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Philosophy Of Me

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Nick Blare, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Here's a journal entry I wrote on dA in regards to the past two days. It's pretty damn long, so if you're not much of a reader...

    Skim it. :p

    Anyways, I titled it Sufferer and Healer of Destitute; Joy Bounces Back.
    Yesterday was, by far, the worst day I've had in a very good while... Honestly, I wish not to discuss aspects of it, as the two victims of destitute feelings would probably prefer to remain anonymous. It was awful to see. On one of their sides, abuse was involved; and on the others, confused depression had taken hold and false accusations had been tossed towards me. Either way, the combination of such deep sorrow and anger dragged me deep down... (If you want some more details on what i can say, send me a note.) I had followed in the footsteps of the second unmentioned person. I lost focus in class, yelled in offense during collaboration (a half-hour period before classes start at my school, only happens on Wednesdays), was told to cease by security (no, not to the extent of trouble, as I offered no defiance), and had to spend the remainder of said time speaking with my counselor. She helped well enough, but I still remained drained for all of Wednesday, and throughout nearly half of today. Everyone noticed, and I just wanted to flee; to break down and scream. I've never felt that kind of pain before. Even my parent's divorce was topped by yesterday...

    But, as I always do, I found my path again. I managed to speak with the first person this afternoon in 4th period Pottery class. My initial thought at the caliber of abuse being put forward was ill set. It was hardly even note worthy, but I still lost my head over it and feared for their safety the night before. I threw them into a tizzy in all my irrationality on their situation, and was just conter-productive. I was relieved so much by the revealation that I'd been wrong, that my sadness was lifted for the day. I managed to make them feel better, after some well placed apologies, and chipper remarks. I feel, somehow stronger after recovering from it.

    And I spoke with the second person no less than an hour ago. They were the ones in confused depression. They were letting their parents dictate their thoughts. They were allowing their parents to choose the person's ambition for them, and I was a bit irritated by that, as well as extremely saddened to see them so fearful. But, I gave a passionate pep talk about not letting others dictate their mind and dreams; about being an individual and standing up for their rights; about their constant tales of subconscious dreams to be released from the binding chains of opressive culture; and to never fear the consequences in doing what's right. That was at lunch on Wednesday, however. I gave a much more long-winded message to said person just that hour ago. I dispelled fears they had of being committed to a Loony Bin and deportation to their poverty-ridden back up home, and made sure that they know they are not a failure. (The parents had been saying that this person was a failure, which is beyond morally wrong, it's almost illegal.) I cheered this person up as well.

    Now, some may ask why I concern myself with the issues of others. But really, I can never turn a blind eye. Even when I seem broken, I seamlessly restore the pieces that fell off. I could give a part of my soul to a person, and it would regenerate instantaneously. I came close to shattering yesterday, but I never truly did. Guess I just got skills at bouncing back. Blatantly so. Honestly, I'm about as easy to break as a diamond. Call it cockiness if you want; I call it confidence.

    Now, you two I mentioned, you know who you are, so don't blow your own cover and fuck over everything I just tried to conceal. Though, I'm sure I needn't explain; but hey, accidents are made, right? Haha, you guys still rock.

    Everybody, I have to say this. I've... Really never mentioned some serious moral message at the end of a journal like this, but, I have to this time.

    Morality is not a question of who's stronger or what's going to save you. But rather, it's a measure of who you are as a person. Everyone shows morality, but to what degree is what will allow you to see their true colors more or less clearly. If you display your morales loud and proud, you're going to be heard and your true colors will be shown in the sheer brilliance. If you hide your morales, people will shy from you thinking you have nothing of interest to say, and you will more than likely be ignored and unknown. Which path will you choose? Hmm? My friends, I pray you choose the former, rather than the latter. Express yourself! Be who you are, and be free! Fight against opression! Show your colors, and wear them with their due pride!

    My friends, my watchers, and all who may read this journal; Joy always bounces back. I thank you for even taking the time to read, for those that do. I care not if you comment, just that you heed my words and take them to heart. (Though, comments would still be nice; I love to dish out a nice batch of philosophy and talk with my fellow artists.)


    The heart of fire, it beats within me. I shall not be tamed, but I'll only be wild when provoked. The power of the Dragon, it flows beneath my skin, and through my mind. I think deeply about all matters at hand, and synthesize the best course of action through my heart and mind. Freedom is mine, always.

    ^That, is me. My belief of myself. Say what you may; but, I've shown my colors. I will wear them proudly.

    Thank you all, my friends...

    Shade, out.


    Now, I want to know; what's your life's philosophy?
  2. Here's a quote to answer your question:

    I love his outlook on life, and I admire how he always says he strives to be simply a nice person. He's my role model, I try to live my life like that.
  3. My life's philosophy is to learn, accept, and welcome what you don't understand. Try your best to understand how humans work and not deny others because they think differently.

    If you don't understand something, don't destroy it; seek it out instead. Find out if it thinks like you, acts like you, or even simply looks like you.

    As humans, we often get the misconception that whatever we don't understand, we have to shun, reject, etc. Since I have a very "messed up" mind (depends how you look at it), people don't necessarily think very highly of me. I don't tend to get along well with others and often do questionable things that even I don't know why I do.

    Things happen, but a part of being human is desperately trying to get to the top. We will do anything to make ourselves stand out. People might do this in different ways. I know someone who is an extremely nice person who doesn't seem to have anything bad about him. He helps others and never shows if he dislikes them. He treats everybody as if they were a friend. He is extremely popular because of this.
    However, I also know an equally popular guy who does the opposite. He controls people through fear. To make a long story short, he's the biggest asshole on Earth, and to keep your testicles, you have to not piss him off.

    What I'm trying to say is that as humans, we are no better, but no worse than any other creature. Although we are full of errors, we still have things that make us stand out. We are unique, and to reject someone who is different is to become scum (I said scum, not cum).
  4. Lon: Indeed that is an extremely righteous state of mind, and it is to be very much respected. I believe in selflessness and forgiving. To jump to conclusions on a person's character is extremely unjustifiable, and then you miss out on a chance to make yet another acquaintence. And that very much ties in with Blackmuffin's statement.

    BM: I agree in entirety with what you are saying. Always being eager to learn is a powerful mechanism, and it will make you very versatile in ways of skills. And when you seek out the unknown, rather than destroy it, more good will come from it than anything. And yeah, people always are skittering for the top of this unseeable hierarchy of fame, fortune, and whatever else. And as some make their way, they'll sabotage others. Sad but true.

    But, yes. "To be different is to be human," is what my good friend Sean (Psykan on dA) always says. And if you isolate a person on purpose before getting to know them, it's appalling.
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My philosophies are these:

    Life is just a game. The one who has the most fun by the end wins.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Cherish the people you have while you have them because while people come and go, love and regret last for eternity.

    And lastly and possibly most importantly:
    The Road of Life is rarely ever flat. There will be rough patches, high mountains that must be climbed, stormy weather that must be endured, but things can't be like that forever. Eventually the sun will come back out and you will overcome your obstacles and reach stable ground. Staying in one place out of fear of the unknown will get you nowhere. Turning back because the road ahead is too difficult puts all of your previous efforts to waste. There are many unexplored paths and new people waiting on those paths. Find a particularly hard spot? Ask advice from someone who has already traveled it. In return, be willing to give advice to others who need help getting through rough terrain.
  6. My phliosophy on life? Well, it's in all sorts of different religions, but they basically say the same things the same way: Treat others the way you want to be treated. I try to treat everyone I meet equally, though I'm not ashamed to admit that I slip up alot.

    Another philosophy is that if you wan people to be happy, sometimes you have to sacrifice some happiness of your own. That could mean giving up a moment of your time to help others, or it could literally mean keeping your own discomforts to yourself for the comfort of others. Sadly, when it comes to family, this philosiphy goes into effect alot.

    When life knocks you down, you have two options. 1. Lay there on the ground, defeated, and pity yourself as you whither away in your own sorrow. 2. Get up, and rise above it. This helps when you have people who constantly look down on you, or if something bad has happened. Because of this, I've decided to become better than the people who used to ruin my life, and I've also decided to outdo my sister in education, who gave up the promising life of a lawyer just to smoke pot with the wrong crowd.

    Don't mistreat others because they're different. If you do, then you're an idiot. I'm sorry, but it's true. Think about it, if the entire world had the same people in it, then it wouldn't be as much fun, now would it. My friends and I are as different as a cat and a shovel, but we still get along. Sometimes different is better.

    If you have nothing nice to say, then try to keep it to yourself. No law or religious commandment says that you have to open your mouth everytime something happens.

    Laugh. Just laugh your ass off. It really does help. Why? Because it means you're happy. If we weren't meant to laugh, then why do farts sound so funny? Why do donkeys make funny noises? Because, life is just funny, and you have to laugh it off.

    And lastly, nobody is perfect. It may be hard, but people, including myself, need to just accept that. however, that shouldn't mean that you should just act like a fool. Nobody can be perfect, but it never hurts to try. Just don't try so hard that you get crushed if something happens.

    That should do it. I may have some philosophies that don't make sense, but they seem to help me get by.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Took me awhile to settle on my response for this, but after writing a massive, multi-paragraphed post that I axed... here we go:

    Everyone deserves respect, even if you don't like 'em all the time.

    Forgiveness is harder than hatred, but understanding is harder than forgiveness. Sympathy =/= empathy.

    Don't be quick to judge, blame, or criticize, because at some point in your life you've been a hypocrite just like everyone else.

    You're not always right. Learn to accept this and admit when you're wrong. Nobody likes an ego trip, and you're just making yourself look like a douche.

    Everyone sucks at first impressions. Don't bank too much on 'em.

    Put yourself out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you, just make sure you won't regret it.

    "Life is short". "Life is what you make it". "Nothing is black and white, only shades of grey". Three simple, cliche phrases that the average Joe doesn't fully understand, yet basically sum up our world entirely.

    What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, but it can sure as hell hurt.

    Even if your actions are futile, always protect what's precious to you. At least you know you tried.

    Anyone who thinks logic rules their actions is fooling themselves. Logic and Rational are Emotions bitches.

    There's a difference between being a good leader and being a narrow-minded control freak. Figure it out, and don't be the latter. People don't like the latter.

    ... I'm done. :X
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  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's amusing to see how many people base their entire lives on vapid clichés...
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Expand on that, please? :p
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Not just in this topic (though there are more than a couple mentioned), but the idea of having a 'philosophy of life' as a whole. It's fair enough to try and live your life by a set of principles, but to sum them up in silly nonsense like "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or to even just plain hear one of these clichés and then decide to shape your life around them (which I've known people to do)... it's rather silly, really.

    If you can sum your life up into a bunch of meaningless one liners, you've probably not led a very interesting life.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ahh. Fair dues. I fully agree, really. We're always changing, so naturally whatever philosophies we have shift just as often. Making any sort of long term goals for anything, including how you live your life, isn't realistic. The best you can do is live day by day and handle experiences as they come.

    P.S. - Posting one-liners is still fun, as is the usage of the word "douche". x3

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