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Peridot's 2017 writing contest!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Splashfur, Jul 6, 2017.


Should I do this every year?

  1. No writing sucks

    0 vote(s)
  2. Yes! This is awesome!

    8 vote(s)
  3. If you want

    5 vote(s)
  1. Art contests are everywhere. So I was thinking, and I thought, 'why not a writing contest?' So here we are.

    This contest will be held in rounds. Each round has different requirements. One person will be eliminated each round. I'm going to make three rounds. If more people join, I'll add more rounds.
    In the description section for your writing, please say it's for this contest, and what round.

    We need three judges! You can be one if you want!
    Judges(tag all in a comment):
    @I Never
    1. Caption this
    I'll give a picture, and you think of a caption. Then, write a story circling around that caption.
    2. How it should have ended
    Choose an episode of the Pokémon anime and rewrite the ending.
    3. Fictional Pokémon short story
    Write a completely fictional short story having to do with Pokémon. No canon characters for #3.

    @Mr Fishykarp
    Sorry, but it's too late for znyone else to join. :p
    #1 Splashfur, Jul 6, 2017
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  2. I'd like to participate.
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  3. All right!
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  4. Count me in.
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  5. Me too. I'd like to enter a part of an old series of mine, if that's alright.
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  6. You can join, but you can't post old works. Only new ones, made specifically for this contest.
    All right! When one more person enters, I'll reveal the picture for round one.
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  8. Fine, if you're that lazy...
    Of course!
  9. Was there any need to be that rude?
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  10. Can I also be a judge?
  11. I want to join but I won't actually participate, so can I be a judge?
  12. sure!
    StarBlitz asked first, sorry!

    Maybe you two can work something out?
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  13. Perhaps Fishykarp can judge the first round, and I'll do the second and both of us decide on the vote for the third round?
  14. Nah, it's cool
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  15. Are you sure you don't want to just be a competitor?
  16. Maybe, depends when the first round is
  17. If you join, it will start after one more person joins.
  18. Can I join please?
  19. Yeah! Now if @Mr Fishykarp joins, we'll have enough people to start!
  20. Prepare to lose
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  22. Quick Question. Do we say our caption now?
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  23. If you want, but make sure to say it in the description of your story too! :)
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  24. Is it too late to join? :'|
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  25. I'm definitely in if it's not too late. I'm a super fast writer, so I can whip something up quickly.
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  26. You two joined just in the nick of time!!!
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  27. My caption is "Get in the Van. Free Badges!"
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  28. Ok guys, just so you know: Mr Fishykarp asked when the deadline is, and I said three days. So, finish by Monday!

    That sounds like it will be really funny.
  29. Ok. You guys. The deadline for round 1 was Monday. Today is Tuesday.

    @StarBlitz @I Never and I think it's fair to give you two more days, because it would suck for only two people to move onto the next round.
  30. Umm...are we ever moving on?
  31. Patience us a virtue.

    But don't worry, I asked everyone that didn't finish yet to hurry up.
  32. Should be done soon, i've had a lot on recently (here in Australia, it's the middle of Winter, so school is still on)
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