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Ask to Join Percy Jackson: Age Of Gods

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Killerbunny the god, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Roleplay -> https://pokecharms.com/threads/percy-jackson-age-of-gods.21909/

    Like the last one i made, this is an AU RP but this time i'm gonna change it up a little more. First off, i would like to mention once again that Percy, Annabeth and Luke doesn't exist this time either but Thalia still does (for the tree). Second, both Hecate and Hades now have cabins in Camp Halfblood (because Hecate got angry for all of the magic that was happening in there without her getting enough credit and i'm pretty sure Hecate is one of the gods/titans that Hades can order around a bit so he got a little angry when he didn't get a cabin as well).

    Now for the setting; there are some demigods who feel like humans should start worshipping the gods again like they did in ancient Greece. Many of the gods agree to this, especially most of the Olympian gods. Unfortunately, this would mean that humanity would live in constant danger and fear for whenever the gods get angry so there are demigods and even some minor gods that oppose the idea. The gods who oppose it consists of Hestia, Persefone, Artemis, Hermes and Hades among others. Which side are you on?

    1. Follow all Pokécharms forum rules as well as RP Forum rules.
    3. Keep your powers reasonable.
    4. No killing off each other's characters unless discussed with one another and at least cleared by with me before hand.
    5. Swearing is allowed but don't use it in excess, and of course, no slurs of any fashion.
    6. Romance is allowed, but keep any lewd content out of the RP, this is not the place for that.
    7. Violence is permitted.
    8. Include “vlacas” in the other section to show you've read the rules up to this point (it means idiot in Greece).
    9. Maximum of two characters per user and only one of which can be a god of the big three.
    10. Please do enjoy yourself :)
    Credit to @AlrightAttorney for the rules :)

    Character sheet:
    Age: (11-20)
    Godly parent:
    Backstory: (not necessary)
    Weapon: (it can be magical)
    Magical abilities: (if you're the child of a god without a clear magical ability, just put N/A)

    My OC:
    Name: William (Billy) Twain
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Godly parent: Hermes
    Appearance: Unlike the usual children of Hermes, Billy actually have black hair instead of blonde. He have the build of a swimmer and is 5'5 tall. He seems to always have a crocked smile on his face as if he's thinking about the time he and his cabinmates decorated Ares cabin with a bunch of bunnies and flowers (yes, real bunnies. Don't ask where they got them from). He have one blue eye and one green eye that seems to fit perfectly with his mischievous nature.
    Personality: Like his father's other children, he is extremely mischievous and manipulative.
    Backstory: Billy's mortal father (gods can repopulate that way too, yes) died when protecting Billy from a Manticore and the satyr that found him brought him to camp. Yup. That's it.
    Weapon: A sword that can transform into a tattoo on his right arm, resembling a dragon and a dagger that can do the same on his left but it resembles a lizard instead.
    Other: Vlacas

    @Joelkjn Ōkami
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  2. @Killerbunny the god, You should have tagged me. I would love to do this RP a second chance. I love the idea so far. I kind of want to bring back my Hecate demigod, but I do not know how to fit her into the RP as of yet.
  3. I don't usually tag people in RP's actually (because i don't like doing so) and that's why i didn't tag you. I was even hesitant to tagging Joel
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  4. It is ok I am glad I found it though. I am glad that you are giving the RP a second chance. I was very sad to see the first RP die.
  5. Yeah i was too. But this one have a more set goal than that one did so hopefully it will survive
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  6. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Ooh! Count me in! Can I bring my character back? The daughter of Poseidon?
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  7. Of course! Go ahead
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  8. Here is my character. Let me know if there is anything that I need to change or add to my character.

    Name: Seth Thornheart
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Godly parent: Aphrodite
    Appearance: Seth has a very androgynous look to him. His slight but toned build tends is not out of place with 5'3 height. Seth's eyes are very beautiful ocean blue color. They are surrounded by long naturally black lashes. Seth tends to rock a short hair style that is shaved at the sides, and longer at the front. His hair is a platinum blond, that could be considered white to some. His bangs are long enough to fall into his eyes if he let it. His style consists of a over large sweater that is a pastle pink color. It has pastle blue and white cloud like design to it. On the forefront of the sweater is is the saying "Screw you I am a unicorn" in bold black lettering. He wears black skinny jeans that have ripps on the knees, and his favorite pair of combat boots which have a painted rose design to them. He also is seen wearing a black choker that has a heart ring that holds the leather choker closed in the front. Underneath his sweater, he wears a heart shaped locket.
    Personality: Though Seth may be the son of the goddess of love, he not like his half brothers and sisters. He tends to be someone who does not like to be stuck up and will play pranks on his siblings by switching out their clothes with his powers. He finds it funny to do to his siblings as they all love to be the center of attention, and hate looking not their best. He may or may not have had a hand in the helping of the Hermes cabin in getting the rabbits at one point in time to prank the Ares. Though he may not look it, Seth is extremely smart and loves to read.
    Backstory: Will explain in the RP.
    Weapon: Seth tends to use a staff that is made of sturdy light colored wood, there are etching of roses and rose vines inlaid into the wood of the staff. To be more portable, the staff becomes a bracelet that he wears on his right hand.
    Magical abilities: Seth is able to use Charmspeak, change his clothes and that of others on comand, produce clothing from out of the air. Seth is also able to make himself irresistible to others if he so chooses.
    Other: Seth is very practiced in marshal arts and trains every day in the training grounds. vlacas
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  9. There's not much to be changed here. Just make that logo on the shirt be not so vulgar so the RP doesn't have unexpected visits from one of the admins (you don't have to change the logo itself, just change the word you used. I'm sure people would understand it anyway). There's also the fact that Billy pranked the Ares cabin and not the Hades cabin so just change that little bit as well. Other than that, accepted
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  10. I changed the saying. Also I said Seth helped the Hades cabin get the rabbits, not that he helped prank the Hades cabin. Sorry if that is not clear.
  11. That was clear. But i mean that it was the Ares cabin that was pranked. Not the Hades cabin
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  12. Yeah I know. Seth helped the children of Hades get the rabbits.
  13. I'm pretty sure i said that my OC was a son of Hermes and not Hades. Unless someone makes a child of Hades, that cabin will most likely just be in the camp to please Hades and stand empty
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  14. You are right about that. Sorry I had a bit of blond moment there. I have changed it. I guess I was getting your character mixed up with your old OC for the other RP.
  15. A blond moment? Wait... are you calling me dumb!? I'm blonde in real life! xD
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  16. So am I, so I am allowed to do it.
  17. I actually don't like being blonde and that's why i make most of my OC's with different hair colours. I'm kinda sick of blondes. I'm blonde, my sister is blonde, my brother is blonde and almost everyone in this town are blonde. I like black and red hair much more.

    But we shouldn't speak too much about things that are irrelevant to the RP too much because that's against the rules
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  18. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Name: Chloe Verdant
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Godly parent: Poseidon
    Backstory (optional): Chloe was born and raised in Long Beach, CA until she was 9 and she and her mother moved to New York. She wasn’t sure why they moved but her mom said their lives would be better there.
    Personality: Chloe is friendly but has a rather short temper, which has occasionally gotten her in trouble at school. She is smart and clever but can be very oblivious to other people’s emotions if they aren’t obvious.
    Appearance: She has long obsidian black hair that she keeps in a ponytail. Her right eye is a dark emerald green and her left eye is deep ocean blue.
    • Breath underwater
    • Hydrokinesis (not exactly proficient with this power)
    • Can communicate with horses and sea creatures
    • Can withstand high pressure underwater
    • Healing with water (self only)
    Weapon: Anaklusmos
    Other: Vlacas, bakana!
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  19. And she is once again accepted.

    By the way @EmoKitty21 i just noticed that in your bio you left out a little thing. Look through the rules (i don't know how i missed that honestly when that's one of the things i should be paying attention to the most)
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  20. It has been added. Sorry about that I forgot to add that in when I wrote my post.
  21. I'm to blame just as much as you are for being ignorant :p

    Sorry about that
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  22. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Name: Alexios Adler
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Godly parent: Thanatos
    Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/63/6b/cf/...rian-mens-clothing-victorian-mens-fashion.jpg Black hair, green eyes is built like a swimmer and is 5'11 feet long.
    Personality: Unlike other children of Thanatos Alexios has a happy personality but if angered or in a bad mood he has a morbid personality
    Backstory: Grew up in a happy family with his stepdad and mother and he holds them dearly
    Weapon: N/A kind of
    Magical abilities:
    • Can use astral energies to make weapons for a short period of time, the larger the weapon, the more energy consumed. Only 1 weapon may be created at a time and it cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
    • Has the ability to drain some of the life force out of a person, so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.
    • Has the ability to conjure a protective dome of astral energies around them, which will protect the user from attacks for a short time.
    • can sense any death, whether it be mortal, demigod, nymph or monster.
      Can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased.
      Heal slightly every time they deal damage to their opponents.
    • Has the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
    • Can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
    • "Death glare" When he glares at someone or gets really mad he gets a scent of death around him that can scare Demi gods or mortals.

    Other: Vlacas you are
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  23. Accepted and that 'vlacas' part was mostly so i could see this guy call himself 'idiot' in ancient Greece xD
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  24. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Targeting me. I call harassment >:
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  25. You're completely right :)
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  26. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    I really love this concept, and its been a while since I gave anything from the PJO universe a shot, I think I'll do up a character for this.
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  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name: Mycel

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Godly parent: Demeter

    Appearance: Mycel doesn't really look human, but rather humanoid. He has a semi-flat mushroom cap on his head, resembling a straw samurai hat, and is 7'2ft tall. The cap's stem (and mycel's skin itself) colors are bone-white, with a bit of light yellow mixed in. The top's colors are black with rainbow spots that change colours constantly. Mycel has two rainbow swirls for eyes with no pupils or iris. As the rainbow spirals into the center, it also constantly shifts inbetween colors. He has no nose, only nose holes, and a rather large mouth with a somewhat long purple tongue in it. Various types of fungus grows on Mycel's skin, ranging from regular poisonous amanitas and simple morels to poisonous, hallucinative and/or bioluminescent mushrooms to even truffles. On his shoulders are also mushroom caps, acting as a sort of shoulderpads. On his hands and feet are short, pinky-finger-sized roots he can extend out and control like fairly weak tentacles. For comparison, he looks like Mushroom Man from Yu-gi-oh (source) but with a lower humanoid half aswell, his feet being round with no toes, shaped in a cone shape like an elephant's foot. The extra mushrooms growing on him can have a variety of effects that common mushrooms don't have, such as sudden healing, night vision, but also to warp a person's senses or, the worst effect, to make mushrooms grow on them by infesting them with the spores. It's a gamble to eat them blindly, but Mycel can usually tell them apart if he can focus on remembering. Naturally, Mycel's eyes and all the spots of his mushroom cap and the caps on his shoulders glow in the dark.

    Personality: Mycel can act differently based on if he is in the sunlight or in the shadows. He gets more focused in the dark, and gets more the personality of a high stoner out in the sun, where he has slower reactions, overthinks things, says a bunch of nonsense and overall just acts like he's high. Mycel gladly lets anyone take the extra mushrooms growing on him, but sometimes forgets to tell them what their effects might be, which can end in unfortunate (or fortunate) accidents. He does tend to bathe in the sunlight more, despite him knowing that he cannot convert it into energy, and doesn't eat as much. He eats more meat than vegetables, but absolutely refuses to eat any sort of mushroom at all. He's fine with eating other plants, since that is what mushrooms do anyway once other plants are dead. He can also eat most poisons, raw meat and other usually indigestible foods for humans, considering he is a living mushroom after all.

    Backstory: A strange and abnormal mutation, Demeter certainly wasn't happy with how her son turned out to be. Instead of being a child of nature, he was a twisted evil, a member of the invasive fungi! Granted, this was still a part of nature, but it was such a bad representation of what Demeter stood for! Demeter cast out her son into the camp, never allowing Mycel to make contact with her ever again. Mycel is still saddened by this, and does sometimes have his moments when he's alone. But, this camp doesn't seem too bad, so he still puts up a happy attitude, for the sake of not being a downer all the time.

    Weapon: A tough mushroom cap shield, the size and appearance of the cap on Mycel's head that shoots out spores with random negative effects at whoever hits it. It can resist most elemental attacks pretty well, but is weak to physical attacks.

    Magical abilities:

    Nature Creation: Mycel can toss spores at the ground which create a plethora of mushrooms. These mushrooms contain a variety of seeds of different, non-fungi plants such as wheat or apple seeds that the mushroom will spit out from its top. These seeds will take half as long to grow to their adult stage than their normal variations, and need half as much as water. A pretty useless power when it comes to fighting. It is most effective when trying to revive a withered/uninhabitable area, like a desert.

    Spore Veil: Pores on Mycel's body open, puffing out colorful spore clouds. These spore clouds will create a veil on Mycel, and the effects usually include toxicity, poison, hallucinations, temporary paralysis and a sleeping effect amongst others on those who breathe it in. Mycel can create which/what effect/s the spore veil has, which means he can use it to heal and buff others should he choose to, if only temporarily and/or with minor effects. The effects can last between a couple seconds and a couple hours. These and any other spores are flammable and can be blown away by air to move them out of harm's reach.

    Root Whip: Through consuming nutrients, Mycel keeps his roots strong and sturdy. When they are sturdy enough, he can use them as whips or as tentacles, depending on what the situation calls for. Through these roots he can also drain someone of their life essence which Mycel can feast and heal on, though it is a slow process of doing so. The roots are susceptible to cuts, being able to be sliced easily.

    Sporadic (hah, pun) Cloning: From the spots on his mushroom cap, Mycel fires various rainbow spores into the air. Once these spores land, they can a grow a multitude of adult mycels in 24 hours. In 1-2 hours, his clones are at the kid stage, about 3'ft tall. The clones retain every memory from their host, but are easy to kill, assuming you don't ignore them for 24 hours. The clones are easily killed at their beginner stages due to their fragility of not being fully mature. The clones themselves are about as strong as a quarter of Mycel's full power, making them weak, though they tend to implode into spores with random effects upon dying, which can both be good or bad. They can also just lay there and rot into the ground, creating a patch of random normal mushrooms on the ground where they rotted.

    Deadly Touch: Of course, Mycel also has smart, predatory fungus cells in his body. Upon touching biological matter that isn't of the fungi family, a bunch of those predatory fungus cells stick upon the surface touched and begin eating away at it like termites. The process is slow, but if left unchecked, it can cause serious harm. Mycel only tends to use this power as a last resort, since he doesn't exactly like killing, but sometimes accidents happen, where it is most important that the surface touched is immediately burned slightly with fire, as the fungus cells will die off almost instantly if coming in contact with fire/extreme heat, and that the wound then be cleansed and patched up. Extreme cold will not work as the fungus cells will only be cryogenically frozen, and will remain doing their work once thawed out. Washing them out also works, if an effective soap/disinfectant is used or the water current is strong enough. If the fungus infects a finger, that finger can be cut off to save the entire body if there are no other ways.

    As strong as these sound, all of these can mostly be easily wiped out with the use of fire, as can Mycel, since they are all pretty flammable. Other elements also work, except for Ice (mostly), but Fire is the most effective by far. Slashing and cutting is also pretty effective, aswell as some strong poisons.

    These powers drain his stamina overtime, so the longer he uses it, the less energy he'll have. He can even this out since he can eat alot of things, but if he doesn't gain enough energy, he'll have to resort to rooting himself in the ground and look for any dead organic matter in the ground to absorb, at which point he'll be extremely vulnerable.

    Other: Vlacas
    Lemee know if something needs to be changed. Prolly alot, but still worth askin'.
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  28. Well, so that you won't be too overpowered i want you to have a little more of a drawback on your powers as the only fire available in camp halfblood is not that easily accessible at all times. Hephaesteus children can't really help as they only have fire powers in extremely rare cases
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  29. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

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  30. That's better but using his powers should also affect him. Like a drawback. Like he gets tired every time he uses his powers
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  31. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    His powers now drain his stamina overtime, which means he'll have to eat/consume/absorb more things to keep using them. Does that work?
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  32. Yes that works. Thank you. Accepted. Sorry for making you change so much but i don't want us to be too powerful. We're demigods here. Not gods
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  33. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Name: Alan Dennison

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Godly parent: Apollo

    Appearance: Alan looks like your standard teenager, standing at around six feet. He has a fairly slim build, not being too big with fat or muscle, having a more lean, fit figure. He has short, neatly trimmed brown hair, matched with a slight stubble he started to grow. He has light green eyes that sit behind a pair of black glasses. His usual attire consists of black jeans with work boots, a graphic tee that usually has a design from any of the various things hes a fan of, an orange hoodless sweater that on the front bears the image of a laurel wreath, while the back has the Camp Halfblood logo.

    Personality: Alan is a sort of mixed bag. He is exterenly friendly and kind to those around him, doing whatever he can to help who he considers friends. He tries to see the best in people and always put his best foot forward when introducing himself. But when he can tell he won't like someone, or they've been outright rude or harmful to him or his friends, he will get exteremly cynical and sarcastic with them.

    Backstory: Will go into detail during the RP. Only thing to make note is that he disrespects his father greatly, wanting to seperate himself from the God's image as much as possible.

    Weapon: A fairly simple silver staff. It only has one real ability and that is to change into another weapon, a bow thats crafted to look like his father's. He doesn't use it in it's bow form often, not wanting to take after his father. The dual weapon is disgusied as Alan's glasses, and if he ever does use his bow, he has arrows that disguise themselves as pencils in the backpack he has at all times.

    Magical abilities: Being the son of the Archery God, Alan's eyesight is amazing. He's able to shoot a bow, or any other weapon, with extreme accuracy. Also taking after his father, Alan has the ability to heal others, or inflict them with the pain of a disease for a short time. The only drawback is that he needs to be touching the other person's skin with his hand, and even when he does, the power takes a lot of energy out of him, and he won't be able to use it again for sometime.

    Other: When annoyed he can often be heard muttering "vlacas"

    Sorry if it's a bit sloppy. I had to write it a second time since I accidently deleted the whole thing while trying to copy and paste, so I was in a bit of a sour mood for a bit while writing it up again. Let me know if anything needs fixing.
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  34. I don't see any problems with this OC. Accepted

    I don't think we have enough OC's to start the RP yet but i also don't think there will be a lot more people joining so everyone can feel free to make another character if they want
  35. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Name: Xavier Verdant
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Godly parent: Zeus
    Appearance: Xavier has short dirty-blond hair and sky blue eyes. He has olive toned skin from his time living in San Diego. He is often seen wearing cargo shorts, tank tops and sneakers.
    Personality: Xavier is rather aloof. After his mother's passing and him on the run, he grew distant from other people and hardly trusted anyone. He learned to only rely on himself to help himself.
    Backstory: Xavier lived in San Diego, CA with his mother, Allison. In Long Beach, CA, he had other family living there, his Aunt Clara and cousin, Chloe. The two families visited each other often as they only lived two hours say from each other. They spent many holidays and summer vacations together and the bond that Chloe and Xavier had as cousins and friends strengthened. However, without warning, Chloe and Aunt Clara moved away to New York. Xavier never knew why and his mother never talked about it. One night, while Xavier and his mom were walking home from dinner, a mugger came up to them, and in the chaos, the mugger ended up shooting Xavier’s mom. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t make it. In the ensuing events, Xavier ended up in child services. The mugger was found and convicted, but the damage was already done. Xavier bounced around from foster family to foster family. Having enough of the system, Xavier ran away. He remembered her mom mentioning that his father lived in New York so that’s where he headed. As he made the long journey to New York, he ended up living on the streets. It was a rough time for him and he began to distrust everyone he came in contact to, including authority figures. It took him a couple weeks before he finally arrived in New York.
    Weapon: None at the moment.
    Magical abilities:
    • Electrokinesis - can summon lightning bolts from the sky, which is extremely taxing on him. He can only summon one lightning bolt without passing out, every 24 hours. If he tries for a second, he passes out and fails to summon the lightning bolt.
    • Immunity to lightning bolts - except the ones created by Zeus. Repeated hits from other lightning bolts don't harm him but will wear him out and exhaust him.
    • Being a child of Zeus, Xavier also had authority over things and creatures in Zeus's domain, like eagles and such.
    Other: Vlacas
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  36. I always pictured the children of Zeus to be powered up by lightning (like Percy get powered up by water) but this balance out his powers quite well so accepted
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  37. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Hey, just wanted to check in here. Wanted to see how everyone was doing and was wondering if everyone was still interested. I know I am.
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  38. I think it’s dead now. Sorry :(
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  39. I am still interested in this RP. I mean who says we can not have a successful RP with just three people.
  40. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Who says we have to only rp with only three people? I'm still interested.
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