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Open Persona RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 7, 2017.

  1. Based off of the video game series. You are a high school student in a Japanese setting. Weird events have been happening in your town lately and you decide to investigate. (The plot is still work in progress)
    1- follow Pokecharms rules
    2- swearing is allowed
    3- no one liners or double posting
    4- romance is allowed but keep it tame
    5- have fun and stay positive
    6- Write I am thou, Thou art I somewhere is your Bio

    Weapons(melee and gun):

    Persona BIO:
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  2. I'm in.
    quick question can I be a foreign exchange student or would I have to be Japanese. Either way is fine just wondering.
  3. I would like to join since i see the anime
  4. The type of the Persona, did they not show it in the anime?
  5. Im in to join. Let see how long is going to last
  6. Name: Xavier Andrew "Drew" Leuric
    Gender Male
    appearance: Short brown hair with yellow eyes. While not wearing the school uniform he as on a plain white t shirt with a blue button downed shirt and a pair of jeans.
    Personality: Comes off as a loner at first but when he gets to know people he becomes friendly, respectful and a bit of a joker.
    Other: is a foreign exchange student from Montana who moves to (Insertet name of town here) for personal reasons.

    I am though though art I
    Name: Vanguard
    Apperance: A humanoid figure that wears a white cloak with a blue mask covering his face. in his right hand is a shield and in his other hand is a sword
    Arcana Justice
    Clothing: Black leather jacket with black pants and red shirt.
    Mask: a mask representative of the tragedy comedy mask.

    Side note Vanguard is a physical garu persona with some light magic. He is weak to bufu and Mudo
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  7. No they didnt
  8. Bio:
    Name: Jayson
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He like to wear any clothes that he feel likes to wear and have 2 ring ear piercing in his right ear, Blue eye to his left and green to his right, Like to have his hair messy
    Weapon: gun a revolver melee a long sword.
    Personality: Loyal, sometimes dumb, and love to act like a kid
    Other: Jayson is a transfer student from California ( insert name of town or city) because of family reason.

    I am thou thou, Thou art I
    Name: mystigo
    Appearance: he look like a magician with an eyepatch. Purple is the color of his suit and his trusty wand
    Side note: he is a dark user so he weak to holy
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  9. I'm actually thinking of all original Personas
  10. Like person 3,4, or 5?
  11. I'm basing the RP off of 5
  12. and what I meant is that we should just use Original Personas
  13. But inzagani is in p5( but he is in a different form
  14. I mean OC Personas
  15. Oh know i get it. ok alright
  16. @Pokemaniac44 accepted

    but wouldn't your Persona being a Magician Arcana make more sense?
  17. So the rp is going to be base about p5. That mean the city would be shibuya
  18. @Pokemaniac44 wouldn't your Persona make more sense if it was of the magician Arcana?
  19. Thanks you for mentioning that
  20. NP btw I added a few things to the Bio
  21. Nope, never heard of it.
  22. I've heard of it, but I don't know anything about it I'm afraid.
  23. I've heard about it but I don't know anything about the story.
  24. Haven't the foggiest.
  25. Name: Yuki Takamota
    Gender: male
    Weapons(melee and gun): a broad sword and a revolver
    Appearance: wears the school uniform but with a black jacket over it
    Personality: is a very carefree person, is kindhearted but can get frustrated sometimes

    Persona BIO:
    Name: Headless
    Appearance: The headless horseman
    Arcana: Fool
    Mask: has a pumpkin texture
    Clothing: wears a mafia like attire
  26. This seems interesting, I actually am a fan of the Persona series( Even if I only played P4G.)
    I want to join but just to make sure, can I have the same arcana as someone else or do I have to use a different arcana?
  27. Well everyone has a different Arcana in the series so you have to shoes something else
  28. Name: Hanako Uwaki
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Steel crossbow
    Appearance: Wearing a seifuku with the buttons undone, a long-sleeved white shirt underneath.
    Personality:Mischievous and cunning, she likes to play pranks on others and play tricks on teachers. Her pranks are harmless but her tricks can sometimes be sadistic.

    I Art Thou, Thou Art I
    Name: Robin
    Appearance: A humanoid-looking being, having ice blue eyes emitting from under the hood.
    Arcana: Fortune
    Mask: A forest design.
    Clothing: A green hoodie covering its shadowy face with a blue feather on the right side of the hood.
  29. Great, though One question. I never played or watched people play Persona 5 so do the OC characters join on certain times or do they have to face some sort of trial to unlock their Personas?
  30. Well from what I've watched (Since I only played 4 I really need a ps4) Their persona's seem to be unlocked when they challenge ideas and tare their inward masks off. @koopa000 how off am I

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