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Pearl problem

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by PkmnMASTAH, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I don't know what this was about but I'll start off with this. I preordered Pearl for 2 and only 2 reasons.
    1.To get a Palkia Stylus
    2.To get it on launch day
    Well anyway, I preordered it March 27th. I payed it off April 7th. When I went to the store on the 7th, my mom asked if I'd get the stlyus, the guys said "No, you had to preorder it before Friday" I'm a little connfused at this point, maybe he meant to say Paid off but I preordered it a month ago. Well that was bad, very bad, especially since I was planning on going to school with it the next day and play it with that stylus. Anyway back to the point. Then my mom asked if the store would call when they get it. He said "Yes." Then I asked, "But, you can just come and pick it up without waiting for the call right?" (I always want ot be sure no matter how obvious) He said "Yes.....on the 23rd." At this point I wanted to hit him. My mom said the she would SKIP CHURCH THAT SUNDAY! Just to pick it up fr me and this guy says the 23rd. It comes out the 22nd. I'm going the 22nd and if they tell me I can't get it until the next day AND I don't get my stylus I don't know what I'll do. I barely preorder games, and when I do, I expect to get the game on launch day, and if a trailer says reserve yours to get a r free stylus with topper, I expect my stylus with topper. I just want to know what's going on. Do you guys think maybe he accidentally said 23rd, do you think I'll get the stylus? It just makes me mad ya know? I preordered Colliseum and they didn't give me my bonus disk. I have to go to my cousins house everytime I restart a Emerald/Saphire/Ruby save if I want Jirachi. I bought that connector to the Gamecube and Gameboy for that disk and it became useless. Now back to the point. What do you guys think? All I'm saying is when I go to school monday without that game or the stlyus.....well actually it's not school so much it's just that I never get games when they come out and I just really wanted to get this one but turns out, if I don't get the game and the stylus the day it comes out, I ain't preordering anything again. I'm tired of this crap. Anywayz as I said like 3 times, what do you guys think?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I can say one thing. You don't need to pay off your pre-order in full to qualify for the pre-order deal, so if you pre-ordered the games on the 27th and he's saying you're missing out because you did it too late, I think it's a mistake on his part. You might want to go back then and confirm it with them.

    As for the release date issue, if it were Canada I'd say that the 23rd being the release day was understandable, but you're American, eh? Again, maybe some confusion on their end, or maybe - for some odd reason - that particular store isn't getting their shipment until the 23rd. I dunno. All you can really do is go back and discuss it with them.

    As for not getting the bonus disc for Colosseum... The pre-order deals are only while supplies last, so you probably just missed out. Or maybe the shop you pre-ordered at didn't get any shipments of 'em?

    Seriously, when crap like this happens, your best bet is to go to the source. Ask questions. If you don't like the answer, take your business elsewhere in the future.
  3. They didn't give me the stylus'... but then again i didnt really want it lol
  4. Thanks, yes, Michigan. And if they get it the 23rd then I'm kinda mad. Anywhere will tell you it's the 22nd. I get emails from Nintendo that say the 22nd, I watch Youtbe vids all the time and it says 22nd and even the official Gamestop site says 22nd. It says while supplies last and my bro says maybe the first (Lets use 100 for example) 100 to pay it off get the stylus because they only get 100 styluses to give away. I thought that would make no sense if I paid mine off, say, 101st person but, I was the very first person at that specific Gamestop. Because, I was there first, they got there too late and it says while supplies last. If my bro is right it just doesn't seem fair to me. And I will be there first. I live about 2 minutes away from this gamestop and my mom's skpping church to take me there and pick it up. And if not first, I'll be like within the first 10. I could just leave at 10:58 and get there the very minute the store opens. But yeah, I was worried about the 23rd thing the most. Because if I really needed the stylus I could just like get it off Ebay but, getting a game the day it's released was always a good feeling, even though I've only done that a couple of times. For the most part I just aim for system release dates.
  5. Where in Michigan do you live? I'm just curious because I live in Michigan also. Anyways, I preordered mine from Gamestop and I didn't get anything, and I asked the guy when it came out to make sure and he said the 22nd. I think that the guy you talked to had the idea of the time it came out so he said 23rd instead of looking it up.
  6. Well, when I looked at their own official site and even it said 22nd, I stopped worrying. In fact I even stopped worrying about the Stylus. If those guys don't give me what I deserve then I don't care. I'll go on Ebay. In the end I'll win. And I live in Flint.
  7. I got my stylus' the day I preordered, now, I'll go back on the 22nd pick it up, and pay...

    You were supposed to already have the stylus... I had to remind the cashier that I get them, and surely, I did.
  8. That was at certain stores only. The one I went to I have to pick it up with the game if they even give it to me. I think they should give it to me. I will be there as soon as the store opens.
  9. I got my stylus when I picked up my Diamond game, also, and I hadn't paid it off all the way until then. By the time I got home after preordering, I thought it was odd that I hadn't gotten a stylus but wasn't concerned enough to contact them about it.

    On the subject of GameStop clerk error, I have a bit of a story of my own: When I preordered Diamond, the clerk told me that the majority of preorders were going to that version. While I would've blamed that on what Pokemon were on the box (tell me you don't think Palkia looks suggestive in any way), he said it was based on the types of the two Legendaires: Dialga was Dark and Palkia was Psychic, given Dialga a clear advantage in battle. When I told this anecdote to some friends of mine on-line, they told me that Dialga was, in fact, Steel/Dragon and Palkia was Water/Dragon, and thus having no clear advantage over each other at all.
  10. all i have to say is that was a mouthful jeez
  11. And your response was helpful how Pika-Fan? That classifies as SPAM right there. Please don't post in topics when there are answers there already. Locking this now. Also, consider this a warning Pika-Fan.
  12. Linkachu

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    Grave digging much? >>

    *Looks at their previous posts and sighs*

    I hate it when spammers slip through the cracks for this long. After this, pika-fan's reply to the "Most Annoying Things" thread, and various others, I don't think I need any further justification for this ban :p
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