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Pets- because humans just don't cut it sometimes.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Nancel, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. A lot of you out there, I'm sure, have pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pidgeons that made nests on your windowsill, exotic arachnids, reptiles, ANY animal's welcome. (And, no, younger siblings do not count)

    Come right in and discuss your favorite pets, experiances with pets, how much you love/ hate the creatures, and share those heart-warming (or blood-chilling) stories you've fashioned from the bond between man and beast.

    I've been working with horses since I was very young and today I have two of my own!
    One is a 17hh ClydesdaleX, Samson. (four white socks with a blaze. O RLY? YA RLY.) All my love belongs to him, he's such a sweetheart.
    He's a bit spooky sometimes, very sensitive and emotional, but he makes up for it with his looks. Heh. We ride Hunter/Jumper, English. But I hope to try out dressage on him one day, since that's what he was broke for when we bought him.

    Then, I have my other child, Blondie. Despite having the girliest name I've ever heard for a horse in my life, he's a guy. A 15.1hh palomino Quarter Horse. We just bought him recently, (hip hip hooray for good deals) but already he's shaping up to be an excellent jumper. We're already doing courses with him! ^__^

    "Hey, Nancel, I think this will turn out to be a very interesting thread."
    "I know, Samson, I know."
  2. OKAY. I already typed this all once before my computer decided to hate me and go back a page. Anyway, I shall go on.

    My family has two dogs. Taz, a purebred German Shepard, is kind of big for his breed, and he's just a little bit crazy. Mobius is our shelter puppy. Well, he's not much of a puppy anymore. He's a mutt- he's got the ears of a Labrador, and the markings of a German Shepard. Mobius is a weird dog- he howls along to the theme of M.A.S.H., he watches movies, and he curls up like a log. Also, I was allowed to name him. Not the best decision my parents ever made.

    I also have a fishtank, with a whooole bunch of tropical fish. They don't have any interesting backstory. They just sit there and stare at me.
  3. *LoN is allergic to most animal fur, so he can't speak for the likes of most pets :p

    However. We did have some fish a while back at one point, and they were cool. One I liked seemed to have a particular fetish for backflips...
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    My Gerbils are my children
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've had a good number of pets, all of them belonging in the "avian" category. XD

    I first had a pair of parakeets. But, I left the cage open one day on accident and they flew away. Hey, I was seven.

    Then I went to a flee market and I found myself falling in love with a little chick and buying it as a pet. We would let him out to wander the backyard daily. But one day the grass-cutters came and either mowed the chick to death or scared him away. I never saw the little fluff again. D:

    My most recent pets were a pair of ducks that I bought from the same flee market about three years later. It just so happened that one was male and the other was female of the same species, so one day we found an egg in their little "cage" (the backyard). And soon enough we had ten eggs, but only six of them hatched. I remember all of their names: the oldest were Phoenix and Dragon, the babies were Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Momiji, Kagura, and Hiro. Yes that was the time I was obsessed with fruits basket. Then a few months later we set them free into the pool in a neighboring park.

    The only survivors were Phoenix, Dragon, Haru, and Kagura. D:

    Then some things happened, and the next year Phoenix had more eggs IN THE NEARBY ELEMENTARY PLAYGROUND. But it was the summer, so no one was using the playground. She had nine eggs, and all but one hatched. I didn't bother naming any of them, but in the end only one survived to become an adult, and her name is Tenshi.

    Haru, who turned out to be a female (while Kagura was male, so we renamed them Mary and Tom respectively) also had eggs in the elementary school later, but it was soooo close to school starting that my friend had to call the animal protection center. I never saw Mary, the eggs, or Phoenix again (no idea why they took Phoenix.
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Other than the voices in my head I have a dog. Of sorts. She's sort of a potentially-undead metacanine. Her behaviour patterns seem to indicate that she either thinks she's a cat or she doesn't think at all. She's also bloody ancient - we don't know how old exactly she is, but something tells me that she's going to bury us all. >>;
  7. 3 Male Felines + 1 Male Canine + 2 Female Homo Sapiens: more than enough

    The cats and dog don't get along very well (or get along too well for the smaller ones to handle). So we have a whole bunch of security devices to prevent a disaster, though our dog has already bypassed them numerous times, it's a hopeless struggle.

    Either way, there are two Egyptian Siamese cats we adopted called Ricky and Spencer. It started with that, then we rescued a third cat from the streets (forgot name of breed) called Harley because his purr sounds like a fuel-powered bicycle/motorbike. And finally, after a burgalry incident, we got the biggest animal of them all: The GSP. The Homo Sapiens came free with the 'Welcome to Earth' Package.
  8. I have two cats- Cybele and Pumpkin- and about sixty goldfish. My original two are called Comet and Rocket, but they had loads of kids. The ones I'm keeping are called Grievous, Maul, Hoth and Vader. Geekfest goldfish! ;D
  9. I'm alergic to many animals, but not Shi-tzus among other breeds.

    It may seem very... girlish? But I really do love the two dogs, Jack and Mojo. I comsider them as two more of my family members (Oh, God... there's more of them!) and they both have at least one tale to tell.

    Jack was the first of the two we got, and he was raised on a farm where they bred dogs, along with geese, horses, cats... I think I saw a turtle, too. :D My dad came up with the name, and now we hate it. Why? Think about this... Nick, Zack, Jack. :o They find it confusing.

    But anyways, siince he is completely black (even his eyes) we are constantly trying to find him. He is usually sitting in his bed, his dark-brown bed. XD

    And Mojo... Well, he is caramel-white and the biggest goofball in the history of my family. When he and Jack are int eh same room, they are usually fighting. And he likes to bark. A lot. But he never barks when it makes sence, no... My parents come back form grocery shopping, and then he barks.

    And he doesn't bark, he makes this wierd, squealy-bark. Oh, and Jack howls. :p So, we always have tales to tell, never to keep... blah, blah....

  10. I love pets
  11. I've only ever own to goldfish when i was little, they where fun to watch, until they died, ten i gt hamster a couple of years later, then that died too, you can see a partarn here can't you...
    well i took very good care of them, i have such found memory's with them,my favorite pass time was playing with my hamster, ah good times good times.
  12. So I'm just curious ,what kind of pets do you have?So here's my pets,
    I have a cat named "Apple" :D (I was thinking of fruit at the time)
    Another cat named "Ricky" (Mom thought of the named him)
    A parakeet named "Starly" (I thought I just had to name a pet after a pokemon)
    I also have another parakeet named "Riko" (mon name again)
    And I have a turtle that is still unamed even though I had it for 2 years now :-\
  13. I have a 7-year-old cat called 'Shadow' and a 3-year-old dog called 'Spog'. 'Spog' is Gaelic for 'paw'. We were going to call him the Gaelic word for 'dog', but we decided not to - 'dog' in Gaelic is 'Cu'. (pronounced 'coo')

    Also, we're getting chickens soon. Hens, to get eggs. We don't know if we're going to name them, as they might end up as dinner when they get old ...

    Aaand my Dad has agreed that I would be allowed to get Degus. They're little rodents, medium-sized, and brown. If I do get them I'm gonna call them 'Scooter' and 'Brambles'. I like those names.
  14. We have had so many pets I can't name them all...

    We have had a cat named Junior. My dad tells stories about him. I wasn't alive when we had him, but oh well.

    We currently have two cats, Cosmo and Abby. I'm fairly sure both are 8 years old. Cosmo had kittens when I was two years old, but we had to give them away since we didn't have enough room in the house.

    We have had very many dogs, and I've lived to see two of them. The first one I lived to see had to be put to sleep at three and a half years, because it nearly bit someone's ear off. Her name was Dixie. We have a dog right now named Elliott (I named him =3) and he shares the same birthday as our dad. He's currently 1 year old.

    We have had very many rabbits, the only one I've seen is Babycakes. He died on my brother's birthday (it was Friday the 13th), the same day he got a cold.

    We have a Bearded Dragon named Sheila (used to be Moses, then we decided it was a girl) who we are gonna give away in I believe two weeks?

    We also have a snake named Petrie. She's a ball python and I have seen her eat two rats. :3

    In August I am getting a pet, and I want it to be a bird, but then I can only let it be in my room, since we have the cats and dogs. I could also get a rat, a guinea pig, a lizard or some other calm animal (not cats, two is plenty).
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Merged Master of Dragon's pet thread with this one because really, there is no point to having TWO threads with the same purpose and about the same thing. Next time, please check that a thread like the one you want to start doesn't exist yet!
  16. I have three pet cats, and they all have their quirks. The first one we adopted, Smokey (yeah, he's gray) will get up on his back legs when he's hyper and jump around. Our second one, Blackie (yes, he's black), likes to play with a yard stick, as opposed to a cat toy. Our third one, Skitty (No, he isn't pink. If you thought he was, then think again.) will vigorously lick himself if you touch his back, which is pretty weird because I've never seen other cats do that.
  17. Our family dog is Swiss White Sheperd called Qenai, after Brother Bear. Swiss Sheperds look like Canadian Sheperds, only more elegant. They're a showdog breed originally, but they're great family dogs. They love everyone, they're great with other dogs, but they're alert for danger. He's a sheperd, after all.
  18. Here is a list of my pets:

    John: My parents had him before I was born. He used to go to our old neighbor's house so much, that they let them have him.

    Honey: A whacky dog we had when I was little. And between me and this forum, SHE THOUGHT I WAS PIG EARS! Thus her chasing me.

    Chip: A chocolate lab. We had her for so long time, luckily she didin't die. She now lives with one of my cousins.

    Orangesicle: A goldfish I won at a fair when I was young. He died a a decade ago?

    Four frogs: Joe, Zoey, Sprite, and I forgot the other name. Joe was caught by nature, and the others were bought at pet stores. I think Joe was the lat one to die.

    Ocean: Chinese fighting fish that surprisingly lasted longer than my sister's fish. He died a few years ago.

    Kami: Our current pet. She is a yorkie-poo, 3 years old (in human age) and is living with us today.

    Other than that, the entire family is pet crazy. My oldest sister, in her 30's, has a ton of cats, 3 dogs (one of them is my nephew's), two mice, and a couple of rabbits.

    My aunt and uncle have two dogs, forgot the breed, and...I think a cat or two?

    My other uncle used to have three dogs, but now he only has one, named Danny. If I have a video of him getting a can of beer, I will most likely show it...if I can.

    I think that's it from my family. Friends comming soon.
  19. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    How did I not post this yet?

  20. I love that, Yoshimitsu. That your cat, cause I now wish it was yours!
  21. Linkachu

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    I've had many pets, and I've loved them all. They all brightened up my life, and I miss them... But with every death brought a new beginning, so I can't say it was all bad.

    Most of our pets have been rodents because the average lifespan of the little guys is far too short. My family's first rodents were two adorable ratties, April and Jasmine. April was a very spunky rat and the larger of the two, but Jasmine was one intelligent critter. She knew her name and would come if called - even during the few times she'd escaped from her cage. Those two made a very good impression on us, and I've loved rats since.

    Following them started the "hamster dynasty" as I like to call it. Many, many hamsters - some bought from stores, and some bred by us. We had some nice family lineages going. Let's see if I can remember all of their names still... There's Sam, Spike, Cinnamon, Snowball, Tails, Trixey, Vanilla, Andrew, Little Andrew, Zack (dwarf hamster), Teddy, Snowflake, Charlie, Xena, Simon, Ryu and Ken (as dwarf hamsters), Tai, Shadow, and Kirby. If some of those names look like they have TV/Video Game references, they probably did.

    Then were our rats bought many years after April and Jasmine. Lisa (who'd been originally named Bart when we thought she was male), Pippin and Frodo, Amy, and Xellos and Xander. As much as I loved my hamsters, I will admit that rats make much better pets. They're more fun to play with, too. I can't wait to buy a couple more after so long of having none.

    Next was my short-lived goldfish, but I rather loved that guy. I called it Aquaris, and to this date it's the only fish I've ever owned and possibly the only one I ever will. They're just so fragile...

    Last, but certainly not least, are my doggies. I've lived with three, and all of them were awesome. The first was Lacie, our female black Labrador retriever who went blind when she was around 9 years old. She was definitely the best behaved of my three dogs, probably due to the breed. Next were Pepper and Will, both flat-coated retrievers. Their breed is notorious for being quirky, hard to train, intelligent, lifelong puppies, obsessive hand lickers, and attention seekers. If you ignore a flat-coat or spend too much time away without giving them a proper amount of attention, they get 'creative'. I swear those dogs ripped things apart with a devilish gleam in their eyes XD

    Will, my latest doggie, died recently - this past summer. The house still feels empty without him.
  22. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    That cat is mine, yes.
  23. Heh, I have a wide variety of pets.

    In the past, I've owned a couple of goldfish of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Unlike most goldfish, they've lived a pretty long life - 1-3 years. There were a couple of them that I particularly liked, such as the two original angelfish that I named China und Korea after their sizes, to distinguish the difference.

    I also have a 3 year old turtle with no distinct name if any sort. Back when I first got him, he lived with the fish in a fish tank, and a small chunk of branch for him to float on. Well, one day while I was at summer camp, he climbed out of the fish tank, surprising my grandpa. Now, note this: At that time, he was about 2.5 inches big, and the tank was 2-3.5 feet off the ground. Luckily, my grandpa found him in the basement, huddled in the corner.

    Onto the little impacts of my life, my dogs. I originally had one dog, which is a Male Maltese named Tobi. Then I ended up getting a giant white mutt puppy named Mimi. It was hard to believe that she was a puppy, for she stood 4 feet tall on her hind legs. We later gave her back, and after some time, we received a chihuahua. Now, for irony, I decided to name her Mimi, after the previous girl.

    After two weeks, Tobi raped her. Then last year in November, she gave birth to four (male) puppies - Lucky (the original name of Tobi), Quincy (I don't need to explain this one), Kiwi (to fit the name rhyming bandwagon), and...Oscar (for bad humor.) We soon gave away Quincy to our neighbors (who, in possibly 3 years, won't be our neighbors anymore,) and gave Lucky away to my uncle's ex-girlfriend.

    We were also given a little yellow canary bird around June '08. We still don't know its gender.

    And that's pretty much it.
  24. Currently, I have a gerbil, a Chihuahua that my gerbil could beat up, and a bunch of fish that like to die at random times.

    My gerbil is a pink-eyed-white male named Semper, the male real-life counterpart to Fi. He just turned three on the tenth. Welcome to Senior-Gerbilville, Semper!

    I also have a tan shorthair Chihuahua with buggish eyes. Seriously, He looks like an insect when you push his ears back! He's extremely wimpy as well, running away from Semper in his hamster ball. I would expect him to go towards to try to eat him, but nope, Vinny runs away.

    I also have a tank I keep stocked with cheap goldfish. I don't name them anymore, as they die too fast to keep track of. Just yesterday, I scooped out a dead fish to dump in the toilet. *plays Taps*
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  25. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    I wish I had a ferret. Right now, all I have is a dog and two cats. Being Vira's brother, the pets' names are Elliot, Cosmo and Abby, respectively, and they are 17 months, 9 years and 9 years old, respectively as well. Odd thing: Cosmo barks. Louder than Elliot(whenever I use the name Elliot, I'm referring to the puppy, not the mod) actually. Every morning(like, 3:00 in the morning), Cosmo cuts holes my eardrums, figuratively, I hope. Elliot just moans in his sleep and cries when I have is toy.
  26. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    I have five cats split between two homes. At one are Smudge, a black-and-white Tabby, Max, an orange-and-white Tabby, and Smokey, a gray-and-white Tabby. And at the other, Shane, an orange Tabby, and Cami, a calico Tabby. All of them, minus Smokey, are from the same litter, but they are polar opposites. I love seeing how they all react to each other.
  27. I have two dogs, a lizard, a turtle, a toad, and a pond full of fish.

    Lily is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She's 4 years old. She's adorable and my favorite. Plus she sleeps in my room. :p

    Isabelle is a shih-tzu. She's 8 I believe. She's pretty cool and all. She has been really laid back recently because she's sick. When she starts to get worse, we will have to put her to sleep. :'(

    Larry is a leopard gecko. There isn't a whole lot to say about him except that we've had him for 7 years....

    Shelly is a painted western turtle. She rocks.She shares her tank with a fire belly toad.

    The pond full of fish is in my backyard. It's full of various fish, the biggest being a koi named Hope.

    Here are my two girls. Isabelle is on the left and Lily on the right.

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