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Phenac Colosseum Battle: Seph vs. Leon.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sem, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC:New topic made upon Link's request, we left off at...

    The Combusken had jumped in front of Poliwag to save it from the bullet seed. The Confuse Ray attack had failed... The crowd cheered at Leon's quick thinking and his pokemon's action. Combusken was making its way over to Nuzleaf to attack with a Scratch attack. Seph quickly thought of a counter.

    "Nuzleaf! Extrasensory!"

    "Nuz," Nuzleaf replied. Nuzleaf's eyes began to glow blue as he concentrated on sending powerful and devastating, psychic thoughts into Combusken's mind. Seph took notice that Poliwag had disappeared... it was obviously going to attack Sableye. A small blue orb popped out of the water and landed on a pillar close to Seph. Poliwag used Water Gun and aimed it at Sableye.

    "Sableye, use Detect!" Sableye turned to face the water type; a glint appeared in his eyes for a brief second. The water attack passed harmlessly through Sableye's ghostly body. Sableye grinned maliciously. "Follow up with Shadow Ball!" Sableye formed a ball of dark matter in between his hands. Purple, electric-like energy pulsed throughout the orb of shadow. Sableye released the ghost attack on Poliwag with a cackle.
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Inferno!" Leon yelled, his voice full of concern for his pokemon. Combusken had been thrown by this sudden attack and sent right into the water, which is the worst place for a fire pokemon to go. Leon tried to formulate a plan quickly.
    "Swirl! Get Inferno up and out of the water, now!" He yelled urgently. Swirl dived into the water, out of the way of the Shadow Ball which hit the pillar instead, causing it to smash. Swirl cut through the water, swimming incredibly quickly considering his size. Underwater, he found Combusken still conscious, but apparently unable to rise back to the surface.

    A few moments later, Combusken broke the surface, being propelled by a pillar of water, a Water Gun attack. He flipped in the air and landed on a pillar, breathing heavily. Poliwag appeared, his eyes and the top of his head the only thing visible now.
    "Alright, this wont get me anywhere, treating it as two seperate battles..." Leon muttered to himself. "Inferno! Throw Swirl at Nuzleaf! Swirl, use Double Edge after the throw!"

    Poliwag reacted first, jumping out of the water and on to the same pillar as Combusken. Combusken nodded slowly and lifted Poliwag. He spun on the spot, building up momentum with which he could throw Poliwag efficiently with. Faster and faster he spun, until he released Poliwag powerfully. Poliwag instantly launched his Double-Edge attack, spinning as he shot like a bullet, glowing a pure white, aimed right for Nuzleaf.

    "Inferno, you alright?" Leon yelled. Combusken nodded. "Alright, Fire Spin Kick on Sableye!"

    Combusken jumped high into the air, releasing flames as he did so. The fire swirled around him, heating the air up around him and evaporating the water that was clinging to his body. Combusken spun in the air, and wrapped the flames around his foot, wincing slightly as he did so. Then, he dropped right at Sableye, spinning as he did so. The spiralling flames around his foot combined with his own spinning motion turned Combusken into what was more like a burning drill, and he was getting ever closer to Sableye.

    OOC- In case you didn't get it (lord knows I didn't), it's basically a fire kick with about 100 base strength, but Combusken's feels recoil for it.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    The Extrasensory had sent Combusken falling into the water. Poliwag had dived down to save the fire type, thus avoiding the Shadow Ball. Leon then thought up a clever combination. Poliwag was rocketing through the air at Nuzleaf with a Double Edge attack ready. "Aim your Bullet Seed at Poliwag, Nuzleaf!" While the force of the attack may not be enough to stop Poliwag, at least it would take the damage from Bullet Seed as well as the recoil from Double Edge. Nuzleaf quickly shot out a stream of orange seeds at the incoming Poliwag. Nuzleaf, as Seph predicted however, was still hit by Poliwag and was sent plumeting into the water. Seph did not forget Combusken and Sableye though. Combusken was flying at Sableye with a unique attack. Seph had never seen such a thing. Fire was swirling around the chicken's leg. Seph could not think how Sableye would avoid this. "But then again, Combusken wont be able to move if I launch an attack..." Seph thought. "Sableye! Use Confuse Ray on Combusken." Sableye formed the orange orb in his hands and launched it at the fireball that was Combusken. The Confuse Ray would not damage Combusken nor alter his course... Sableye will be hit by the attack but Combusken will end up being confused. Sableye watched Combusken coming at him through the air, a smile on his face that never faded, even when he was hit. Sableye was forced into the water as well. Sableye and Nuzleaf had been heavily damaged. Seph waited to see how the last second attacks had affected Leon's pokemon.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Not good... Inferno's weak and confused, he probably wont be able to attack for a few round..." Leon muttered to himself. "And that Bullet Seed wasn't exactly weak," he added, looking at the panting Poliwag. Poliwag took a deep gulp of air, and dived into the water again. Leon gritted his teeth. He couldn't risk giving Inferno any commands, but he couldn't just leave him out there.
    "Inferno, return," Leon said, holding out a pokeball. He reattached the ball to his belt, checking the magnetic clips were secure. "One down, now... Let's go, Meditite!"

    He threw another pokeball, this one opening with a dimmer, lilac light. Meditite appeared in the middle of the light, standing strong on the pillar that Inferno had previously been stood on. Meditite was wearing fingerless combat gloves, which were surely to help his physical attacks. However, Meditite rarely used his fists to fight.
    "Ok, combo again... Swirl, use Whirlpool! Sweep those other two into a whirlpool!" Leon yelled. Even through the water, Poliwag heard perfectly. He swam around, once again moving surprisingly faster than any water type of its type should be able to. It was swimming circles around the whole pool, causing the water to slowly swirl and spiral. Hopefully, the two would be forced into the centre of the pool. Poliwag started swimming closer to the middle of the pool.

    "Meditite, Hidden Power into the water!" Leon shouted. Meditite nodded, his arms outstretched, his eyes glowing white. Around him, balls of energy formed, melting out of the air and into existence. Meditite jumped high into the air, and gestured towards the water. The dozen or so orbs shot into the water, like bullets. Any water they hit froze as they extended through the liquid, more like frozen swords than a Hidden Power attack.
    "Ice Type Hidden Power, huh?" Leon muttered to himself as Meditite landed on another pillar.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: OK! Sorry this took sooo long. I hadn't had the time, plus my mother just recently went into this commander mode. Basically saying I don't do enough chores. Though I do everything she asks... Anyway, forgive me, Yoshi.

    Seph looked at the challenge he faced now. His pokemon were slowly being swept into the whirlpool, onto of that shards of ice were mixed in with the attack as well. Nuzleaf was sucked into the whirlpool and was being pelted by the shards of glass. "Nuzleaf can't recover after this, even if he escapes." Seph said to himself. Seph pulled out a poke'ball and returned the Nuzleaf in peril. Sableye was still heading towards the spinning vortex of water and ice. Sableye knew what to do however and floated out of the water once he reached the edge of the Whirlpool attack. Sableye then flew over to the pillar he was on and continued to hover over it. Seph pulled out another ball from his pocket. He threw it into the air. The white beam released the pokemon inside into the water. The beam formed into the shape of a fish and then faded away. Carvanha swam there, ready to battle.

    "Sableye, use Night Shade on Meditite!" Seph new that the ghost attack would be super effective on Meditite and would deal a good amount of damage if it hit. "Use Agility, Carvanha!" Seph knew Carvanha would have to be faster if he wanted a chance against that Poliwag.
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Meditite, dodge it and use Shadow Ball! It might now have any weaknesses, but we can still hurt it!" Leon yelled. Meditite nodded, and launched himself from the pillar he was stood on as it was covered in a mysterious black shadow, that lashed at where Meditite had been stood only seconds ago. Meditite held his hands close together, and started gathering a dark energy there. It soon reached the same size as Meditite's head. Meditite jumped up, and briefly aimed at Sableye, throwing the orb with surprising strength.

    "Swirl, drop around and Bubblebeam it from the back!" Leon yelled. Poliwag instantly dropped through the water, letting the speeding Carvanha swim right over him, exposing its back. Immediately, Poliwag left off a stream of bubbles, which would explode on impace with Carvanha, like firecrackers. Only made of bubbles.
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    *Boom.* A plume of smoke rose from where the Shadow Ball made contact with Sableye. Sableye lay a few feet away from the impact zone on the ground, its smile still in place though it was visibly knocked out. Seph sighed and returned the creature into his ball and pulled out another. Seph threw it onto the same pillar where Sableye was. From the ball came a Houndour. Houndour howled and stared at Meditite.

    "Use Flamethrower on Meditite!" Seph yelled. Small flames flurrled outside the dog's mouth, then he opened his mouth and from it shot a deadly stream of fire. Seph then turned to Carvanha who just got hit by Poliwag's BubbleBeam. Carvanha was forced into a pillar by the attack. "Try using another Agility!" Seph called out to the fish. "Poliwag wont be able to match up to Carvanha's speed now." Seph thought as he gave another order to Carvanha. "Use Crunch!"

    Carvanha nodded and sped towards Poliwag at blinding speed. His mouth agape and ready to trap the poor Poliwag in his powerful jaws, jaws that could easily tear up the steel hull of a boat. Seph smiled and crossed his arms.
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Swirl! Ice Beam! Seal up your path!" Leon yelled. Poliwag kicked harder through the water, swimming more like a bullet than a tadpole. Behind him, Carvanha was catching up. Leon could see it. Poliwag spun in the water so that he was swimming backwards, and conjured up the icy power needed to effectively use Ice Beam. A white orb of some kind of energy formed at Poliwag's mouth as it exhaled icy breath.
    "Poliiii!" Poliwag cried as he released the ice energy, creating a meter thick wall of ice in his wake. With any luck, Carvanha would crash right into it.

    "Meditite, Calm Mind and Hidden Power!" Meditite nodded, and sat down in a meditating position, eyes closed, mind crystal clear. The small pokemon started glowing a pale blue colour as his specials both rose slightly. He didn't stop glowing, however. Around him, pale blue orbs formed, each about the size of a football. They all fired off in the same direction - all of them aimed at Houndour. The ones that met the incoming fire served to soften the attack, but they couldn't dispel it completely. The fires burned at Meditite, who was still sat in his meditative state, still glowing blue.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Seph slightly snarled under his breathed as the wall of ice appeared in the water. That Poliwag was becoming a nuisance. Seph had to react quickly to the current situation.

    "Use Hydro Pump on that wall, Carvanha!" Carvanha shot out a powerful blast of water from his already open mouth. The water meeting with the ice caused Carvanha to slow down enough to avoid a painful collision. The blast of water was still going at the wall however. The ice began to crack and it soon shattered. Shards of razor sharp ice were sent in Poliwag's direction.

    "That turned out better than I expected," Seph said to himself. "Go after Poliwag with another Crunch!" Seph yelled at the fish pokemon who heard him through the water. Poliwag would now have to avoid the chunks of ice while avoiding Carvanha at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Meditite had launched another Hidden Power, aimed directly at Houndour and his Flamethrower. "Jump over to another platform and dodge that!" Seph said. Houndour leaped into the air, flames still shooting from his mouth as he flew through the air and landed on a platform beside the other one. The Hidden Power attack hit the other platform and froze it solid.

    "Cover Meditite with a Smog attack!" The flames ceased but were immediately followed by a toxic gas that quickly made its way over to Meditite and the majority of the arena.

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