics.), It still feels weird. I do feel better when I'm on the internet though.

    And lastly I'm afraid of soundlessness. It feels weird with just silence, and I start getting panicky.

    And I'm sure we all share the fear of falling from great heights. Thats just common in everything without wings.
  27. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    ocean. im scared to swim in the ocean. i love being in a boat on the ocean. i love swimming. but together im terrified. i think it comes from watching animal planet. ive know the animals that live in the ocean. and i know what they can do to people.
  28. OMG I am SO afraid of heights XO

    However, this goes deeper: I am also an adrenaline Junkie WOO! I am afraid of heights, say I'm riding a very TALL ride at an amusement park or something (can't say 6 Flags, never been) and I figure I don't wanna ride it because I HATE heights. Well, I finally get on it, and I am AFRAID like the bumps on my grandmothers...er, batorkus. But, after a while, I LOOOOVE it and I can't wait to do it again...

    Yes, I am totally messed up XP
  29. Tornadoes. They are my biggest fear.

    That, and wasps.

    Don't get me started on waspnadoes, I might start hiding in the corner.

    Also, I'm afraid of drowning, yet I love to swim. Basically, you know how everyone can float on their backs and be all "look at me I'm all awesome"? I can't. I cannot float by myself. My body fat percentage/distribution actually gives me negative buoyancy. Or, at least, that's what the snorkel instructor called it. Ergo, treading water takes a hell of a lot more energy for me than it would for a normal person, meaning if I'm stranded in the ocean, I'm pretty much a goner. Still, pools are pretty much a person's best friend in Florida summers. That and air conditioning.
  30. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'm really only afraid of one thing right now. Like, deathly afraid.


    We went to visit some pretty tall buildings while I was on vacation, including the Empire State Building in NYC. And oh my gosh do NOT bring me up that thing again. I was shaking once we got to the 10th floor, and when we made it up to the 86th floor, where everyone was taking pictures and stuff... I nearly fainted, so I stayed inside while my parents were all "HEY LOOK AT THIS EVERYTHING LOOKS SO TINY". And don't get me started on the plane rides to and from vacation. Oh, and just so ya'll know, I start feeling really dizzy by the time I'm on the third floor of a building, and because a lot of places I visited included at least a 3rd story, you can say that this vacation was the worst one evar.

    This is why you will never see me in a roller coaster or anything thing else of the sort at an amusement park.

    Besides heights, I'm also scared of most flying insects only because I got stung by a wasp once. And that was because a jumprope hit it and I was the closest thing to it. Now, every little critter that buzzes past me makes my brain immediately go "WASP!" But I'm not afraid of them like I am of heights; I get the initial scare, but after that I'm usually fine.
  31. I am scared of heights, (Falling). I am also scared of the dark. I feel as if a guy will come in and shoot me. Crazy? Yes, but I hate the dark. My sister LOVES it, strangely. (She says she ISN'T goth...)
  32. Well i'm Thantophobic which is basically the fear of death or dying
    I also have a fear of the future

    Other phobias include internal pain and nausia/throwing up (also being ill)
    It's a good thing I rarely get ill with these phobias (:
  33. Hmmm, I think the proper name for what I have is Katsaridaphobia. Fear of cockroaches. Whether is being an itty-bitty little German cockroach or the huge palmetto bugs (which unfortunately are more common where I live) I am deathly terrified of the little buggers. *shot for making the lamest unintentional pun in the world* Mainly they're linked with a bad childhood experience involving cockroaches, and nowadays if I even see a cockroach I freeze, then I just star at it and it's a freaking miracle if I can get myself to move because the last time I ran from a cockroach it flew after me and chased me across the whole dang house, which is what started by phobia in the first place. At the tender age of 8 no less, ah the joys of childhood.

    I just hate the things, especially the way they move, that little skittering movement they do is enough to make me flee the room instantly no matter how many people are watching. And very unfortunately for me, half the time they end up in my room because my room is right next to a bathroom. One time there was one in my room and I probably would have killed it if it weren't 1 in the morning, so I watched it crawl around my room the entire night and didn't get a single wink of sleep because I was terrified that it would crawl on me if I turned off the light. I doubt I could even put on a boot and stomp on them, usually I just end up throwing heavy things at them from a distance and hoping I get a lucky shot.

    This is probably why when I go into a room I'll sometimes check the crawl spaces and closets and whatnot, looking like a paranoid freak in the process. And if I do happen to stumble across an insect roomate, chances are I'll scream/freak out and run and get someone to kill it, since I can't do it myself. Heck even if I see a freaking picture of a cockroach I'll start breathing really quickly and my eyes start to sting and I'll look away before I start crying or something humiliating like that. Oh, and it's said that cockroaches have allergies on them that can trigger asthma, so these things are the bane of my existence because I was born with asthma. >:(

    Other than that, I don't like anything that stings (wasps, hornets, etc.) I'm not terrified of them like the cockroach issue, I just don't like to be near them and I usually end up avoiding them if I can help it. My brother has been stung plently of times when he was little, so I rather developed this aversion to stinging insects; if there's a wasp flying around one of the doors then I'll just go around the house and find another one and gods help me if there's a wasp inside the house.
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  34. i am deathly afraid of heights. im afraid for other people when their leaning on a balcony or something
    I am also afraind of worms (please dont ask y)
    lastly im afraid of openness i cant stand large open areas.
  35. I actually have a phobia of mirrors. I have no clue what it's called, but I assume it's something along the lines of Catoptriphobia. I have a huge, drawn out panic attack when I notice a mirror. Particularly my reflection. Whenever we go to a hotel, I need to cover up the mirror with a towel, or something. Just knowing there's a mirror in the same room as I am is enough to make me break down.
  36. i have the worst 2 fears... hights and bridges i always thing the ground under me will brake away and ill fall to my death...
  37. I am scared of, wait for it......... styrofoam.

    It is a really weid irrational fear that I have. It's just so... horrid. The sound it makes when it rubs against something else, the feel and texture of it, the unnatural look of it... I'm weird aren't I? (:
  38. Well, I have quite afew fears, so I'll get the big ones out of the way.

    Fear of Bees, Wasps, and Misquitos: Before, I'd go outside, hear a bee, and ignore it. Now I'd stay away from my front door at the sign of a wasp. It started on a trip to North Carolina. There was a hot spring my family wanted to visit, so we got down, we couldn't find it after 10 mintues, so we decided to sit a while. I decided to sit on a harmless, old log. Next thing I know, A swarm of bees come OUT OF THE LOG to attack me, chasing throughout the parking lot. Not only did I look like a friggin idiot, but now I can't even take out the trash when I hear a buzzing sound next to my ear.

    I USED to have a fear of elevators. Kinda wore off after afew years. Once when I was 10, we visited a decent hotel in Miami. I liked going in elevators first, so I rushed to it and stupidly jammed the closed button. I didn't feel the elevator go up and found out I was stuck. My parents were outside it, but I was crying and screaming in there jamming the alarm button for someone to save me. 30 minutes later, an employee/fire fighter (don't remember well) forced the elevator open. Was scared of going in that damn thing for a while. What didn't help much is that a month later we went to Disney Quest, and when you enter it, the elevator intentionaly turns off the light and stops moving, so I started screaming like a little girl. XD

    Another fear: injection needles. Even at 15, and I turn pale at the sight of them. Don't remember when I started hating them, but I do.

    As for blood and gore, I've played too much Call of Duty and Mad World to get sqeamish over such a silly thing. ;P
  39. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    Fear of bees and insects seems to be rather common and very disturbing. I tend to be unnaturally calm around wasps and bees, I ignore them and only wave them away if they're about to fly up my nose. Then again I've never been stung by a bee or a wasp.
  40. I used to have something like that. Only in my case, it's my fantasy going wild. Even now I still can't watch into a mirror at night, afraid of that I will see something scary. (So no I didn't watch Mirrors~) As a kid, I used to think that the world behind mirrors was an alternate one so I was scared by the idea that something could haunt me trough mirrors by going from mirror to mirror.

    And I loathe bee's and wasps, too.

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