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Private/Closed Part of the Job - A Dragon Ball rp (remake)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Starry Phantump, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Link to rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/part-the-job.20550/

    The rp is focused on the whole db francise. Not just Z or super or even GT

    You among several others are bounty hunters working for the galactic patroll on the planet Octo to help take care of the rampid intergalactic crimes occurring across the universe, among other things. Of course the story will expand beyond this but I can't spoil anything.

    Also this takes place a year or so before planet vegets's destruction
    -no autoing another character without permission from the player.
    -swearing is very much allowed.
    -romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing. This is not a romance focused rp after all
    -no super OP characters (I say super because db characters are already overpowered).
    -if a character has a small arc of their own to build character or other things, don't immediately resolve it yourself.
    -most NPC characters are able to be controlled by everyone unless specified.
    - it's optional but please try and theme the name of your OC with their race ( ex. Saiyans are named after vegetables, nemekian are named after instruments, and so on. Does not apply to earthlings)


    Race: (saiyan, earthling, nemekian, Frieza, Majin, Android)
    Signature attack(s):
    (can be fake or real attacks) ( having something like kioken is allowed even without having to train with king Kai, but certain things like the spirit bomb and unlocked potential are, for story reasons)
    How you joined the team:

    Not including me or @FlapJackSugaStak only 3 spots are open to join, for the main characters
    1. @Starry Phantump Kora
    2. @FlapJackSugaStak Asoax
    3. @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw Nitro pantari
    4. @Clite of Dragonbow Avalanche

    If there is anything you want to ask let me know

    I'll post my bio soon
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  2. Name: Kora (Okra)
    Race: Saiyan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Kora is 5'6 with a slim build and light skin. her hair is long and spiky, and she wears black and blue female Saiyan armor with black leggings, she has purple eyes and sharp fang like teeth, she also wears two gold bracelets on her wrists.
    Personality: Kora is very thick skulled, she is stubborn and ignorant, but unlike most saiyans, shes forgiving and will often let something go if its the better option, and she doesn't care too much for "Saiyan Pride". She also swears allot
    Signature attack(s): kioken,
    Swarm cannon (custom attack: fires 5 red ki blasts in a spread pattern, and can home in on an enamy or come together to make a beam), Destructo disk
    Backstory: a young Saiyan who was born into an unstable household, she ended up leaving her home at a very young age and became a Saiyan warrior, she exelled at both combat anf strategy, despite not having a martial arts style, So she kinda freestyles a bit.
    How they Joined: At her age being a warrior wasn't very easy, she was picked on often by much older Saiyans, she ended up leavule the warriors after she hospitalized her serperior. Soon after she became a bounty Hunter and set out to start a team. Which led her to the galactic patrol.
    Other: like most saiyans she has a massive apetite and loves to go to bars, even though she can't drink.
  3. When does the roleplay start?
  4. We need more people to join
  5. Time to bring out Xenoverse 2.
    Name: Nitro Pantari
    Race: Android
    Gender: Male
    Age: #29 (20 by Age)
    Appearance: He has Black shaggy(Hue) Bed hair, with Grey Eyes. He wears a Black sweatshirt with a Purple inner filling, and a Grey undershirt. He wears a White Gi-pants, Similar to Gogeta's. He wears Black boots with Purple soles.
    Personality: Much of his personality is just him being quiet. Every so often he'll say something to the group, but it won't ever be him leading them. His database can be Upgraded with all the Different species that he see's.
    Signature attack(s): Wild Blast. (Holds one hand out to shoot a Yellow beam, then uses his other hand to use a Ki-Laced punch to Boost its damage. Think of it as Shallot's Wild Cannon.)
    Super android: Hair turns purple, but doesn't raise. x55 Multiplier.
    Saj2: His hair turns purple once again, and starts to raise. x110 Multiplier
    Backstory: alot of the androids, he was once human. He had a great family, all the essentials for being happy in life. At least, until he became Ill with a Disease. Doctors would turn him down left and right, and all hope was lost. At least, until someone from the Blue Ribbon Army came. They said that wanted to get to Him before the Red Ribbon army did. Of course, he jumped at the chance to gain freedom.
    How you joined the team: The Blue Ribbon Army sent him to the Patrol in order to Keep an eye on them. Of course, Nitro has no idea about this, but Its not THAT much of a big deal, Right?
    Other: .
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  6. @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw accepted, but the super Android, and super Android mk II will come later in the RP, for power reasons obviously
  7. Hi there, If I can I will join with my previous char.

    DIO (Sorry, I wanted to say-Bio:
    Name: Avalanche
    Race: Frieza
    Gender: Genderless
    Age: 16-17
    Appearance: He has white, keratinous exoskieleton. His secondary color is black, he has purple Gem plates on the head and torso.
    Personality: He is greedy, smart and explosive. He can be mean but in contrast to his family, He is a very nice person. He usually protect innocent people.
    Signature attack(s): Multi-form, Death Cannon, Death Ball, Death beam
    Backstory: the youngest from Frieza family, abandoned by his parent, King Cold. He was left in the random planet.
    How you joined the team: Avalanche lived in peace on his planet where didn't lived any inteligent race. One day, He heard about a patrol and probably nobody, even Avalanche himself, can say why he wanted to join.
    Other: Avalanche's hated by everyone becouse he looks too similar to Frieza.
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  8. Hmm, I'll start tommorow night if nobody joins till then
  9. I'm changing my character completely
  10. Bio

    : Asoax (a soaks) (Pun on saxophone)
    Race: Namekian
    Gender: Genderless, but goes by male pronouns
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Asoax is a dark green namekian whose face looks calm when he is not fighting. The patches on his arms are pale yellow. He has 2 short, black horns, and a green shenron like mustache. He has no pupils. He is 6' 6", and he wears Poko Priest clothing colored orange, black, and red. He has the voice of Nail, but deeper.
    Personality: Asoax is very serious, but has a soft side for living creatures. He does not tolerate any kind of abuse or torture towards people who don't deserve it.
    Signature attack(s): Stretchy arms, Fury of the forgotten race (Custom attack, Asoax takes all of the energy he has and turns it into a pure white, fiery ki blade), giant form, paralyzing jab (this move is used by focusing ki into asoax's hands and it acts as a sort of taser. Very similar to hamon from jjba.), masenko
    Backstory: Asoax was an average namekian warrior protecting his Grand Elder, when one day, somebody came and killed everyone on his planet. The only way Asoax survived was by fusing with Porunga. After the invader lost their wish, they decided to blow the planet up, but Asoax defended his planet from the invader until he left.
    How you joined the team: After fusing with Porunga, he left his planet and took the dragon balls with him to the Galactic Patrol. He thought they would be safe there. While he was there he decided to join so others would not have to suffer.
    Other: Asoax comes from universe 16 before it was destroyed and joined the Galactic Patrol. The Galactic Patrol let him spend the rest of his time at their HQ.
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  11. That's the RP sorry for the delay
  12. RynTheAdventurer

    RynTheAdventurer Previously Ryn'sAdventure

    Do you guys have room for one more? Here is my Bio

    Name: James
    Race: Earthling.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: James is 6”0”. He wears a black trench coat (similar to trunks in DBxenoverse2, without fur), black boots, wears a white shirt under coat, wears a Trilby Fedora Hat (black), and long pants (Gray color). He has blue eyes, straight black hair, and mustache. He has a bit of sun tanned skin. He carries his two space revolvers everywhere he goes

    Personality:James is a “trigger happy” hunter, he likes to keep everyone's spirits up by telling jokes and being a friend. But when there is work to be done he gets serious. He puts his friends needs above his. He dislikes revenge.

    Signature attack(s): Gun Blaster (James grabs his two guns and shoots rapidly at the target fast and quick). Hunters’ Rage (James screams and grabs his guns and runs up to the opponent and shoots them once and punches them with the guns. This triggers when his partner or group member falls)

    Backstory: This young hunter was raised by his parents on Earth around the age of 14, he was a farmer before tragedy struck. He was in the house one day and his Pa asked James if he wanted to hunt with him to bring food to the family. James said yes immediately, he was ready to go explore outside. His father tells James to wait here, he left the room and he grabbed three rifles. James asked “why did you bring three rifles”? His father says “well your mother wanted to come as well”. So they went out hunting and they shot some deer and James seemed like he was a natural with a firearm. They were returning to home one day and a alien spaceship appears (Frieza's men) they hustled out and told us that they needed the food, but we didn’t give it up easily, they shot my mother and father before they could reach for the guns. One of the Frieza force walked up to me knocked me out. James woke up and he saw his parents dead. He wanted to avenge their deaths, but his father taught him that revenge is a fool’s game. But He wanted revenge for this one thing. He trains and trains with his guns and hand to hand combat. He learns about the Galactic Patrol and he knew, the only way to find the Frieza men who killed his parents was to join the Galactic Patrol

    How you joined the team:James takes up a few jobs and bumps into Kora and the rest and asked to join them in their quest.
    Other: None
  13. @Ryn'sAdventure Hmm James isn't a key user is he? But either way accepted! And @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw I forgot to mention this earlier, but being able to absorb ki is kinda a broken ability, so if you don't mind could you remove the absorb ki thing.
  14. RynTheAdventurer

    RynTheAdventurer Previously Ryn'sAdventure

    @StarryPhantump Hey thanks for letting me join I can't wait to see how this turns out. Nah James is more of a combat fighter.
  15. Alright, I can do that.
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  16. [Sorry if my grammar won't be good but I returned from the really hard day in school so I'm really tired]
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  17. Heres a picture of Bojack's crew in case anyone needed to know 1f9010783fe738131abe38cf75c6888a.png

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