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Personal Theme Song

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doubled, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Okay, this sort sorta like the OC Image song thread, but this one is entirely for if you had a theme song.

    I have to say, I'm a goofy guy. I usually end up making someone laugh at the end of the day through simple observation, and I can make a mess seem hilarious. So, my theme song would have to be this. A calvocade of misadventures and hilarity, that's me 8D *bricked*

    Okay, now that's my theme, now just remember, it doesn't have to be funny, or anything specific. Your theme song is what you want it to be, so get crackin'! *cracks whip*
  2. Argh... I was just about to post this, but back to the topic at hand. This song is kinda the story of my life:


    There's also a few others, but if I had to pick one, It would have to be this one.
  3. Well, I really like this song, It defines me, and I like the remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gbIQH9saTA

    I believe that you should never give up, and anything can happen. Plus, it's just so catchy!

    Also, also, also, also, look up the song I can only Imagine by Mercy Me. I LIVE by that song. I taught me not to forget... *sniff* Okay, well, bye!!!!
  4. Well, generally I act like a bright, goofy idiot that would do really stupid things just because they sounded like fun. So "Dare To Be Stupid" by Weird Al Yankovich would be rather fitting, in my opinion. And just to use a no-lyrics theme: What The Forest Taught Me from the excellent game Secret of Mana. I dunno, it's a bouncy and happy song, which I act like in real life (around my friends anyways)

    But there is a complete flip side to that bit of me; seriously, it's like the other side of a coin. As a writer, I generally turn to darker themes and I almost always roots for the villians or the anti-heroes in books and TV Shows/movies (which is probably why everyone I love in fiction usually ends up dying ;_; ) I guess Super Villian would be a general idea of what that's like, since I tend to write reaaallly evil bastards and I love all the villians. But I prefer darkness over evil (there is a difference) and while the lyrics of Dark Waltz may not be too dark, the music is just perfect.

    And because to fit the last bit, for a non-lyric song I would use this. Just think of darkness and silence.
  5. So if I go by the fact that I'm quite quiet and liked among friends... I could take To Zanarkand ^^ Because I haven't found anyone who doesn't like it, and its purely instrumental.
  6. Something relaxing, but quirky, this is probably why I've always liked Spitz, despite the fact that I've never learnt Japanese.

    Spitz, 8823, Live version.
  7. Oh, let's see...

    I'm definitely split between either Limelight by Rush or Foreplay/Long Time by Boston.

    Both amazing songs, both relevant. But either one of those would suffice.
  8. >>


    Eye'm the Strongest!

    No that's not the song name but if you do know such a reference I'll love you forever ♥
  9. Speed of Sound seems to be me. I'm always pondering about... well, stuff and this feels thoughtful. I'm probably not a real dark personality either, but I'm not so happy and bouncy and fun, so the music fits.

    If I ever went on an adventure, Route 38/39 would be my theme XD. I've always connected it with my adventures in Johto, so it would go with me anywhere. (If I ever get a cell, I'd get that as my ringtone.)
  10. Because I'm totally a princess lol, although the lunatic part somewhat suits me. In all seriousness, whether I have something important to say or I'm just joking around, I can hear this playing. I also tend to just...think a lot. I'll just space out and think of everything that somewhat concerns me, and my thoughts fly by just like the tempo of this music.

    This song is also a possibility as my theme song. I'm a pessimistic person, and people have told me that whenever I space out, I look like I'm sad or upset about something. Once, my teacher asked me if I was alright because I was grimacing. The song itself somewhat fits me, and it's relaxing.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    We're always changing, so I don't really feel that any one song can define a person. That said, if I was to pick a song based on where I am in my life now, it'd be this one: Hemisphere by Sakamoto Maaya. It's Japanese, but the link includes a translation. The lyric page includes a video with the song, but you can hear a better quality version of it HERE.

    Another song I've long identified with is Ready Go! by Naomi Tamura (because Pokemon music is just awesome like that). Again, the link includes lyric translations and you can hear the full song HERE. These lyrics a very true to my more upbeat, optimistic side, even if I don't feel that way as much these days.

    I have a few choice songs for my more negative/numbed/blank/etc. states, too, but I'll pass on it here. XD
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... I don't do songs, guys. I do music without lyrics |D

    Anyways, if I had to choose something, I would say Vivaldi's first movement of Spring. Never heard it? Just search it up on youtube and you can find plenty of recordings from various orchestras~ Anyways, I think this fits me quite well. It's nice and upbeat and happy/bright-sounding, with lots of strings (yay for Baroque music), and certain parts of it just reminds you of something... bees, or children in the meadows. Just happy, child-like, cute stuff, which I totally am. And the fact that this is a "classical" piece and not some modern thing with guitars and drums and stuff also goes along with me, since, like, the only songs I know are maybe "Baby" and "Bad Romance", the latter purely because of certain people/person/El in chat. And plus, I play a lot of viola and piano stuff.

    Then there's the other part of me, the part when I'm, like, missing someone dearly. This part of me shows up every other day or so, so it's quite a dominant part of me. Might as well put Emil Chow's (or however you want to spell his name) Peng You here. The title's translation means "Friend", and I can't quite find a really good translation... but yeah, basically people a seperated after something ends (school, camp, someone moving, etc.), and the lyrics are almost exactly what goes through my head when I'm missing someone.
  13. The obvious answer for me would be Blue, by Eiffel 65. I hope I don't need to explain that one.

    But my real song? That's Oh Yeah. When you know what song this is, you'll understand why.
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  16. We Will Robot Rock You- A Daft Punk mix of Queen's We Will Rock You and Daft Punk's Robot Rock. Because my life is like a rocky road, aka doesn't rock. I'm also a great fan of technology.

    And because it's a bad-ass song.

    Yes I know, bad puns are bad xD
  17. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I meant to post in this ages ago, but got side-tracked.

    My tastes in music tend to vary as time goes by, but one piece of music in particular stands out for me:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Blaze Heatnix stage theme from Mega Man X6. The whole track is just pure, rocking energy from start to finish, and listening to it helps heighten the senses just a bit - I used to play this track repeatedly whilst playing games since I found just listening to it improved my performance greatly. Now that's what I call a theme song.
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  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZrzeaIOzSg

    Hur hur. My life is a high tempo violin with a good beat~

    I guess this kinda sums up my personality, and I'd like this to be the tune that starts playing when I enter a room.
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  20. It really does describe me, when I am not on the computer or out, I am lying down somewhere looking up lazily upward, drinking something nice and cold while I have a light snack. While giving a old world, some Asian style influence and light harmonious feel that I personally enjoy allot. Mysterious, and lazy days to come is a description of my world.
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  21. It's a good song as long as you ignore the terrible video these people decided to make for it.
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  22. This is my theme song. A serious, yet energetic and melodic song which is perfect for lighting the fires in everyone's souls. I think this song fits really well :3 (P.S I provided the version with lyrics. Yes, they are actually speaking in English xD)
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  23. This song doesn't describe me, but it is my favorite Japanese song and is SO catchy ♥

    No, I don't know why this one explains me...It just does :-X

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  24. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave


    And with that I'd like to say my theme song is most likely Gangplank Galleon from DK Country (aka king k. rool/ship deck... 2? for Brawlers). The beginning is a bit weird but still happy, like me. But in the end I do have a heart made of metal, as this song also does. And metal for the snes is win enough to cry for. :')
  25. I wrote my own theme music! I'll describe it for you.

    Okay, It starts with a low harmony of "Toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast" and then after a while of that a high harmony joins in with "Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs" and then there's a voice-over and he's like "Years ago in a city plagued by bacon and cereal for breakfast, one piece of toast and one egg worked together to overcome their formidable foes. They entered the dark lair of the frying pan and fused into a new man, a new breakfast, a new age." and then he screams out "AN AGE OF FRENCH TOAST!" and there's a blazing guitar solo that goes for like a minute. After the solo some singers start singing:

    " Livin' in a world where bacon rules,
    they were tired of bein' uneaten foods,
    so they fused together and what do you know?
    French Toasta ate them when they turned to french toast "

    Then some one yells "French Toaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoast!"

    Then I'm like "But I don't like french toast"

    ... That pretty much defines my whole life.
  26. Hn. That's a tough one, because I have many theme songs, depending on my moods. We'll visit the happier/more awesome mood songs. The others can go be all mysterious.

    The first is Shooting Star, by Kotoko. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3xFS8cIQ7w
    It's all happy, and I absolutely love the lyric translations.

    The second is "One Final Effort" from Halo 3's soundtrack. Say what you will about the average gameplay, the music in those games is gorgeous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_mHpkg-R5E

    And the last is "The Battle For Everyone's Souls" from Persona 3, because I'm addicted to that song @_@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdMhTL5bZrs ...And while we're there, Mass Destruction FES version too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKy--iCD ... re=related
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  27. I think it would be the pokemon joto theme song.

  28. Here it is people!
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  29. My personal theme tune is undoubtedly this ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoHaDrifdbU

    I find that the lyrics suit myself relatively well; you know... how people seem to looks down their nose at you... and call you every single one of your family members before you.... and call you a guy just 'cause you so happen to have the same hairstyle as your brother...

    But on a lighter note, it's a really upbeat, ageless tune that I often sing to annoy my mates :>

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