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DPPt/HGSS phanguy's trades (updated 6/20/09) breeding, Lugia, Sacred Ash!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by phanguy, May 6, 2009.

  1. ok, so between firered, emerald, colosseum, and platinum (and soon xd once summer starts) i have

    Pokemon Seen: 485
    Pokemon Owned: 477
  2. I can pretty much give you all of the first and second priority except for Vespiqueen, Huntail and Gorebyss... but for the sake of sharing trades (xD)... I'll give you Zangoose, Lunatone and Feebas for 3 PP Max?

    Edit: Adding in Shieldon for 4 PP Max.
  3. I can trade you a Legit Jirachi (cloned) and a Huntail.
    If its not too much trouble, I'll take a Manaphy egg and a Master Ball for them
  4. I say yes to both DA and Sarge. I can trade tonight. Let me know when you guys are on.
  5. Can I have your Latias for a Glameow?
  6. Sure!
  7. [quote author=phanguy link=topic=6031.msg99695#msg99695 date=1241739199

    Ok. When would you like to trade?
  8. Ok. When would you like to trade?

    I'll hop into the wifi right now.
  9. Oh, I can't trade right now. Sorry, I'm getting ready to eat. I can trade either later tonight or tomorrow.
  10. ok that's fine. just let me know when you're on.
  11. sorry everyone. i just moved out of school and don't have internet right now. i'm working on getting internet at where i live now. as soon as i get internet running i can do some trades again.
  12. i have internet back! i'm ready to trade. i'll pm those that i've already set trades up with.
  13. Awesome. Welcome back. Looking forward to trading with you again then.
  14. i have the following pokemon

    what i'm looking for :
    adamant (female) bagon with high IV's for attack and speed
    jolly smergal with high IV's for speed (and either attack or specail attack)
    jolly or adamant (female)sneasle with high IV's for attack and speed
    timid or modest gastly with high IV's for special attack and speed
  15. sorry, not doing IVs right now as i'm still trying to figure all that out for myself.
  16. Do you have any of the following ?
    adamant (female) bagon
    jolly/timid male smergal
    jolly or adamant (female) sneasle
    modest gastly
  17. no, but i can make them for you. all of them?
  18. dont need gastly anymore but the others would be awesome
    what would you want for them ?
  19. whatever you want to give me. as long it's one for one.
  20. how about

    adamant (female) bagon
    jolly/timid male smergal
    jolly or adamant (female) sneasle
  21. i'll get on that right now then.
  22. i'm done. i have three adamant female bagons. one female and one male smeargle. and three female and three male jolly sneasles. you can have them all. i don't care. oh and if you could i don't need purugly anymore as i forgot that i already set up a trade with someone else for that.
  23. cool, cool. I'll be around at 5pm (GMT) if thats any good for you to trade. I'll have a snorunt and a spheal for you too.
  24. i'm on right now if you can get on.
  25. Mm, yes. I dun want a legendary for it, but I do have all the Power Items and can grab you a Mantyke or a Spheal and the like.

    The one thing I really want is a Pineco, or some form of it if you have one.

    My FC is :2965 5330 9535

    Really, I'm on everyday, so I'll just keep a lookout ^^
  26. anything else you want? cause i need all of them besides the attack one.
  27. I'll trade my Froslass (snorunt evo)with Power Lens (+Sp. Atk) for Ho-oh, k? Just need to know time for trade.
  28. Hm, um, lemme seee...
    If you can possibly get an Eevee with Curse bred on it, I'd appreciate that. And, um, also, if you could leave them both as eggs, I'd really prefer that, or atleast for said Eevee.

    And, um, other than that, no, I dun really want anything else other than these two.
  29. I'll get back to you when I have it.
  30. that works for me. i should be on all day today. just shoot me a pm when you're ready.
  31. anything specifically for pineco? and do you want either of them with specific natures?
  32. Oh, um, not exactly, unless you use Dittos with Everstones to breed a Nature on, as I'd prefer them to be left as eggs. But if you can get a chance of having Brave or Relaxed on both of them, that would do.
  33. that's exactly what i do. and that's exactly what i'll do. i'll let you know when they're ready.
  34. I can give you the 2 slakoth evolutions, spheal and purugly for ho-oh, latios, latias, and a hoppip
  35. i need to update. i no longer need spheal. i still need slakoth evolutions and purugly though.
  36. I still have a Slaking at level 41.
  37. what do you want for it?
  38. what do you want for it?
    [/quote]Regirock with a Rare Candy?
  39. Is your Ho-oh the MATTLE one? (From Colloseum)

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