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Ask to Join Persona: The New Awakening

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by ThatJustin’sASpy!, May 15, 2019.

  1. Ok, so I tried this once before, but I wanna do this again. My last RP was destroyed by me, and now I wanna make this one open to more people. If you don’t know what Persona is, read up a bit on it, or go ahead and join.

    A kid from America flies into Japan. He has relatives there, an aunt who married a Japanese man. He had to adapt and learn the language, as he’s being sent to live with them, but on the plane he gets a strange dream of a long nosed man and her assistant. He shows up in a chapel, but he only hears a little bit before
    he wakes up. Now he has to meet new friends, get used to a new life, and fight his way through a broken world called the Reflection Dimension, a place where the true feelings of ones heart are amplified. And he’ll do this with the help of his Persona

    Character Bio:

    Looks in the Reflection Dimension(after Persona is awakened):
    Melee Weapon:
    Ranged Weapon:

    Persona Bio:

    Arcana(or Confidant):
    Magic Speciality(No Almighty):
    Reborn Form(The form taken after social link is maxed, either made up or an existing persona):

    Magic Specialities(for those who don’t know them)

    Arcanas(Also for those who don’t know them):
    Hanged Man

    The World/Universe Arcana is not allowed under and circumstances.

    My Bio:

    Name: Justin Hardin
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Now that he’s going to a Japanese school, he wears the signature school male uniform, a light grey sports jacket and pants as well as somewhat of dress shoes and a school insignia on his pocket of the jacket. He has thick, medium length dirty blond hair, deep brown eyes, and pale pink skin.
    Personality: Calm, cool, and collected. A decent intelligence, and somewhat of a charm that certain people like about him.
    Looks in the Reflection Dimension: A bright red vest over a white long sleeve dress shirt. Light grey slacks, and boot like dress shoes. A deep gray cowboy hat, with a side tilted up.
    Melee Weapon: Butterfly Knife
    Ranged Weapon: .44 MAGNUM
    Persona: Tamashi No Sanzōku

    Persona Bio:
    Name: Tamashi No Sanzōku
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A humanoid cowboy like Persona, cloaked in total blackness. A hat creates shadow over its face, and you can see glowing red eyes under it.
    Arcana: Fools
    Magic Speciality: Gun
    Healing Canteen
    Speedy Six Shot
    Lever-Action Shootout
    Healing Bullet
    Reborn Form: Soururenja

    Welp, that’s about it! Please join!

    @Top_Smug_ if you’re still interested in doing something like this... I know how long it’s been but this one is a bit more open.
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  2. Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Iazy guy who loves to eat Previously Ilikewater

    Could you inform me more about this? This Rp looks interesting but i only know joker from persona trough Smash.
  3. Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Iazy guy who loves to eat Previously Ilikewater

    Character Bio:

    Name: Sam Lask
    Age(17-19): 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: he appears with glowing green eyes, green hair and pale skin, he wears a regular jacket and black T shirt that says "Play believe win"
    Personality: he is curious and outgoing, he loves playing pranks and is annoyingly cheerful
    Looks in the Reflection Dimension(after Persona is awakened): he has a long white coat with white hair, he has red glowing eyes and has a shirt that says "Try, get by, Win"
    Melee Weapon: Staff
    Ranged Weapon: Throwing stars
    Persona: Sân Sàkû no shinderyû

    Persona Bio:

    Name: Sân Sàkû no shinderyû
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: with a black ninja kimono, you hardly see anything except his suit, red bandana and red glowing eyes
    Arcana(or Confidant):Justice
    Magic Speciality(No Almighty): Electric
    Lightning blast
    Lightning punch
    Lightning staff
    Lightning Kick
    Roaring thunder
    Exploding light show
    Earthquake strike
    Everything basic like punching and other stuff
    Thunder barrier
    Reborn Form(The form taken after social link is maxed, either made up or an existing persona): the coat is the same but is now made of thunder, his hair becomes lightning and his eyes become a glowing pale blue,
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  4. I read the Wiki, and got most of my character off of that.
    Name: Michael "Blackhawk" Weinreich
    Age(17-19): 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance: He has black hair and blue eyes, he is a mix of Caucasian and Native American. He wears a blue windbreaker, with a white Under Armor shirt. He wears bellbottom jeans, and grey sneakers with ties so long their worn out at the end. He seems to be tired, which is part of his idiopathic hypersomnia. He stands at 5 feet and 4 inches, and weighs 110 pounds.
    Personality: Mikey is quite shy at first, but then opens up to be a very extroverted person once you get to know him. He is always coming up with new ideas, and has a pessimistic side as well. He likes to do stuff like they did in the 'olden days'. He is very patriotic of Germany, refusing to do anything involving American patriotism. Finally, he has an outrageous talent at any instrument, which profited his parents, even getting them to America.
    Looks in the Reflection Dimension: He looks like a conductor, but wears a WW1 German helmet, covering his eyes. He gets significantly taller as well.
    Melee Weapon: An extendable baton.
    Ranged Weapon: German musket.
    Persona: August Schmidt
    Other: Big on German politics and pickles.

    Name: August Schmidt
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He wears tacky old clothing, with a hole in his shirt near his chest.
    Arcana: Death
    Magic Speciality: Cursed
    Eternal Black
    Dark Verdict
    Omega Cluster
    Reborn Form: Wilhelm
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  5. Its the form that your Persona takes after a certain social link standpoint has been met. They'd be reborn late in the RP, but mine doesn't become reborn until late in the RP. Like, we're talking ending late

    Also, I love your melee weapon.
  6. Okay, I'm now officially done with him.
  7. Name: Logan Hunterson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: A serious young man who is extremely protective of his friends and family.
    Looks in Reflection Dimension: Long blue hair, Green eyes, pointy ears, a head band, gets a little taller, and wears a white cloak with a black inside and grey suit
    Melee Weapon: Spear
    Ranged Weapon: .270

    Name: Cu Chulainn
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes, and wears a Suit of armor.
    Arcana: Star
    Magic Speciality: Physical
    Skills: Oni-Kagura
    Deadly Fury
    Ice Wall
    Enduring Soul
    Reborn Form: ????
  8. Who’s Igor’s assistant this time?
  9. A woman named Victoria. Something I find interesting, all of Igor’s assistants names have to do with royalty.
  10. Even Theodore?
  11. Character Bio:

    Name: Yumi Takamora
    Age(17-19): 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Strait
    Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and average height. She wears a white fluttery blouse, black skirt with black tights and brows low heeled boots.
    Personality: Kind natures and caring. Has a sweet and innocent vibe.
    Looks in the Reflection Dimension(after Persona is awakened): Her hair turns white, she wears a lowcut top, miniskirt and black thigh boots.
    Melee Weapon: Rapier
    Ranged Weapon: Crossbow
    Persona: Dulla Han

    Persona Bio:

    Name: Dulla Han
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wears a white dress below a brown leather chest piece. A black long coat over her, black stockings and black boots. Holds a broadsword in one hand and carrying a her head below her arm in the other. Her head has red hair and glowing red eyes.
    Arcana(or Confidant): Chariot
    Magic Speciality(No Almighty): Fire
    Dullahan Flames
    Reborn Form(The form taken after social link is maxed, either made up or an existing persona): Dulla Han mounts a black horse, metal armor plate are now on her arms and legs as well as a metal chest plate replacing her previous leather one. Her head is not placed on the horse in front of her body.
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  12. @Grand Master Koop Sorry for not replying earlier. Theodore is considered a royal name, however the more popular royal name that starts with T is Thomas. To be fair, Theodore was the name of two American Presidents? Btw, accepted
  13. So if I'm getting this right, Persona's are like JoJo's Stands, which is to say a physical manifestation of the users will/soul/emotions, but instead of being like a punch ghost, its an extra costume put on the users. If that would be the case, here's my bio:

    Name: Terrance Whitecastle

    Age(17-19): 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight, but tries his best to appear asexual.

    Appearance: Pale white skin, dark-brown messy hair that rarely gets combed (and even then still looks somewhat messy), light-blue eyes with a tint of green and a dull expression that constantly displays either boredom or sorrow. His clothing consists of a thick black jacket with red lining and red cloth stuffed on the inside. While he usually keeps the jacket closed with the hood up, underneath the jacket is a black long-sleeves shirt that reaches to his wrists, where he wears soft black cotton gloves. As to keep the theme of darkness up, he wears black jeans and boots aswell. His height is 6'1ft and he is just a bit wider than most people, with barely a difference to be spotted to skinny people his age.

    Personality: Terrance, always seeming like a shady person, is actually just a depressed introvert that seems to be half-insane already. He constantly loathes himself through jokes, 'fun facts' and random statements, casually talks about finding an interest in grim and dark things relating to death and pain and just casually talks out his thoughts or chats with his surrounding objects or animals, despite knowing they can't respond. He's not much a help of anything, as his depression makes him careless about everything, including family members and has him give up things easily in response to frustration. He seems peaceful at most times, but his tension can get the better of him if he's annoyed or angered too much, which causes in him shouting swears or punching inanimate objects in frustration. Otherwise, he's pretty calm and takes most insults or arguments pretty well and is willing to listen to anyone without berating them serious judgement. (Serious as in actual personal opinions. He uses Sarcasm alot, and most of the times includes a false judgement, just to poke fun at people.)

    Looks in the Reflection Dimension: His hair seems to be more messy and longer, and his eyes are just purely empty with no iris or pupil. He gets taller and skinnier, and his limbs (arms and legs) get especially long, longer than his own torso. His skin turns into a light shade of grey, just as his entire body seems to lack colour and turns monochrome. (*As a reference, think SCP-096 but monochrome and a bit taller.)

    Melee Weapon: A switchblade that has a few blood stains rusting the blade, but its still as effective as it was when sharpened after being bought.

    Ranged Weapon: A break-action double barreled shotgun designed to hunt big animals such as elephants or rhinos. It fires both rounds at the same time, adding extra lethal firepower in exchange for prolonged reloading time. From a distance it's not as effective, but from close-up it turn the chest of a person into a donut.

    Persona: Void Wraith

    Other: He prefers to stick to the shadows and picks the bad guys over the good guys. He's also not a picky eater.

    Name: Void Wraith

    Gender: ???, appears male and has a deep semi-static distorted male voice.

    Appearance: Seen as above (Looks in the Reflection Dimension), but the entire body, with the exception for the eyes, is covered in a total near-vantablack colour/shade. Its eyes are a blinding white, with actual light shining out of them. This makes it visible in the dark, but only if it keeps its eyes open. When it moves, it makes almost no sound, as if it were but a shadow.

    Arcana: Devil

    Magic Speciality: Cursed

    Void Thorns (Thorns come out of its body that act like tentacles that it can use to grab, whip, etc.)

    Soul Stare (It stares at someone or a group of people, gradually decreasing their mental state, making them paranoid. Looking into its eyes while it stares increases this process dramatically. Inflicts Fear and Despair for two turns/rounds guaranteed.)

    Shade Screech (Wraith screams like a banshee, which causes cuts to appear the body of those who hear it with a chance of inflicting Fear and Dizzy. Chance to replace Dizzy with Confused, or add it ontop, is rare.)

    Pain Exchange (This is an semi-passive ability in which Wraith fires a sort of needle at the target. Any damage the target takes heals Wraith by half the percentage, and any damage Wraith takes will split with the Target by half the damage. The needle can be removed manually, but is hard to see.)

    Void Claws (Wraith scratches the target with an emotional outburst of fury. Rare chance of causing fear, even rarer chance of causing Dizzy.)

    Void Rage (Wraith holds his hand to his head and starts screaming in panic, going into a fury. Adds Rage and increases Attack by 15%, Defense by 5%.)

    Tears of Despair (Wraith holds his hands in his eyes and cries ugly, screeching. Heals Wraith's HP by alot but inflicts Despair and Panic on him too for two turns. Rare chance to inflict Confused on enemies.)

    Reborn Form: Wraith's head splits open, adding a mouth with sharp fang-like outlines. The inside of the mouth is glowing white, just like the eyes. Inside the mouth is a long, slick tongue serrated with poisonous spikes. The mouth becomes a permament crooked smile. The body decreases in size but gains in mass, extra muscles adding onto it and hard tissues covering the body. Four extra eyes will be added on the head and all eyes will turn to slits, giving Wraith's face the resemblance of a spider. At last, the fingers and toes of the hands and feet will extend, turning into sharp claws.
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  14. How the hell are we supposed to have a ship war when the cast is nothing but Heterosexual dudes? At this point this will be like a reverse Harem for my sole female characters
  15. Well, this all just really depends on who gets accepted. Asides, Terrance isn't even interested in love. Atleast, thats what he constantly tells himself.
  16. Also, there's already a Death Arcana
  17. Ah, screw it. I just edited it to say Devil instead.
  18. Not in canon
  19. Well, we kinda do need more females...
    Also, in canon, there are many Personas for each Arcana, but only the Protagonist is able to use them...
  20. Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Iazy guy who loves to eat Previously Ilikewater

    Forgot to ask but... what's an arcana?
  21. @ThatJustin’sASpy! I dont know if there are more replies thanks to my slow internet, but am I accepted or do I need to nerf something?
  22. It’s based on Tarot cards in real life. In Persona 5, they’re known as Confidants. Basically, in the game, certain characters would carry a social link for an Arcana/Confidant. You would level them up, and you would be able to access new power and fuse better Personas for that Arcana. I kinda just want you to state them because it’s a major part of the game.

    Also all of you have been accepted.
  23. @ThatJustin’sASpy! Reading up on Arcana's more, I've found out that Devil just seems more befitting than Death. Doesn't matter now anyway now that he's in. Sorry if I'm asking a bit too much or too frequently, but when is the RP Thread going to be made?
  24. I can start it a bit later. I kinda would like more female characters, but eh. Heads up, first post is gonna be super long.
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