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DPPt/HGSS Personal favorites team!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Carmen Lopez, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Carmen Lopez

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    So I decided to use a team made up of Pokemon that I actually like without regard to what everyone else is using. ^^ I have two alternates (Gallade to replace Lucario when Metagross replaces Solrock) but they're already set.

    Lucario -Expert Belt (As if you didn't see this one coming)
    Hasty Nature

    Aura Sphere
    Ice Punch
    Dark Pulse/Psychic

    I wanted to make this Lucario into a mixed sweeper and use it as a wall breaker. Aura Sphere is there because Lucario STAB'd Aura Sphere is deadly. Ice Punch for Dragons and Ground Types and additional Flying coverage. Earthquake is to take down Fire types and hit Electric types. I wasn't sure whether to go with Dark Pulse or Psychic. Dark Pulse would hit Ghost and Psychic types hard while Psychic would hit Fighting and Poison types.

    Solrock- Leftovers
    I can't remember the nature but I think it's Bold

    Will o Wisp
    Zen Headbutt/Earthquake/Rock Slide

    This is a slight attempt at an annoyer type thing. Will o Wisp to support the rest of the team by crippling physical sweepers. Substitute to stay in the game longer. Third slot is to have something to chip at HP and Explosion is a kamikaze move.

    Lanturn- Wise Glasses
    Volt Absorb
    Modest Nature

    Ice Beam
    Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray

    This set...yeah, it's kinda standard but I like it. ^^ The first three are for coverage and the fourth slot is randomstatusconditionfromoutofnowhere.

    Umbreon- Bright Powder/Leppa Berry
    Calm Nature

    Mean Look
    Sucker Punch/Payback

    The first two moves are classic on Umbreon, but I wanted to do some experimentation with the last two. I like the idea of the whole Mean Look/Taunt/Sucker Punch combo, but I'm not sure if Umbreon has the attack power to pull it off. Torment is there because I don't see it too often and it sounds like a really fun move. Payback is just an alternate that could potentially work.

    Arcanine- Meh, I'll just keep Anastasio as is and get advice on Ninetales instead ^^

    Ninetales- Lum Berry/Razor Fang
    Modest Nature

    Energy Ball
    Grudge/Nasty Plot/some other status move

    Flamethrower for STAB, Energy Ball for Ground, Rock, and Water coverage. Extrasensory is there because it's one of my favorite moves in the game. I paired it with Razor Fang to increase the chance of flinch. The third slot is there just to be a general annoyance. Grudge because I like the idea of potentially bringing the PP of a valuable move to zero, Nasty Plot to raise sweeping capabilities. Other completely annoying moves include Spite, Confuse Ray, Will o Wisp, Fire Spin, Disable, and Hypnosis.

    And last but not least

    Meganium- Big Root
    Calm Nature

    Giga Drain
    Leech Seed
    Wring Out

  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    My 3rd Lucario is almost identical to yours...almost:

    Lucario @ Expert Belt
    252 ATK/252 SP.ATK/6 SPEED

    - Aura Sphere
    - Ice Punch
    - Earthquake
    - Agility

    One Agility will make you faster than everything, with the exception of Ninjask and possibly Electrode. Even without an Agility boost Lucario still has over 200 Speed with this, so he's hardly slow anyway. Earthquake, Aura Sphere and Ice Punch provide good coverage and hit a lot for Super-Effective damage, and this also works as a wall breaker to some extent as well. Tried, tested, lethal.

    Here's my Umbreon as well:

    Umbreon @ Leftovers
    252 HP/252 SP.DEF/6 DEF (Designed as a Special Wall - feel free to edit the EVs accordingly.)

    - Toxic
    - Dig
    - Moonlight
    - Mean Look

    Toxistaller with a twist. Dig here is essentially Protect except it does damage, and helps against Poison/Steel-types who can't be poisoned. Moonlight for healing purposes, and Mean Look to trap your victim for the Toxic damage. Fairly standard stuff.

    That's all for now, may be back a bit later.
  3. Stark

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    Nice to see someone using their favourites instead of the OU mash up for once, I like you types :)

    And if you didn't know, I'm always up for being most likely beaten on Shoddy :p

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