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Ask to Join Percy Jackson AU RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Killerbunny the god, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Marcus was scared. He had been on the run for a week now and it was scary. He felt as if he was a giant magnet to freaks. The last one had been the weirdest. It was a human-like but it had fur, fins and the head of a dog. It had been a tough fight, with a bunch of new wounds added to his other one's, but he eventually managed to defeat it by crashing a bookshelf on it (he wasn't welcome in that library anymore). He 'borrowed' a few first aid kits from hospitals when no one was looking so he could patch himself up when he needed it. This was one of those times.

    He was sitting hidden by a bush in Central Park, New York, and put some bandages on his arms when he heard some rustling in the bush he was sitting by. He stopped what he was doing to listen more closely. He had sometimes been chased off by police officers when he sat there because they thought he was up to something (what did they think he was doing there!? He was 11!). That's when he heard some hissing coming from the bush.
    "Okay, it's just a snake. Nothing to worry about" he thought and was just about to get back to what he was doing when the snake showed itself.

    He gasped in shock and jumped to his feet. He stepped back a few feet. He had pictured it to be a small and, maybe not friendly but atleast not dangerous, snake. Instead, it was a 6'5 long snake and could probably crush an innocent little 11 year old easily. He took out his pocket knife and stood ready for the snake to attack. This was most likely another of those weird creatures that wanted him dead. But he wasn't gonna let that happen...
  2. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex heard his snake Sythia hissing at someone so he looked at the satyr next to him "Well looks like Sythia found him. Let's go." Alex said in a bored tone. Why did he decide to follow the best of animal? Human? To find another boring person. Oh well can't go back now and we have at least found the kid now. Alex thought to himself. He walked to where he had heard his snake hissing and found the kid ready to attack his snake. *chuckle* "Well kid, looks like you found my snake Sythia." Alex said to the kid and then looked at Sythia "Stand down and get back here" Alex said stretching out his arm so Sythia could become a "tattoo" again.

    "Well kid. We're here to show you to your new home, and before you ask, no we are not here to kill you. You're a son of a god and we are here to show you a whole new better life. My name is Alexander but most call me Alex. What's your name kid?" Alex asked in the bored voice.
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  3. Markus turned to the new people that came out of the bushes and held out his knife towards them. He saw one boy that looked to be just a little bit older than him (maybe 13?) and one that looked like he was in high school. He would've trusted them if it wasn't for the fact that the older one looked like he had a little more hair on his legs than even a grown man. He could tell immediately because it was visible from under his pants where they met his feet.
    "You're lying! That guy is half gorilla or something and you're here to eat me! I'm not gonna let you do that!" he said in an angry, yet frightened voice. There came a sound of a goat from the older one before he spoke.
    "Bahahah. A gorilla!? I'm part goat! I'm a satyr! And i'm friendly! I promise!" The gorilla-boy said. Markus kept the knife steady. He could instantly tell who was the bigger problem among these two and focused more on the young boy rather than the 'satyr'.
    "Prove to me that you're not here to kill me and i might consider going with you" he said, still with the knife in the air aimed at the boy with the snake. The satyr leaned into whisper something in the snake-boys ear which made Markus instantly on guard.
    "We have to get him with us. He has an aura of what could only be a child of the big three" he whispered. Markus didn't hear that but didn't ask any questions about it. Which was proof that he hadn't spent too much time on the run.
  4. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex looked at the kid with a raised eyebrow. "Kid i know your like 9 years old but look at it from a logical side. If we wanted you dead i would have my snake kill you before you noticed her." Alex said. He heard what the beast said and smirked. One of the big three huh. Probably Hades. He has aura around him that screams death. "Kid look. Come with us now or do you wanna die? Because you will most likely die if you stay here. Our mission is to get you too our camp where there is more people like us." Alex said still in the bored voice but still with the smirk on his face.
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  5. Markus glared at the snake-boy.
    "I'm 11. Not 9. And stop calling me boy! You're not that much older than me!" He said. He thought about what he said though and agreed that the snake-boy was right. He would've already been dead if they wanted him that way. He looked down at his wounds. The snake-boy was right about him dying if he didn't find a place safe enough too. He decided that he would go with them but was still gonna keep an eye on them to make sure that they wouldn't attack him. He let his arm fall to his side but kep the knife out.
    "I'll come with you. But if you do anything suspicious, i'll fight you both to the death" he said. The fact that he thought that way was still shocking to him. He wasn't used to the thought of killing anyone. But he did it to survive.
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  6. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    "Aye aye kid. We wont do anything "suspicious"." Alex said still in the bored voice. Alex snapped his fingers and looked at the satyr or beast in his opinion. "Come now boy. We need to head home. I am already bored and i want to take a shower. I would rather not spend more time smelling like a goat than needed." James said with a sneer towards the beast. He then started moving toward the half blood camp. He then talked behind his back towards the kid. "You coming kid? Or do you maybe wanna smell like a pig like you do? I can show you where you can wash your self when we get back to the camp, and kid i never got your name. Don't you think it's polite to give your name to someone?" Alex said to the kid.
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  7. "My name is Markus. And you're already smelling like a goat. Where are we going" Markus spat out as he followed the two boys.
    "First, we're gonna go to our van. Don't freak out when you see the harpy driving it. They've gotten specific instructions not to hurt any demigods like yourself. Then we'll drive to Long Island. That's where the camp is" the satyr said, politely. Markus scowled at him.
    "A van? Yeah, this is isn't suspicious at all. Do you happen to have ice cream in it?" He asked, sarcastically.
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  8. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    "Yes we have ice cream. Would you like vanilla or maybe strawbarry?" Alex replied sarcastlicly. "And put some speed in to those legs kid or I will ask Sythia to carry you." Alex drawled out. "I want to get home so i can train. I don't know i decided to follow the goat here, you're just another worthless half god that think they are something." Alex said with a sneer.
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  9. Jason had been reading in the park when he had heard a weird noise. It sounded like someone had let out a lot of air through their nose. Looking around he saw a giant dog like creature. It was staring down at the boy.

    The dog like creature lunged at Jason. Yelling Jason took off from the table he had been sitting on. He dodged around kids who seemed to not see the gaint dog following him. Not paying attention Jason had ran into a guy who had a snake tattoo, a guy with furry legs, and boy who looked to be about his age with a knife. Jason had barreled into the guy with a snake tattoo and fell to the ground. Jumping up and running comically behind him and hiding. He was shaking from the fright that he had suffered from looking into the red eyes of the hellhound.
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  10. "Do you want me to come with me or not? Because i can leave if you're not treating me nicely" Markus said with a glare. The satyr looked like it wanted to yell at his companion but for some reason, he didn't. Instead, he turned to Markus.
    "You don't want to stay out here. I can already see that you're hurt. Here, i can help you heal with magic. Some scars will still be there but most wounds will go away. Do you trust me?" The satyr said.
    "Fine. But no funny business" He said. The satyr took up a flute and started playing something that Markus hadn't heard before but the wounds on his arm started to heal. Markus was surprised to see that but didn't show it. He still didn't trust these guys but in lack of anything better to do, he followed them. That's when a boy ran past him in panic. He crashed into the snake-boy which made Markus chuckle. Then he hid behind the snake-boy. Markus looked in the direction the boy had come from and saw a giant dog coming straight towards them. It looked weird though. Like it had spent some time walking through fire and then trying to get moisture by rolling around in mud.
    "Oh, poor dog! It looks like it's burned!" He said with a childish voice. The satyr grabbed his arm.
    "That's a hellhound! They eat demigods like you! And they're tough to kill!" He said loudly and made a break for... yep. It really was a van.
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  11. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex sighed. Was it too much to ask to get home early? Not fighting a hell hound right now would be nice. Oh well, can't be helped. He saw the goat beast take the kid to the van. "Other kid follow them aight? I will take care of this puppy." He said in a really bored tone. He maybe seemed bored but he was on high alert. Hell hounds are sure hard to beat but he could manage. Hopefully Bella had some healing herbs at the camp. There was no way in hell no pun intended that he would let that beast heal him.
    "Alright puppy come here" He said walking away from the van. He then called for Sythia to come out. Her poison might not do a lot to the dog but it can possibly hold it back for a bit while he called for the trees to help him.... Sythia didn't manage to hold back the hellhound if anything it became angrier and attacked Alex more viciously.

    The hellhound manage to throw Alex in to a tree but Alex had not lived for 100+ years without training for nothing. He knew what he had to do. He called for the trees help to hold the hellhound back. It wouldn't hold for long but at least long enough to let them get a head start. When he was returning to the van the big puppy managed to bite him in the leg. It didn't do any serious damage but enough for him to start bleeding and probably in need of medical help.

    He finally made it in to the van and looked at the beast that only ment one thing. He wanted no help from it. He then screamed at the driver "Get us the hell out of here you dumb creature!"

    (I am imagining that Jason is in the van right about now)
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  12. Jason had ran when the tattoo guy told him to. For a kid who had not done many sports he was pretty fast and made it to the van just behind the other two. He knew that he would be safe with them and maybe they could help him get home. This was the first time he had encountered anything like that. Once in the van Jason had his legs pulled up under his chin and his arms around them. Eyes closed all that could be heard was... "It is not real. This must be a dream."
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  13. Markus sat down inside the van. The last 5 seconds made him question his entire life. A dog that attacked them for no reason? Weird. Said dog looking like it had been burnt and covered in mud but still looking like that was part of it's body? Even weirder. On top of that, another 11 year old was now seated in the van with them and looked like he was about to cry. That just made him think of the boy as pathetic. But Markus had been on the run for about a week so he's kind of used to weird creatures attacking him by now. But he didn't know what to say to the other boy so he just looked at him, which probably looked like he was glaring at him for crying. The words the boy said was a little hurtful though. He said that this was must be a dream.
    "A dream!? Do you think this was a dream!? Let me tell you something, my sister died trying to protect me from one of those creatures! And here you are saying that this is a dream...!" He screamed but the satyr interrupted him.
    "Please, i don't want this van to accidentally explode or anything. Calm down, Markus. You're more powerful than you know. Now, new guy. What's your name? And why were you running from a Hellhound? Did it pick up your scent?" The satyr said, almost in a hurry. That was probably because of the Hellhound that was still chasing them. The satyr saw the look from Alex and understood that he didn't want help.
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  14. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    "Sorry new kid. Looks like your stuck with the brat and goat for a while. You will find new friends in the camp and after a while they can probably set up a small team so you can go home again. Your stay in the camp is up to you but i have to break it to you. You're a demigod. A child from a god and a mortal. This is not a dream this is reality for you now." Alex said in a fake sincere voice. He then looked a the beast "Are you dumb or something. Wait no don't answer that. You're asking a distressed kid that's just had his first run in with a beast from another "world". Goat grow a brain" Alex said with a sneer. Alex then grunted in pain because his leg. "I sure hope Bella has some healing herbs or i will have to go find some myself." He said in a quiet voice. He was sure the beast could hear him but it was not like he cared.
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  15. Jason looked up at the guy who had yelled at him. Taking a few minutes to calm himself down, he finally spoke up. "My name is Jason Blackwell. I was in the park. I go there sometimes to just read and be outside. I have just never seen anything like that. Dogs with red eyes. What the heck was that thing it looked like a dog but not a dog at the same time. When I said this felt like a dream, I meant I have been having dreams of things with fur chasing me whereever I went." Looking down and burying his head into knees and spoke to the boy who had lost his sister. "I am sorry about yout sister. I did not mean to strike a nerve when I said what I did."

    His head snapped up when the guy said the word demigod. "You mean to tell me that they are real? I always thought of them as stories. Yeah I get dreams of them all the time, but I never put much thought into it. You mean to tell me that there is a camp that is dedicated to taking in people like me."
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  16. Markus looked away. He had also had dreams like that. He knew that struggle. But he didn't like to talk about this.
    "Don't say anything else" he said and shook his head. He looked at the satyr, expecting an answer. He didn't trust snake-boy to tell them what was going on. The satyr was too occupied looking ashamed. He eventually replied though.
    "Yes, demigods are real. And yes, there is a place where you can live without being attacked by monsters. You'll also get the chance to train there so you can take care of yourself if you decide to leave camp." he said.
    "Uh-huh. And you said i was some sort of special demigod? Why should i believe you?" Markus said. He knew part of it was true, the monsters were definitely real. So much could anyone see (it was weird that his foster parents didn't believe him when he said that the man that killed his sister only had one eye in the middle of his forehead though). But why would he believe them when it came to the 'special' thing? He didn't really feel special. He had been on the run for a week so being 'special' obviously didn't mean much
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    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    TIme skip to 6pm arriving at half blood camp

    The first thing Alex did when they reached half blood camp was to tell Jason to follow him. He assumed the brat would also follow him or maybe the beast. He didn't know and he didn't care. He lead Jason to the big house. A house with 2 stories and an attic. The house was blue and it was there Chiron and Dionysus was during the days. He walked in to the building hoping Bella was there. If she was not he would have to look after in the Demeter cabin. When he was in the building he saw Chiron "We got another one with us. He was being chased by one of Hades puppies. You can take care of him while i look for Bella right? There is also another brat. He has the aura of death. You can probably figure the rest out." Alex drawled out the last bit. He then went away to look for Bella without waiting for a response.
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  18. Jason had walked with Alex to the big house. In awe of the camp, Jason was wide eyed and looking everywhere. He nearly fell when they reached the steps up to the big building. They came to a stop in front of two people.

    Bella had seen the van come up. It became a habbit of hers to get medical supplies to treat any wounds they might have had. Walking up to Alex with a basket of fresh herbs in her hand, and looking at his injury she knew that something had getten to him. "Well I see something had gotten ahold you. I guess they did not like the taste seeing as you are still here. Come on lets get you healed up. I am sure you know the drill by now." Bella smiled as she had made her little jab. Being kind does not mean she can not have any fun.
  19. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex looked at Bella. The only person in the he genuinely liked. "A pleasure as always Bella. I guess the big puppie indeed didn't like the taste of me. I guess i will be forever alone then." Alex said with fake pout. "And yes yes i know the drill. By this time you must love spending time with me, as many times as i get hurt. Maybe I should get a permanent place in your cabin by now?" Alex replied in playful tone.
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  20. Markus stepped out of the van but didn't want to follow snake-boy wherever he went. But the gorilla-boy seemed pretty sincere so he followed him instead. The only problem was that gorilla-boy followed snake-boy. He sighed and followed the group to a big house in colonial style. It was 2 stories high, blue and had an attic. He thought he saw something green when he looked up in the attic but he paid no more attention to it. He went inside and saw two men sitting by a pingpong table in one of the rooms. One of them was in a wheelchair and one was drinking coke while slumped back in his chair. They were playing some sort of card game that Markus didn't understand. After snake and gorilla-boy left, the two men looked at him and the other boy.
    "Chiron, make sure to get these into the camplife. Show them the movie or something" the man in the chair said as if he didn't have a care in the world.
    "I will, lord Dionysus" Chiron said and stepped out of the wheelchair. Markus's eyes went wide from shock. The man was, from the waist down, a white horse.
    "Come with me kids. You're gonna need to see the introduction video and then i'll find someone to show you around camp" the now half horse, half man said. "Okay, he's gonna be called horse-man and the other one will be called The Drunk" he thought to himself, though he was still in a bit of shock
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  21. Jason was in shock. Everything he thought was fake was real. Not knowing what to do he looked to the other kid that came with him to the camp. He shrugged and went off with the centure.

    "Yeah like I can deal with you being in my cabin all the time." Taking Alex to the foyer in the Demeter cabin, Bella had Alex sit down. "Hades puppy got a hold of you huh. Must of thought you were a chew toy. Here let me see your leg and see what can do."
  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy heard noises and sat up, he exited the children of Zeus cabin and walked to the entrance to camp, he saw Chiron leading some newbies into to camp, he always liked to meet the new demigods. So he decided he would wait outside the cabin, finding a seat on a bench nearby he started to carve a lightning bolt into it while he waited.

    Amy watched Bellamy leave from where she was training outside the Ares cabin. She decided to think nothing of it and continued to fight with a stuffed dummy that had been brought to life. She was ducking and slashing white her trusty dual daggers. At one point the dummy swung unexpectedly and she flipped over it's arm and sliced a gash in it's head.
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  23. Markus saw Jason shrug and just rolled his eyes. He followed Horse-Man to where he wanted to take them. He stopped by a bench outside a cabin that looked pretty plain. It looked like an old bank from the 18th century and that was it. But Horse-Man was focused on the boy on the bench. He looked like he was old enough to be a high school student.
    "Bellamy, could you show these two new campers around camp while i get the introduction movie going. They haven't been admitted yet so they'll be staying in cabin 11* until then. Let Travis and Connor* know" Chiron said. "Oh, great. Another loser as a potential enemy" Markus thought to himself. His initial shock was passing, but it wasn't 100% over. He could think more clearly and he didn't trust anyone here. He wanted to trust them but he hadn't even been able to trust the people who raised him so could he really trust these people?
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  24. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex faked looking hurt. "You deal with me!? It would be me dealing with you." Alex said with a grin. He then rolled upp his trousers.. Or at least for the leg that was hurt. He winced when he saw what it looked like. It was deeper then his usual wounds. "Think you have anything for that? Looks pretty bad" Alex asked Bella
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  25. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy led the two newbies to the centre of camp, he had been told to show them around but he was kind of tired and decided to just point things out from the centre of camp. "So over there we have the woods, over there is archery range and that's the canoeing lake.." he then pointed out the stables, the javelin range, the sing-along amphitheatre and the arena. "..and over there is the mess hall" he pointed to the outdoor pavilion framed in white Grecian columns on a hill overlooking the sea. There were a dozen stone picnic tables. No roof and no walls. He then took the two over to the cabins, "these are the cabins, one for each Olympian, you will be staying in eleven, until your godly parent is determined, any questions" he looked at the two.
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  26. Jason was liking the camp so far. He was glad to have ran into Alex and the syter. Running into something other then others like him would have been disastrous for the boy. Hoping that his godly parent did not spurn him and not claim him which would not be ideal. Not really having any questions Jason shook his head. It would be cool to learn who shared half of his genes.

    Bella looked the wound over. "I think I have the perfect thing." Using some of her power she caused vines to grow out of the ground and hold the leg in place. Taking some of the herbs out of the basket and a mortal and pestle, she started to crushing them with a bit of oil. After it was mixed Bella applied a liberal amount to the bite and wrapped it up with large leaves soaked in healing oils. "There that should do. It will have to reapplied every few hours for a day or two, but you should be as good as new in no time."
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  27. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex smiled at Bella. "Thank you as always Bella. You are really a saving grace sent from above." Alex said with a wink. It was kind of true, she had a godly mother. After a bit Alex realised something. "Wait, you mean no missions for two whole stays. That means i am stuck in a camp with you for 2 days! Oh no how am i going to survive!" Alex acted really panicked
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  28. Markus followed the older camper to the centre of the camp. The guy showed him and the crybaby all the important places at camp and where they were staying until they were admitted. There were screaming heard from inside the cabin they were outside. He was already sick of it.
    "No questions" Markus said and entered the cabin he was supposed to stay in. The whole place was a mess. There were a bunch of really loud kids with no sense of personal space staying in there. He had to step aside when one kid was running away from another kid who was spitting out bubbles whenever she opened her mouth.
    "Connor, get back here! Just because you and your brother are the leaders of the cabin doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!" She screamed. The other kid just laughed and continued to run. Markus sighed and left the cabin again. He was not gonna stay in there no matter what it took.
    "Okay, i changed my mind. I do have a question. Do we have to stay in here?" He said.
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  29. Jason was disturbed by the noise coming from the cabin he was supposedly going to be staying in. Taking a cue from Markus Jason walked inside, it was a disaster area. It could really use a good cleaning. Did the guy really expect him to live like this. Walking out of the cabin and back to where the other two were, he spoke his mind about this awful cabin arrangements. "I do not know about you, but I would rather be anywhere then here. That place is awfully loud. How can one get anything done?" With that Jason walked off. Not even bothering to listen to the replies that were sure to come. Wondering around and exploring the camp, like the guide should habe done in the first place, Jason came across across a copy of the book he was reading from before. It was on a bench with no one around, picking the book up, he found the page he had left on and started to read from where he had left off.

    Bella rolled her eyes at her friend. "Well you could take a course in how to be kinder to others, though we both know how that will turn out." Letting herself giggle a little. Releasing her vines hold on Alex's leg, she made sure one last time that the plants and herbs were secure before letting him up. "Now if I see you doing anything that will jar your wound, I will not hesitate to ground you with vines." With a wicked smile on her face that said *You better listen, or you will deal with me* kind of look.
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  30. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Brendan was a very unique boy for his age. He wasn't very athletic or brave. This made him very vulnerable, easy to control. His family took control of this aspect and passed him around. It got to a point where it was a daily routine and they scheduled it too. First to uncle Jessie in Chicago, then Auntie Rae in Pennsylvania, and his favorite, Uncle Ben in California. Uncle Ben always looked out for him and wished for the best. Everyone else made him work without pay. He would say something but he was afraid of getting hurt. This all changed while he was in California with Uncle Ben.

    "Hey champ, come here for a sec." His uncle Ben said. Brendan went over to see what his uncle Ben was going to show him. When he went over his uncle was holding to plane tickets to New York. "Wanna come live with me New York?" Uncle Ben was cut off. Brendan was never so quick to respond to any question in his life. This was a feeling he never felt before.

    "YES, YES, YES, YES. LETS GOO" Brendan responded with. The two were off, Brendan still being passed around but not as much. Now he had more stable friendships. Life was great. Few months pass and one of his friends lead him somewhere he's never been before. "Where are we going?" Brendan asked while shivering in his metaphorical boots.

    "You'll see..." The friend said as they kept going. As they kept going they reached the magical borders of the camp and his friend stopped. "This is as far I can go with you. Someone will be able to guide you to your cabin and the safest area for people like you. Just keep going." His friend turned around and walked away. Brendan was shaking like a madman he listened to his friend and kept going.

    "Hello... Is anyone... There?" Brendan said aloud hoping someone would respond. For him, it had been 15 minutes of walking around trying to figure out where to go.
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  31. Chloe sat in class, staring out the window and spinning her pencil in her hand. Mr. Vanderloff was probably the most boring teacher she ever had. Him teaching English probably didn’t help either since it was her most hated subject. The teacher drones on and on about some play by Shakespeare that Chloe wasn’t at all interested in.

    “Chloe.” Someone had called her name but her head was anywhere but in class. “Chloe.” Again her name was called but she didn’t respond. “Chloe!” This time there was sharp smack on her desk which caused her to jump and look for the source of the sound. Mr. Vanderloff was standing at her desk, a ruler in his hand, which was probably the source of the whack.

    “Am I boring you with this lecture?” the teacher asked with a raised eyebrow. Chloe looked at him with a bored expression.

    “Yes,” she answered, getting straight to the point. Some of classmates chuckled but where quickly silenced when Mr. Vanderloff glared at them.

    “If you’re so bored then,” he responded, “you can take your things and head to the principals office.” Without arguing, Chloe gathered her things and exited the classroom.


    The drive home was quiet except for the music playing on the radio. Chloe was slouched down in the passenger seat, keeping her eyes forward and avoiding her mother’s. Her mother wasn’t mad at her but she had not said a single word since they had left the school. Chloe had, once again, been suspended from school. During the meeting with the principal, Chloe and her mother had been told if Chloe got suspended one more time, she would be expelled. Chloe didn't really care that much; she didn't have any friends there and didn't like any of the teachers there.

    "Chloe," her mother finally spoke up as they approached their apartment. "I know you don't like your school, but you only have another year and you'll move on. I know you're struggling, but you're doing such a great job." They pulled up to the apartment building and Chloe stepped out of the care without responding. She walked up to the third floor and down the hall to their apartment. Her mother was right behind her as she walked in and headed to her room. Tossing her backpack on the ground, she flopped on her bed and let out a sigh.

    After an hour of lying on her bed doing nothing, Chloe got up and grabbed some money from her nightstand. “I’m going out to grab a snack at the corner store,” she told her mom as she left the apartment. “Dinner’s at 6:00 pm, don’t be late,” her mother responded.


    Chloe exited store with a ice cream sandwich in her hand. A police car whizzed by with its lights flashing and siren blaring. She took a bite of her treat and started down the street back to her apartment. As she was walking back, she had a weird feeling that she was being followed. There was a delivery truck parked on the street and she headed over to it. Chloe pretended to fix her hair in the mirror as she looked to see if anyone was following her. A few yards back was a tall man in a beige coat and trousers and wearing a black baseball cap. Chloe continued to watch, maybe a hit too long, because the man looked up and their eyes met in the mirror. Well, her eyes met his single eye. It wasn’t that he was missing eye; he just had one single eye right in the middle. His eye went wide and started making his way towards her. Chloe dropped her ice cream and took off in a sprint, the man running after her. Chloe led the strange man through the neighborhood, making random turns trying to ditch her pursuer. Eventually, she looked back and didn’t spot the man. Confidant she lost him, she ran home.

    Once inside her apartment, Chloe slammed and locked the door, falling to the ground out of breath. Her mother came out of her room. “Chloe are you okay?” Chloe explained to her mother what happened after she caught her breath. She expected her mother to say that she just imagined the man having one eye, but her mother’s face paled a bit. “I was hoping this day wouldn’t come,” her mother said as she walked into Chloe’s room and packed a bag for her.

    “Mom,” Chloe said confused and concerned. “What’s going on?”

    “There isn’t much time,” her mother responded and ushered her out the door and into the car. They drove in silence out of the city. Chloe wasn’t sure what was going on and was about to ask. “There’s a lot more to this world than you know, Chloe,” her mother finally spoke up. “I know you have a lot of questions but they will soon be answered.” Eventually they arrived in a rural area with a large hill. Chloe’s mother got out of the car and Chloe followed suit. Her mother handed Chloe her bag. “Just head over that hill and someone will tell you everything you need to know and answer all your questions.” Her mother pointed to the hill. Chloe looked at the hill, a lone tree standing at the top.

    “You’re coming with me?” Chloe asked. Her mother shook her head. “I cannot. But this isn’t permanent. It’s just for the time being.” She pulled Chloe into a hug. “I love you so much.”

    After their goodbyes, Chloe grabbed her bag and headed up the hill. She looked back and her mother waved to her before getting back in her car and driving off. Chloe turned around and reached the top of the hill. What she saw on the other side took her breath away.


    Henry was working in the forges, hammering away at some celestial bronze. He was making new weapons for the campers as some of the older ones were beginning to wear down, crack and break. One of his brothers came in. “Hey Henry,” Leon said. “There’s some new campers here.” Henry continued working, having zoned out completely on his work. Leon sighed and walked over to him, grabbing a hold of his hammering arm. Henry looked up annoyed, the annoyance quickly dissipating when he saw who it was.

    “What’s up, Leon?” Henry asked, putting down the hammer and grabbing a towel from his work belt, using it to wipe the sweat from his face.

    Leon rolled his eyes with a smile. “New campers are here,” he repeated. “Let’s go greet them.”

    “Alrighty.” Henry tied the towel to his work belt and followed Leon out of the forge and towards the hill. Henry spotted someone wandering around. He looked confused and Henry figured he’d help the new guy out.

    “Hey there,” Henry called out to the guy. “You look lost.”
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  32. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Seems Brendan has been spotted just in time. He was going to leave out of fear but now he actually had something to fear. The voice coming from somewhere in these woods. His first reaction the voice was to hide behind the nearest tree, which he did. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHAT SHOULD I DO? Wait my friend said someone would come to find me and help me. He peeked around to see what he, she, or it could be but as he did he just saw another guy in the forest. Alright, seems like he knows his way around here so I just gotta follow him... Simple right? Brendan clung to the tree as he prepared to ask the other guy how to where everyone else is. S- s- so h.. How do I go gEt oUT o- of here!?"
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  33. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    "I apologize sincerely for the way I acted miss Clarke. How can I ever make up for the way I acted." Alex said in an overly polite tone. He then bowed his head as they do in movies and waited for Bellas response. He hoped Bella didn't actually think he was a bad person.. even tho he was. The apology was real and a bit faked.
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  34. Markus didn't care to wait for a reply so he decided to go to the forest in the camp. On the way there, he was intercepted by Chiron who was carrying a bowl of popcorn.
    "Ah, Markus. The introduction movie has been set up for you and Jason. Although it seems to me that there will be more people joining you so you're gonna have to wait for just a little bit longer. Please go tell Jason about it and go wait in the big house's common room" he said and walked off to greet a new camper at the top of the hill. Markus shrugged his shoulders and walked away to get Jason.

    He found Jason sitting on a bench, reading a book.
    "Hey. Horse-Man told me to get you and to go wait for him to return from picking up another new kidnap-victim. We're supposed to go to the common room in the big house" he said as if he just didn't care. Which he didn't. But Horse-Man had popcorn and Markus wasn't about to turn down those.
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  35. Jason rolled his eyes at the thought of a camp introduction movie. Just the thouhht of camping made Jason want to run away. He did not like being in a place like this. Sighing he sat the book back down on the bench and stood up to follow Markus. He hoped there was at least decent food. If not he would find a way out of this place faster then you can say bacon fries.

    Bella rolled her eyes at Alex. Letting her powers take over she had a vine slowly encircle his leg. When Alex bowed, she had the vine tighten and pull backwards to try and make him fall. She tried to hold a straight face to make it seem like it was not her that had done it. When the vine encircled his leg she made sure it was the one that was not injured.
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  36. (I'm planning on skipping over the introduction movie so that it doesn't take too much time from the Roleplay. Just make sure your OC have a little more knowledge about the Greek mytholoy world after it. I'm just gonna control Chiron a little bit):

    Chiron walked up the hill towards the new camper and Henry from the Hephaeusteus cabin.
    "Hello Henry. Thanks for coming up here to meet the new camper. You can show him around later but not right now. I've already set up the introduction movie for our other two new campers so you can show him around after we've eaten dinner" Chiron said. Then he turned to the new camper up on the hill.
    "Hello. My name is Chiron. I'm sure you have lot's of questions about what's going on here and they will all be answered by the introduction movie. Come with me and i'll take you to the big house" Chiron said and turned to leave for the big house, though he kept a human pace so that the new camper could keep up with him.
    "Henry, you can go tell Beckendorf that you can start finishing up your projects soon and go meet the rest of the camp for dinner.

    (And back to Markus):
    Markus saw the skeptiscism in Jason's eyes and knew instantly what the crybaby was thinking about. It surprised him a little because Jason didn't strike Markus as the guy to break any rules like that. Right now, it felt like Markus would need a friend if he was gonna stay here. Jason was a little nerdy but he could definitely see him as a friend as they were both new here.
    "Atleast stay until after the movie. Horse-Man was carrying around a bowl of popcorn so they're probably not living on the stone age here" he said and started walking to the big house
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  37. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Alex fell over on his butt. "You did that, didn't you! I am gonna get you back for this Bella! Even tho I can't prove it was you I just know it!" Alex said with a determined face but that faded pretty quickly into a natural face that he always put up when he was gonna go to public places "Anyway, we should start moving towards the dining pavilion. I want you to meet the brats I brought in today." Alex said in a neutral tone
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  38. Jason's head snapped to the boy when he said there would be popcorn, maybe this place would not be so bad after all, but he would hold all judgment until he declared that there was at least decent company and a wide range of books to read. If not then he would find his way back to his own home.

    Bella could not hold in her laughter any longer. She was bent over holding her gut as she laughed at Alex falling. Bella may be a daughter of Demeter, but she had her father's sense of humour. She loved to pull small pranks on her friends. "Yeah we can go see the newbies. You better be nice or else." With that she started laughing again.
  39. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    It was weird enough when someone weird guy that looked 15 or older found him but now a horse/man mix found him. This man was business because he sent away the other kid full authority. So he had to follow him, which he did. "So... Uh.. Y..- you won't hurt me w- won't hurt will you?" He asked as they went.
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  40. “Yes, sir, Chiron,” Henry said. “See ya around, new guy.” Henry waved bye and headed back to his cabin. He found Beckendorf in the back of the forge. Beckendorf was looking over some designs and blueprints for new projects. Henry walked over to him. “Hey Beck,” Henry said, slapping him on the back lightly. “Whatcha working on?”

    Beckendorf sighed when Henry called him that name. “Just looking how to improve on some older designs I’ve found. What’s up?”

    “Chiron says it’s almost time for dinner. I’m gonna get washed up,” Henry said as he turned and started leaving the forge.

    “Let everyone else know,” Beckendorf called to him.


    Chloe started walking down the hill, still amazed about the view in front of her. There were a bunch of cabins grouped together off to one side and a large building off to the other. On the far side of the area was the Long Island sound. As she continued walking towards the big house, a girl with long wavy brown hair approached her. The girl looked to new a few years older than her and wore jeans and a green shirt that seemed to shimmer in the light.

    “Hi there!” The girl smiled at Chloe. She definitely had a bubbly personality. “You seem lost. Are you new here?”

    “Uh, yeah,” Chloe said nervously. “I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go. I was just going to head towards that building.” She pointedness to the large blue building.

    “Ah, the Big House.” The girl giggled at Chloe’s face. “That’s the actual name of the building, the Big House. Not much creativity there if you ask me. Follow me.”

    The girl started slipping towards the Big House and Chloe quickly followed behind. The two reached the front steps and stopped. “Go ahead on in,” the girl told Chloe. “Mr. D and Chiron should be inside. They’ll fill you in on everything.” She turned around and started skipping away. Chloe turned around and called out to her. “I never got your name.”

    The girl turned around and smiled. “Next time, Chloe.” The girl then disappeared into the camp. Chloe frowned slightly before heading into the Big House.
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