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Open Paradise Island

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Lots of pokemon trainers come to Paradise Island to relax and make friends, but something is planning to destroy Paradise Island, will you help protect this place?

    Name: Skylar (Sky)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Sky is a loyal and trusts in those who deserve it. She will do anything to protect her pokemon.
    Preferred Type: Dark
    Luna-Umbreon (Shiny Female)
    Razor-Flygon (Male)
    Kuro-Meinshao (Male)
    Wisp-Meowstic (Female)
    Kat-Raichu (Male)
    Arabi-Quilava (Male)

    Sky got of the boat, her shiny Umbreon with her. "Well, we better choose a hotel!" Sky said, she and her Umbreon ran off the jetty and onto the sand, Skylar sent out Flygon and leapt onto him, holding Umbreon. After a while, they met the person, got their key, and ran to their hotel. Sky opened the door and ran in. "Let's unpack girl." Sky said as the pokemon came out and helped unpacking.
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  2. Name: Diamond
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Diamond has problems with most other trainers.
    Preferred Type: Dark
    • Shiny Umbreon (Midnight, Male)
    • Lucario (Lucky, Male)
    • Meowstic (Ace, Male)
    • Espeon (Amethyst, Female)
    • Buizel (Male, Wave
    • N/A
    Diamond sighed. He was already at his resort, yet something felt off. He sighed, walking outside, Midnight beside him. The Umbreon frowned, he watched as a trainer walked back. She had a Shiny Umbreon too. Diamond smiled. "Heh, looks like your new friend is a girl." Diamond smirked. Midnight frowned.
  3. Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: brave, loyal, friendly, big friend of Pokemon
    Preferred Type: Dark/Fire
    Foxy-Braixen (Female)
    Rose-Eevee (Female)
    Jade-Mightyena (Female)
    Bolt-Manectric (Male)
    Rex-Houndoom (Male)
    Fang-Absol (Male)

    Lucy was sitting in her room in a hotel. Rose was sleeping in her lap while Foxy was sleeping on Lucy's bed. Suddenly Rose woke up and ran to doors. She scratched the door.
    "Vee-vee!" Rose said.
    "What is it Rose?" Lucy asked. "You need to go out?" Lucy asked and opened the door.
    Rose ran from Lucy's room and ran to on of the doors on Lucy's floor.
    Lucy knocked on of the doors "Hello?" Lucy said
    Rose was scratching on the door. On the other side of door heard a girl voice.
    "What are we doing here?" Lucy whispered and picked up Rose. She knocked at the door again.
  4. Name: Logan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: Hot-headed, but loyal.
    Preferred Type: Fire/Water
    Fireye (Fye-rye): Tepig (Male)
    Larry: Larvitar (Male)
    Nes: Lapras (Female)
    Chic-Chic: Chikorita (Female)
    Uno: Magikarp (Female)
    Helen: Vulpix (Female)

    Logan entered the resort with his trusty Chikorita on his shoulder, and got a room. He wandered through the halls for a little bit until he found his room. There was a person knocking on the door next to him, so he went over and introduced himself. Chic-Chic looked at the little Eevee in her hands and smiled, wanting to play with it.
  5. Name: Marco
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Personality: Friendly, naive, Loyal, Compassionate, Loves a good joke, But a Bit Shy
    Preferred Type: Fairy
    • Blueberry The Swampert (Male)
    • Cobalt The Shiny Tyrantrum (Male)
    • Sugar the Sylveon (Female)
    • Blaze The Arcanine (Male)
    • Mystic The Gardevoir (Female)
    • Lance the Gallade (Male)

    Marco was riding the boat to paradise Island, A Place he had had heard about for a while. He wanted to take it easy after traveling around most of the Pokemon regions. When he got to the hotel he put his stuff down and looked outside. Man, This place was truly something. The views from his hotel were amazing. He would take his Pokemon out but most of them were to big for hotel. He took out his personal favorite pokemon, Sugar the Sylveon "How you doing Sugar, you Okay?" "Sylveon!" Sugar seemed Hyper and Happy as Always. He wanted to see if he could find someone to talk to. He knew he wasn't lonely, he had pokemon but what he really missed on his journey was having a actual person to talk to. He noticed a Girl outside a door. She was with a Eevee."Hey, I am Marco. Wow, Cute You Eevee. Marco then remembered when Sugar was a eevee, hyper and friendly. "Sorry, I know this is awkward but I am kinda lonely so I needed someone to talk to if you don't mind."
  6. Logan looked over at the boy as Chic-Chic jumped off of his shoulder and onto him. Logan chuckled and said, "Oh, hi. The names Logan, I'm a professional breeder." Chic-Chic jumped back onto Logan, wanting some food that Logan had hidden in his backpack, exposing the Team Plasma pin on it. Logan hastily hid the pin from Marco, hoping he wouldn't notice.
  7. Name: Terrien
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Personality:Shy, Nerdy, A Bit Awkward, Has Terrible Social Skills, Clumsy
    Preferred Type: Rock/Water
    • Omega The Rampardos (Male)
    • Magma the Magcargo (Female)
    • Charlie the Tyrantiar (Male)
    • Rain the Vaporeon (Female)
    • Lola the Lopunny (Female)
    • Prince The Prinplup (Male)
    Terrein was traveling to the Island known as Paradise Island. He hoped he could relax and train his newest Pokemon, Prince the Stubborn Prinplup. He got Prince out and Prince was well, Prince. he looked Agigtated and Annoyed "Prin. Prinplup" He seemed to be saying How Rude! "Sorry, Buddy but I have to keep you in there or else you would run away when I'm asleep. Prince Smirked and Terrien just rolled his Eyes. The Team finally got to the Hotel. got out his Vaporeon, Rain and His Lopunny, Lola. He would get out the others but they were to big and Magma would just set the hotel on fire. He went out of his room with Lola,Rain,and Prince and Saw a Group of Trainers chilling in a Hotel Room. "Ex..Excuse Me. My Name Is Terrien, I was wondering if I could join your group and Talk if that's okay." Prince ran up to a Sylveon and Started flirting with it. He was also a Womanizer beyond belief.
  8. A Prinplup started to what appeared to be flirting with his Sylveon. Sugar was pretty naive so she had no idea what the womanizing Prinplup was doing. She just assumed he was being a kind gentleman. He looked over to find the Prinpulp's master and Noticed it was Terrien. "Hey, Um may I ask why the heck your Prinplup is flirting with my Sylveon? I hate to be rude and all I just find in quite interesting. Marco laughed. "Oh By the Way, My Name is Marco and that Sylveon over there is one of my Partner's, Sugar."
  9. Logan turned around and smiled. "Oh, heya. The name is Logan, I'm a professional breeder. This is Chic-Chic." The small grass pokemon once again tried to get food out of Logan's backpack, exposing his Team Plasma pin. Logan decided to take it off and put it in his pocket, hoping nobody would notice it.
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    Gen 7 Pokemon, Alola forms etc. as well as any other features introduced in gen 7 (such as Z-moves and the like) are not allowed for use until Sun and Moon are released.

    Changed to normal Raichu and OkamiWolf7250's most recent post has been deleted as there was little way to edit it and keep it plausible.
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  11. Name: Losnar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Personality: Anti Social, Shy, But also a Joker
    Preferred Type: Flying
    Staraptor (Male, Stormgale)
    Dewgong (Female, Freeze)
    Ninetales (Female, Flame)
    Manectric (Male, Volt)
    Roserade (Female, Petal)
    Mightyena (Male, Fang)

    Losnar was walking out of the boat with Stormgale on his shoulder. Stormgale was acting off, like he would when something dangerous would happen soon he tried to shrug it off but couldn't so he just went to the place to receive their key to their hotel room, unpacked their things and immediately afterward he looked at Stormgale who was unsure what to think about Paradise island it weighed heavy on his mind for the rest of the day.
  12. Name:Torterra mask
    Personality:Serious,Battle Serious
    Preferred Type: Fire
    Charizard (Male/Charly)
    Ivysaur (Female/Ivy)
    Squirtle (Female/Squirty)
    Pidgey (Male/Pidgey)
    Pikachu (male/Pik)
    Froakie (male/Frokein)

    Torterra Mask Gets Out of his Friend's Boat "Thank's Blaziken Mask" "BLaziken Mask:Your Welcome Torterra" *Torterra Wonders Why he's Here* "Why Am i Here?" *He Remembers* "Oh Yeah!!" "I was Invited here For a Vacation" *he Smiles* "Hehe *Sends out Charizard and Flies looking for a Resort* *sees the resort and moves to it* "Sweet Alright it looks like ill be on the 3rd floor Room 352"
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  13. Name: Eve Lio
    Gender: gender fluid
    Age: 15
    Personality: friendly, will defend them self and others quickly, often wanders away and somehow gets into weird places
    Preferred type: normal/water
    Vic- feraligatr/male
    Mia- lopunny female
    Cade- dewott/male
    Ann- minccino/female
    Shift- ditto
    Vie- octillery/male

    Eve leapt onto the dock over the boats railing. The gender fluid trainer stretching their arms as they walked toward the beach, a small purple blob poking out of their bag as they found their way to a hotel to check in, "this is gonna be fun".
  14. Name: Daniel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Personality: Polite, independent and wise. Also don't call him inspirational if you value your life. He knows that people only call him that because he's in a wheelchair.

    Preferred type: Dark


    Serperior (Male)

    Mightyena (Female)

    Shiny honchkrow (Male)

    Plusle (Female)

    Lopunny (Female)

    Machoke (Male)

    Daniel lay relaxed under a parasol, his wheelchair behind him. Mightyena and Plusle were playing, as blue waves lapped the sand. Serperior lay at his feet, enjoying the feel of the soft white sand. Honchkrow nibbled on a pokepuff, while Lopunny and Machoke snuggled into him, to see the book that he was reading.
  15. Name: Soma
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Personality: Taciturn, leader-like, good at taming small Pokémon, risk taker
    Preferred Type: Dark/Dragon
    Clyde: Mudkip/Male
    Atlas: Turtwig/Male
    Hunter: Deino/Male
    Snake: Ekans/Male
    Evelyn: Zorua/Female
    Nodin: Noibat/Male

    Soma got to the island a little later on his small motorboat, as he parked it near the docks on the shore. He made his boat fully astern until it stopped, as he anchored it near the docks.

    He got out of his small boat, as he went onto the shore and walked on the sandy beach that was near a lagoon. He held a Mudkip in his sling carrier, as he made his way to the resort.

    On his way, he noticed a lot of new people and lots of Pokémon that everyone had. He continued to walk to the resort, as he made his way to the hotel. He followed the trainer to the hotel, as he noticed a purple blob like Pokémon that peeked out of the bag. He thought to himself as the Mudkip dozed off, "Well, this should be relaxing here. Now I'll get a chance to chill and have fun time with my Pokémon."
  16. Eve signed into the hotel they were staying at before walking to the beach where she let out the rest of their Pokemon. Vie and Cade making a b-line for the water as Mia and Ann dragged Vic into the sand. The large water type nothing but a big teddy bear when it came to the others. Shift crawled out of Eve's bag when she sat down turning into another trainer's honchcrow when it saw there was pokepuff. Shift made his way to Daniel and started to beg for pokepuffs.
  17. "Honchkrow! Krow, krow krow!"

    Daniel sat up, and was greeted by the sight of another honchkrow, begging for a bite of his own honchkrow's pokepuff.

    "Settle down, you two," he ordered, carefully shifting towards them.

    "Honchkrow, krow!" Daniel's Honchkrow chirruped.

    The other honchkrow eyed a box of pokepuffs, reaching for a big chocolate one...
  18. Eve noticed the Shift had disappeared and looked wrote see if they could find their missing Pokemon. Catching sight of a trainer that had two shiny honchkrows, one of which trying to steal pokepuffs. The long haired blond trainer got up and made their way over, picking up the honchkrow which got spooked and transformered back into a ditto, "my apologies for my friends. He gets a little greedy sometimes".

    Eve scanned over the trainer in front of them, their grey eyes resting on the wheel chair before looking back, "I do hope that they didn't cause to much trouble".
  19. "Oh, it wasn't much trouble at all," Daniel assured Eva, "My Honchkrow can be just as greedy with his pokepuffs! Have to give him one after every training session!"

    "Krow!" Honchkrow cried as he gobbled down the last bite of his pokepuff.
  20. Shift glared at the honchkrow before jumping from its trainer's arms and turning into some other trainer's jolteon. Eve quickly recalled her Pokemon before it could do any damage. They released Shift again before the Pokemon popped out on its own and pulled it into a tight embrace, "they shouldn't have bothered you in the first place. That is a lovely honchkrow you have".
  21. "Really? Thank you!" The boy chuckled, "I have done my best with him...Even if he is still a little fussy at times."

    Serperior looked up at Eva and her ditto, his eyes widening. He slithered behind Daniel's wheelchair, unused to the sight of the amorphous pokemon.

    "Sorry about Serperior," Daniel said sheepishly, "He's never seen a ditto before."
  22. "It's fine. I'm surprised Shift hasn't done anything worse," the sand flew up behind Eve suddenly and the trainer was covered in it. Vic now laid behind his trainer, a Pangoro laughing down the beach. Ann hiding behind Mia as the lopunny yelled at the fighting type. Said fighting type turned to Eve's Pokemon; picking up the lopunny and booking it down the turf. Vic stood up and let out a loud roar as her fell to all four legs and took off after the offending Pokemon, "well that just happened. It seems I should go and get my Pokemon back".
  23. Logan heard all the noise and came outside, seeing the Pokémon playing on the beach. He lets his Pokémon out to play and goes to introduces himself. "Heya. My name is Logan, I'm a professional breeder." Logan pulls out his Pokenav, forgetting to hide his Team Plasma pin.
  24. Eve looked at the new arrival, their eyes catching his plasma badge but made no indication that they saw it. She moved to turn in the direction her Pokemon went off in. Ann freaking out as she ran toward her trainer, "I need to go before Vic causes to much trouble and get Mia back".
  25. Logan takes out his young Lapras. "I'll come with you. There are sightings of Team Plasma around here." As soon as Logan said this, he took off his badge and put in a pouch in his backpack.
  26. Soma went to the reception area, as he stepped into the lobby and signed himself into the hotel. He noticed that Clyde was asleep, as he smiled while he quickly wrote his signature. He noticed a lot of Pokémon outside, playing on the beach, as he had heard from the receptionist that the rooms would be ready in some time.

    He went outside, as he let out all of his Pokémon. Clyde was still asleep, as Atlas, Hunter, and Snake were together, all chatting with each other. Evelyn decided to disguise as a Turtwig, as her body transformed into an exact replica of a Turtwig, while her black, furry tail was still intact. Nodin sat on Soma's shoulder, as he looked around himself, seeing all kinds of people and Pokémon out on the beach.
  27. "I assure you. I'll be fine by myself," Eve growled narrowing her eyes before turning to Daniel and nodding politely to him, "it was good to meet you but if team plasma is around is watch myself some people might not be who they seem."

    With that they nodded subtly to Logan before quickly turning on their heel and booking it down the beach, the rest of her Pokemon following. Vie latching onto his while Shift leapt out of its trainer's arms and turning into some one's luxray. The group chasing after the raging feraligatr and kidnapped lopunny as they made laps around the beach.
  28. Daniel watched Eve go for about a second, before he was bowled over by Mightyena and Plusle as they bounded back to him.

    "Are you done playing on the beach?" he asked, sitting back up and giving their heads a scratch.

    "Plusle..." The little pokemon cried tiredly.

    Mightyena's stomach growled as she barked, "Yena..."

    "You guys must be hungry, huh," Daniel replied, to which his other pokemon agreed, "Well, how about we go to the hotel's restaurant? I could really go for some cream stew right now!"

    And with that, he returned his pokemon, got back into his wheelchair, and began wheeling his way to the hotel for dinner.
  29. Soma still carried Clyde in his arms, as he patted his head while he still slept. He waved his hand in a signal to his Pokémon, as he said to them, "Alright friends, I think it's time to go into the hotel. I'm sure that we could all explore it or head to the restaurant there since we might be hungry."

    Atlas nodded, as he said "Turtwig."

    Evelyn reverted back to her normal form, as she said to Soma after Atlas talked, "Zor."

    Hunter and Snake both nodded and went over to Soma, as he smiled and returned all of his Pokémon, except for Nodin and Clyde. He placed all of his Poké Balls around his belt buckles snugly, as he tightened them to make sure that they couldn't fall. He carried Clyde in his arms still, as Nodin sat on his shoulder while he walked into the hotel to check out the resturant.
  30. Logan was sitting in the restaurant, drinking Hot Chocolate as his Chikorita ate some Pokepuffs. When he noticed trainers coming in, he hid his badge. Logan didn't even know why he kept wearing it, but if Team Plasma was here, he needed to be prepared. Logan looked over at the play area, where his Larvitar and Numel were playing. He decided to go and introduce himself. "This place is really packed!" Logan thought as he spoke.
  31. Eve their way after their Pokemon. The trainer calling back both when Vic went after the Pangoro with a bite attack. She called back the rest of their Pokemon and argued with the pangoro's trainer before marching back to their hotel where they flopped down onto one of the lobby's coughs and threw an arm over their eyes, "why must this happen on the first day here"!
  32. Daniel took a seat near the entrance of the restaurant, moving the chair out of the way. There didn't seem to be any point in transitioning from a mobile chair to a stationary one, after all, he'd still be sitting either way.

    He ordered food for all of his pokemon--Special food, made to suit the needs of their types, as well as cream stew and tea for himself. As the waiter went to take his order to the kitchen, he noticed another boy, a little older than him, drinking hot chocolate in a corner.

    Within minutes, he and his pokemon were chowing down on delicious food; the cream stew was wonderfully rich, with tender vegetables and meat, and the pokemon food was made with fresh cuts, and berries.
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  33. Name: Yuuki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Personality: Bright and cheery. She hates seeing people sad.
    Preferred Type: Electric and Fairy
    Shinx (Male)
    Dedenne (Male)
    Sylveon (Female)
    Heliophile (Male)
    Yuuki ran into the lobby of the Hotel she was staying at. So far Paradise island had been wonderful! She had done so much exploring and she'd only been there for merely 3 hours. (She would have been at the Hotel a lot earlier if she hadn't gotten herself lost.) She looked around having no clue what to do. She'd never stayed at a Hotel before. Such luxuries were not heard of in her life until now. She looked around for the most friendliest looking person, her eyes fell on Eve. "Uh, Hi there" She began wringing her hands, "Do you mind helping me out?"
  34. Eve sat up and looked at girl. Vie climbed onto the couch next to his trainer. Eve pulled a few stray prices of blonde and neon blue hair out of their face, "what you need? Lost"?

    The gender fluid trainer smiled up at the other trainer as their water type hid behind them and climbed up onto their head, "Vie! Please get down from there".
  35. Name: Same
    Preferred Type: Ice
    Abombasnow- Mega evolve
    Alolan Ninetales

    Trainer Class: Gym Leader
    Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Calm
    Age: OVER 9000! (No just kidding..) 34
    Dislikes: Fire Types, Bug Types, Ghost Types, Dragon Types, Normal Types, Rock Types, Steel Types
    Likes: Water Types, Ice Types, Grass Types, Psychic Types, Dark Types, Fairy Types, Electric Types, Flying Types, Poison Types, Ground Types and ???
    Back Story:
    He is a Gym Leader, from a different region called Oredean, an island like region, he is the fifth and last gym leader there, and has the strongest Ice types in the world! For some reason he's taking a holiday, but he also wanted to explore the paradise island!
  36. Soma went into the resturant, as he took a seat on a table that was to the left of where Daniel sat. He decided to let out his Pokémon again, as Hunter sharply looked around, though he couldn't see much. Soma guided him to look at the table, as Clyde woke up and noticed that he was still in his sling.

    As the waiter came, he said to her as she took his order, "Hello, I'd like some special Pokémon food for my Pokémon here, and also... I would like the combination noodle soup with a mild broth and some nice iced tea. And, can I have three booster seats?"

    Minutes later, Soma placed his Pokémon in booster seats, and fastened them in their special seat belts, as they were all enjoying their food now. The noodle soup had a nice aroma, as the broth smelled like slight peppers with chicken. The food was so tender, as the meat was rare, and the noodles were thin, yellow, and there was an abundance in the soup that swam with the variety of meats. The Pokémon food was made with fresh cuts, some trace amounts of natural sugar powder sprinkled on top for taste, and it had the ripest berries resting on their fancy, glass plates.
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  38. She looked at Eve, "uh, how exactly do hotels work..?" She asked nervously. "I- I've been to one"
  39. "You just need to head up to the front desk and if you have a reservation claim it or order a room," Eve smiled untangling their Pokemon from their hair. The trainer placed said Pokemon on their lap and pointed off into a direction, "the reception desk is over there. If you having trouble finding it".
  40. Yuuki looked at the reception desk, "the lady there will help me?" She asked nervously. Wringing her hands

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