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Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by AmazingAmpharos, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Pet peeves are pretty much things that annoy you! Here's some of mine
    • When people say 'pokemons' instead of 'pokemon.'
    • Slow walkers in general
    • When people say 'Is that a pokemon?' when I'm drawing.
    • When people sing along (really badly btw) to a song which that you can't even hear the actual song.
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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've got some time to kill...

    - Soap operas
    - Metroid Other M
    - Touching my property without permission
    - You. Yes, YOU, reading this now
    - Sexist jokes
    - Anything to do with cars
    - People whining about insignificant shit
    - People who say they're massive Pokemon fans - and then whip out Pokemon Go
    - Feigning interest. If you don't give a shit, just say that
    - Saying you have a "love me or hate me" personality. You're an insufferable cunt, just say that
    - You
    - Hypocrisy
    - Not knowing the definition of "equality"
    - Using "till" in place of "until." One of these is a preposition regarding a point in time, the other is a fucking cash register
    - Baked beans. No, seriously
    - "Nice guys." You know who I mean
    - You
    - People who get "drunk" at clubs and then "dance" by awkwardly moving only their shoulders. Oddly specific I know
    - Getting easily offended by silly disses. Grow the fuck up
    - Parents who allow kids to play 18+ rated games and/or go online unsupervised
    - Much like Mr. Ampharos above, people who walk too slow
    - Talking to me about politics. There's thousands of conversation topics out there, how's that the best one you came up with?
    - People who whine about winter being too cold. I think summer is too hot, you've had your turn, now it's my turn
    - You
    - "Dramatic silences" in TV shows before an announcement. Just get on with it
    - EA
    - People who proudly state that wrestling is "fake" like people who watch it aren't already aware of this
    - And last, but by no means least, you
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  3. Short but simple list:

    1) People that complain about pet peeves.
    2) People that get meta.


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  4. I got some. I'm probably going to be missing a few, but whatever.

    1. When people wear a band shirt and don't even like or listen to that band
    2. When people say GPS as GPS system, or ATM as ATM machine etc.
    3. Being forced into conversations or group activities
    4. Sports fans arguing over which team is better
    5. The type of female Twitch streamers who play video games only for attention (you know the ones I'm talking about)
    6. When people say that Metal is satanic, just yelling, not music etc.
    7. When people spell "you" as "u"

    Edit 2/10/18: Okay, I thought of some others.
    8. People who hate on something like Yo Kai Watch because it's a "rip-off". Even though it's really not.
    9. When I try to talk to someone but I keep being ignored
    10. People who don't know the difference between "hate" and "criticism"
    11. Feminists
    12. Those people that think playing an instrument takes no talent. As someone who's trying to learn guitar, it's not as easy as you think it is.
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  5. I despise older men calling younger women, including me, "dear" or "sweetheart." Regardless of their intention, as innocent as it could be, I will always feel like it is condescending and completely inappropriate to say as a superior or mentor.
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  6. - SJWs, for obvious reasons, especially the ones that go out of their way to ruin good movies/tv series/comic series/games/etc, or say bigoted comments towards people they disagree with (example: thinking anyone to the right of Mao is a Nazi and/or redneck). I wouldn't mind these people so much if they just stayed in their groups and just left the rest of the population alone, but unfortunately that's apparently too hard for most of them :/
    - Also people who think I and others are "literally Hitler" for being Centrist or slightly right-leaning politically. How the hell does being against SJWs, wanting lower taxes, stronger border control etc, make me as bad as someone who murdered millions?
    - People who think it's weird for adults to own plushies. Plushies are awesome and cool to have, no matter what age you are.
    - When people think Metal is all screaming and satanism. Like, dude, I listen to Metal all the time and literally none of the bands I listen too are genuinely satanic. Some do sing about satan, but it's more for the 'shock' value rather than the actual belief.
    There are also many, many bands that make use of clean vocals. Just look at Symphonic, Power, and most old school Metal.
    - People constantly bringing up Trump and the presidential election, even though that happened over a year ago...
    - When people smoke around me and other non-smokers. Second hand smoking is just as bad as actual smoking. I don't want any of that crap in my system. You can keep your lung cancer to yourself, thanks.
    - People that think I've got internalised misogyny because I don't identify as a feminist. Like, what?
    - Cruelty to animals. Self explanatory.
    - People who keep wild animals as 'exotic pets'. It's bad enough seeing the poor animals in zoos and circuses, we don't need this as well. Those animals deserve to be free, not couped up in a cage in your backyard.
    - People trying to force shit on me and others. If I say no, that means NO. Got it?
    - People who look for shit to whine about in games, movies and tv, even if that shit isn't even in said tv show, game, etc. A good example of this is a article I saw a few days back (on Huff Post, I believe) where the author was whining about how Paw Patrol is.... Fascist propaganda??? What? It's a God damn kids show for crying out loud! How the hell did you get Fascism from a show about dogs rescuing civilians?
    - People who expect free art from everyone. As an artist, this annoys me to no end. Bugger off.
    - Skylanders. Ruined Spyro
    - Music snobs/elitists. Look, I'll admit I can get a tad snobby with my music from time to time, but I don't go out of my way to crap all over other people's music tastes, like a lot of elitists do. If I see someone who I think has, in my opinion, a 'questionable' music taste, I just move on. No need to make that person feel shitty.
    - Totem Kogedemaru. Raged so much battling it. Never want to see it's ugly face again.
    - When girls think I'm weird to not liking feminine stuff, or dressing like a 'normal woman'. Piss off, I'll dress and act however the hell I want. Thankfully, guys are generally accepting of my tomboyish look and behaviour.

    EDIT: Just adding some more onto the list.

    - Everything about Tumblr, including its politics (communism and SJWs), the layout, and the very ugly Steven Universe-knockoff artstyle that seems to be everywhere on the site at the moment. I have no idea why they have to make their characters so ugly for.
    - People who try make me believe non-binary genders are legitimate and force their weird "xem/xir/fe/fi/fo/fum" pronouns on me. Yeah, not gonna happen. Like, do whatever you want. Identify as Spacegender or whatever. I don't care. Just don't force your weird Tumblr genders and pronouns onto me. Thanks.
    - How everyone assumes I like avocado because I'm a young adult and "they always love their smashed avo!". Nope, I hate the stuff. One of the worst foods in the world in my opinion.
    - Games being infected with politics and ultra sjw-y shit. Games are supposed to be fun and a break from reality...
    - How biased the mainstream media is. That's why I never watch the news anymore. It's all crap.
    - Extreme cat haters. Y'know, the ones that go out of their way to run over pet cats, and do other horrible things to them. Yeah, those arseholes.
    - People that think I'm rascist and sexist for being fascinated by the 40s-60s. No, no, no. I'm fascinated with the styles/aesthetics from those periods, not the bloody rascism and sexism. Why the hell would I be fascinated with that? Both of those things suck, and I totally understand that it was a pretty damn shitty time for minorities and women back then.
    Jeez some people are dense... Just because I like the aesthetics from a certain period/s, doesn't mean I support the social part of them...
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  7. I'll try my best for this.
    1. fakemons
    2. When Pokemon makes simple bad logic in their own show
    5. Admins
    6. Admin who judge
    7. ADMIN who act like baby or children
    8. admins who just try there best to make you snap
    9. Vegetarians who do it by choice (i am fine with the religious and bad digest system people though
    10. admins
    11. God mode people
    12. Spawn killers
    13. People who troll
    14. popular kids
    15. teens who are there phones all the time
    16. Gender Changers
    17. bisexuals, gay, and lesbians ( don't judge me)
    18. people who judge me
    19. people who ask for your opinion then get mad (for crying out loud you ask me for my opinion and I gave it so don't get mad)
    20. Last but not least Admins
    P.S Admins if you are reading this suck it up you got big boy pants now don't ban me and take it down.
  8. One of your "pet peeves" is gays, bisexuals, and lesbians but you don't want people to judge you?...

    Do you understand the meaning of hypocrisy?
  9. no not but I can google it if you want me too.
  10. I'd get it tattooed on your forehead, just so you don't forget..
  11. 1. Any religion that says "submit or I'll kill you." I can shrug off threats about Hell, but it's completely different when physical threats enter the picture.
    2. Those who raise their voices and shout over other people trying to make a point, as though truth can be determined by who is the loudest.
    3. The nonexistent word "alot."
    4. When the feelings of a minority group are politically prioritized over scientifically-verifiable facts of the world, and then I'm expected to go along with the facade.
    5. Animes that begin with somebody running away from a monster/thug, nearly getting attacked, and then the hero destroying the monster/thug at the last second. Like I haven't seen that fifty times before.
    6. Animes in which the background characters are props who exist only to fawn over how awesome and adorable the hero/heroine is.
    7. People who find it necessary to announce to the world which sex stimulates their genitals. Especially if they make this their one-dimensional self-identification.
    8. Anyone but me deciding how my money is going to be spent.

    I may be back later. Yeah, we may be passive-aggressive here, but it's good to have an isolated area to vent.
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  12. Alright, where do we go from here?

    1) People misspelling the name of said Pokémon.
    2) People confusing affect and effect.
    3) People confusing Pokémon with something else like Digimon for example.
    4) People who constantly hate on Fakemon/ Fan Made Pokémon.
    5) Action movies. (As a doc in school, I can't stand to see someone get up from falling onto a car spine first off of a hundred story building.)
    6) People who constantly argue with one another even though they were wrong the whole time.
    7) Most newbies in general.
    8) Underage admins. (Either because they behave like one or coughed a few dosh.)
    9) Movie logic. (Guns having infinite ammo, people drowning underwater as a creature suited for water, etc.)
    10) Game logic. (Fences blocking said character, limited decisions, loading ammo by tapping magazine, etc.)
    11) People who walk and use their phones at the same time. (Excluding phone calls if it ain't loud.)
    12) Loud and chaotic parties.
    13) Close minded people.
    14) Difficulty of Pokémon games.
    15) Interaction of combat in PRPing. (Yeah, I'm not up for you do this and I do that and you can only dodge/block X amount of times like the kids always keep doing.)
    16) Force hitting. (I'm sorry, but I ain't putting up with you having your level 100 Squirtle allegedly caught with a master ball from said factory owned by some rich family hit me with a Water Gun without giving me a chance to even react.)
    17) Treating RPs like the game. (Saying said Pokémon took X damage, said attack dealt X damage, said Pokémon is level X or being restricted to only having one equipped/held item. You know who you are.)
    18) People confusing the characters of Megaman and Megaman Battle Network. (Yeah, there's Aquaman and then there's Aquaman.EXE to save the confusion between the two.)
    19) People using OP Chips/Moves in Megaman BN PvP. (Yeah, unless if I have Airspin or able to perfectly land an Aqua Shower to counter, then I'm kinda done for if Geddon 2 and Electric Pulse 3 are both used.
    20) Anti Navi chips. (This chip is basically the bane of me since well, yeah...)
    21) Running out of battle chips against an Electric-type opponent and having to resort to my standard attacks. (This has happened way too much in Megaman BN PvP.)
    22) People who use Slow Gauge or T-Delay. (I'm a bit impatient when it comes to time and getting fresh new chips after using three on a program advance.)
    23) People who use Electric and/or Grass-type attacks on me. (This should be self explanatory.)
    24) Being bugged in combat. (Either because my Operator forgot to check the rules on customization or the opponent using Bug Curse.)
    25) Being defeated in battle. (I'm not a Pokémon, but I'm pretty sure that taking too much damage could result in something worse than just a trip to the nurse.)
  13. I have a few...
    1. Tiny cars.
    2. Newer pokemon games.
    3. N00BS
    4. Male Glaceons
    5. Dis on Glaceon
    6. Fairy Type Pokemon
    7. Device turning on power saver
    8. Low roofs
    9. When the wifi shuts off for no reason.
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  14. I have some

    1. People who stand in the middle of aisles in grocery stores or retail stories and they are just talking.
    2. People who have double standards when it comes to certain athletes or characters. An example is when people get mad at one MMA fighter for trash talking their opponent, but they don't mind it when their favorite fighter insults an entire country.
    3. Folks who criticize something about a fandom - comic book, anime, cartoon - when they haven't been actively supported it in years and just want to be mad abut something. I.E. the dude bro who complains about X-23 taking over the Wolverine mantle and says "I haven't read comics in years" or the other dude bro who complains about the Sheera reboot when he never watched it in the first place.
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  15. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I have only one, people who stand in the middle of any crowded place and have some stupid unnessesary, irrelevant conversation. News flash, you're not the only person in the world, you're not even as important as you think you are to be worthy to stop many in their track to talk, so either move before I move you
  16. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    This one i know not many people will get because its from a game called Everybody Edits, But when people call my RP a ripoff of another RP that exists in that game and i didnt even know that rp existed
  17. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    I can think of two of the top of my head: When people pronounce Pokemon names stupidly (like Arceus with a soft 'c' or Raikou's official pronunciation of 'Raico') and when people mispluralise Pokemon names (the plural of a Pokemon's name is the same as the singular, not something like 'Pikachus', 'Enteis' or 'Charizards').
  18. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Why not.

    1. Grocery store traffic
    2. Mispronouncing the name of a Pokemon, or a fictional character in general
    3. Whoever decided that Pikachu should be voiced by Ryan Reynolds
    4. the guys who rite sentences like dis when they no how to rite beter
    5. People who use the word "Pokemons"
    6. When I catch a Pokemon whose gender doesn't match its appearance at all (female Incineroar, male Primarina)
    7. Ratting on people because of gender, sexuality, race, religion/atheism, etc. Dang it, I'm not gay but people should be able to like whoever they want! I may not understand it, but that doesn't give me the right to insult them. Also, My friend claims to be a Satanist. May be a joke, may not be, but she rarely mentions it, and she's an okay person. Another one of my friends is an atheist, and he's cool.v Seriously, this is 2018. We should be over this. Sorry for going on for too long about this, it just really bothers me.
    8. Typos.
    9. When people call you a rip-off but you don't know you're ripping off something.
    10. The cringe-filled side of fanbases (Most Sonic OC's and most Undertale fan art)
    11. When people in movies do the most unrealistic things. JESUS CHRIST, YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE OFF THE GAUNTLET! JUST RIP OFF HIS ARM! IT'S MUCH EASIER!!!
    13. People who's first and only Pokemon game is Pokemon Go.
    14. Spoiled teenagers/children that think they can have whatever they want. My toddler cousin whines whenever it isn't his turn, hogging his siblings' iPads. I know he's a baby, but it still pisses me off.
    15. Talking and/or spoiling movies in the theater. Screw the little kid who screamed, "He's gonna die".
    16. The constant annoyance of the same meme being pushed into my face by the EXACT. SAME. PERSON. I SWEAR TO GOD, KATELYN, IF YOU PLAY MEGALOVANIA ONE MORE TIME!!!
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  19. *Tyler hands over his list, as his trainer does not appear to be here at the moment*

    (EDIT: Eep, forgot to set the plain code!)

    1) People thinking that I am just a baby Pokémon and nothing else.

    2) Being held by anyone other than my trainer, as they usually hold me way too tight.

    3) Lying about a checkup or an appointment with Nurse Joy, especially if it is last minute.

    4) Having to write so quickly just to communicate as a result of being unable to talk.

    5) Other trainers or Pokémon that try to rub it in my face, saying they are all better and etc.

    6) Being unable to go to a club or a bar as a result of me being stuck as a young Pokémon.

    7) Having my bottle of milk too cold or too hot.

    8) Having so many people around, as I tend to become far too cranky as a result.

    9) Talcium powder, as that feels exceptionally awkward on me.

    10) Sunburns and rashes, as I am pretty sensitive with the heat.

    11) Shots, nasal sprays, pills and any liquids that have some sort of funny looking color.

    12) Having nothing to do when I am in the playpen as a result of me accidentally almost causing a disaster with an outlet and a pair of scissors.

    13) Conflicting interests and mindsets on me.

    14) Trying to properly interact with my Pokémon.

    15) Spending too much time trying to find my trainer and then soon crying a lot when she plays peekaboo with me.

    16) Being pushed to having something other than warm milk all the time.

    17) Mirrors, as I seriously wonder why there is someone who looks exactly like me and copies every move.

    18) Playdates... enough said.
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  20. 1) Take a question like "So you don't want to go to the convention?"
    Most people would respond with "No", agreeing with with the question as fact (that you do not want to go).
    However, to me this would seem like the opposite, that you are disagreeing by saying no. So to agree with the statement, you'd say "Yes." A lot of people find my logic to this weird. It is almost like multiplying a negative and positive number. Take the original question as an example: Og question says not so a negative and the response is no = yes you do want to go (as a positive). It makes me irritated that people get confused when I say yes to equal the same message by thinking that I do want to go. If this still does not make sense, actually pay attention to a conversation and a question like this comes up that is already negating the subject; the whole thing gets on my nerves.
    2) And a pet peeve that is Pokemon related: Pokemon nicknames getting censored
    3) Not being able to name your rival(s) anymore
  21. 1) When people do a single thing specifically to you every time you meet them. I have this one friend at school who laughingly chops my arms off and it gets annoying.
    2) When people think that an opinion can be right or wrong. Like, ffs, it's an opinion. You're allowed to be entitled to yours, and so am I, so stop all this judging bullcrud.
    3) When people purposefully go out of their way to make you upset. This one translates to a game I like to play, Dead By Daylight. As killer, toxic survivors will use instant heals, rush the generators and then say "gg ez" at the end, even if I killed them. As survivor, killers can choose to tunnel you, camp you on the hook even if you did nothing to upset them. or just generally make the game a living hell.
    4) When people can't seem to realise that I want to do something else other than hang with them all the time. Don't do this.
    5) Social stalkers, pedos, offensive things... I hate you if you do these kinds of stuff.
    6) People who try to make you less depressed by saying things like: "It gets better, think more positively!" like that sounds easy to do, right? Lemme just change my point of view in like 10 seconds.
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  22. I have a lot... Many that many will probably find annoying or dumb.
    - People who stand in the middle of a hallway.

    - People who clog hallways in a long band of friends, preventing anyone else from getting by. (Even though you could always say "Excuse me," it doesn't always work.)

    - Pluralizing certain Pokémon names (it's Umbreon, not Umbreons.)

    - Mispronouncing Pokémon/fictional character names (this is a popular pet peeve, unsurprisingly.)

    - "Edgelords" (you know the people)

    - Linear storylines

    - People who are pissed because of something you do/don't do, then proceed to do that thing themselves.

    - Generally, children.

    - Fortnite.

    - The fact that such a trashy free game is one of the top-paid.

    - Twelve-year-olds that play Fortnite. (I have a lot to say about this "game")

    - People who whine about "stolen art-styles". Yes, people do that. No, it's not a thing.

    - People

    - Text-speak. It's not very hard to actually type the word.

    - Monster Hunter World's hitboxes.

    - People who are practically like: "Oh, you can't do that. But I can." Or: "Oh, you can't like that thing. But I can "

    - When a conversation is nice, then suddenly someone decides to force politics and their political opinion on you out of no where. (I had to live with this for three weeks.)

    - Politics in general.

    - Summer

    - Microtransactions.

    - EA

    - Capcom

    - Bethesda (Remember the canvas-bag situation?)

    - "Oh, millennials.

    - Poking holes in my story/roleplay. (I have a friend in reality who does this all the time...)

    - Someone constantly nagging you to reply to a roleplay (same friend).

    - Characters that have no story and are automatically loved by everyone and/or hated by someone/something for no reason at all or because they're "too good." (Same friend.)

    - "The power of friendship!"

    - People who force religion on others. (I mean much more than a sign that says "Jesus loves all." That's nothing. )

    - Talking on the phone.

    - Being constantly interrupted.

    - Being ignored.

    - Opinions can now be wrong or right?

    - "OMG, lulz, I'm so QUIRKY" (This hurt to type...)

    - People who think it's cool/cute/funny to be random

    - People who are assholes. To be assholes.

    - People who suddenly backstab you.

    - People who respond to a roleplay like: "My character lands a perfect hit on yours, and yours is now dead." Like, no. No, you can't just do that...

    - People who are like: "Okay, fine, I guess I'll do it, then." When they didn't ask you to do anything.

    - People who are like: "You're doing it wrong!" And proceed to throw a fit, even though you're doing it as you usually would/correctly.

    - People who believe they are entitled.

    - People who are like: "OH MY GOD THEY DIDN'T DO THIS ONE THING I HOPE THEY DIE!" to developers because they did something they didn't like.

    - Pointless death threats.

    - People who do dumb things.

    - People who do dumb things to look "cool."

    - "Nice guys."

    - The internet.

    - Unresponsive controls in a video game.

    - People who only talk about themselves.

    - People who are like: "Oh? You don't like this thing? HOW DARE YOU I HOPE YOU CURL UP AND DIE IN A HOLE!"

    - A lot of internet trends (dabbing, for example. I hate even typing the name of it...)

    - People in internet arguments who respond with things like: "*eyes turn red*". Oh, no. Whatever shall I do. Someone's trying to intimidate me with asterisks.

    - Long commercials you can't skip. In the middle of a video.

    - Hashtags.

    - Social media.

    - People who make threats. Then proceed to not follow through. If you say you're going to slap me, do it. (I haven't had personal experience, but I know it happens.)

    - "You said one tiny little thing? Here, let me take it the wrong way, make a big deal out of it, and say you hate [blank]/love [blank], and that you're the worst person alive."

    - When someone tries to enforce rules because people choose not to follow them, then someone's like: "Oh my god you're just like Hitler." No. Not at all. How does enforcing some general rules equal the slaughtering of a specific group of people?

    - "You can't draw that thing that way." Friend, it's called an art style. Yes, there are some cases where this makes sense, but when it's actually a person's art style is when it's dumb.

    - Selfies

    - When someone asks "What's that supposed to be?" when I'm drawing. Thanks. Really makes me feel great that you can't tell. Plus, you're annoying.

    - When people ask questions while you draw. No, I'm not drawing you. No, that's not what it is. Will you please be quiet so I can concentrate? No? Of course not.

    - Local ads.

    - Paid programming/commercials that use "[blank] technology" to advertise a product.

    - When people spam your phone: "Hi? Hello? HELLO?" If I don't respond, maybe I want to be left alone. Or maybe I'm asleep. Or maybe I'm doing something. Think before you text. Please.

    - People using "big words" in a sentence, which ends up not making sense in the end, to sound "cool."

    I have a lot to complain about, oh no.

    Really, it's just a long list of me complaining about what I hate.

    I feel like this thread is dead even though it probably isn't but oh well
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  23. so many....
    the main one that comes to mind:

    Spiders being called "bugs" - always bothers me
    (as they are arachnids, not bugs)
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  24. Just gonna list a couple things.

    People that can't simply lose an argument. A lot of people will insist they are right. No matter how many times you prove them wrong and they will not own up to it either. Always making excuses. There is always excuses for everything.

    I hate laziness. I don't care what your doing, whether you like it or not. Atleast put effort into whatever it is your doing, and hate cutting corners.

    Easily offended. I can say whatever I want to my friends or family. Anything I want. I've said some pretty bad stuff to some of my friends, and I love all my friends! They know it to which is why they are willing to put up with me and all my jokes. In return my friends or family can say any say anything about me and I won't get offended because I know they are joking.

    This might offend some people but I don't like apologizing for anything. I don't like saying it. I don't want people telling me it. I don't believe apologizing is productive. If I treat you poorly or hurt you. Telling you "I'm sorry" won't change anything. What will is me changing the way I behave. Learning from the my mistakes helps. Not making the same mistakes helps. Trying to be a better person helps. Telling people "I'm sorry" means very little if I'm not putting in the effort to change.

    Edit: I would also like to add criticism, A lot of people hate criticism and I can partially understand why. Now first of all there is good criticism and bad criticism. I wanna go ahead and differentiate the two. Bad criticism is useless, doesn't help the person its directed towards and is mostly given out of anger. Good criticism is constructive and is given with the intent to fix, improve, or help. If its useful and can help me I wanna know what it is. I like giving criticism. If I care about you and want to help you I probably might criticize you sooner or later. Depending on how passionate I am on the subject.
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